Aries Houses

Aries 1st house

Aries 12th HouseConfrontational. Aggressive. Rough. Gruff. Ruddy. Athletic. Masculine. Impatient. Grumpy. Irritable. Courageous. Authentic presence. Independent approach. Quick. Competitive. Argumentative. Bold. Forceful. Pushy. Naïve. The need to develop awareness of how actions affect others. Awareness of being a separate individual. Awareness of your own needs. Enthusiastic approach to life. Brusque manner. Looking pissed-off. Leading with the head. Bratty. Fighting for independence. Self-reliant. Grouchy. Headstrong. Arrogant. Completely self-centered point of view. “I’ll do it my way, thank you very much!” A fighter. A worldview that revolves around self-interest. A leader. A pioneer. The first to enter a room. Women who open their own doors. Macho men. Warriors. A direct and uncomplicated approach.

Aries 2nd house

Selfish with personal possessions. Actively making a living. Making a living through sales, military, or sports careers. The entrepreneur. Impulsive spending. Earning a living through your own effort. Making a living by using the body (the athlete). Finding entirely new ways to make money. Competitive purchases. Bold purchases. Needing to be the first to have something. Financial independence. Reckless spending. Careless with money. Valuing independence. Naïve approach to finances. Risky purchases. Selfish values. Self-centered spending. Spending money on yourself. Collecting dangerous possessions. Valuing aggression and violence. Gun collector. Weapon collections. Martial arts build self-esteem. Earning a living through violent activities. Anger concerning money. Fighting for possessions. Hostile purchases. Fighting for financial independence. Fighting for survival. Uncompromising values. Courageously fighting for what you value in life. Financial leader.

Aries 3rd house

Impatient communication. Fast-talker. Salesperson. Angry about elementary school experiences. Fighting with siblings. Sibling rivalry. Competing with neighbors. Gruff communication. A leader in the neighborhood. War stories. Courageous writing. Courageous speeches. Battle cries. Pioneering communication. Education pioneer. Active journal writer. Active blogger. Angry writer. Hostile communication. The first to pursue a particular style of writing. Enthusiastic communication. Race car driver. Daredevil motorcyclist. Stunt person. Writing angry letters. Competitive driver. Road rage. The mechanic. A mind for mechanics. Engineers. Quick mind. Actively taking short trips. Assertive communication. The mind of a competitor. The mind of a pioneer. The independent mind. The courageous thinker. The naïve mind. Motivational speaker. Brusque manner in everyday communication. Impatience in everyday interactions. Self-centered in relationship with siblings. Needing to be independent from your siblings. Independent learner. Most interested in your own thoughts. Abrupt communication. Active writers. Writing competition. Angry siblings. Leading through communication. Competitive writer.

Aries 4th house

An angry or violent parent. Competitive home life. Competing for real estate. The aggressive real estate agent. Competitive realtor. The house flipper. Wanting to live alone. A literal “pioneer.” Living somewhere that no one else has lived before. The first to live somewhere. The first to live in a particular style of house. The first to move into an up-and-coming neighborhood. Living independently. Living “off the grid.” Fighting with parents. Competing with parents. Daring real estate purchases. An active family. Leading the family. A competitive family. A family of athletes. Military family. A family of stunt people. A family of independent people. Needing private alone time. Independent at the core. Privately angry. Privately selfish. Independent parents. Selfish parents. Angry parents. Living in a fire station. Gaining independence from your parents. Hostile accumulation of real estate. Angry about your heritage. Fighting for your country. Fighting against your country. Fighting on behalf of your cultural heritage. Competing for your country. Innovative home building. Growing up in a violent household. Domestic violence. House on fire. Impatience with parents. Wanting to live alone. Liking to have sex in the comfort of your own home. Pioneering ideas about home, habitat and the way people live.

Aries 5th house

Active with your children. Competing with your children. Competitive children. Independent children. Angry children. Fighting on behalf of children. An active and competitive gamer. Liking violent video games. War games. War reenactments. Competitive sports. Getting aggression out through sports. Getting aggression out through video games. Turned on by games. Competitive hobbies and interests. Independent self-expression. Daring risk-taker. Active gambler. Fencing. Knife-throwing. Competitive gambling. Competitive poker player. Courageous self-expression. Dangerous sports. Attracted to dangerous, spontaneous, courageous, and confident people. Fighting with love interests. Fighting with children. Fighting for fun: boxing, martial arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Violent love affairs. Being turned-on by blood and violence. Welding as a hobby. Arsonists. Having fun blowing things up. Hunting. Pain is fun. Feeling attracted to aggressive people. Feeling attracted to trail-blazers. Attracted to competitive drivers, military personnel, sports enthusiasts, athletes, and dangerous people. Attracted to action heroes and heroines. Wanting an aggressive lover. Needing to win at games. A sore loser. Wanting to stay competitive in love. Being attracted to people wearing armor and carrying weapons. Play fighting. Love wrestling. A leader in the creative arts. A pioneer in the creative arts.

Aries 6th house

Working as a fire fighter. Fighting with co-workers. Competing with co-workers. Eating quickly. Angry about food and diet. Eating alone. A leader in health and medicine. Pioneering actions concerning food and diet. Inspiring people about food and diet. Athletic trainer. Sports medicine. Sports therapy. Fighting for workers’ rights. Creating your own job. Preferring to work alone. Competing with employees. Fighting with employees. New approaches to health and diet. Fighting on behalf of animals. Working with dangerous animals. Having a dangerous job. Fighting at work. Violent work place. Entirely new ways of eating. Naïve approach to food and diet. Naïve about work. Spontaneous and inspiring on the job. Courageous work. Risky work. Habitual violence. Hostile working conditions. Sports nutrition. Capacity for independent analysis. Independent views on health and nutrition. Aggressive views on health and nutrition. Pioneering views on health and nutrition. Pioneering views on working conditions (for better or worse). Arguing about food. Dangerous work. Working with explosives. Working with fire. Fire-eaters. Sword-swallowers. Eating dangerous food. Having dangerous pets. Pioneering self-analysis. Working independently. Sex work. Competitive eating. Liking hot and spicy food. Eating hot sauce. The first to try a new cuisine. The first to introduce a new way of preparing food. Migraines. Working in a dangerous environment.

Aries 7th house

Attracting an independent, courageous, and assertive partner. Selfish, self-centered, and violent partners. Angry or violent clients. An aggressive relationship with the public. Marrying an athlete. Marrying an independent man or woman. Needing independence in marriage. Marrying a dangerous person. Fighting with other people. Attracting argumentative people. Fighting with business partners. A marriage filled with fighting. Fighting in one-to-one relationships. Competing with your spouse. Viewing relationships as a competition. Needing to “one-up” everyone. The first to get married. Needing to “win” in relationships. Competing for the hand of the marriage partner. Needing to stay competitive against opponents. Liking aggressive and assertive people. Being viewed, by the general public, as sexy. Being viewed as argumentative and aggressive. Competing for public attention. Refusing to get married because of the need for independence. Having a strong say in a partnership. Aggressive opponents. Wanting a partner with masculine qualities. Equally independent partners. Equally aggressive partners. Equally courageous partners. Partners who are both leaders. Pioneering partners. Equally selfish partners.

Aries 8th house

Sexual pioneers. Athletic sex. Masturbation. “I turn myself on.” Violent sex. Angry sex. Pioneering research methods. Daring research. Psychology pioneer. Actively investigating the unknown. Life and death pioneer. A violent death. Head trauma. Actively seeking transformational experiences. Spontaneous transformation. Sexual independence. Selfish in intimate relationships. Sexually selfish. Independent investigation. Daring transformation. Asserting your sexuality. Sexual confidence. An intimate relationship with violence. Blood and guts are sexy. Danger is sexy. A personal legacy. Leaving a personal sexual legacy. Sexually aggressive. Sexually active. Initiating sex. Masculine sexuality. Profound need for independence. Pioneering surgery. Surgery is sexy. Scars and cuts are sexy. Fire fetish. Sex with athletes. Courageously sharing intimate feelings. Courageously facing emotional baggage. Daring to explore the personal unconscious. Daring to explore the occult. Independent research. Using yourself as a test subject. Inspired sex. Sex coach. Charting your own course in sexuality. Demonstrating a new way of living a sexual life. Sexual innocence. Innocence is sexy. Staying fit for sex. Sexually attracted to Naïve people. Sexual competitions. A strong sex drive. Sexual conquest. Rough sex. New partners. Driven to explore the unknown. Courage in the face of death. Psychology leader.

Aries 9th house

Independent philosophies. Philosophies that support a selfish viewpoint. Independent studies. Creating your own course of study and degree program. Traveling alone. Martial law. Independent publications. Self-published. New magazines and books. An aggressive publisher. Competing in publishing. Competing in higher education. Competing in law. Starting a new religion. The philosophies of martial arts. Martial arts as a way of life. Angry at religion. Fighting on behalf of religion. Fighting against religion. Believing in the necessity of violence. Believing in the power of anger. Self-created philosophy and religion. “I am god.” Publishing violent books and magazines. Finding meaning in violence. Finding meaning through self-assertion. Being independent from your teachers. Fitness philosophy. Fitness gurus. Sports as religion. Sports publications. Revering sports figures as gods. Pioneering new teachings. Starting new schools. Spontaneous long-distance travel. A philosophy of violence. Pioneering teacher. Seeking independence from religion. Violence in the name of religion. Military theory. Aggressive journalists. Journalists who cover foreign wars. Foreign sports. Selfish academic pursuits.

Aries 10th house

Having a reputation for being violent, aggressive, independent, and argumentative. A professional fighter. The action hero. A reputation for being single. Aggressive businessperson. A reputation for being naïve and childlike. A reputation for being physically fit, active, athletic, and interested in sports. A star athlete. Competitive in business. Fighting with the boss. The need to have your own business. Uncompromising in business. Fighting with Dad. Angry with Dad. Being known as a pioneer. Being known as the first to do something. Being known as a daredevil. Widely considered to be a dangerous or reckless person. Forging a new career path. A sex symbol. Known for doing it your own way. Widely considered to be self-centered. Sales careers. Widely known for an association with violence. Confidence in business. Aggressive business tactics. Hostile takeovers. The independent businesswoman/ businessman. Competing with Dad. Law enforcement. Aggressively ambitious. Selfish ambition. Finding authority within. Setting yourself up as an authority.

Aries 11th house

The ability to remain independent from the influences of friends. “I am my best friend.” Daring, dangerous, and innovative friends. Championing causes. Fighting on behalf of the masses. Fighting on behalf of friends. Fighting with friends. Fighting against friends. Fighting for ideals. Competing with friends. Fighting and competing with peers. Fighting with people who have the same interests. Group sports. Team sports. Fighting for the better good. Fighting off fans. Attracting aggressive friends and fans. Attracting competitive or dangerous friends. Being a member of a violent gang. Gang violence. Thugs. The mob. Attracting an angry mob. Selfish friends. Independent goals and dreams. Actively pursuing your goals and dreams. Friends who are into sports, martial arts, competitive driving, and being independent. Leading the group. Team leaders. Pioneering group efforts. Leading awareness of social causes. Being the leader of your friends. Leading an interest group. Being independent from your peers. Fight Club. Pioneering social reform.

Aries 12th house

Fighting on behalf of spiritual beliefs. Independent spirituality. Independent meditation. Unaware of the need to be self-reliant. Independent viewpoints attract secret enemies. Spiritual movement. Actively spiritual. Unaware of self-centered tendencies. Inability to acknowledge selfishness. Dreams of independence. Violent feelings at the subconscious level. The urge to gain independence from past karma. Violent dreams. Aggressive fantasies. Subconsciously attracting violent and dangerous people. Being unaware of getting into dangerous situations. Dreaming of being first. Dreaming of being a sports star. Dreaming of being an action hero. Feeling completely isolated. Independent spiritual retreats. Liking to sleep alone. Moving around a lot while sleeping. Active dreamers. Acting on dreams. Actively engaging the dream world. Angry about losses and sorrow. The fear of losing your independence. Unacknowledged anger. Unacknowledged courage. Secret weapons. Hidden military agendas. Starting a hospital or charity. Veterans’ hospitals. Inner toughness. Independently introspective. Bravely embracing the unknown. Having the courage to face inner demons.

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About AstroFix

I’m Michelle and I have an Aries Sun, Leo Moon & Virgo rising.

  • Mert

    aries in the 2th house… “Earning a living through one’s own effort.” this is so true cause in both western and hint astrology predicts that in my future my wealth will be depending on my effort….

    • Where is your Jupiter?

      • Mert

        6th in leo ( in vedic horoscope my jup is cancer.)

  • Anonymous

    My aries is on my 12th house. You are right, I always have this desire to venture into a charity. I currently helping and campainging for a foundation. Im not sure about the unacknowledge anger and hidden military agenda.

    • hidden military agenda
      I doubt that most people have that. Unacknowledged anger might be something you don’t discover until you get a little older.

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  • Mich, What is North Node in 12 th house and South Node in Libra 6th, battle of destiny?
    It’s something I can’t get..ANYWHEREEE :((
    thank ya 🙂

    • I think some possibilities are:

      Overcoming everyday passivity (Libra/6th) to move towards active participation in releasing karma (Aries/12th)

      Instead of passively indulging in superficial beauty everyday, it is in your best interest to become independent and work on introspection and inner peace.

      Instead of staying in codependent work relationships, it is in your best interest to develop independent self-assertion in dealing with your pain and sorrow.

      Instead of idly passing the days away, it is in your best interest to actively engage in meditation.

      Instead of being afraid to rock the boat at work, it is in your best interest to bravely break subconscious habits and patterns.

      • Those are pretty much like it, do you think what I think Mich?
        A flamboyant guy like me who overindulgence with Venus in Libra conj south node, should be traded to join MILITARY??

        It’s like taking a cat to shower..
        🙁 Or I hope it’s something else..

        Thank ya! And Can’t wait for Sagittarius reading 😀

        • I don’t think you need to join the military, but there’s something to be said about the need to toughen up and become more independent deep within yourself. To me, Aries/12th really points to learning how to be happy spending time alone.

  • Christine

    I had to think pretty hard about this one. Aries rules my seven house cusp, but I never consider it a huge part of me (and to be honest, I’m really just not that acutely aware of that “shadow” side) and so when I read descriptions of Aries ruling the 7th, I don’t usually relate. The one that jumps out most at me is the trait, “needing to one-up everyone.” On one-to-one relationships, I do feel like things should be… equal. I don’t really need people to “owe me” anything when I’m generous, but I always kind of feel like I owe them things, that at least, I should be just as generous. Also, a personality flaw of mine is feeling like I need to “emotionally punish” people who hurt me, so it feels like we’re on the same playing field. When the people close to me (friends and bf), I feel like I need to have a great interesting life too! I used to attribute this to Leo Moon, but I guess Aries on the 7th could do it too! Michelle, what are your thoughts on the descendant? How real of a part does it play on peoples’ charts?

    • Sometimes I get confused over which characteristics represented by the 7th belong to the partner, and which actually belong to the person getting the reading. In thinking about my own descendant (Pisces) I think I have a tendency to take pity on my enemies and have compassion for my boyfriends (and vice versa). I don’t know if they feel the same way about me. I can’t remember who wrote this, but it was something like, “if you’re not accepting your Pisces characteristics then you may experience other people as confusing, chaotic, elusive, and passive.”For you, with an Aries Descendant, I think it would go something like, “if you’re not accepting your Aries characteristics, then you may experience other people as angry, irritable, aggressive, pushy, and selfish.”So, if we own up to the those characteristics within ourselves we attract people who display the more positive characteristics of the sign, but if we disown those qualities within ourselves we attract people with the negative characteristics- though I doubt it’s that clear cut. What do you think?