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  • Anonymous

    P.S. – But ZET says my “Almuten Figuris” is Mercury!  :-O

    What does it mean exactly, and according to what criteria is it being calculated?!

    • Michelle

      From the Renaissance Astrology blog:
      “T”hus it does appear that the guardian angel/daimon/Perfect Nature can be identified in each person with a particular planet. Robert Zoller used Ibn Ezra’s almuten figuris calculation for this purpose and identified the almuten figuris as the planet linking each person to the divine. Almuten Figuris Calculation Method”

      Unfortunately it seems you can’t access the calculation method unless you join their group.

      “A Paraphrase of Ibn Ezra’s Instructions for finding the Planetary Ruler of the Whole Chart (also known as the Almutem or Almuten figuris) – the chart ruler is considered more powerful than all the other planets put together. Its identification is essential to the proper synthesis of the natal chart. This method goes further than allowing distinction between natives, in such things as character or physiognomy, to giving direct and profound insight into the soul.”

      It’s a bit confusing. From the second description it seems like the chart ruler is the Almuten Figuris. Is your chart ruler Mercury?

      • Anonymous

        Hi Michelle, thank you for the link!

        “…Is your chart ruler Mercury?”

        No, actually it’s Venus (I’m Libra Rising)!
        That’s why it’s a bit confusing to me now – my Mercury is maybe not that weak in Aquarius and in an angle house, but it has some challenging aspects, and not too much essential dignity…

        I’ve just found another link – it gives an explanation of that Ibn Ezra formula:

        So Almuten Figuris is not the Ascendant ruler …
        I’ll try to calculate it manually and see whether my results will coincide with those of ZET software! 😉

        • Michelle

          Let us know your results 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My essential dignities and debilities are:

    Sun: -5 (in detriment)

    Moon: -5 (peregrine)

    Mercury: +3 (in its own triplicity)

    Venus: +4 (in exaltation)

    Mars: +6 (in its own triplicity, term & face)

    Jupiter: +8 (in its own sign & triplicity)

    Saturn: -5 (peregrine)

    Uranus -5 (peregrine)

    Neptune : +5 (in its own sign)

    Pluto : -5 (in detriment)

    Accidental dignities and debilities:

    Sun: +6

    Moon: +3

    Mercury: +13

    Venus: +16

    Mars: +12

    Jupiter: +12

    Saturn: +5

    Uranus: +15

    Neptune: +12

    Pluto: +3

    When I summarize both essential and accidental dignities, Venus and Jupiter get the highest scores…

  • Anonymous

    Wow! There’s quite a bit here.

    Thank you for pointing this software out Michelle!

    According to ZET I seem to have a couple receptions that I wasn’t aware of.
    Jupiter has reception by face to Saturn
    and Saturn has reception by exaltation to Pluto

    I had to look at Sidereal mutual receptions to of course:-)
    I have
    Mercury=Pluto Venus=Jupiter (by sign)
    Venus t Jupiter (by term) Moon p Mars (by triplicity)

    I’m still not clear on how those operate.

    ….interesting. 🙂

    It says….
    Ruler next to Mars
    Detriment next to Saturn
    Exalted next to Uranus
    Ruler next to Neptune
    Detriment next to Pluto

    In sidereal I have only Fall next to Sun
    Ruler next to Mars
    Detriment next to Saturn

    There’s more, I think, but I guess this is a start 🙂

    • I’m not sure what “ruler next to” means.

      Of course I went to and looked at my chart using sidereal again after you mentioned it. I’m definitely open and interested in sidereal astrology, however, I am just not a Leo rising with a Cancer Moon. My Sun moving to Pisces I’m a little more open to because natally I have Sun trine Neptune anyway.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry, I was trying to get myself mentally coordinated…:-)

        What I meant was that it had the word “ruler” next to it.
        I guess it mean’s it’s in the sign that it rules.
        In both Tropical and Sidereal I have Mars in Scorpio.
        Saturn had a “D” next to it which meant that it’s Detriment.
        Not good I guess.:-)

        That’s very cool 🙂 It’s really an honor to meet an open minded person such as yourself. 🙂

        Please pardon me but I’m not quite clear on what you’re trying to say.

        Are you saying that you’re not happy with what Fagan Bradley Sidereal is doing for your chart
        or are you not happy with Sidereal…period?

        Ya, I definitely could see the difference between Sun in Pisces and a Leo Rising with a Cancer moon:-)

        • I’d have to look at ZET again to know what those things are referring to. Right now I’m not sure I want to add it to my laptop and my desktop is slow as molasses so I don’t have the patience to use it anymore.

          I guess I’m saying that I find it difficult to relate to my chart using sidereal astrology although intellecutally I think it makes sense to use the constellations in their present positions.

          • Anonymous

            Ya, laptops can be a pain, mine does that too. 🙂

            Thank you for clarifying.:-)

            It’s interesting that you can’t relate to those signs….just a thought…maybe it’ll help….maybe it won’t:-)
            have you tried Lahiri Sidereal yet? You probably have,but maybe it would put you in a position you could relate to better.

            You probably know this already,but I read that Fagan-Bradley invented there own form of Sidereal while Lahiri is the one most commonly used for Sidereal. I didn’t know that until yesterday. I read it at Clairvision Virtual Astrologer website.
            I thought it was interesting and just in case you didn’t know I thought I’d share.:-)
            Fagan-Bradley puts my Sun at Libra 29′ while Lahiri puts my Sun in Scorpio 00’20 (which it’s normally in scorpio)
            Everything else, as far as transitions go, are the same. Interesting, huh?

            Anyway, I’ll leave you alone about all of this… I can really get carried away.:-D

            • I don’t know whether I’ve tried Lahiri or not.

  • Christine

    I just checked my own stuff out. Wow — I have NO idea where to start.

    • Did you download the ZET program?

      • Christine

        Yes, I did! I have a few Peregrine planets, and when I looked up its definition, having five seemed discouraging. Although my Mars is a peregrine planet, it has the highest rating as far as accidental dignities go — 20.

  • TUU

    Ohhh, thanks again!

    The majority of my planets get low scores as well. The exceptions are — Jupiter (17), Mars (15… what?!) and Neptune (10).

    I think that my Venus should get special points for being stationary. Of course she’s slow — she’s just standing there, being pretty 😉

    • she’s just standing there, being pretty 😉
      lol, …she’s purty.

      Man, 17 point Jupiters, I’m envious…I need to go look at your chart now.

      • TUU

        Uh… it’s nothing special.

        I think that planets receive too many points for not being combust… and I see that this software implements bad formula for counting Part of Fortune in nocturnal charts 🙁

        • Skyscript gives 5 points for lack of combustion too…

          • TUU

            … but what do you think about it?

            • 5 points seems like a lot- the number of degrees that actually result in combustion is tiny compared to the remaining number of degrees in the chart. The chance of a planet being combust is small, so it seems like the number of points attributed to it should be smaller… unless, having a planet in combustion is truly an enormous debilitation and any planet that is not combust is extremely lucky and deserves 5 points.

              • TUU

                Yeah, I think the same. Besides, having combust Mercury is statistically very probable, so I don’t pay attention to that one at all.

                Essential dignity… I check it, but I don’t swear by it when it comes to natal charts. When I look for prominent planets in a natal chart it’s pretty simple — angular houses, most aspected ones and singletons.
                Ohh, you can’t avoid it in horary 😉

            • Also, right now I don’t use essential dignity when I look at charts. I was under the impression that it’s used more for horary questions than natal charts.

  • TUU

    I can’t find this particular option, but this software is soooo cool, thanks!

    • Once you enter your data and “execute” the chart, scroll over to the right hand side of the screen and double-click on the green and red dignity/debility bars- the full chart of your essential dignities will appear.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 😀

    • btw, let me know your tally when you figure it out. My numbers are really low, my planets don’t have much dignity at all. My boyfriend ends up with nearly everything between 10 and 15 points. His Jupiter has 17 points of dignity :O