Solar Eclipse Results


planets covered in iceMy brother got a major dose of the Solar Eclipse at 25 Capricorn 01’ on Friday, January 15th.

The Sun-Moon conjunction of the Eclipse (+ transiting Venus) in Capricorn:

  • Conjoined his natal Venus at 29 Capricorn 17’ in House 9
  • The eclipse happened a few days before his Venus Return (the day when transiting Venus returns to its natal position). Venus is his chart ruler, and Venus conjuncts his Midheaven.
  • Squared his natal Moon at 26 Aries 08’ in House 12
  • Squared his natal Pluto at 26 Libra 08’ in House 6
  • Trined his natal Mars at 26 Virgo 03’ in House 5
  • Trined his Ascendant at 26 Taurus 05’

He has four 26 degree placements.

The result? He beat out seventeen other applicants for a new job position and received a substantial raise.

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  • Anonymous

    I expected significant effects….. & am still waiting… It’s all been the usual around here. The eclipse was conjunct my sun at 23 capricorn AND my midheaven at 24 capricorn.

    • Huh. Maybe you will have to wait a little longer. Are you thinking about going into a new career?

      Thank you for reading my blog ichrak.