Icarus 22 Aquarius


I recently realized that the transiting Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction has been conjunct my natal Icarus at 22 Aquarius for months now. I have zero natal aspects to Icarus and, other than Icarus and Sappho, I have no other business in my 6th house.

Icarus as a moth

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The 6th house is a huge source of irritation for me- I really do want to break free from every constraint that the daily grind imposes on me. I’ve always attributed this feeling to Uranus (ruler of my 6th) quincunx MC, and opposing Mercury (ruler of my MC). I’m sure that these aspects contribute, but Icarus’s placement helps illuminate why this is the area of my life that I could easily vote as the one I’d “most like to run away from.”

I would like to find some type of work that allows me to essentially set my own rules and that would allow me to indulge the nonconformist aspects of my personality.

I guess that the crash and burn aspect of Icarus could manifest as the urge to rebel against any form of routine and against any attempt to make me conform to any rules at all.

The JNC conjunction on Icarus has signaled the beginning of opening up to possibilities of how I can make a liberation happen. Instead of imprisoning myself by thinking that I will never find a way to be happy in a job, I’m taking risks by trying new things and seeing where they lead. I’m letting my imagination soar, while remaining practical and keeping the ground in sight.

Where is your Icarus?

What is your experience of this asteroid?

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  • Christine


    I don’t think I’ve heard of the asteroid Icarus before. I just discovered my Icarus is in Pisces with a tight 0-degree conjunction with my Mars. As such, it trines Jupiter-Chiron conjunction and Pluto, and sextiles Uranus. I’m going to look it up because I think this may be the beginning of an important discovery for me!

    • Thank you for reading, Christine 🙂

  • David5379

    mine is in the sixth house as well, sometimes i want to get away from the grind as well, but i dont think its to the same degree as you, i have saturn in that house as well so thats probably why, and it might just be because i am pisces that i want to get away
    but i do absolutely hate the daily grind, unfortunately the chains of saturn have something else in mind

    • Michelle

      Saturn in the sixth emphasizes a responsible attitude to work and employment. Do you have planets in the 12th house (besides Pandora)?

      • David5379

        no planets, i have chiron, witch isnt fair since chiron has that sort of irony to it that the 12th house has by itself, and pandora just furthers it
        but my 6th house ruler is the 5th, witch is capricorn with the neptune uranus conjunction, witch is in turn ruled by the 6th, maybe it has to do with neptune-uranus, its kind of funny though because its a well known thing among my friends i have bad luck(saturn), i think its because school and practice are very 6th house oriented to me, and within that realm there is bad luck abound, at this point its just funny now

        • Michelle

          Bad luck with everything or just certain things? Where is Jupiter?

        • Michelle

          Bad luck with everything or just certain things? Where is Jupiter?

          • David5379

            just at school or school related things, witch is a large part of life, and also at soccer practice, but only school practice, when i play at club ball it isnt so bad, but as soon as high school season starts practice is every day and becomes more of a job, suddenly more stray balls hit me in the face, more injuries, more unfair situations, and since its saturn aquarius there is the fear of not being noticed, and whenever i do well my coach isnt looking, the only thing to differentiate me wasnt the sudden bolts(uranus) of my strange playing style unlike any other, almost intangible(neptune), like what i was accustomed to, but instead i was the reliable one, and off bits and scraps of playing time slowly but surely worked my way up to a goal, not that it was a matter of skill or merit, but by bad luck the passes to me would barely not make it, and finally i did touch the ball in the game it was amongst a crowd, but i knew the whole time, this was saturn, and slowly but surely i got closer and closer calls, till i made my goal, i earned it. So its not like the bad luck is in my head, im an optimist, the bad things that happen more to me than anyone else is just humorous, its fine because at least i know progress i guaranteed, all i have to do is work hard, thats not that bad

            • David5379

              and jupiter is in the 2nd house, phew
              and if overindulgence or overexertion would be a concern, lucky for me ive got virgo in that house so phew again

              • Michelle

                Interesting insights David 5379 – thank you for elaborating.