Cazimi Amor


A cazimi planet is a planet that forms a conjunction that is less than 17′ from the Sun.
cazimi-amorAmor shows the capacity to love unconditionally- to give love with no strings attached. I have a cazimi Amor. Amor is at 19˚Aries 13’ conjunct the Sun at 19˚Aries 07’ in the 8th house. It amazes me when I meet people who are very much “tit for tat” types- they expect that if they do something for me, I will understand that I owe them one. I don’t have this attitude, either in friendship or love. I don’t expect anything in return except to be loved for being me – such a Leo Moon notion.

From Cazimi Daedalus: Creation and Loss, the cazimi placement

…purifies that with which it is most closely aligned.

In Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Re-Emerging Feminine Demetra George writes that Amor (asteroid 1221) represents the

Capacity for spiritual or platonic love and compassion


Amor, like Sappho, functions as an intermediary in the progression from the personal love of Venus to the transpersonal love of Neptune. Amor expresses a loving kindness that is given without judgment or expectation of return.

Demetra George points out that Amor is frequently confused with Cupid and Eros, but that Amor is not a trickster and that he is not concerned with sexuality. Amor is

A state of loving as opposed to “falling” in love.

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  • good!

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    I think I have a Cazimi in my chart…. I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, Ceres, Icarus and Ascendant all in Sagittarius in the 12th House, Sun conjunct Mercury (4°), Sun conjuncts Mars (9°), Sun conjunct Ceres (0°), Sun conjunct Icarus (0°) and Sun conjunct Ascendant (8°).

    I don’t really know how to put it’s affects into words. Can someone help me out?

    • Hey z_m,

      Cazimi planets have to be 17′ or less from the Sun. Are Ceres and Icarus conjunct the Sun by less than 17′?

      • Silvercrab14

        I have a Jupiter cazimi. Sun: 22˚22′ Cancer, Jupiter 22˚28′ Cancer. I’m still trying to comprehend the deeper significance of this position, but in a nutshell, I am one lucky SOB. 🙂

        • You must have done something right to be so lucky 🙂

  • jjasonham

    You're welcome!

  • jjasonham

    You’re very welcome!

  • jjasonham

    You’re very welcome!

  • I just finished reading that first article- I loved it. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

  • I love that- Sun and Clio combust!

    Yes, Venus and Mercury combust does influence 4 houses.

    I think that's called oriental or occidental. The planet that rises before the Sun acts like a herald announcing the Sun's arrival, so that planet colors the rest of the chart.

  • I am another one who was drawn here after the Lilith post! I don't have a major planet cazimi (although I do have Venus combust with 7 deg seperation and poor Mercury both combust and retrograde with less than one degree of separation!) but I have the asteroid Clio cazimi by 13 mins. Well, I am strongly attracted to history and I can tend to dwell on it actually.

    I hate reading about Venus and Mercury combust – that means having four screwy houses, yikes. I remember reading something about how if a planet comes before the Sun (Venus for me) and is combust it is different from a planet that comes after the Sun (Mercury). I don't remember what it means though, I'll have to find it.

  • Thank you for those links I look forward to reading those posts. I'm getting more intrigued by cazimi planets, combust planets and those that are under beams.

  • jjasonham

    I do. Mars is 13 minutes away. Without a doubt it is the most important aspect in my chart since the Sun and Mars rule my Asc and MC. Most articles I've found talk about how the Sun can engulf the significations of the cazimi planet, but I've usually had nothing but positive results. I read something that said Sun conjunct Mars people can usually handle high fevers. I can count on one hand how many times I've gotten sick. (Interesting that Mars also rules my Parts of Fortune and Spirit.)

    You should read these awesome articles that talks about one way to look at how conjunctions with the Sun work:!.html

  • Do you have any cazimi placements?

    • Crystal

      I have SUN conjunct AMOR (1 deg orb). 

      I was born on MARCH 12 (ironically the DAY that the asteroid AMOR was discovered!!)

      ALSO *SAPPHO*/POF conjuncts my MC in CANCER


      TALK about ASTEROIDS galore….just discovered the beauty of asteroids in SYNASTRY. I believe MORE astrologers should look into them. Particularly – EROS/PSYCHE?VALENTINE/CUPIDO.

      • Have you noticed any patterns in your synastry with other people when you use the asteroids?

        • Crystal

          Yes. My FIRST love who I met in 2001. It was LOVE at first sight for BOTH of us. We were set up on a BLIND datew by a “mutual” friend. He needed a date for a wedding. I almost didn’t go because I was in another state at a college party!!

          I literally had minutes to change my clothes.

          When he came to my door. Dresse in his suit with a bouquet of flowers in hand, I was smitten:) It wasn’t LUST it really felt like FATE (or Karma) brought us together…We had a long car ride so I brought an astrology booki. I had been studying the STARS since I was 8 years old. I was 19 then, so had a fair grasp on SYNASTRY.

          Looking back now, 10 years later. What I discovered is FASCINATING!!

          1- HIs moon in PISCES *conjunct* my mars, amor, sun.

          2. His JUPITER conjunct my CHIRON

          3. His NN/URANUS conjunct my JUNO

          4. OUR *JUNOS* sextile each other (I have seen JUNO conjunct JUNO in many marriages) and I feel that JUNO is very significant in long term relationships. I have had my JUNO conjunct exes venus & moon & mars – to name a few SUPER aspects.

          5. My moon trines his MC (minor aspect but helpful)

          6. HIs SUN trines my LIBRA asc (BML, SATURN, JUPITER also conj. my ASC)

          7. OUR COMPOSITE ASCENDANT is the MOST fascinating…*KARMA conjunct URANUS* EXACT on our COMPOSITE ASC.

          (This made me look back at  our synastry charts…BOTH of our KARMA’s conj. each other ASC. DOUBLE WHAMMY) My natal Karma conj. Neptune.

          Could that be a coincidence? Uranus has to do with sudden attractions, I have noticed that many couples have URANUS conj. LOVE/EMOTIONAL planets such as venus/mars/moon etc…

          Recently, I had a HUGHE & SUDDEN crush on a man who was not my type at all,. In fact we were COMPLETE opposites. So I checked my natal TRANSITS…guess what? URANUS conj. AMOR ..I have totally idealized the relationship to the point that he was willing to consumate – he was also attracted to me for different reasons- however, I am afraid to ruin the “perfect” romance, fantasy I have created in my mind lol…that pretty much sumks up AMOR I think:)

          • Crystal

            Forgot: My GEMINI MOON conjunct his DESC in his 7th house…I also had this aspect with an ex (HIS ARIES MOON conjunct my DESC. / 7th house).

            Astrology is just fascinating…we just need to collect enough data for research to provide more PROOF to the sceptics.

            • One astrologer said, it might have been Stephen Arroyo, that significant relationships usually won’t last unless there are planet overlays in the 1st or 7th house, particularly the Sun and Moon. and significantly on the ascendant or descendant.

          • Uranus conjunctions in synastry make the connection exciting, but they can also make a relationship unstable. 

  • jjasonham

    Hello! I just saw this post through a link on the Lilith post. I've seen some interesting information on Cazimi and how it effects one's chart. Thanks for the link to the Kings and Queens post.