Full Moon in Taurus Conjunct South Node

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Today’s Full Moon occurs at 11º Taurus. The Full Moon falls in my 9th house and conjuncts my South Node at 12º Taurus 45’. A Venus-ruled South Node could point to Venusian activities being like a comfortable shoe.

Today’s Full Moon is casting a big spotlight on my South Node. My Venus at 00 Aries means that the world at large responds to my Venusian qualities. It would be easy for me to rely on Venusian charms to get through life – if I chose to do so.

Thinking about Venus as the ruler of my South Node makes me see my BA in Oil Painting in a new light. I thought I was taking a risk by getting a degree in art, but maybe I was returning to what I already knew- especially since my Taurus South Node is in the 9th house of higher education. Maybe I went out and did the utterly predictable? Taurus, in my opinion, is the sign for artists. No wonder I have such very mixed emotions about art, school and my degree.

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  • alicia

    I have the same south node but at 19° degrees Taurus in the 9th house and feel the same about my career but I dance and my venus is in 00 Libra
    So reading your experience make me think that dance is actually something I already know =0