Priapus was a protector of gardens and orchards and is typically portrayed as a homely old man with a raging erection…

Priapus is asteroid body H22 on

Mine falls at 18 Libra, opposing my Sun at 19 Aries, and Black Moon Lilith at 17 Aries.

Where’s yours?

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  • TiffaleeNelson

    Priapus in 10°49′ of Leo, conjunct Venus (at 10
    °48′) and conjunct Chiron (at 11°35′).

    • Any thoughts on how that manifests in your life?

      • I am the farthest thing from an astrologer, just a curious individual who does a lot of reading, but these are the thoughts I have had.

        It was hard to find information on Priapus and I’m somewhat unsure of what his role is in the natal chart. But from reading some of the comments above I would guess that Priapus conjunct Venus and Chiron would have a similar effect to what my Venus/Chiron conjunction already does. I know that my Venus/Chiron conjunction makes me feel as if I give and give in relationships and never get anything in return, and therefore never feel satisfied. Adding Priapus into the mix maybe is what causes me to cater to others because I want to be appreciated and loved.If you can shed some more light on this it would be truly appreciated. I’m so interested in finding out more about Priapus and Lillith and their roles in astrology.

        • Rian

          I’ve read that priapus is always opposite of lilith in the natal chart, and if lilith is like the bad side of your mother’s (father’s sometimes) parenting that you carry with you, then priapus is the way to deal with lilith’s darkness. So if it’s conjuncting venus and chiron, it might be hard to deal with cause chiron is there, but priapus is bringing you there and it might be set up for you to learn to deal with your chiron, or otherwise you might have avoided it.

  • That’s awesome, Joswan! Where are your Priapus and BML?

    • BLM 21 degree Gemini and Priapus in 21st Sag conjuct Uranus in 8th house

      Priapus is the reason I call society as scorpiotic and very passive-aggresive, yet I must tame them or they wont giving me money!!! Sigh 🙁


  • well that comment posted before I was done… I was going to say haha we r priapus buddies. Also do you have any more info/have you had any insights on priapus since posting this? I wish I could have logged in to disqus using my tumblr, I follow astrofix.

    • Unfortunately, I haven’t had any insights into this asteroid since I wrote this post. 

  • mine is 17 Libra (conjunct Juno at 18)

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    Priapus is in 7° Cancer- trines Venus, opposes Uranus and North Node, quincunxes Moon and Mercury and sesquiquadrates Pluto.

    • Wow! 10 months later and this got a comment. This post gets a lot of hits from people looking for photos of erect penises.

      Are those all tight aspects?

      • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

        Priapus is at 7° 34′ Cancer. Here are all the aspects it makes:

        Moon quincunx Priapus (0° 27′)
        Venus trine Priapus (-2° 30′)
        Mars quincunx Priapus (0° 42′)
        Uranus opposite Priapus (-4° 52′)
        Pluto sesquiquadrate Priapus (-1° 12′)
        North Node opposite Priapus (-2° 20′)
        Juno quincunx Priapus (0° 08′)
        Vesta quintile Priapus (-0° 41′)

        Is there more meaning to Priapus than just the description above? What could it mean under Cancer?

        • Michelle
          • The author almost hit the jackpot with moon and mars combo description of Priapus. Needless to say, Priapus characteristic is very Moon+Mars traits..with/out transit occured.

            There is none/ little interpretation of Priapus but eversince pripus is the opposite node of lilith, that explains pretty much. He is…Whatever lilith is not.

            Lilith is a primal-female bitchiness…her words must be acknowledged to every individual (male/female) or ..destructive tantrum will erupt.
            She is like a shadow everyone hides from limelight. She is very demanding and angry! Her anger could represented differently in every individual chart house or sign but her main force is because..she’s not good enough, the second best! Boo ho, rejected Adam’s wife 🙁
            She desires equality and autonomy for herself! She wants to be treated as special although she refuses the sun’s-pathway to success, instead she’s working in waste land. I think lilith is full of jealousy and charming altogether (the shadow). When the moon receptivity and passivity missinterpreted, there comes Lilith!

            Now Priapus, He is a dick! Literally ^^. When Lilith wants autonomy and selfish desire to herself, Priapus is the opposite point of our jealousy. It’s the point we really cater/crave to someone until we ready to sacriface/change ourselves! Priapus energy is like a honest man who passionately applying his dream job. He’s willing to do anything…even not being himself! Priapus is the point we let go our selfish-dark ego in order to “grow” spiritually. That’s why penis and vegetation related to him because the cultivation process takes so much energy and attentiveness otherwise nothing fruitful achieved in our crops.
            Anyway, the primal instinct has disadvantage as well. When we over eager to please people, sometimes we’re doing it too much until, we lose our boundary (the place lilith’s excel) we become annoying, hurtful and loud–> just like penetrative energy of penis. Lilith silent but bite, Priapus is loud and offensive. Priapus cramping Lilith’s coolness, he’s insensitive, wild, savage and missunderstood.

            The similarities between them that both are very sexual and primitive. ^^
            Lilith is the shadow of soul who demands justice for herself/ satisfied in some ways. Priapus is our soul wants to be appreciated, loved..although both have moon character’s, they want to become subtitute of something/ someone? I always wonder if I had chance to ask Lilith personally: “Do you still want to stand alone, mocking sun and claim your independence?”

            and for Priapus: “Are you totally unselfish with your reason? Or are you hiding your aggresive “anarchy” rage behind a good intention?

            If lilith exalt in Gemini and ruler of Capricorn
            Priapus exalt in Sag and ruler of Cancer?

  • Some interesting fun stuff on as well, especially if you like Tarot Readings as well..