Essential Dignity Tally



My essential dignities, using the Placidus house system

  • Venus +13
  • Moon +8
  • Neptune +7
  • Uranus +7
  • Mars +6
  • Saturn +6
  • Sun +4
  • Part of Fortune +2
  • Mercury -7
  • Jupiter -7

The three ‘softest’ planets have the most dignity in my chart. Maybe this is why, despite having the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries, with Mars square Pluto, I still manage to retain softness and femininity. Also, all three of the planets in fall and detriment (Mars, Saturn and Venus) achieve accidental exaltation (or dignity) through their house placement:

  • Venus in detriment in Aries, yet in accidental dignity by being in 7H
  • Mars in fall in Cancer, yet in accidental exaltation in 10H
  • Saturn in detriment in Cancer, yet in accidental dignity in 11H

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  • Anonymous

    Ok. I think I got this figured out.

    Most of my planets are peregrine except for
    Venus,Mars,Neptune and Uranus
    ….Saturn and Earth are in detriment…..
    Sun 0
    Moon +1
    Mercury +1
    Venus +19
    Mars +7
    Jupiter -6
    Saturn +11
    Uranus +9
    Neptune +14
    Earth? +14

    In Western Sidereal
    Sun +1 Fall
    Moon +1 Peregrine
    Mercury +16 Peregrine
    Venus +17 Peregrine
    Mars +19
    Jupiter -1 Peregrine
    Saturn +7 Detriment
    Uranus 0 Peregrine
    Earth? +15

    So is the highest scorer actually the chart ruler? Or is it a strong secondary influence?

    • No, your chart ruler is always the planet that rules your ascendant. The highest scorer using this system is called the “Lord of the Geniture.” Check out this nifty little explanation on Skyscript:

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I figured out what the last one was. The symbol messed me! It’s Pluto.

        Is there another name for Whole Sign?
        I’m curious what my numbers would turn out to be with that system,but it
        doesn’t seem to be in the list of house systems ZET provides.

        Thank you very much for the website link:-)
        The way that they explain it…in some ways….makes it sound like the Lord or Lady
        of Geniture would replace the Ascendant ruler as Chart ruler.

        Am I misunderstanding?

        I can see Venus being Lady of Geniture of my chart.
        I’m not the kind of person who goes looking for battles. 🙂
        I checked out Lahiri Sidereal which, from what I read, is only 1 degree difference from the Fagan-Bradley method…. Venus was Lady of Geniture as well. +24

        I’m just trying to see if majority rules.:-)

        Mercury ,my ascendant ruler,seems to be Perigrine and weak no matter what system I use.
        I think it’s because it’s considered combust. ..

        I wonder that means for me…

        Anyway, I’m rambling…this has all proven to be very interesting…. thank you for all your help ^_^

        • Is there another name for Whole Sign?
          Not that I know of.

          Your chart ruler is always your chart ruler. Some people seem to consider the LOG to be a driving force in the chart. I haven’t worked with it enough to know.

          My Mercury is also combust- it’s actually fairly common because Mercury can only ever be 28 degrees from the Sun. I think more than anything it gives a strong personal point of view.

          • Anonymous

            Ok. so ZET doesn’t have Whole Sign then.

            “Some people seem to consider the LOG to be a driving force in the chart.”

            That’s the secondary impression I got from the article.

            “I think more than anything it gives a strong personal point of view.”

            That makes sense. I always thought it was because I was primarily fixed. I imagine it could be in addition too it.

            Thank you ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Wow! You’re lucky. You’ve got a 13 on Venus. That would be nice:-)

    Would you please point me in the right direction on figuring this out?

    I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

    I’ve been trying to figure out the essential dignities etc in my chart for some time
    ,but it’s been very frustrating.

    Here’s my birthdata if you want to look at it….
    My birth data is 11/15/1976 6:58 pm PST La Mesa, California

    • Check out the other essential dignities post:

      You’ll have to download the ZET free software. I give instructions on what to do in the comments of that post. I don’t have ZET on my laptop right now so I can’t look it up for you.

      • Anonymous

        Ok. Thank you! I’ll give that a try.:-)

  • watergirl

    I don’t think i’ve got too much dignity in my chart…however i’ve never been confident enough to really sit down and figure it out.

    • It’s really difficult to figure it out by hand. If you give me your birth data, I can make a chart for you.