Joy, and the Moon Conjunct Saturn


14000 things to be happy aboutJoy Seeker, from the site Musings on the Tarot is a tarot layout you can use to see where your joy is right now.

Even if you are not interested in tarot you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What is joy to me?
  • Where do I find joy the easiest?
  • Where must I work to find joy?
  • What do I allow to block my joy?
  • Who should I watch to learn more about finding joy?
  • What joy is the Universe gifting to me at this time?

If you do tarot, pull a card for each of the questions.

I had a dream a few nights ago of a girl, about 4 years old, living in a dark house with hardly any furniture, and no toys.

Liz Greene termed Moon-Saturn aspects “Bleak House.” I have a Moon-Saturn conjunction.

In the dream I open all of the shades, blinds and curtains.

The girl tells me that she wants bright yellow bed linens.

With the transiting Capricorn stellium I’ve realized that it’s not so much the lack of joy in my life that holds me back; it’s the lack of joy within me.

In doing the Joy Seeker tarot spread I realized that I’m actually comfortable feeling melancholy, gloomy and under the weather –  too comfortable.

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  • I think, as with most of astrology, it depends on the other aspects to the Moon and Saturn, house positions, etc… I know a lot of people with Saturn/Moon combinations and almost none of them are alcoholics. There is the potential for a negative attitude. That negative attitude usually lessens as the person gets older.

    A “poor me” attitude makes me think those people might also have Neptune or Pisces prominent.

    Thank you for reading Crystal 😀

  • Interesting> I know 2 people with this aspect. BOTH had drinking problems (recovering alcoholics) AND both always had a negative attitude- even with pleanty of fire in their charts. On the outside they appeared happy, even friendly. As I got to know them, there is definitely a darker….world-is-against me/ Poor me attitude.

    is it possible that TOO much reality could cause depression so they need to drown their sorrows as an escape….