Progressed Moon in Libra First House


The Moon has the most noticeable effect of all the planets in a progressed chart, because the Moon moves the fastest.

The Progressed Moon gives information about what your attitude toward life is and how it subtly changes every two years or so when it changes signs. The house of the Progressed Moon shows an area of life that is in focus for the period of the progression. How long it spends in each house depends on the size of each of your natal houses.

By the time you reach 28, the Moon will have progressed through all of the signs of the zodiac and passed its natal position.

My Moon progressed into Libra in August 2007. What I felt change within a “Need to go it alone” attitude. I starting asking for help, for other opinions and caring about the feedback. I became nicer, more diplomatic and I worked at it, I wanted it.

I felt a tremendous focus on my appearance and wanted to get back into shape. I retained my Virgo rising ability to pay attention to details and organize, and I still had my flashy Leo Moon style, but everything about me became a bit more refined. My edges softened and I felt good about the change.

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  • Then your progressed AC ist exactly on my natal AC – 7 Libra….and thats most probably why I had this surefire thing about getting in contact with you…LOL.

    • We have a few connections but I didn’t want to address them in your readings. Your Moon and North Node conjunct my North Node. Your Sun closely trines my Mercury and your Saturn trines my Sun. We have some nice connections 🙂