Sagittarius New Moon and a Dream of Angkor Wat


ankor-watI dreamed about Angkor Wat last night. This dream coincides with both the New Moon in Sagittarius and whining about not having enough travel dreams.

The New Moon is a time to make wishes for the coming month.
The wishes should be in line with the characteristics of the sign that the New Moon falls in: Sagittarius Characteristics.

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  • Janice

    If ever the travel for you and your boyfriend would be possible you might want to check on it will give you info about certain places in Cambodia especially the Angkor Wat.

  • Christine

    Incredible! I had a dream last night (although last night, the Moon was in Capricorn) that I was in Zurich, travelling to Switzerland.

    • Last night I dreamed I was on a plane in outer space.