Saturn’s Move into Libra


Colorful Dramatic eye shadowI’m curious to see how the energy of transiting Saturn in my 1st house will change once Saturn leaves Virgo and enters Libra. Saturn in Virgo made me vigilant about getting in shape and I started recording data. I rededicated myself to my dream journal, I started a food diary and an exercise journal. Under Virgo’s influence I began taking flower remedies regularly, as well as vitamins and other supplements. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra I’m interested in wearing dramatic eye makeup. Saturn/Virgo/1st house means getting serious about actual physical health whereas Saturn/ Libra/1st house means getting serious about beauty. Combined with Mars in Leo, I think that people in general will put more creative energy into how they look.

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  • Hehe, I’m glad you’re a little bit vain with Saturn in Libra transit. Is that really aspecting your first house? Ever since Saturn stepped to Libra, my 6th house has been re-structured. I’m taking a lot of vitamins, herbal tea and basically living in a very healthy “sterille” lifestyle, also later on, Saturn might cross my south node and venus in libra, restructuring my idea of beauty, my aesthetic sense (painting skill) and guess what? I’m gonna taking the whole run of Saturn in Libra transit in Art Institute academy until 2013! 😀
    Saturn as an art teacher is slightly fine rather than to be a teacher of relationship, like what I will encounter when Saturn enter Scorpio (7th house)
    In other mundane term, I think Saturn in Libra opposition with Jupiter&Uranus in Aries was foretold event of Tsunami in Japan. Japan was very structured, steady country until the unpredictable of violent nature of Uranus& Jupiter (as a sign of bad luck) striked. I guess different reading for every people..

    I like dramatic eyeshadow too pssyah! *.*

    • Michelle

      Will Saturn pass through your 9th house before you graduate?

      • Lol, actually..around that time I checked, it will conj my Pluto in a cusp of 6th and 7th house, O Mg, what will happen..? :s

        hehe 🙂

        • Michelle

          Being able to edit is fantastic isn’t it?

          Sounds like a great Saturn transit for school. Good luck!