The Progressed Moon and the Saturn Return

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moon over mountainsThe Moon takes about 27 1/2 years to progress through all the signs in your natal chart one time. That’s almost the same number of years as a Saturn Return.

By the time you are 28 you will have experienced the progressed Moon through every sign and every house, and by 29 1/2 transiting Saturn through every sign and every house.

The progressed Lunar Return signals the start of the Saturn Return and the start of a keen awareness of your needs and what you are, or are not, doing to meet them.

The progressed Lunar Return marks the point at which you begin to ask yourself, “what do I want out of my life?” Then, Saturn comes along and forces you to let go of the things that aren’t working and do not support the ‘real’ you, to make room for the pursuit of a more refined expression of your true self and your heartfelt desires.

If you have the Moon and Saturn conjunct in your natal chart, the progressed Moon paves the way for transiting Saturn, you already know how you feel about an area of life before transiting Saturn comes through and makes you do something about it.

As you get older the Moon moves further ahead and Saturn begins to lag behind so that the original natal aspect is no longer in orb, or in aspect by house.

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