Knight of Pentacles


knight-of-pentaclesDear Knight of Pentacles,

What do you want from me?

With love,

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  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I do not know if you know a site called astromatrix, Michelle. It is or it used to be a good site because when you accessed your birth chart it gave you information about your tarot cards and animals according to your informatoons on birth chart. I can not access anymore because maybe it was deleted but if you can you may access and read more about the Knight of Pentacles.

    • Thanks, Ludwig. I’ve never visited that site. This post is old. The Knight was about getting work. I was unemployed at the time.

  • Anonymous

    Hm… is there someone in ur life that kind of fits those qualities? Maybe this person will appear soon.
    I like the Knight of Pentacles.. he is a youthful energy with a good head on his shoulders

    • My boyfriend’s Sun is in Virgo and Pentacles are associated with Earth signs. He has dark hair.

      I think it also has to do with actively pursuing a new job :/ blech