How to Find the Asteroid Goddess Diana in Your Birth Chart


goddess Diana and hound paintingYou can find where the asteroid Diana is in your chart, by going to chart selection and putting the number ‘78’ in the “additional objects” box at the bottom of the screen.

“The ancient Romans believed that the image of Diana, goddess of the moon, was enclosed within the moonstone. Moonstones were believed to have the power to bring victory, health, and wisdom to those who wore it.” ~ EarthSky News

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  • Wesley

    I could not find. I have tried but it did not appeared.

    • Hi Wesley,

      You entered your birth data? Please try again. I just tried and it worked.


      • Wesley

        Yes… I couldnt see… I am involved with this site a long time and I did not know I could see other asteroids.

        • Yes, there are thousands of asteroids to look up. has a great list in the Extended Chart Selection section.

          • Wesley

            Could you pass me for email? Here are the information:

            Birth: 13-04-1988
            Place: São Bernardo do Campo
            Hour: 14:00 p.m

            Thanks if you can.

  • amoureuse

    mine is 22 deg libra, 6th house… it is conjunct pluto… what does it mean?

    • See my comment above. I haven’t done interpretations for Diana yet. But, Diana seems to be something innocent, wild and intuitive.

      • amoureuse

        ill be waiting for that… ah so diana means the child in us.. maybe..

        • Maybe … that’s something think about 🙂

  • İt is in Libra… What does it mean?

    • Michelle

      @twitter-15432286:disqus I may expand this post and edit it to include interpretations for the houses and signs.