Astrology Meme Q&A


Neeti of Astrology Expressed sent me these questions for fun, “The format was born from a meme that was originally posted by Sunday Stealing and then modified for astrologers and astrology-lovers by Learning Curve on the Ecliptic.”

1. Say, you meet a really attractive man who likes you. What placements in his chart do you wish he had?

  • I like men with an Aquarius Sun or Sun/Uranus conjunction.
    I need my space and I want to be with someone who’s comfortable doing his own thing.
  • Saturn and Jupiter in positive aspect to the Moon. Steady emotions (to balance the Uranian Sun) and easy emotional flow (to combat my own natal Moon/Saturn conjunction).
  • Venus and the Moon in harmonious aspect, if not by degree, then by sign.
  • At least one planet in Fire, preferably Venus or Mars.
  • Earth rising is nice, to blend with my Virgo rising.
  • At least one personal planet in the 8th house, so he understands me.

2. Which branch of astrology came easiest to you?

I don’t remember. I guess I’d say natal, because that is what I was most interested in and spent the most time learning in the beginning.

3. Is there a planet you’re in awe of? Why?

Chiron and AchillesChiron, because it adds a much needed dimension to the natal chart. It shows our most profound connection to the human experience (imo).

4. Do you read your horoscope, and if you do, do you read for your Sun or for your ASC?

Yes, I do. I still adore Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology, which I’ve been reading since I was 16. I also love Eric Francis’s Planet Waves Weekly Horoscopes – always food for thought. I read the Aries horoscope- unless I feel really stressed out and I need more advice, then I check out Virgo too. Although, I often end up reading Virgo anyway because it’s my boyfriend’s Sun sign as well as my Ascendant.

5. Are you comfortable refusing to read for people who are out to just use you?

Mm…everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I’m willing to help people when they ask, as long as they let me do it in my own time. I don’t like being pressured and feeling like I owe anyone. Virgo rising lends itself to liking to help people, and I do. Interestingly though, I find that ‘user’ type people don’t like my responses and tend not to come back with more questions.

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