Astrology Chart for a Haircut


Haircut even chart

Haircut event chart

I haven’t had my hair cut since March. It’s now in a stage where it doesn’t look good unless I straighten it and I’ve straightened it so many times that it’s beginning to feel like straw.

  • According to the article, “Moon Maintenance Plan: Hair Secrets From the Heavens,” having the Moon in Water or Earth is excellent (except for Virgo).
  • Scorpio and Pisces enhance thickness and growth which is great, and this Ascendant is in Pisces with Venus in Scorpio.
  • The Moon in Capricorn is fertile. Good.
  • The Moon is in applying sextile to Venus. That sounds good too.
  • I’m a wee bit concerned about the partile yod between the Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Leo since Mars symbolizes cutting and Leo is the most barren sign. Maybe my stylist will cut more than I want him to, or maybe not enough. Maybe the cut will be too conservative.
  • I’m wondering if the applying Moon-North Node conjunction in Capricorn shows that this is the time to get a haircut- maybe a professional looking haircut in preparation for a new job.

With the Capricorn influence I guess I’ll be getting a classic, conservative style, but, with the Scorpio Venus influence it will still have sex appeal. I’m glad that the only day he had available is at least a decent day to get a haircut.

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  • Christine

    Hey! So how’d it go?

    • I’m planning on posting a follow up. I need to do my hair and take a picture- it came out great 😀 but…the appointment ended up being delayed by about 40 minutes, so the chart changed. I haven’t had time to check it out yet.

  • tash

    I’ve had some interesting hair… like last year, with my above the shoulder lion hair (layered with chunks flipped out) that was awesome and sometimes cute. =p I like that style, but also… layers with softness–not too straight and not too wavy–is appealing, and beautiful. I’m considering coloring my hair somehow. Also cutting it shorter, to my neck. x3

    Hair is special… for women and men alike?

    • Christine

      I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been so timid about my hair. It’s probably because it doesn’t grow very quickly, and it feels like it’s thinning out! >:( I’m so afraid of what the cut’s going to do to my face. I’ve always thought short hair would be cute, but I’m afraid it’s just going to make my face look rounder — not very flattering. 🙁

      • That’s interesting because I’ve always been bold about my hair- I’ve had drastic styles and colors throughout my life. My guess is that I have that attitude because I have a close trine between Venus in Aries and the Moon in Leo. Your Moon in Leo is widely trine your Venus, but Venus is in Pisces. It’s always a strange thing when planets form out of sign aspects. My thinking is that you have a natural feminine way about you, and you enjoy girly things, but there’s still an incompatibility between the Leo part of you and the Pisces part of you. Leo wants to show-off and be glamorous, while Pisces wants to be relaxed (even a bit sloppy), and does not want to be the center of attention.

  • Christine

    Awesome! So you’re thinking of coloring your hair and getting some kind of a shorter, sleeker look? I’ve been researching a new ‘do for sometime now, too. It feels like I’ve had the same cut forever (shoulder length hair, layered). I’m ready for something dramatic! I’ve been thinking about getting a body-wave perm, to add some body to my lifeless fine hair (or maybe even a full on-perm with real curls — larger rollers to avoid the 80s perm nightmare). I’m waiting for my hair to grow out long enough. I’m just so sick of dealing with limp, boring hair! Let us know how it goes!

  • tash

    How do you feel about products? =p

    I’m sure it’ll be fine long as you know what you want.

    • lol…I’m thinking about getting Aveda color conditioner in Clove. It will make my hair a dark rich brown- it’s a very potent colored conditioner. I think going darker is in line with Saturn in Libra in my 1st house square Pluto in Capricorn.

  • tash

    Are you cutting it short? =O What do you have in mind, really?

    • I need to get some shape cut into it. My hair is long, straight, and bland right now.

  • tash

    Very useful. You wanna know who and where to get your cut from… but you know, people have their off days too. xD

    • I hope he doesn’t have an off day, I’ve been waiting a long time.