Second House Values


second-house-valuesFrom Horoscope Symbols by Robert Hand:

…”values” as a kernel idea of the second house is ill-defined… Is the second a house of anything one might value… Such broad notions make the second house overlap grotesquely with other houses.
Social prestige, honor, and status are also things we value that are not second-house matters. These are not things (his emphasis) over which our egos extend, they are part of our ego.
Moral values I also reject as being a second-house matter. These, too, are aspects of one’s ego, not external entities over which one projects one’s ego.

Attachment to the physical realm leads to grounding.

Through its association with Taurus, the 2nd house has at least a little to do with getting your feet on the ground. By associating your ego with things, you attach yourself to physical reality and ground yourself on Earth. So many spiritually-inclined people strive to detach themselves from things to become less Earthbound.

Overly-grounded people can be miserly and materialistic.

Hand suggests that we should ideally search for a position between attachment and detachment.

From Astrology for Yourself: How to Understand And Interpret Your Own Birth Chart by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch:

Relationship to Substance: finances, possessions, personal resources, attachments, survival needs, material security, self-acquired wealth, savings and accumulation, financial vision, earning and spending habits, enjoyment of the material world, attitudes towards possessions, wealth.


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  • amoureuse

    i have planet in second house.. and i dont feel much grounded though i have to say that whateer  need is within my reach..always be excpt during saurns transit to cancer and leo.. i love money, and anythig i can buy.. i am ot comfortable nto having money or f i want something then i dont any mney to buy it.. povrty scares me..

    • Poverty – good word for 2nd house fears and experiences.

      • amoureuse

        oh no.. do you think i will end up in a charity ward someday? as ive said i got venus in 2nd and gemini is the sign

        • Venus is probably the best planet in the 2nd house. I wouldn’t leap to drastic conclusions. 

          • amoureuse

            really? im notsure wer exactly i read it.. it says that hving venus in the 2nd is a faithful placement because it provides…

            • Venus rules money and the 2nd house is finances, so it’s a good placement – unless there are a lot of stressful aspects.

              • amoureuse

                i have 3 trines- venus mars, venus pluto and venus saturn… but i got two negative aspects…venus sesquidrate jupiter and venus opposite neptune…  i want to believe that the positive stl wins becuse i have pluto… lol

                • An optimistic outlook can’t hurt 🙂

                  • amoureuse

                    hehehe true =)

  • That pic is mad hillarious ^^

  • That pic is mad hillarious ^^

  • amoureuse

    i have venus in this 2nd house… and i love luxury and fine tihngs… not sure why i love things in multiples.. mybe becase its in gemini.. hahhaha i probably become imeldific….

  • Leah-Nine

    If I remember, you also have Pluto in the second. I’m curious how you experience this placement. My values have always been a mystery to me (heightened by a grand trine with Chiron, Hygeia/Apex/Locomotive midpoint in the other two water signs) and something I have to figure out by trial and error. I do not feel grounded AT ALL- especially as Pluto transits my natal MC. Its opposition to an Earthly Mars in the 9th lends itself to difficulty in finding a job because I always have a philosophical bone to pick with any role I acquire, and end up quitting to find something I align with ethically. Because 11th H Leo Venus rules my 2nd house, I find all Plutonian matters very beautiful and something to be shared with friends.

    • Michelle

      I do have Pluto in the 2nd and I’m still peeling back the layers. I haven’t come across any description that really nailed it for me. The closest is from Planets in Play in which the author Laurence Hillman makes the statement that money is the teacher that shows you your values. Since transiting Saturn has been in Libra conjunct my natal Pluto I have been forced to dig deep and find ways to earn money to cover my expenses. Doing astrology readings, writing a few astrology books…these are things I might have put off indefinitely if I hadn’t been forced to try them because of financial need. I’m being pushed to discover my own abilities.

      • Leah-Nine

        I like that phrasing, “peeling back the layers”. I don’t know if you’ve ever read or watched Suze Orman, but her teachings have really helped me understand the symbolic power of money. She’s able to provide an objective backdrop to compare one’s own relationship with it, at least in my experience. And JUST in case you weren’t aware, your ability to provide a deep and impactful understanding of astrology for others is quite profound!!!

        • Michelle

          I watch Suze from time to time. She’s intensely passionate about getting financial priorities straight. 

          With Pluto in the 2nd money and finances take on a deeper meaning than just “buying stuff.” I’ve never cared much about money (cuz money can’t buy me love! Lol) But, I’m realizing that money can be symbolic of a person’s personal power in the world. Too bad we don’t know Suze’s rising sign. Here’s her basic chart:

          • Leah-Nine

            Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I wish we knew her TOB!