Exposing Fire Hazards: Grand Trine in Fire in the Water Houses

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fire-grand-trineToday we spent nearly three hours cleaning the vacuum and dryer- both were unbelievably clogged with lint. The dryer was downright scary- lint had spilled over into the inside of the dryer and onto the heating coils. There was actually burnt lint inside the dryer – talk about a fire waiting to happen. It was a good day to be taking care of these problems.

Transits, me

  • Mars in Leo in the 12th house
  • Moon in Aries in the 8th house
  • Mercury in Sagittarius in the 4th house

All three seem fitting for exposing hidden fire hazards.

None of this would have taken place if I hadn’t broken a glass last night- we had to vacuum up the broken glass, discovered the vacuum was clogged, and then decided to use the vacuum’s new suction power to clean out the lint catcher.

Transits, Bf

  • Mars Return – transiting Mars conjoined his natal Mars in Leo in the 8th house
  • His natal Mars receives all of the squares in his natal chart: he was feeling driven to get things done

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