The 8th House Probe


8th-house-probeYesterday morning I got out of bed before my boyfriend and brought him coffee and breakfast to which he said, “so what’s this all about?” I told him I just wanted to do something nice, and he replied, “mm-hmmm, what else is going on?”

Sometimes breakfast in bed is just breakfast in bed. Really.

What’s funny though is that his question made me pause for a minute to reflect, and scan myself, to make sure that being nice was my sole motivation. Sometimes it’s just too much.

This is what happens when two people with heavy 8th houses get together.

Probing, scanning, registering small fluctuations in facial expression, tone of voice, movement…does the 8th house person ever stop? No. If I’m not probing him, myself or some other person, then he’s doing it to me.

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  • watergirl

    “You have intense personal relationship houses.” Do you feel like elaborating on that at all? It’s okay if you don’t…
    Yes, my scorp told me once that i’m too much. Funny, it doesn’t seemed to have stopped him….. 😀
    My cancer ex (Aries moon, sun square moon) (rolls eyes) used to fight soo much! We just seem to bring out the worst in each other, although underneath it all he can be a decent guy…sometimes. Too bad there was absolutely none of the passion that my chart seems to suggest. I didn’t even believe my chart before.

    • “You have intense personal relationship houses.” Do you feel like elaborating on that at all?

      I’m thinking about this question so that I can understand exactly what I mean too. I’ll get back…

  • watergirl

    Actually Michelle, my 7th House is Virgo-Mars, Pluto, Uranus. I did used to have it up, but for certain reasons I started to feel like my privacy was being invaded, so i took it back down again. I don’t have a problem with showing it, but i guess i’ll just have to choose who. Oh well, that’s the way the net is, i guess.

    • I started to feel like my privacy was being invaded, so i took it back down again.I know what you mean. I had my birth info on my original chart but I took it down and edited the info out of it. Some people can be a little nosy too, so /shrugsYou have intense personal relationship houses.

  • watergirl

    Hi Michelle, thanks for answering. I’ve got Sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune (which maybe doesn’t count so much) there in the 8th. Pluto aspects everything in my chart as well, except for my Asc. And although my Merc is in the 8th, it just slipped past into Sagittarius.

    • I remember now that you have Venus/Scorpio/8H and Pluto/Libra/7H.

  • watergirl

    Is four planets in the 8th considered heavy? (and 3 in Scorp.) anyway, i can totally relate. sigh. ;oP

    • Hi watergirl 😀

      There are only 10 planets total (including the Sun and Moon) so, if you have 4 planets in one house, that’s almost 50% of the total number of planets concentrated in one area- it absolutely shows a heavy 8th influence.

      Which planets are in your 8th?

  • tash

    I do. It’s sad to question affection or plain silliness, lol. I think I do this to other people too though, in my family or wherever. Maybe not as intense, but still.

  • tash

    Does the world revolve around motivation! Well… nah.

    This sounds like me and my brother when we’re playing on that field. It’s me or him. I’m wary of people too, but I can give way to a couple souls.

    • You and your brother both with Scorpio Moons and yours conjunct Pluto? I’m sure you can relate! Do you constantly question his motivation?

  • That last sentence could be humorously taken out of context. But I know what you’re saying. An 8th house / Scorpio person could constantly be wary of ulterior motives.

    • lol, maybe I want it to be taken out of context ;)That sentence is an example of the complacency I want to avoid in communication. boo.