Capricorn: Use it or Lose it and Stop Whining


ornate nailsTransiting Venus, Sun, and North Node are conjunction today at 21 Capricorn. A month or so ago I wrote a post about how I thought that Saturn square Pluto would result in giving up childish behavior, and I forgot to mention that it might also give the urge to give up childish things- old toys, games, collectibles, clothes you shouldn’t be wearing at your age, glittery makeup and nail polish, sparkly sweaters, Hello Kitty pajamas, baby colors, pigtails, your Thundercats wallet, sneakers with rainbow laces, and probably the sideways smiley emoticon too. 😀

I went through my books and asked myself about each one- am I still interested in this book? Have my ideas changed? Am I going to read this again?

I’m bringing everything to the appropriate exchange store: books—>book exchange, clothes—>clothes exchange, comic books—>comic shop, video games—>video game shop.

Capricorn loves the practicality of taking old things and reselling them for a profit, and  having someone else buy those things and use them again. The key phrase for Capricorn is “I use” so, if you’re not using it, lose it! Plus, Venus is associated with valuables- so it was a good day to cash in on stuff- especially old, unused stuff. Pluto is the planet of recycling. Pluto in Capricorn wants to use and reuse everything- over and over again.

I experienced a moment of synchronicity today too. Early this morning I read Elsa’s blog in which she warns that now is not the time for whining with so many planets in Capricorn and basically that, “whining has gone completely out of style.” Then I caught the bus to pick up my car from the body shop. While waiting in the office I noticed a sign above one of the desks, and it read:

No whining

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  • Watergirl

    Yeah, i have that. Pluto is strong in my chart, but it’s not involved in mine. I thought it was a mystic triangle, lol.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a really anti-stuff Taurus. I know it’s weird– but I pride myself on being able to move to a new apartment with 1 hour notice and a single carload of stuff. So I love getting rid of things. My old apartment building had a table in the lobby where people could leave stuff they no longer wanted that other people might use. By the time I left that building, I had slowly fed half of my stuff onto that table. I explain this with my 4th house Uranus and Pluto on the IC. I’m always waiting for the Other Foot To Drop, for the notice that I must leave my comfy secure home and find something new. Even now, when I’ve been in the same house for almost 4 years, I feel like any moment something unexpected could happen forcing me to move. Uranus at 19 Libra quincunx Sun at 19 Taurus.

    I think Jupiter in Aquarius in the 8th house may have something to do with my unTaurean dislike for collecting material possessions. All my life, Fate has fortuitously provided me with the things I need– no, not millions of dollars, but every time it seemed like I was about to be screwed, help would arrive, saving my ass. I have taken a Taoist approach to this, with the idea of wu-wei or action without action, and instead of holding onto the “things” I love I just let them pass through my life knowing that new ones will appear.

    • I have that same feeling of losing security any moment. I have Pluto in the 2nd.

      All my life, Fate has fortuitously provided me with the things I need– no, not millions of dollars, but every time it seemed like I was about to be screwed, help would arrive, saving my ass.
      That’s really interesting. I have Jupiter in the 8th too. I feel incredibly lucky quite often. I don’t have millions of dollars either, but in the worst of times, I’ve had my ass saved in the nick of time too- especially when it comes to money.

      Does Jupiter in Aquarius square your Taurus Sun?

      • Anonymous

        It’s at 11Aqu and squares my Mercury at 8Taurus. The rulers of my 8th house, Saturn and Uranus, are also in exact trine to each other in my chart at 19 Gemini and 19 Libra, which I think helps.

        • You have a lot of 19 degree placements. It’s fascinating to me the way that some charts will repeat a degree like that.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah my chart is weird. 6 planets at 19th degree. They make a “mystic rectangle” with my sun at the midpoint of one of the short sides.

            • It’s funny, I had heard about mystic rectangles, but hadn’t seen any, then all of a sudden I’ve been seeing them everywhere. Some of them don’t count though because they involve the sextile between Neptune and Pluto (and nearly everyone has that).

  • Sari

    I think some of us with moon in Cap have a hard time letting go of things.

    • Why do you think that is?

      Thank you for reading my blog Sari!

      • Anonymous

        I’m going to chalk this up to essential dignity (or lack thereof) – Moon in Cap is in detriment so the functions of the Moon (processing emotional data in a way that leads to a fulfilling life) are naturally going to be depressed, depending on aspects to Saturn and etc. Aphetic aspects to Moon and/or Saturn of course can change everything. My progressed moon just reached 0 Capricorn recently, but I’m not really going to mind the p.moon’s debility in the sign when it starts trining all of my Taurus and Virgo planets. 🙂