Transiting Mars in Leo trine Sun in Aries


girl on a swingToday a tremendous block melted within me, a very hard place inside dissolved. I feel like I transcended some unnameable problem I’ve been grappling with. I have a clear sense of being more ‘me’ today. The self-doubt plaguing me, lifted.

I’ve felt pressure from Mars transiting my 12th for a while now, but today the pressure released. The exact 12th house/8th house trine between Mars at 19 Leo and my natal Sun at 19 Aries is breaking up old patterns (12th house) and difficulties (8th house). This must be how people with harmonious natal 12th house/8th house aspects experience things. They must have the ability to tangle with their shadow and transcend it, or grapple with complex problems and dissolve them.

On the downside, as you might expect from a Mars-Sun trine, I completely over did it at the gym yesterday. I am so sore that being still isn’t enough to keep my muscles from aching.

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  • awake

    congrats on your breakthrough! maybe Leo Mars energy is why now i’ve been working on ironing out the frown line knot in my forehead with the fascia blaster! seriously getting after the years of emotional stress that mangles up the underlying fascia, causing worry lines and heavy duty frown lines. who knew this was possible? thanks to her fb blog! (Ashley Black Guru)it hurts so good! (warm up skin first to help break up the lumps.) i used some vitamin B3 powder mixed with water and it lifted the skin of my forehead off the fascisa underneath and i saw what Klingon i was dealing with! it restricts everything and creates the wrinkles! just like astrology, conflicts and turmoil galore. we have to use a spiritual wrecking ball to counter the gravitational influences sometimes to see clear!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that Jupiter was forever stationed and going back and forth over the 19th degree of the opposite sign of Aquarius, so that whole axis has really been getting a drubbing. Jupiter squared my Sun for what felt like an eternity, and now that this is over, the Mars square will begin! The nice thing about having all those other 19th degree placements though is that with every square comes a compensatory trine or two. 🙂 It’s sort of like, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” 🙂

    • I think Jupiter was about 25-27 for a long time this year, starting around May. Fortunately, I didn’t have any squares, but I did have a nasty quincunx to Saturn at 26 Cancer.

      • Anonymous

        Right, the station was actually around 26ish (squaring my Venus in Taurus on Algol the deathdealer) but in the slow downs and speed ups of the retrogradation it spent weeks and weeks within 2 degree orb of 19th degree, so I felt it this fall. As far as your nasty quincunx, I have so many quincunxes in my chart that I have as yet really been able to get my head around how they work/feel/manifest. I think it’s like a fish trying to understand water or something. Jupiter and Saturn unable to see each other, as I suppose the ancients would have thought of it, it’s almost like battered optimism in the face of increasingly negative evidence!

  • I remember looking at your chart and seeing all those 19s, especially your Chiron conjunct my Sun. You have that nice trine to Chiron from Mars and the sextile to Saturn. Mars is going to criss cross the 19 degree mark as it turns retrograde. I wonder if many people with Mars aspects to 19 degree planets are experiencing this sense of release.

  • Anonymous

    That’s basically the same effect I’ve been having, and I too have planets at the 19th degree of various signs– Chiron at 19 Aries, Sun at 19 Taurus, Saturn at 19 Gemini, Uranus at 19 Libra and Juno at 19 Sag. So this long station of Mars is squaring my sun forever, but otherwise lighting my chart up with sextiles and trines. And I feel lately like something has come unblocked in me, and, indeed a few days ago my boyfriend and I suddenly broke up with little previous warning. But I also have Uranus on my MC right now, so I’m used to sudden shifts at this point.