Ridiculous Retrogradation


Yesterday I traveled home and met delay after delay …

  • My mother drives me to the airport at 10:00 am.
  • We make it on time and I get through security and to my gate with 35 minutes to spare.
  • The attendants inform us that the plane will be a half hour late.
  • On the plane, the previous passenger in my seat left a cup filled with water in the back of the seat facing me – it falls over and spills into my bag and all over my laptop.
  • I arrive at the next airport at 4:30, my next flight leaves at 4:50 and I’m sitting in the very last seat on the plane- 33F.
  • As the plane lands, mysterious water from the ceiling sprays all over me. WTF?
  • The stewardess asks everyone to sit and let those with tight connections leave first (sigh of relief).
  • I have exactly 12 minutes to get to my next flight once I leave the plane.
  • I make it. This flight has been delayed by another 1/2 hour.
  • I arrive at the next airport from which I have to take the shuttle home
  • The shuttle has been delayed 15 minutes
  • Fortunately, my suitcase made it and is one of the first out onto the baggage carousel.
  • I make it to town, get a taxi, and finally get home at 9:15 pm – exhausted, but safe.

Mars retrograde is a bummer for an Aries girl.

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  • I am sorry you went through all of that..but bless you, your telling of it is just too funny!
    Loved the title and spewed tea halfway through….truly wishing you less ridiculous and more relaxed ‘retrogradation’ experiences for the remaining duration of these periods.

    • Thank you Kachina! I think my experience is typical for retrogrades, though maybe a little more enhanced because Mars rules my Sun, Mercury and Venus, and Mercury rules my Ascendant. How is the retrograde treating you?

      • LOL..oh, I am struggling. 🙂 With a Gem moon and Virgo sun I always do to some degree during Merc. Retro..this one though is a beast. I backtrack half of my articles and have no flow whatsoever right now. Mars retro’d and so did my libido apparently (EEK..Leo Venus)..but all in all, it is not so bad…after all, I have not had to travel recently as you have. 🙂
        Thanks for asking!

        • Wow, you must get hit really hard by Mercury retrogrades. My sympathy to you! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Even though this retro is square my Sun at 19 Taurus, Ive been cruising through pretty well. Must be the sextiles to and the conjunction of the midpoint of my Saturn (Gemini 19) and Uranus (Libra 19) trine, and trines to Chiron (Aries 19) and Juno (Sag 19) all balancing out my poor Sun’s affliction! So far anyway, things can always get worse.;)

    • The retros seem to be adding up to delays for me. The delays aren’t horrific, but they’re slowing me down. My car repair was delayed too- it will be ready tomorrow, at the earliest.