How to Find the Tarot Card that Rules the Decan of Your Sun


3 of Wands

We each have a card that rules the decan of our Sun.

The astrological signs have 30 degrees. Those 30 degrees are further divided into 3 ten degree segments called decans.

Using Aries as an example

  • 00° through 9° 59′ Aries is the 1st decan.
  • 10° through 19° 59′ Aries is the 2nd decan.
  • 20° through 29° 59′ Aries is the 3rd decan.

This process repeats for all of the other signs.

By looking at the degree of your Sun you can find which decan it is in.

The decan of my Sun is ruled by the 3 of Wands. Which tarot card rules the decan of your Sun?

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  • Starlit

    4 of Cups. Quite accurate. Always pursuing knowledge. Passive means going out, get input, feel the world – and then back to evaluate and bring the feelings into the right scope before going out again. If not I get all stressed up and choke on life itself.

    • When I draw this card in a tarot reading it often signifies that I am bored – what do you think of boredom in relationship to the 4 of cups as your decan ruler?

  • Outerplanets


    Scorpio I  

    A woman of good   face and habit, and two men striking her; the operations of these are for comliness, beauty, and for strifes, treacheries, deceits,detractations, and perditions;
      5 of CupsLoss in Pleasure 
    Death, or end of pleasure: disappointment, sorrow and loss in those things from which pleasure is expected. Sadness, treachery,deceit; ill-will, detraction; charity and kindness ill requited; all kinds of anxieties and troubles from unsuspected and unexpected sources. … (Disappointment in love, marriage broken off, unkindness of a friend; loss of friendship).

  • Thomas Baker63

    7 of Swords
    Unstable Effort  🙁

  • Iza

    Not good five of pentacles :/ 

    • Hm … definitely not one of my favorite cards. Sorry! I’m trying to think of a positive spin but I’m not coming up with anything right now.

  • amoureuse

    omg! mine is cancer 2- 17 degreess cancer and the table says: Cancer IIA man cloathed in comely apparrel, or a man and woman sitting at the table and playing; it bestowethriches, mirth, gladness, and the love of women:3 of Cups
    AbundanceAbundance, plenty, success, pleasure, sensuality, passive success, good luck and fortune; love, gladness, kindness, liberality.

    • amoureuse

      this is amazing! wow wow thanks for sharing the table mich! 

    • amoureuse

      mich, what does it mean about passive success?

      • Probably success that you don’t have to work hard for.

        • amoureuse

          hmmm… i think i kow what that means for me… marrying someone who is rich! hahahahahah see, i got jupiter in 7th house scorpio.. hahahhaha

          • That’s always a possibility.

  • M

    Omg I am 3 of wands too. I just posted comment on your Gemini IC post. I wrote that I have Neptune Sagittarius conjunct MC, opposite IC, square Pisces rising.
    I am Aries with Pisces rising and Sag MC.
    Are you an Aries with Virgo rising and Gemini MC?
    One day I am going to call and have you give me a reading.. Probably around my birthday I will treat myself..

    • I am an Aries with Virgo rising and Gemini MC.

      My sister-in-law has your placements: Aries Sun, Pisces rising, Sag MC with Neptune conjunct it.

      • M

        Oh interesting.. I do not know too many with my placements like this.. I was surprised you had the opposite

  • Jjgrandville

    I don’t really understand how to figure this out, I am new to astrology, but not to tarot….so I am very intrigued. Can you elaborate in a way that a newbie would understand., please?

    • Michelle

      Hi Jjgrandville,

      Do you know the degree of your Sun?