The Roof is on Fire! Mars in Leo 2009-2010



  • Mars enters Leo, direct: October 16 (00 Leo 00’) – Dec 19, 2009 (19 Leo 41’)
  • Retrograde: December 19, 2009 (19 Leo 42’) – March 9, 2010 (00 Leo 18’)
  • Direct: Mar 10 (00 Leo 18’) – June 6, 2010 (29 Leo 21’)

The retrograde period exactly corresponds to the degrees between my Venus at 00 Aries and Sun at 19 Aries, over the 7-8 cusp. The trines that Mars will give to all of my Aries planets in the 8th house make me think that the next 8 months will be a crash course in ironing out relationship issues- especially with Mars dipping into my 12th house, digging up any unacknowledged problems.

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  • Natasha

    I wonder how all this Mars in Leo will affect the kids born these months. =p But also how the world might shift!

    Mars will be in my seventh house for a very long time… until it hits 27 degrees, which is in June! Right now it’s trining my Jupiter and squaring the MC. It’ll square my Moon and Pluto in time… I’m kind of waiting for the conjunction. D: All in all seems like a moving time, hm. Psh, near the end of this school year it’s even gonna trine my Venus. xD

    • I wonder if you’ll feel the urge to assert more personal power when that square to Moon-Pluto hits you. I think that the square to the MC is probably pushing you to achieve in a public way- pushing you to excel in school and get recognition for it. Mars in Leo wants to be recognized for his efforts.