Aquarius Houses


Aquarius 1st house

aquarius-1st-houseA unique, progressive, and visionary approach that keeps the interests of the collective in mind. Putting a unique twist on the same old thing. A fresh perspective. An awareness of your place in the larger collective. An awareness of belonging to the human race or, conversely, feeling like an alien. Social-consciousness. Erratic approach. Inconsistent involvement in your own life. Inventors. Taking an extreme viewpoint. The rebel. Obstinacy. Being a weirdo. Electric and exciting presence. Nervous presence. Behaving oddly for the sake of behaving oddly. Cool, logical approach. Unflappable under pressure. A hands-off approach to life. An intellectual approach. Inconsistent appearance. Eccentric appearance. Futuristic appearance. Inconsistent approach.

Aquarius 2nd house

Sharing personal resources with friends and associates. An unconventional way of earning money. Owning futuristic and unusual things. The unconventional collector. Buying technology. Earning a living through science. Up and downs in personal finances. An unstable personal income. Earning a living by appealing to the masses. Talented in working with groups. Strong feelings about equal pay for equal work. Earning money through inventions. Valuing science and technology. Humanitarian values. Valuing personal freedom. Collecting electronics and technology. Collecting unusual things. Owning unique possessions. Valuing humanity at large. Valuing social awareness. Inconsistent self-esteem. Crazy values. Crazy possessions.

Aquarius 3rd house

Erratic early education. Mind of the inventor. Thinking about the future. Experimental education. Precocious youngster. Unusual sibling relationships. Progressive early education. Genius. The mind of an astrologer. Basket-case. The mind of an insane person. Chaotic thoughts. An unusual way of communicating. Communication inventions. Unique way of speaking or writing. Quick mental connections, unique perceptions, and a different way of thinking about things. Standing out in elementary school. Being different from your siblings. The scientific mind. Erratic communication style. Brilliant flashes of insight. Unusual daily conversations and interactions.

Aquarius 4th house

wearing a sleeping bag in spaceFinding comfort in detachment. Needing personal space at home. A friendly home life. Living with friends. Living with groups. Living in a commune. Utopian home life. Having an alternate ‘home’ on the internet. Feeling that you came from another planet. Feeling secure in groups. Feeling secure in diverse collections of people. Unstable home life. Rooted in the collective. Experimental at the core. Feeling like an alien at home. Being at home with aliens. Being an illegal alien in the country you call “home.” A futuristic house. Unconventional real estate purchases. Living in strange places. Strange private life. Aloof parents. Aloof family. A family of eccentric people. A family of geniuses.

Aquarius 5th house

Treating children as friends. Treating children as equals. Diverse interests. Hobbies in science and technology. Bizarre and unusual interests. An inability to get personally involved with your children. Viewing children as peers. Having an aloof attitude toward children. Taking bizarre risks. Taking up the causes of children. Social reform on behalf of children. Crusading on behalf of your personal interests. Magnetic attraction. Needing excitement and unpredictability in romance. A love of gambling because of the unpredictability. A love of unpredictable sports. Strange love. Extreme sports. An unusual way of expressing love. Attracted to weirdoes. Attracted to geeks. Romantic involvements with geniuses and intellectuals. Experimental music, art, performance, dance, and other methods of self-expression. Being cool in romance. Shocking love affairs.

Aquarius 6th house

Extreme eating habits. Unusual ideas about food. Progressive views on diet. Wanting to change the way people eat. Erratic work performance. Need for excitement on the job. Treating employees as equals. Being friends with co-workers. Working with technology. Science jobs. Inconsistent daily habits. Astrology job. The working astrologer. Causes on behalf of small animals. Working at the animal shelter. Animal welfare. Progressive, inventive, and visionary approaches to health, diet, labor, and working conditions. Extreme opinions about hygiene. Erratic eating habits. Chaotic working conditions. Bizarre habits. Humanitarian jobs. Poor circulation. Varicose veins.

Aquarius 7th house

Open relationships. An eccentric partner. Married to a cause. Married to an astrologer, scientist, social reformer, or techie. Freedom in close relationships. Group marriage. Social reform through legislation. Humanitarian law. Eccentric business partners. Public relationships with astrologers, scientists, inventors, and social reformers. Bizarre clients. Astrology clients. Ups and downs in marriage and business. Married to a genius. Attracting geniuses and intellectuals. Marrying a friend. Marriage that seems more like friendship. Distance in one-on-one relationships. Treating significant others as “pals”, “buddies”, or “friends.” An equally strange partner. An equally rebellious partner.

Aquarius 8th house

Spock v is for vaginaResistance to forming deep attachments. Keeping everyone in the “friend zone.” Sex as an experiment. Sci-fi sex fantasies. Lack of personal involvement in sex activity. Wanting to have sex with everyone. No boundaries to choice in sexual partners. Part of the collective debt problem. Taking on the burden of society’s debts. The psychology of astrology. Unusual research methods. Science is a turn-on. Transformation through science. Science is a life or death question. Turned on by technology. Technology fetish. Bizarre internet porn. Orgies with relative strangers. Group sex. Conflicts between friendship and sex. Sex with robots. Sexual inventions. An intimate relationship with computers. An intellectual approach to sex. A genius in the bedroom. Ankles are sexy. A technological legacy. (Bill Gates has this placement)

Aquarius 9th house

The meaning of life as defined by science. Science as a belief system. The metaphysics of groups. Believing in the existence of aliens. Group philosophy. Higher education in scientific fields. Astrology college. The possibilities of technology. The philosophy of your friends. A philosophy of social reform. Defining your philosophy of life by the causes you belong to. Extreme philosophies. The philosophy of astrology. An interest in far-out metaphysical ideas. Expanding horizons through progressive thinking. Humanitarian, Utopian, and socialist philosophies. The outer limits of the mind. Education reform. Scientific publications. Alternative education. Scientific theory. Scientific knowledge. Believing in astrology. Original theories. Unique understanding.

Aquarius 10th house

Working with groups and organizations. Progressive and visionary careers or businesses. Being friends with the boss. Working with technology. A science career. Working as a social reformer. Viewing authority figures as peers. A reputation for being unusual, bizarre, eccentric, or strange. Astrology career. Careers that haven’t been invented yet. Unusual business practices. Working on behalf of social reform. Making social reform the life’s work. Being known for your eccentricities. Being known for being exciting. Being known for being extreme. Liking to work with groups of people. A person who works in team building. Liking to work with technology. Internet technology careers. Being known for having an interest in extraterrestrial life. Being known as a friendly, yet aloof person. A detached approach to career matters. Being known for group involvements.

Aquarius 11th house

The desire to be part of a movement and to be involved in larger causes. Having a diverse group of friends. Weird friends. Friends who belong to movements and causes. Progressive groups. Sci-fi groups. Virtual friends. A fan of ideas and causes though doesn’t necessarily follow through. Following for following’s sake. Needing to belong to something greater. Group efforts for the community. Group efforts toward social reform. Associating with people who have similarly bizarre interests. Computer networking. The internet. Feeling a part of your generation. Intellectual friends.

Aquarius 12th house

Eccentricity, inflexibility, and coldness are the self-undoing. Self-transcendence through social reform. Spiritual awakening through group experiences. A lack of awareness about your social responsibility. Over-extending while seeking social reform. Progressive viewpoints attract secret enemies. Sacrificing yourself for social reform. Unusual meditation techniques. Bizarre transcendental experiences. Seeking extreme meditation states. An unusual relationship with spirituality. Strange spiritual beliefs. Extreme spiritual beliefs. Transcendence through group experience. Fear of aliens, and people who are different. Xenophobia. The fear of going insane. The fear of being perceived as strange. Insane asylum.

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  • Harrilyn Samson

    Aquarius 5th same sex romance.
    Aquarius 11th house GLBT group

  • Vivian

    Aquarius in my seventh house so thats gonna be an unusual marriage or relationship. I am open to new and unusual things anyways. More curious about how it concerns public matters and enemies tho.

    • It doesn’t have to be an unusual marriage. Your own life might mirror the Aquarian 7th house energy in a unique way.

      • Vivian

        thank you

  • Ludwig

    Aquarius is the ruler of my seventh house, and I can say that I really think in other terms of relationships… Maybe I consider all the relationships are based on mind and that without that the relationship is just a narrow relationship…

  • alicia

    i have aquarius in the 6th house and I can relate a lot that I have different eating habits and even I have had eating disorders, however I also like to exercise a lot……..alone, i don’t know if that is very aquarius.
    Also i feel like i’m very neutral when it comes to co-workers or status and stuff, I don’t mind whether you’re rich or not, I have had the oportunity to be on both sides.
    I have Uranus on my 5th house so I’m also different when it comes to how I express my love and how I have fun. Since saturn is ruler of my 5th house, I don’t like parties and alcohol and smoke and clubs and everything that people tend to like, so when i’m invited to a club and I always answer no, I receive bad looks xD.

  • Shiney

    I’m not still sure that is my rising sign cap or aqua. My mum isn’t sure about my birth time. I don’t really can’t identify with capricorn (maybe because I’m cancer sun and moon, I would have sun and moon opposed if I would be cap rising.) I’m appear pretty messy, or that’s what I think. Messier than other people, at least. I’m definitely not a work-a-holic. I have Moon in 6th house…
    Don’t they say that cap risings look very serious expect when they smile? I think everyone here looks serious expect when they smile, so I don’t really know.
    I’m quiet, cool, calm. People say that I’m weird, distant, cold, (I like spending time and thinking alone) nice, annoying (some people think that I’m annoying because I’m often in arguments, I’m stubborn and I have bad temper. Some people don’t really mind me at all.) But I’m still mature though.
    I have Uranus in aqua 1st house, so it would make sense anyway. I have Saturn in Taurus in 2nd. I have Moon quincunx Uranus. But Aquarius is an air sign, so isn’t it supposed to be very social? 😮 Interesting. Everyone else in my family has an air moon sign, but I don’t think we are very social. My mum is virgo sun aqua moon, dad is cap sun libra moon… My brothers are sag sun gemini moon and gemini sun aqua moon. Hmm. I’m not very social. Maybe because I like weird people, I feel like a lot of people are just so dramatic and so similar. I have nothing against them, but… I also have Mercury square Saturn. (My Mercury in Leo 7th house is afflicted… Mercury square Mars, Jupiter, opposition Neptune and Uranus, trine with Pluto. I have also Mars opposition Jupiter, I’m rather overly-aggressive than sensitive. My Mars is in Scorpio, ouch.) Anyway if I would be an Aquarius rising, my Neptune would conjunct Ascendant. I guess it would make sense. I’m very spacey, deeply involved in thinking. My dad asks sometimes from me, that do I use drugs. Today I washed my teeth 3 times and I didn’t even notice it lol. 🙂 I used to think that my life is a movie, and that I have magical powers… Haha. Oops, I did write A LOT.

    • Neptune conjunct ascendant sounds like a strong possibility!

  • cleo

    i have my aquarius moon & mercury in the 7th.. i’m not THAT free and wild lol but i am very eccentric and quite free in my relationship, and i consider us being best friends most important!

  • Thomas Baker63

    Thats what it kinda said in the beginning of the paragraph. Kinda doesnt help Sag shares the 5th house neither…

    • Thomas Baker63

      I should probably just quit looking then. I hate being controlled and it’ll be an god awful feeling to be controlling, though itll be hard seeing I have a Sun-AQ/Venus-Pisces/Jupiter-AQ/Venus-Pisces Conjunction in the 8th. I might as well have a sun/pluto aspect

  • Lex

    I have undoubtably invented mudras and methods of meditation that aren’t routed in any known practice, so for this i completely agree. plus i have meditated for 8 hours once.
    There was a dream to resolve soon, or a dream to transcend from this place.
    To add to the description, i believe that all my spiritual encounters have been of a friendly nature, often i encounter them on a train to a far-away place, sometimes they actually are aquarians. There’s no fear of anything really, but the possibility of having to come here again.
    I did want to work at an insane asylum at one stage. I have nearly submitted myself into an insane asylum on 2 occasion during my Moon through 12th progression.

    Anyhow, good work, you have deep insight

  • Thomas Baker63

    Wow this makes me one unique creature! AQ sun in 8th ruled by AQ. Especially with the other placements, I shouldn’t be nowhere around a computer…or smartphone for that matter cause almost all the descriptions are true.

    • Thomas Baker63

      With Scorpio as the sign on the cusp of the 8th house you approach dating, sex and love with extreme intensity! Any relationship you begin – even a first date – will have strong emotional undercurrents surrounding it. For you, love is “all or nothing” and you can be quite possessive in love with Scorpio in your 5th house. You will exude sexual vibes without even trying and this will likely attract many potential dating partners your way. When you are in love you will feel this emotion down to the depths of your soul if Scorpio is in your 5th house. You might need to guard against excessive jealousy or the need to control your lovers if Scorpio is in your 5th house. One thing is clear however – if this is the sign on your 5th house you’ll be loyal in love and sex. There is no such thing as a casual love affair in your book! If Aquarius is the sign on the cusp of your 8th house then your approach to sex, love and intimacy will have a strong sense of individual expression attached to it. You will enjoy experimenting sexually more than most and it’ll be difficult for you to tolerate a lover who is close-minded. With Aquarius in your 8th house you might be “far out” when it comes to your views of sex so it could be difficult for you to achieve intimacy on a one to one level. In fact, you might prefer a communal type of sexual intimacy either through group sex or having a partner who’s open to you having sex with someone else. With Aquarius in the 8th house you might be quite gifted in helping your partner free himself of his own self imposed restrictions as they pertain to sexuality. A love relationship is meant to promote your sense of individuality and freedom with Aquarius in the 8th.

      • One thing is clear however – if this is the sign on your 5th house you’ll be loyal in love and sex.”

        eh … I’d resist making statements like that. I can think of some people with this placement who most certainly have not been loyal. What I notice is that they can be controlling and a bit obsessive in even the most casual love relationships (and relationships with their children).

  • Unknown Origin

    why did you shortened all this series? I only can see the two first houses.  Thanks.

  • Ile

    Wow awesome post!
    I’m an Aquarius Sun in 7th, but my AQ rules 8th house.
    ‘Wanting to have sex with everyone” is so true! Though Chiron transiting my AQ 8th house, brought a healing aspect to that side of my personality. It was in conflict with my Libra Moon, Cancer rising and Capricorn DC. Interestingly, Saturn (ruler of 7th) and Uranus (ruler of 8th) are both in 5th by natal. So, this conflicts between “Searching for a partner and commitment” (Sun in 7th) and “Wanting to have sex with all the women in the world” (AQ 8th and maybe Uranus 5th)  takes a big part of my life.

    • Equal opportunity sex, huh? 😉

  • Interesting article for you:

    My city is Aquarius, as my midheaven also. 🙂

    • Thank you for posting that link. I agree. I’ve been to the Seattle area many many times and I don’t feel especially welcome there. The attitude isn’t warm and fuzzy and neither is the weather 🙁 Not so good for my Moon in Leo.

  • Stawr

    hahaha!! The pictures for these made my day!
     9 (N. Node) & 10(Mars) here.
    Yes I love learning more and more about astrology everyday.
    And I do like jobs where I feel apart of a team. And I really like my boss at my job. I feel that getting along/liking co workers, higher ups, costumers/public to be very important. It makes such a difference. Actually looking forward to your day. Drama free is key to a happy work environment.

    • Michelle

      I’ve notice that many people with Aquarius on the 10th like being in situations that allow them to be friends with their boss.

  • Shadoseer

    I have AQ in 9 and you called it! I also have Saturn there as part of a nasty t-square. I figure if I ever finish school all will be good 😉

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading Shadoseer.

      Finish school!

  • Anonymous

    Aquarius in the 4th describes me to the T. Excellent interpretation.

    • Thank you Sutekh, I’m glad you liked it.

  • Christine

    Yes! Write more!! 😀

  • Christine

    These are AWESOME descriptions, Michelle! Did you write them? Were you talking about Uranus transits through the houses, or were you talking about Uranus placements in the natal chart? I can identify with Uranus in the 3rd, and even Uranus in the 4th (I think I have Uranus conjunct the IC).

    • I wrote these. I was thinking that I should have added that some of them would work for Uranus through the houses as well. I thought of more associations too- these lists are never-ending imo. I’m glad you like them! I like them 😀