Venus in Virgo, the Ascendant, and Fashion Choices



Three people with Venus in Virgo

Their style

  • Leo Sun, Venus in Virgo, Cancer rising: Everyday conservative style, likes solid colors, no logos or prints. Wants to be comfortable and warm. Loves fleece.
  • Virgo Sun, Venus in Virgo, Capricorn rising: Classic-conservative style, likes solid colors, no logos or prints. Would wear a tailored suit daily if he could afford to.
  • Leo Sun, Venus in Virgo, Scorpio rising– very particular, likes feminine clothing, adores tiny precise floral prints, flowing fabric, and muted mauve, peach, taupe, and brown. Not conservative- edgy. Has dyed jet-black hair and wears deep red lipstick and nail polish every day.

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  • Vivian

    Capricorn sun, Venus saturn and Leo rising. Love the floral prints, glitter, colorful fashions but cant forget my vintage and retro styles too 🙂

  • guest

    How about Leo sun, Virgo Venus and Sagittarius rising? 

    • Overall easy going, but with an attention to detail and an eye for what’s stylish.

  • Anonymous

    Aries sun, Aries rising, Pisces venus please !
     What do you depict my style as?

    • Michelle

      People I’ve met with Aries Sun/Pisces Venus seem to be decisive about the types of clothes they want to wear, and tend to choose clothes that are relaxed and not restrictive.

      • Hijaochun

        Scorpio Sun/Asc, Sag Moon and Venus in Virgo….definitely not “glam”, no makeup aside from some lip stain, don’t own a blow dryer!  Prefer flowing, natural fabrics, neutral palette (subtle earth tones with jewel colors and the occasional splash of dark crimson; no black).   In recent years I have moved towards wearing more skirts/dresses.  It took me a long time (and a stint in the corporate world) to appreciate putting an outfit together….I have been getting more compliments of late (esp. when wearing vintage pieces), so I guess I’m doing something right!

        • Very interesting, Hijaochun. Sagittarius tends to be casual. It was during the period when Pluto was in Sagittarius that people started wearing their pajamas to school, work, the grocery store, etc…

          • Hijaochun

            Hi Michelle 🙂 Yes I could see that…comfort over style dominated pretty much until my late 20s (although I never quite got to the public pajama stage, thank heaven!) now with my increased self confidence and external encouragement I’ve been enjoying myself a bit more in terms of finding pretty things to wear… Never too striking though….this double scorpio is not fond of hogging the spotlight, though admiring glances are always welcome! lol

            • Venus in Virgo usually likes to look nice but isn’t usually flashy (unless the person has a lot of Leo, especially Mercury in Leo).

  • Bak5221

    i love plaid shirts


    Hi i like your blog ;] i have sun in leo ,venus in virgo and ascendant in pisces what would my style be
    i actually like jackets and shirts

    • I imagine that you would have a looser style that is not quite as restrictive as a normal Virgo influence would be. With both Venus in Virgo and Sun in Leo you wouldn’t want to be sloppy, though your might like a slouchy style that’s still relatively tailored looking. Maybe?

      • Bak5221

        i am a leo sun virgo venus and leo rising …. what my style be?

        • Michelle

          Why don’t you tell me? What is your style like?

          • Bak5221

            i love plaid shirts 🙂

            • Michelle

              Do you wear them in an outdoorsy way, or with flair? Are they men’s plaid shirt, or cut for women?

              With your ascendant and Sun in Leo I’d expect you to have a well-developed personal style. With Venus in Virgo you would be particular about the details, probably modest and liking things to fit well.

  • guest

    Sun Libra, Sag Rising, Venus Virgo. I’m told I usually look put together and elegant. 🙂

  • I guess I should add the Moon signs of the people I know: Scorpio, Scorpio, Cancer.