home-libraryHaving a large, gorgeous library in my home is a fantasy. I see beautiful wood paneling, shelves enclosed by glass, a podium, cases of ancient books with delicate pages, maps, ladders, stationery, a chaise lounge, magnifying glasses, large windows- it would be filled mainly with astrology, occult, psychology, and metaphysical books.

I never connected the dots, until this morning, that a fantasy of an amazing library might be connected to having Neptune in Sagittarius in the 4th house, with Jupiter on the 8-9 cusp conjunct Mercury- that my fantasy (Neptune), involves my home (4th house), the accumulation of knowledge (Sagittarius and Jupiter), reading (Mercury), and occult/ metaphysics (8-9 cusp).

Neptune represents dreams and fantasies, among other things, and its placement can show what people fantasize and dream about- it can show what would be a dream come true for that person.

Where is your Neptune and what is your fantasy?

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  • watergirl

    oh yes, i’d love that. 😀

  • Christine

    I’m kind of in a funny situation, because I was born in a country where they don’t think the time of birth is an important detail on a birth certificate. I asked my Mom, and I trust her estimate and I feel like a Libra Rising (and the aspects it makes to other planets, and where my planets are situated because of it), but even a few minutes off would change where my Neptune is. If I’m an earlier degree Libra Rising, Neptune would be in the middle of my 3rd house and not conjunct the IC, as it would be interpreted in the 4th house.

    Because I usually fantasize about being in far away lands (third house is ruled by Sagittarius, and Neptune opposes my Jupiter in the 9th house), writing. Even when I have romantic fantasies, I fantasize about talking about art and philosophy and literature and politics. Things that have to do with words or letters, letter writing, libraries full of books, stories are especially romantic to me in a dreamy, Neptunian kind of way.

    • I think you’re a Libra rising, you look like a Libra rising and you don’t come off like a Virgo at all. I think that Sag on the 3rd with Jupiter in the 9th shows a love of learning/ philosophy/ mind expansion, and although Neptune isn’t in your 3rd, it does oppose Jupiter, ruler of your 3rd.