Aries Houses


Aries 1st house

Aries 12th HouseConfrontational. Aggressive. Rough. Gruff. Ruddy. Athletic. Masculine. Impatient. Grumpy. Irritable. Courageous. Authentic presence. Independent approach. Quick. Competitive. Argumentative. Bold. Forceful. Pushy. Naïve. The need to develop awareness of how actions affect others. Awareness of being a separate individual. Awareness of your own needs. Enthusiastic approach to life. Brusque manner. Looking pissed-off. Leading with the head. Bratty. Fighting for independence. Self-reliant. Grouchy. Headstrong. Arrogant. Completely self-centered point of view. “I’ll do it my way, thank you very much!” A fighter. A worldview that revolves around self-interest. A leader. A pioneer. The first to enter a room. Women who open their own doors. Macho men. Warriors. A direct and uncomplicated approach.

Aries 2nd house

Selfish with personal possessions. Actively making a living. Making a living through sales, military, or sports careers. The entrepreneur. Impulsive spending. Earning a living through your own effort. Making a living by using the body (the athlete). Finding entirely new ways to make money. Competitive purchases. Bold purchases. Needing to be the first to have something. Financial independence. Reckless spending. Careless with money. Valuing independence. Naïve approach to finances. Risky purchases. Selfish values. Self-centered spending. Spending money on yourself. Collecting dangerous possessions. Valuing aggression and violence. Gun collector. Weapon collections. Martial arts build self-esteem. Earning a living through violent activities. Anger concerning money. Fighting for possessions. Hostile purchases. Fighting for financial independence. Fighting for survival. Uncompromising values. Courageously fighting for what you value in life. Financial leader.

Aries 3rd house

Impatient communication. Fast-talker. Salesperson. Angry about elementary school experiences. Fighting with siblings. Sibling rivalry. Competing with neighbors. Gruff communication. A leader in the neighborhood. War stories. Courageous writing. Courageous speeches. Battle cries. Pioneering communication. Education pioneer. Active journal writer. Active blogger. Angry writer. Hostile communication. The first to pursue a particular style of writing. Enthusiastic communication. Race car driver. Daredevil motorcyclist. Stunt person. Writing angry letters. Competitive driver. Road rage. The mechanic. A mind for mechanics. Engineers. Quick mind. Actively taking short trips. Assertive communication. The mind of a competitor. The mind of a pioneer. The independent mind. The courageous thinker. The naïve mind. Motivational speaker. Brusque manner in everyday communication. Impatience in everyday interactions. Self-centered in relationship with siblings. Needing to be independent from your siblings. Independent learner. Most interested in your own thoughts. Abrupt communication. Active writers. Writing competition. Angry siblings. Leading through communication. Competitive writer.

Aries 4th house

An angry or violent parent. Competitive home life. Competing for real estate. The aggressive real estate agent. Competitive realtor. The house flipper. Wanting to live alone. A literal “pioneer.” Living somewhere that no one else has lived before. The first to live somewhere. The first to live in a particular style of house. The first to move into an up-and-coming neighborhood. Living independently. Living “off the grid.” Fighting with parents. Competing with parents. Daring real estate purchases. An active family. Leading the family. A competitive family. A family of athletes. Military family. A family of stunt people. A family of independent people. Needing private alone time. Independent at the core. Privately angry. Privately selfish. Independent parents. Selfish parents. Angry parents. Living in a fire station. Gaining independence from your parents. Hostile accumulation of real estate. Angry about your heritage. Fighting for your country. Fighting against your country. Fighting on behalf of your cultural heritage. Competing for your country. Innovative home building. Growing up in a violent household. Domestic violence. House on fire. Impatience with parents. Wanting to live alone. Liking to have sex in the comfort of your own home. Pioneering ideas about home, habitat and the way people live.

Aries 5th house

Active with your children. Competing with your children. Competitive children. Independent children. Angry children. Fighting on behalf of children. An active and competitive gamer. Liking violent video games. War games. War reenactments. Competitive sports. Getting aggression out through sports. Getting aggression out through video games. Turned on by games. Competitive hobbies and interests. Independent self-expression. Daring risk-taker. Active gambler. Fencing. Knife-throwing. Competitive gambling. Competitive poker player. Courageous self-expression. Dangerous sports. Attracted to dangerous, spontaneous, courageous, and confident people. Fighting with love interests. Fighting with children. Fighting for fun: boxing, martial arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Violent love affairs. Being turned-on by blood and violence. Welding as a hobby. Arsonists. Having fun blowing things up. Hunting. Pain is fun. Feeling attracted to aggressive people. Feeling attracted to trail-blazers. Attracted to competitive drivers, military personnel, sports enthusiasts, athletes, and dangerous people. Attracted to action heroes and heroines. Wanting an aggressive lover. Needing to win at games. A sore loser. Wanting to stay competitive in love. Being attracted to people wearing armor and carrying weapons. Play fighting. Love wrestling. A leader in the creative arts. A pioneer in the creative arts.

Aries 6th house

Working as a fire fighter. Fighting with co-workers. Competing with co-workers. Eating quickly. Angry about food and diet. Eating alone. A leader in health and medicine. Pioneering actions concerning food and diet. Inspiring people about food and diet. Athletic trainer. Sports medicine. Sports therapy. Fighting for workers’ rights. Creating your own job. Preferring to work alone. Competing with employees. Fighting with employees. New approaches to health and diet. Fighting on behalf of animals. Working with dangerous animals. Having a dangerous job. Fighting at work. Violent work place. Entirely new ways of eating. Naïve approach to food and diet. Naïve about work. Spontaneous and inspiring on the job. Courageous work. Risky work. Habitual violence. Hostile working conditions. Sports nutrition. Capacity for independent analysis. Independent views on health and nutrition. Aggressive views on health and nutrition. Pioneering views on health and nutrition. Pioneering views on working conditions (for better or worse). Arguing about food. Dangerous work. Working with explosives. Working with fire. Fire-eaters. Sword-swallowers. Eating dangerous food. Having dangerous pets. Pioneering self-analysis. Working independently. Sex work. Competitive eating. Liking hot and spicy food. Eating hot sauce. The first to try a new cuisine. The first to introduce a new way of preparing food. Migraines. Working in a dangerous environment.

Aries 7th house

Attracting an independent, courageous, and assertive partner. Selfish, self-centered, and violent partners. Angry or violent clients. An aggressive relationship with the public. Marrying an athlete. Marrying an independent man or woman. Needing independence in marriage. Marrying a dangerous person. Fighting with other people. Attracting argumentative people. Fighting with business partners. A marriage filled with fighting. Fighting in one-to-one relationships. Competing with your spouse. Viewing relationships as a competition. Needing to “one-up” everyone. The first to get married. Needing to “win” in relationships. Competing for the hand of the marriage partner. Needing to stay competitive against opponents. Liking aggressive and assertive people. Being viewed, by the general public, as sexy. Being viewed as argumentative and aggressive. Competing for public attention. Refusing to get married because of the need for independence. Having a strong say in a partnership. Aggressive opponents. Wanting a partner with masculine qualities. Equally independent partners. Equally aggressive partners. Equally courageous partners. Partners who are both leaders. Pioneering partners. Equally selfish partners.

Aries 8th house

Sexual pioneers. Athletic sex. Masturbation. “I turn myself on.” Violent sex. Angry sex. Pioneering research methods. Daring research. Psychology pioneer. Actively investigating the unknown. Life and death pioneer. A violent death. Head trauma. Actively seeking transformational experiences. Spontaneous transformation. Sexual independence. Selfish in intimate relationships. Sexually selfish. Independent investigation. Daring transformation. Asserting your sexuality. Sexual confidence. An intimate relationship with violence. Blood and guts are sexy. Danger is sexy. A personal legacy. Leaving a personal sexual legacy. Sexually aggressive. Sexually active. Initiating sex. Masculine sexuality. Profound need for independence. Pioneering surgery. Surgery is sexy. Scars and cuts are sexy. Fire fetish. Sex with athletes. Courageously sharing intimate feelings. Courageously facing emotional baggage. Daring to explore the personal unconscious. Daring to explore the occult. Independent research. Using yourself as a test subject. Inspired sex. Sex coach. Charting your own course in sexuality. Demonstrating a new way of living a sexual life. Sexual innocence. Innocence is sexy. Staying fit for sex. Sexually attracted to Naïve people. Sexual competitions. A strong sex drive. Sexual conquest. Rough sex. New partners. Driven to explore the unknown. Courage in the face of death. Psychology leader.

Aries 9th house

Independent philosophies. Philosophies that support a selfish viewpoint. Independent studies. Creating your own course of study and degree program. Traveling alone. Martial law. Independent publications. Self-published. New magazines and books. An aggressive publisher. Competing in publishing. Competing in higher education. Competing in law. Starting a new religion. The philosophies of martial arts. Martial arts as a way of life. Angry at religion. Fighting on behalf of religion. Fighting against religion. Believing in the necessity of violence. Believing in the power of anger. Self-created philosophy and religion. “I am god.” Publishing violent books and magazines. Finding meaning in violence. Finding meaning through self-assertion. Being independent from your teachers. Fitness philosophy. Fitness gurus. Sports as religion. Sports publications. Revering sports figures as gods. Pioneering new teachings. Starting new schools. Spontaneous long-distance travel. A philosophy of violence. Pioneering teacher. Seeking independence from religion. Violence in the name of religion. Military theory. Aggressive journalists. Journalists who cover foreign wars. Foreign sports. Selfish academic pursuits.

Aries 10th house

Having a reputation for being violent, aggressive, independent, and argumentative. A professional fighter. The action hero. A reputation for being single. Aggressive businessperson. A reputation for being naïve and childlike. A reputation for being physically fit, active, athletic, and interested in sports. A star athlete. Competitive in business. Fighting with the boss. The need to have your own business. Uncompromising in business. Fighting with Dad. Angry with Dad. Being known as a pioneer. Being known as the first to do something. Being known as a daredevil. Widely considered to be a dangerous or reckless person. Forging a new career path. A sex symbol. Known for doing it your own way. Widely considered to be self-centered. Sales careers. Widely known for an association with violence. Confidence in business. Aggressive business tactics. Hostile takeovers. The independent businesswoman/ businessman. Competing with Dad. Law enforcement. Aggressively ambitious. Selfish ambition. Finding authority within. Setting yourself up as an authority.

Aries 11th house

The ability to remain independent from the influences of friends. “I am my best friend.” Daring, dangerous, and innovative friends. Championing causes. Fighting on behalf of the masses. Fighting on behalf of friends. Fighting with friends. Fighting against friends. Fighting for ideals. Competing with friends. Fighting and competing with peers. Fighting with people who have the same interests. Group sports. Team sports. Fighting for the better good. Fighting off fans. Attracting aggressive friends and fans. Attracting competitive or dangerous friends. Being a member of a violent gang. Gang violence. Thugs. The mob. Attracting an angry mob. Selfish friends. Independent goals and dreams. Actively pursuing your goals and dreams. Friends who are into sports, martial arts, competitive driving, and being independent. Leading the group. Team leaders. Pioneering group efforts. Leading awareness of social causes. Being the leader of your friends. Leading an interest group. Being independent from your peers. Fight Club. Pioneering social reform.

Aries 12th house

Fighting on behalf of spiritual beliefs. Independent spirituality. Independent meditation. Unaware of the need to be self-reliant. Independent viewpoints attract secret enemies. Spiritual movement. Actively spiritual. Unaware of self-centered tendencies. Inability to acknowledge selfishness. Dreams of independence. Violent feelings at the subconscious level. The urge to gain independence from past karma. Violent dreams. Aggressive fantasies. Subconsciously attracting violent and dangerous people. Being unaware of getting into dangerous situations. Dreaming of being first. Dreaming of being a sports star. Dreaming of being an action hero. Feeling completely isolated. Independent spiritual retreats. Liking to sleep alone. Moving around a lot while sleeping. Active dreamers. Acting on dreams. Actively engaging the dream world. Angry about losses and sorrow. The fear of losing your independence. Unacknowledged anger. Unacknowledged courage. Secret weapons. Hidden military agendas. Starting a hospital or charity. Veterans’ hospitals. Inner toughness. Independently introspective. Bravely embracing the unknown. Having the courage to face inner demons.

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  • Vivian

    Aries in Moon and in 9th house. I love how I feel brave, courageous and assertive in these houses.

    • Vivian

      Wish I could have it in almost every house

  • Guest

    I was partaking in the third item on the Aries 8th House list when I started reading it. I laughed so hard I choked.

  • Lol

    I have aries in my 5th hous cusp with mars at 0 degrees. Scorpio sun/rising. Can you tell me something about it?

    • Do you play sports?

      • Lol

        I don’t. To be honest I feel the mars traits are somehow occult in me. I’m more of a shy person, I don’t do sports regularly, i’m more into hiding myself. At times I can feel completely opposite though, I can be monstrously resistant or have an angry outgoing character on some rare occasions. Energy is always boiling in me anyway. I could think this has to do with my sun conjunct pluto in the 12th house (scorpio cusp), could it be? I do have some fantasies on becoming a stronger person (physically and mentally), sometimes i believe the battle of my lifetime is fighting against my own weakness..

        • So, if you view your chart using the Whole Signs house system, that puts your Mars in the 6th house. Do you have any planets in Libra?

          • Lol

            Moon conjunct venus 😉

            • If you look at your chart using whole signs that puts your Moon and Venus in Libra in the 12th house … which says a lot about someone who is sensitive, withdrawn, shy, and who would probably rather be alone. Mars in Aries in the 6th also shows a tendency towards strain and stress, especially in relation to work … something to consider 🙂

  • kym

    I have an aries rising, maybe I’m just not conscious of it but I don’t think I really come off as aggressive or courageous. I’m really shy and I like to keep a low profile. Actually people always say they have a very pleasant first impression of me as being very calm and only really get to know my more aries natured side when they get closer to me since I have an aries moon. It’s funny though, when I was little apparently I was a lot more outgoing and up front like the description would suggest and apparenty I had a very red complexion and my hair was dark brown but had orangey tints. My mom told me what when I was little I was always bossing my friends around… oops. Somehow I grew out of it though or maybe I’m just less conscious of it now. Who knows, I don’t have the ability to see myself from another’s point of view so I’m not quite sure but its weird how I grew out of it in a way. But I am very individualistic and like to do things on my own terms. It comes out mostly with my mom’s advice, she can be very forceful sometimes and it just makes me rebel against what she tells me to do.

  • a u d a x

    Aries 5th & 6th here.

    The 5th in its entirety was accurate for me also. I LOVE watching war movies and looking at war memorabilia. I also like playing war themed games. I like fencing, daggers, knives and swords. Noble, heroic, athletic, agressive and dominant types turn me on. UFC? Yes. I’d participate and even own gloves.

    As for the 6th house, nah none too much. hot and spicy food? YES

  • alicia

    I have Aries on my 8th cusp, and I accept that on the outside I look like a cute girl all classy and elegant and you know, all virgo, on the inside, I have my dirty side just I don’t show it to others but myselfxD and as I have Mars in 10th I looked for Aries in 10th house and the description quite fits me! especially on the known for being single and arguments with dad….

    First time reading your blog and I already love it! =DDDD

  • Jahlia

    ‘Aries in the 8th house-A violent death.’


    • Take it with a grain of salt. One placement isn’t a confirmation of anything.

  • Viper

    I have aries in the 9th house cusp. Since I was a child I always wanted to pursue my own education without the need of having someone being on my back on what I have to study. Even know I’m trying to create my own major. I do agree with this “Fitness philosophy. Fitness gurus” I believe in being fit because it contributes to me not only being physically fit but mentally too and why I always admire action heroes and heroine. I wonder have you ever heard of a show called the ‘Human Weapon” its shown in History Channel. Is of this two guys who travel the world and learn about different fighting techniques like brazilian jitzu or MMA, Judo. Love the show , you get to learn the history of this different fighting techniques. To me its screamed aries in the 9th house because of the educational side of it and how this guys travel the world in trying to show you the origin in where the techniques came from.

    • Hi Viper,

      I have not seen Human Weapon – but I’d like to!

      Your comments about Aries 9th house are especially interesting to me right now because I have a big Aries stellium in the 9th for my Solar Return this year – thanks!

  • Starlit

    I have Aries on my 5th cusp – and the only thing I recognized from the description was the love of fencing. I suspect that my Venus conjunct Mars in the 8th house takes such a toll on poor Mars that he is struggeling to have just one word to say. He is in my chart everything BUT competitive, scared as he is of pissing people off. He finds his way around, though. BTW, I love fencing because it is a gentleman’s sport and requires great skill, strategic ability and intelligence. A (close) Venus/Mars conjunction alters the influence of both planets dramatically, mostly – I think – because they signifies our inner woman and man and the opposites in every meaning of the word in all areas of life. One has to derive the meaning of the conjunction in ones own chart by analyzing (my Virgo MC speaking, sorry) ones own experiences with Mars, Venus, Aries, Scorpio and Libra/Taurus. That also means that my Scorpio ascendant is equally altered. It takes more after the Neptune conjunction to it than to the sign itself. I am overly creative and with some artistic skills of imaging and musical kind.
    I do find those articles of yours of great interest – they are mostly spot on – that’s also the reason why I bother to join in with my experiences about Mars/Venus conjunctions.

    • Thank you for your insights, Starlit 🙂

  • Ymartinez197

    Amazing Post!! I have aries in my 9th house cusp. I have two T-square in my third house and the focal point is Jupiter and the Moon in libra. Is basically squaring and opposing my Mars, Moon, Uranus, Neptune,Mercury. The houses that are effected is my 11th house,5th house. I can feel the stress this planet and houses cause and it seems i let all the tension its causing towards my 9th house. Which i can see becauase my main priority in life been a education and travel and i always had this instinct this fire in wanting to reach for more not only in education but in life but felt push back as you can see from what my t- square is causing.

  • Thomas Baker63

    Id agree with Joswan. Though I’m perfectly happy with my Aries Midheaven. Its one thing to appear like a warrior, its quite another to have the rep of being one;) haha it does fit though, been told Im quite handsome I was very involved with sports especially basketball. I’d always either playfully squabble or just flat out fight people, Although I didnt look the part when I was challenged they were in for the fight of their lives. One fight was enough for everyone to think I was crazy.  and I’ve done exceptionally well in Tae Kwon Do (if you want to count making it to orange belt before being pulled out of it exceptional) and the only thing I couldnt do was backflips. And I can very much act like a child if things didnt go as planned. And I know pro wrestling isnt exactly a pro fighter sport, but Ive recently got real interested in becoming one

  • Xgxg1xxp

    Aries in the 12th house?

    • The full post is no longer available online for free. You can purchase an individual article by clicking “Buy” underneath the post, or you can purchase the ebook which has all of the signs through all of the houses:

  • Psst…actually I ‘adore’ Aries much ^^ This is one of my fav sign.
    If only I have my asc few degrees back from my actual degree, I would be an Aries rising and being an Aries asc is fun! Not only you have a perfectly normal looking chart ^ count your first from Aries, it’ll end up in Pisces…just like cosmic destiny, other thing that having Aries asc is completely healthy to self-ego to thrive.

    Look at VB, I wish I can be like her, wearing solid color clothing and strut ” This is fashion, you better take it in your face, thank you very much” ~~~lol^^
    Rihanna with venus in Aries, she has “genius” sense of fashion, she just know how to steal attention with clothes.. question 😉

    Aries is all fashion risk taker, not a follower…like the indecisive libra or an overly simple and boring Taurus. :-p

    • Aries is a fashion risk taker. I have Venus in Aries (trine Moon in Leo) and I feel more attracted to people who are not afraid to be bold with their personal self-expression and fashion sense. 

      Who’s VB? I know you’re not talking about Valerie Bertinelli! 😛

      • Victoria Beckham, like the pic on first house ^^

        I love daring fashion too but it’s hard to create something entirely new, my sense of style anchored in 2009-2010, that’s when we had 80’s revival lol ^^

        • Ohhhh!!! Of course!

          It’s not that hard – just go through your closet and start pairing things that you ordinarily would never put together – voila!

  • Aries as the 11th house for me has been, in my life experience, Friends coming out of personal conflicts, working out of different points of views and yet still being friends.

    With Saturn/ 8th house ruler in placement, I worry about using my friends resources, my partner’s resource is our child(en), partner’s limited personal resources used ambitiously for pleasure, possibly causing conflicts, and the death of friends..possibly.

    • Michelle

      I’m not sure I understand “Saturn/ 8th house ruler in placement” – what do you mean by that?

      I like your take on Aries/11th. I have Mars in the 11th house (with Cancer on the cusp) and I find that my friends are often unwilling to work through conflicts. They tend to get upset and stew instead. 

      By the way, I saw your comments on tumblr, but I have had time to respond yet.

      Thank you for reading, Alter.

      • I’m sorry about my lack of clearness.

        8th house ruler is Saturn, (Capricorn on the 8th house) natal Saturn placed in the 11th house in Aries in aspect to Mars in Cancer (1st house), (by quintile) I guess looking to the 11th house ruler is also kind of important too, and its Mars in the 1st, conjunct Sun and Venus..(respectively 3rd and 5th/12th house rulers) it seems to be melting the energies of everything into a huge ball of caramel 😉 a little of this and that, which doesn’t seem to work, but I am in the middle, and sort of a mediator, and yet I also know, friends have walked away, but have always been welcomed back.. when there is a conflict.

        I also have discovered I have made friends with people I have had really strong disagreements with, I mean really strong ones.. like standing on these ideas of “left” and “right” or “religious” and “atheistic”.. really essential philosophical conflicts.. and yet, we find, or I have personally made the move to find common ground, and somewhere along the line things have worked. I may not be soft on my issues either, but I think the common ground came from really entrenched feelings of “right and wrong” and hate of corruption.

        Don’t worry about answering, I can’t even find things sometimes..and if you do, you are going to have to point me in the correct direction.. 😉

        I was trying to look at your chart again, but I couldn’t find it on twitter.. I wanted to see where you Leo Moon was, and what aspects it had, but I can already say, that being the 11th house ruler, the Moon in Leo can lend itself to extremes of emotional expression… what house its in may also be problematic, (12th house could be very sensitive, especially in Leo with allot of emotions invested in the relationship, but also the ego.. and the undercurrents of the 12th house are often not so easy to navigate.. )

        ( I know a bit about 12th house stuff with my natal ASC ruler in the 12th conjunct the ASC… and Black Moon Lilith.. DARKER UNDERCURRENTS  subconscious and of the COLLECTIVE MIND will always be placed forwards.. well its always good to know how you and other people function, I suppose 😉 and this is all usually off the top of my head.)

        AET, 🙂

        • Michelle

          I took my chart down – yet again. I may put it back up on my “About” page. I have Mars and Saturn in the 11th house (and the Moon, using Placidus, though it’s in the 12th house using whole signs).

          I like what you wrote about making friends with people that you have major disagreements with. I think it’s actually a hallmark of a great friend that you can disagree and still respect and like each other. I have a hard time being friends with people who want me to like and agree with everything they like and agree with. I’m not looking for my friends to be clones.

          • I feel that this is the most healthy approach in the world in general. I figure of no one is harming themselves, people can believe what they like.. I too have Saturn in the 11th house, like my husband. I get the impression that in general all of us 11th house Saturn types takes friendship rather seriously, and yet limit the idea of influencing others, or groups too much.

            I figure that if what my belief system is causes such an upset nature in people, its best that the door stay open, but only if they are not trying to change me or make me do something I don’t want to do.

            This last summer I spent allot of time thinking about my youth because my mother in law had asked me a number of questions, especially about how she thought I was much of a “go against the grain” kind of person.

            And I realized that when I was 4, right after my birthday, there were these to brothers, one smaller than I and one slightly older, and I wanted to play, and we were left alone to play together, but they said, they didn’t want to play with me because I was a girl. Somewhere along the line they came up with this idea that if I smashed my toys up, that they would play with me. I had just gotten a really beautiful “tea set”, all real porcelain and glass and metal things too. And so for them, just because I was feeling lonesome and wanted someone to play with, I did what they said. Every last thing was smashed. They laughed, the destruction was funny, and at the moment I wasn’t thinking that those things were new presents…. and when my mother got back…. she was simply heartbroken that I should break all those lovely things. I was 4 so I wasn’t on that level, but then when I realized it was all smashed and I never even had the chance to play with them.. I cried because the presents that I had gotten were the kind of thing, no one ever gave me such pretty things before (or after) they were rare.. and I had broken them so that these two bratty things would play with me. In the end it was my mother it hurt the most because she was cleaning up the bits and she was crying the whole time.

            Certainly, had I been able to think farther or had some guidance instead of being left alone with those two, I would never have made the choice to make my mother cry like that. But being 4, it was a lesson that I had to learn, eventually… it was about peer pressure but also about thinking for myself and allowing other people to be who they are without trying to make them do things they don’t want to do either.

            I figure its where I developed for the first time a feeling of never wanting to directly listen to anyone so “obediently” again. Its an attitude that has followed me through school and conflicts with teachers and other students who would also make me conform, because its a sore spot in my heart.

            It stays with me, and I didn’t realize it until this summer, its still there and it still hurts, but it hurts because I know better than to compromise something I believe in strongly, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to do that either. Issues like vegetarianism or other things that I am passionate about and very active about shouldn’t block me from being friends with people who are not in the same belief department either, because its not my job to inflict a lifetimes of conclusions as conditions for being my friend.

            I saw a documentary where a Palestinian protester was commenting about one of the IDF guards, and his quote was amazing: “this guy, I know him for 4 months now, everyday. He’s beat us, he’s arrested us, he’s pushed us and shoved us…, in spite of that he’s a very smart man, if he could get this idea of occupation out of his head, and just let it all go, he would walk away a decent human, and I would be his friend…” wow.

            • Michelle

              I love this, Alter… especially, “… conditions for being my friend.” It often feels in friendship that there are conditions, and the moment I start to feel those conditions, I begin to assert my need for freedom (my Saturn and Moon are at the apex of a t-square with Jupiter and Uranus). When people expect that everything is falling into place and that I’m going to fit into whatever role they think I should fill in their lives is when I feel like breaking out of ‘it’ – the conditions, requisites, rules and restrictions I need to adhere to in order to fit in with them.

              I get that protester too. 

              • I guess the same applies to my mate, concerning me not wanting to change him, if I didn’t like him the way he was when I got him, damn, why the hell should I change him?

                There is something I notice about him.. tensions and energies find easy ways out on people when they are under pressure towards things they can not fix.. and it runs out to those closest, I know because I do it too, but attempt to catch myself before I start venting my own crap on to someone else.

                My husband gave me a big deal about something, miniscule.. blew it up out of proportions, and then I realized something and asked him, “Ok what happened.. where did you not feel adequate about how you expressed something..?” He mentioned earlier that he didn’t get any sleep, because the neighbouring guests in the hotel were talking and drunk all night..(he travels much for his job) And then I gently brought up the possibility that he’s misplaced his aggression on me.. because its easier and because he never told those people who are adults, that they needed to shut up.

                I think he realized that maybe he was actually venting that 12th house Mars and displacement of anger upon me, because he was still boiling up because of what happened the night before, something I didn’t do.

                Sometimes the energy of being oppressed previously needs to go somewhere no matter where your Mars is, but anyone who has Mars in a sensitive placement can feel easily slighted by both imagined and real clauses and conformity.. Mars is really this deep seated survival issue, isn’t it? Your soul doesn’t let you forget either, if you let others suppress you, part of you can’t breathe!

                It’s this way for him, even though he has Neptune ruled 11th house.. that Mars in 12 seems to be difficult for him to see sometimes that he needs to shout and needs to vent… and its sometimes like electricity, it takes an easy way. I’m understanding this with myself too. but we are kind of Karmicly involved to interact with other people in spite of the fact they try their utmost to make us conform!

            • Michelle

              Also, I guess I’d rather be alone than conform to fit in … it seems you’ve reached the same conclusion.

  • Mert

    aries in the 2th house… “Earning a living through one’s own effort.” this is so true cause in both western and hint astrology predicts that in my future my wealth will be depending on my effort….

    • Where is your Jupiter?

      • Mert

        6th in leo ( in vedic horoscope my jup is cancer.)

  • Anonymous

    My aries is on my 12th house. You are right, I always have this desire to venture into a charity. I currently helping and campainging for a foundation. Im not sure about the unacknowledge anger and hidden military agenda.

    • hidden military agenda
      I doubt that most people have that. Unacknowledged anger might be something you don’t discover until you get a little older.

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  • Mich, What is North Node in 12 th house and South Node in Libra 6th, battle of destiny?
    It’s something I can’t get..ANYWHEREEE :((
    thank ya 🙂

    • I think some possibilities are:

      Overcoming everyday passivity (Libra/6th) to move towards active participation in releasing karma (Aries/12th)

      Instead of passively indulging in superficial beauty everyday, it is in your best interest to become independent and work on introspection and inner peace.

      Instead of staying in codependent work relationships, it is in your best interest to develop independent self-assertion in dealing with your pain and sorrow.

      Instead of idly passing the days away, it is in your best interest to actively engage in meditation.

      Instead of being afraid to rock the boat at work, it is in your best interest to bravely break subconscious habits and patterns.

      • Those are pretty much like it, do you think what I think Mich?
        A flamboyant guy like me who overindulgence with Venus in Libra conj south node, should be traded to join MILITARY??

        It’s like taking a cat to shower..
        🙁 Or I hope it’s something else..

        Thank ya! And Can’t wait for Sagittarius reading 😀

        • I don’t think you need to join the military, but there’s something to be said about the need to toughen up and become more independent deep within yourself. To me, Aries/12th really points to learning how to be happy spending time alone.

  • Christine

    I had to think pretty hard about this one. Aries rules my seven house cusp, but I never consider it a huge part of me (and to be honest, I’m really just not that acutely aware of that “shadow” side) and so when I read descriptions of Aries ruling the 7th, I don’t usually relate. The one that jumps out most at me is the trait, “needing to one-up everyone.” On one-to-one relationships, I do feel like things should be… equal. I don’t really need people to “owe me” anything when I’m generous, but I always kind of feel like I owe them things, that at least, I should be just as generous. Also, a personality flaw of mine is feeling like I need to “emotionally punish” people who hurt me, so it feels like we’re on the same playing field. When the people close to me (friends and bf), I feel like I need to have a great interesting life too! I used to attribute this to Leo Moon, but I guess Aries on the 7th could do it too! Michelle, what are your thoughts on the descendant? How real of a part does it play on peoples’ charts?

    • Sometimes I get confused over which characteristics represented by the 7th belong to the partner, and which actually belong to the person getting the reading. In thinking about my own descendant (Pisces) I think I have a tendency to take pity on my enemies and have compassion for my boyfriends (and vice versa). I don’t know if they feel the same way about me. I can’t remember who wrote this, but it was something like, “if you’re not accepting your Pisces characteristics then you may experience other people as confusing, chaotic, elusive, and passive.”For you, with an Aries Descendant, I think it would go something like, “if you’re not accepting your Aries characteristics, then you may experience other people as angry, irritable, aggressive, pushy, and selfish.”So, if we own up to the those characteristics within ourselves we attract people who display the more positive characteristics of the sign, but if we disown those qualities within ourselves we attract people with the negative characteristics- though I doubt it’s that clear cut. What do you think?