The Astrology of Tabatha’s Takeover


Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha Coffey didn’t win Bravo’s Shear Genius but she was the standout contestant on the show and “fan favorite.” Now she has her own show on Bravo, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. The show is in its second season, and the timing couldn’t be better with Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, which could literally translate to “hard work in beauty- transforming business.” The show is a cruel realty check for weak, ineffectual and lazy stylists and owners, from a no-nonsense veteran of the beauty industry.

Tabatha is an exacting mistress, and she lays down the law. As she does so, she also shows salon owners how to stand up to their employees, earn respect, get out of near bankruptcy, and revitalize their business. But, her words of wisdom grate on some of the stylists as they groan through her lectures and listen to her scathing critiques. By the end of the episode, the owner may fire employees based on Tabatha’s recommendations- and no one cries when they leave.

Tabatha Coffey's natal chart

Tabatha Coffey's natal chart

With her pixie-like hair and features, and her relentless black wardrobe, Tabatha acts as the dark messenger of Saturn in Libra– understated, yet fashionable, with the knowledge and experience to set the slackers in the salon industry straight.

The Moon in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini give Tabatha a knack for knowing what’s current, and the ability to keep up with the trends. Many of the gripes of the salon owners and employees are about Tabatha’s ‘better than thou’ attitude. Acting seemingly from ‘on high’ is in line with her Mars in Sagittarius, as is her faith in each person’s ability to overcome the odds. With Mars opposing Mercury, in dignity in Gemini- her comments are truthful and cut to the quick.

Tabatha’s Virgo placements give her both technical ability and a critical eye. In his book, Pagan Astrology, Raven Kaldera writes of Jupiter in Virgo,

They can come into a place, look around, figure out everything that needs to be fixed, and then somehow do it.

The combination of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius shows that Tabatha has the ability to impart facts, information and knowledge. Wikipedia quotes her as saying,

The “Takeover” part of the show seems apt for someone with a well-aspected Pluto, and especially for someone whose sole square is one that involves Mars-Pluto.

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  • amoureuse

    i know tabatha! ive used watched that show.. but i wasnt able to watch it through the last episode… too bad she didnt win but i guess she shine all throughout.. i also watch her show.. she’s kicking some asses.. hahhahaha if i am the business owner, i’lltake her advices… so is having saturn in libra means a taste that looks understated?

    • It can. As always, it depends on the rest of your chart 🙂

  • Swarmofgnats

    Nice! I’m reminded of her telling someone on one episode very resolutely, “I don’t really do schtick.” Totally makes sense now!

    • Michelle

      I doubt she has the patience for that kind of thing. 

  • Lehnonia

    Thanks.!. How do you suppose the piety + “holier than thou” attitude of Mars in Sag compares to Mars in the 9th?

    • Michelle

      There would be some similarities but houses tend to show an area of life where a planetary force will be expressed (with certain people, in certain places, or while doing certain activities), while a sign will show how that planetary force is expressed. 

      Hope that makes sense.

  • watergirl

    Oh my gosh Michelle, i was so surprised that her show came on the channel i just happened to have on last night! And of course i knew who it was right away after your post. Yeah, she means business alright. One tough broad, but not mean, and she knows what she’s doing, and what she’s talking about. I really admire and respect that. I know that she doesn’t really look that much like her, but she reminds me of Pink–she’s a Virgo sun, i believe.

  • watergirl

    Yes, that’s right. And i have a Taurus Moon

  • watergirl

    I also seem to make friends with Aries. Which seems strange to me, because of my ex’s Aries moon. But maybe it was something else? Supposedly Cancer’s and Scorp’s should get along, and i certainly have friends etc in that sign, but i wouldn’t say it’s the best for me. Maybe i’m just too picky? I do have a stellium in Virgo…

    • What is your Moon sign? You have a Pisces ascendant, right?

  • watergirl

    I think i actually watched her on that show, not sure though. I didn’t realize that she had Gemini though, maybe that’s why i noticed her–i seem to get along well with Gemini’s.

  • watergirl

    I knew (emphasis) there had to be some Virgo in there somewhere!

    • Right? I knew she had to have to some Gemini and Virgo. I love it when my suspicions are correct 😀