The Moon in Friendship


There are a few aspects that show up continually in the charts of people close to me. I’m working on a chart interpretation for a friend right now, and I noticed that she is yet another friend from high school who has a Moon-Saturn conjunction.

Many of my high school friends had the Moon and Saturn in conjunction or opposition:

  • Moon in Cancer – Saturn in Leo
  • Moon in Leo – Saturn in Cancer
  • Moon in Capricorn – Saturn in Cancer

So far, I had 6 friends with the above combinations, and this includes only the friends whose birth times I know.

Positive Moon-Saturn aspect qualities are loyalty and emotional seriousness.

smoking buddies
The Moon-Neptune conjunction also shows up frequently in the charts of family and friends.

  • Moon in Libra – Neptune in Libra
  • Moon in Scorpio – Neptune in Libra
  • Moon in Scorpio – Neptune in Scorpio
  • Moon in Sagittarius – Neptune in Sagittarius
Moon-Neptune types are sensitive, imaginative, kind, compassionate, and have a love of film, art and music.

The repetition of the Moon-Saturn aspect in the charts of high school friends, points out that I valued loyalty, reserve, steadfastness, and a hint of melancholy when I was teenager.

The shift to having more friends with Moon-Neptune now may show a lightening up of my own nature and a valuing of sensitivity, compassion, and imagination over the more somber qualities of Moon-Saturn.

These repetitive combinations both involve the Moon, showing that the emotional expression of a person is an important factor in my calling them “friend.”

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  • Simplication

    Thanks for pointing this out. After reading your article I checked my friends’ natal moon and i saw a surprising pattern. I only had 8 charts out of which 5 had their moon in earth sign (Virgo and Cap) and 2 had their dispositors in Cap. 6 of them had moon-pluto aspect and other two had OOB moons. All of them had their moons aspected by outer planets.

    I wonder what it means. I have moon in 12th house conjuncting Asc and pluto all in Scorpio under 5 deg orb. It exactly sextile my exact conjunct of nep and nn in Capricorn and is parallel to saturn. In Virgo I have venus and jupiter.

    • I wonder what it means

      What you have is the beginnings of a pattern showing what type of people you become friends with. Looking up Virgo Moons and Capricorn Moons online will give you some clues. It seems that you tend to like emotionally practical types rather than emotionally dramatic types (like someone with a Leo Moon). 

  • Leah-nine

    Leo Moon… I tend to attract people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Moon also in social stellium opposite and square Pluto– most friendships I have inevitably make me feel “held back” and the ones that I want to attract feel very uncomfortable to me, so I tend to avoid them because it’s just so much easier to go the easy route- blech. Moon conjunct Venus/Jupiter in Leo square Pluto in Scorpio (opposite Mars). Relationships and friendships have a very intense, loaded energy.

    I feel like sometimes getting a tattoo on my face that says, “CAUTION”.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for sharing that Leah-nine.

  • Maybe a person with Moon and Mercury trine Saturn will be yummy for you. My friends usually has something in Taurus, like Taurus moon or Taurus chiron and trining my aspects 🙂

    • I’ve noticed a trend among my friends – the women usually have hard Moon/Saturn aspects and the men usually have flowing Moon/Saturn aspects.

  • I don’t know – that’s almost every Moon/planet combination. It could be that you click with your friends on something other than the Moon.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a possibility. I guess I’ll have to research it more. 🙂

      • Check it out…it could be really interesting to find what it is that attracts you to your friends.

  • Robin D

    Interesting, I had never thought about this before. Thank you for writing this. 🙂
    Wow! My friends, or rather the friends whose charts I have, all have….
    Moon-Neptune, Moon-Mercury,Moon-Mars,Moon-Venus,Moon-MC,two have Moon-Uranus aspects and/or Moon-Pluto aspects.
    I have Moon Sex Uranus, Moon Squ Neptune, Moon Tri Venus , Moon SQn or Decile Pluto ,Moon BNv Mars ,Moon Squ or binovile Mercury , Moon opposite MC
    Hmmm, I’m seeing a trend here ,maybe.

  • Anonymous

    Is there some kind of system or schematic for analyzing the TYPE of friendship you have with somebody? It’d be interesting to apply that to some of my friendships, and then to see if/how astrology maps onto that…

    For example, I get very confessional with some of my friends but not many. Some of them are always good for constant laughter, and some of them seem to understand me without my having to say anything. In some of my friendships, I feel like the dominant partner, and in others I am the follower…

    • I think you’d have to look for repeat links between friends that have a certain type of relationship with you. I’ve noticed that I open up to people with the Sun closely conjunct or in opposition to Chiron. One the people I’ve opened up to most easily in my life has a partile conjunction of her Sun at 13 Taurus 04” and Chiron at 13 Taurus 33′ (both conjunct my South Node at 12 Taurus). My boyfriend’s Sun is 25 Virgo 26′ and Chiron at 23 Pisces 51′. There’s a feeling that it’s ok to let myself be vulnerable with them- that they aren’t going to pass judgment and that they understand ‘things.’ I tend to find myself laughing easily with people who have Leo and Sag placements. I’m sure if you mapped it out you’d find connections between your relationship with certain people and the placements in their charts.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t say much about aspects (haven’t looked that deeply) but I have a lot of close friends with Mars in Libra. I also have a lot of close friends with Moon or Ascendant in Capricorn or Virgo. I seem to have pretty immediate positive rapport with Taurus Suns.

    I have detected a pattern, and I wonder if anyone else notices a similar pattern. It seems that in male-male friendly synastry, Sun-Mars conjunctions produce a situation where the Mars person appeals “effortlessly” to the Sun person. That is true with my Mars in Libra friends, and I have a Leo friend who seems quite fond of me through no effort or merit of my own…

    • I wish I could elaborate on this for you but I’m not a man :/ I know only the Sun signs of my boyfriend’s friends. He has Mars in Leo like you do, but, as far as I know, he doesn’t have any close Leo friends. The concept makes sense though: that Sun-Mars conjunctions in synastry would make the people involved feel like buddies (with some friendly competition). I wonder then, following the same concept, if women experience a easy female bonding with other women who share their Moon or Venus sign. I’m not aware that I know any women with the Moon in Aries (I have Venus in Aries). I think my grandmother has Venus in Leo (it might be Cancer- I can’t remember) and we get along very well (my Moon is in Leo).

      I should check with my brother too. He has a very tight-knit group of friends.

      • Anonymous

        My best friend from HS is a cusp Gemini-Cancer (I’d bet Cancer though) with Virgo Rising and Moon in Aquarius. He has Mars in Gemini. My best friend from college is a Cancer with Virgo Moon and Taurus Rising. He has Mars in Libra and Venus in Gemini. I have another close college friend who is also a Cancer with Cancer Moon, Cap Rising, and Mars in Libra.

        Actually, now that I think about it, I really do have a lot of friends with repeat placements!

        CT and I keep a database of our friends’ placements. We don’t have aspects in there, but as we find out birth times we do add houses. What nerds! That’s what you get with a couple who has between them Mars and Venus in the 6th house! 😉

      • Leah-nine

        Aha! This is why I feel so understood when I read your blogs! I’m a Virgo rising with Moon in Leo also. You don’t know how much relief I feel after an hour or so on your site.

        • Michelle

          That’s funny! There are actually quite a few readers with Virgo rising, and at least a couple with a Leo Moon. I guess you’re joining the gang 🙂