Leo Houses


Leo 1st house

Marilyn Monroe by Andy WarholA physical presence that commands attention. Proud. Bossy. Dignified. Sunny. Fun. Confident. Bombastic. Dramatic. Vain. Loyal. Courageous. Needs to feel appreciated. Needs to be acknowledged. Show-off. Overbearing. Loud. Regal. Willfully stubborn. Impressive. Pompous. Playful. Childlike. Generous. Warm-hearted. Fashionable. Famous. Demonstrative. Snobbish or haughty. Flirtatious. Putting your physical self on display- aspiring models, actors, beauty queens, reality show contestants, talk show hosts. Looking a certain way just to get attention. A tendency to sulk when being ignored. Hair (or lack of) that attracts attention. Creating a persona, personal style, and physical appearance to get more attention. Wanting to be noticed for the way you look. The king or queen on the scene. Needing to feel special. Arrogant. Conceited. The Performer. The Showman.

Leo 2nd house

Earning a living from being famous. Deriving confidence from possessions. Valuing dignity, pride, generosity, and warmth. Seeking attention with purchases. Making a production out of buying something. Generous with personal income. Earning a living through performance. Earning a living through the creative arts. Personally invested. Earning money in a dramatic way. Personally involved with material possessions. Willfully stubborn with finances. Bragging about income. Bragging about possessions. Needing to have your wealth acknowledged. Forbes Magazine’s The World’s Billionaires list. The will for survival. A creative way of making a living. Needing to own impressive stuff. Taking pride in possessions. Owning items with logos or refusing to own anything with someone else’s name on it. Creating your own brand. Identifying with a product or being identified with a product. Owning fancy things. Refusing to buy “store brand” items. Viewing children as possessions. An intense personal identification with your belongings. A generous approach to personal finances. Feeling appreciated is a survival need. Blows to the sense of dignity or pride hurt the ability to earn an income. Needing to feel appreciated for your financial contribution. Needing a little gold plaque that states how much you donated. Courageous risk-taking with personal finances. Displaying collectibles. An authority on finance.

Leo 3rd house

Speaking and writing in a dramatic and expressive way. Writing for self-expression. A dramatic voice. A voice that attracts attention. Fancy cars. Stylish bikes and scooters. Being seen, around town, looking stylish. Vehicles that grab attention. Wanting to feel appreciated for communication skills. Drama class. Communicating attracts attention. Communicating through drama. Courageous self-expression in writing and speaking. Speaking in an arrogant, pompous, or bombastic way. Condescension. Communicating as if you are on stage. Speaking as if to an audience. Speaking like a child. Communicating in a warm and heartfelt manner. Having a warm relationship with your siblings. Giving generous praise when speaking about other people. Doling out flattery. Writing dramatic letters or E-mails. Melodramatic status updates. Ego-attachment to your communication style. Expecting to get attention whenever you speak. Needing recognition and attention for writing. Having a personal style of writing and speaking. A personal style of communication. People who gain a lot of attention for the way they communicate or what they have said. Liking to have everyone’s attention when speaking. Drama teacher. Orator. Creative siblings. Traveling in style. Writing about people who are special. An authority on automobiles or communication. Personable communication. Riding on a float in a parade.

Leo 4th house

Family drama. A warm and loving family. Lots of personal attention at home. A home fit for a king. A personal throne. Needing a personal space for self-expression. Needing a warm and welcoming home. Needing to feel appreciated and acknowledged at home. Needing adequate attention at home. Having an art or game room. Making a stage in your home. “Home stagers.” Home theaters. A family of performers. A family of actors. Having pride in your country. Feeling proud of your family. A generous family. A fun and creative upbringing. A very creative household. A domineering, pompous, haughty, or snobbish parent. A family of snobs. Wanting to be seen at home. Putting your house on display in a home or architecture magazine, or in a television show. MTV’s “Cribs.” Really swanky furnishings. People who actually grow up among royalty. One parent gave copious amounts of personal attention (for better or worse). A grand family. A grand house. Needing to be the center of attention in a home, family, or country. An overbearing, domineering, and egocentric parent. A warm, creative, and fun parent. A drama queen (or king) for a parent. A vain, domineering, and self-centered person at the core. A creative and courageous person at the core. Privately creative. Privately needing to feel special. Being an authority on your family or country. A family of conceited people. Privately conceited.

Leo 5th house

Kate Winslet nude titanic lolzFlirtatious. Putting children on display. Child pageantry. Over-involved in the lives of your children. Viewing children as an extension of your ego. Having a sense of humor about artistic self-expression. Wanting to be seen with children. A person who enjoys performing for children. A person who lights up through creative self-expression. A true performer. A hopeless romantic. Drama for drama’s sake. Personal self-expression at the expense of everything else. Sport as personal self-expression. A warm and funny sense of humor. Needing to feel appreciated for your contribution to sports. Liking to be on display while engaged in sports, hobbies, and interests. Lavish interests and hobbies. Pampering the artist within. Pampering the inner performer. Pampering your children. Creative children. Encouraging children to be creative. An authority on children. Treating creative projects like children. Treating children like subjects. Risky creative endeavors. Courageous risks. Taking a risk and looking good doing it. Self-centered, bossy, and egocentric concerning creative projects, children, sports, hobbies, and risk-taking ventures. Flirting with people who are egocentric, proud, and vain. Romances with fun, creative, and childlike individuals. Feeling attracted to dramatic and flamboyant people. Performance artists. The ability to make people feel special in romance. A style of expressing love that is warm, generous, and demonstrative. Parties that command a ridiculous amount of personal attention: MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16.” Parties and festivals that celebrate creativity and that people attend to be seen.

Leo 6th house

Pampering pets. Treating pets like people. Treating pets like children. Owning cats. Buying expensive toys, grooming products and accessories for pets. Pet palaces. Making daily work into a production. Making illness into a big drama. Needing a lot of personal attention and care when sick. Putting pets on display. Dog shows. Cat shows. Needing a stylish place to work. Wanting to feel appreciated on the job. Wanting to work someplace where you will be seen. Wanting to gain attention for a relationship with animals. Warm and generous relationship with animals. Gaining attention for your diet. A special diet. A diet that requires lots of special attention. “I’m allergic to X, Y, Z and Q. Let me tell you all about it…” Attention seeking through eating habits. Being warm and generous with your employees. Having high-end daily habits. Needing to be pampered on a daily basis. Spa treatments, facials, mani-pedis, hair styling, etc… on a daily basis. A person who makes a habit of being warm and generous on a daily basis. A person who practices creativity on a daily basis. A person who performs on a daily basis. Someone who wants to shine through work on a daily basis. A person who views performing, creativity and self-expression as sustenance. Overbearing toward employees. Heart, spine, and back problems. Wanting some applause after a hard day’s work. An authority on animals, health, or diet. An authority on the job. A kind and generous nurse. Liking rich food. Retaining your dignity while being ill. Work that causes spine or back injuries. Backbreaking work.

Leo 7th house

Wanting a partner who likes to be seen. Choosing a vain, self-centered, and loud partner. Choosing a spouse who is warm, generous, creative, and indulgent. A partner who expects a lavish and rich lifestyle. A partner who acts like a pampered princess. A dramatic spouse. A flamboyant partner. The spouse is the boss. Confrontations with dramatic, egocentric, and determined individuals. A proud and dignified partner. A partner who seems like royalty. A partner who is special. The partner makes one feel special. Needing to upstage everyone. Being upstaged by one’s partner.  A relationship with the public that is based on showmanship. Marrying into royalty. A passionate, romantic, and expressive partner. Marrying a creative person. Marrying someone who wants to be famous. A marriage for show. A loyal spouse. Marrying someone impressive. An extravagant partner. Wanting to be treated like a king or queen by one’s partner. An authority on relationships, marriage, and partnerships.Wanting a partner who likes to be seen. Choosing a vain, self-centered, loud partner. Choosing a spouse who is warm, generous, creative and indulgent. A partner who expects a lavish and rich lifestyle. A partner who acts like a pampered princess. A dramatic spouse. A flamboyant partner. The spouse is the boss. Confrontations with dramatic, egocentric, determined individuals. A proud and dignified partner. A partner who seems like royalty. A partner who is special. The partner makes you feel special. Needing to upstage everyone. Being upstaged by your partner. A relationship with the public that is based on showmanship. Marrying into royalty. A passionate, romantic and expressive partner. Marrying a creative person. Marrying someone who wants to be famous. A marriage for show. A loyal spouse. Marrying someone impressive. An extravagant partner. Wanting to be treated like a king or queen by your partner. An authority on relationships, marriage, and partnerships. Self-expression through relationship. Dramatic business relationships.

Leo 8th house

Making a production out of sex. Sexually demonstrative. Sexually self-confident. Building self-confidence through deep interactions with other people. Courageous self-expression in intimate relationships. Romantic and playful even during intense interactions. Fear of getting the ego bruised during sex. The ego is bound up with sexual performance. Putting on a sexual performance. Strippers. Warm and generous deep interactions with other people. Warmth in intimacy. Sex with royalty. Putting your heart into sex. Very giving in sexual relationships. Creative in bed. Needing to feel appreciated sexually. Needing to feel special during sex. Making the partner feel special during sex. Leaving a legacy of royalty. Leaving a legacy of generosity. Leaving a legacy of having been a performer. Sex is fun. Sex is playful. Role-playing during sex. Dress-up. Sex with performers and showmen. Shining through sexual performance. Wanting to be watched while having sex. Porn actors. Performing sex acts for an audience. Wanting applause after sex. Deep emotional interactions make you feel special. Creative therapy techniques. Drama therapy. An authority on sex. An authority on death. Courageous and loving relationships with the dying. Treating sex partners like subjects. A king or queen in the bedroom. Purring in bed.

Leo 9th house

Traveling in style. Craving the royal treatment while traveling. Finding meaning through performance. Philosophies and theories about individuals. Making an individual contribution to the search for meaning. Generous philanthropist. Overbearing and condescending toward people of other cultures and religions. Generous, warm, and playful with people of other cultures and religions. Religion that is full of pomp and circumstance. Religions that emphasize generosity and benevolence. Actively demonstrating your stance on moral and ethical issues. A dignified code of ethics. An arrogant, bombastic, and domineering approach to religion. Celebrity lawyer. A guru to the stars. Noble and courageous philosophical pursuits. The philosophies of kings. Divine Right. Clergymen who long to be creative. Creative religious leaders. Dramatic revelations. Philosophies that support living an extravagant lifestyle. Studying drama and performance in college. Religious and cultural authorities. Creative philosophies.

Leo 10th house

Known for being a creative, dramatic, and generous person. Shining through your career choice. A career that allows great personal self-expression. Rising to the top of a profession through self-expression and creativity. A profession that involves being a performer. Widely known for being a performer. Widely considered to be a creative and expressive person. Widely known to be a passionate and demonstrative person. Widely known to be vain, egocentric, and self-involved. Achieving a near-royal status through the career. Bringing something special and inimitable to your choice of work. A reputation for being dignified and courageous. Courageous self-expression before a large audience. Wanting to be in a career that involves an audience. Seeing the career as a performance. Wanting a career in which you receive applause. A career that satisfies the ego. The boss. The king. The queen. A diva. An authority on business.

Leo 11th house

Groups for creative and dramatic people. Actors’ guilds. Theater groups. Creative friends. Generous friends. Theater friends. Feeling the need to entertain your friends. The need to feel appreciated by your fans. Wanting entertaining and dramatic friends. Attracting fans who love drama, self-expression, and theatrics. Overly-dramatic fans. Fans who want attention too! Flamboyant and theatrical fans. Creative goals and dreams. Generous to causes. Giving to causes that support the creative arts. Attracting people who want a little stardust to rub off on them. Confident before masses of people. Inspiring confidence in masses of people. Mutual admiration society. Standing out from the crowd. Elite organizations. “Membership has its privileges.” Drama club. Business organizations. Fashion cliques. Groups of performers. Competing with friends for attention. Glamorous causes. Using star power to attract attention to causes. Using star power to influence social reform. Having performers and actors as friends. Warm, giving friendships. Causes on behalf of the performing arts.

Leo 12th house

Stage hands. Stage crew. Liking to have power behind the scenes. The king’s adviser. Afraid of attracting too much attention. Secretly wanting to be a star. Ego, pride, and vanity are the self-undoing. Attention-seeking attracts secret enemies. Star-power attracts secret enemies. Dreams of being a performer. Dreams of becoming royalty. Dreams of feeling special. Afraid to display creativity. Fears of being embarrassed. Creative and dramatic dreams. Inner confidence. An authority on dreams, sleep, ghosts, or karma. Courage, warmth, and a human touch in interactions with inmates, the sick, and the mentally ill. Creativity in isolation. Contacting creativity through meditation. A rich inner life. Wanting to feel appreciated but not necessarily wanting to be in the spotlight. Putting a lid on creativity is self-defeating. Creative director for a spiritual retreat program. The power of untapped creativity. Secretly creative. Fears surrounding self-expression. Generous and courageous on behalf of those less fortunate.

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    I noticed that the interpretations vary so much from website to website. I just
    hang on to the one that is the most positive

  • Vivian

    Leo in Ascendant and 5th house. Sun is in my 5th house. Jupiter in Leo in 5th house ,..retrogade … :'(

    I love kids even tho I dont have and I love playing with them and they rather me than their parents. I love a good time and I do put on grand displays and maybe a bit of a drama queen (sometimes). I love parties, pretty shiney clothing and I am always up for acting in the church plays.

  • Hi soratothamax,

    These posts are not comprehensive delineations of each house. AstroFix is aimed mainly towards adult readers who are reading their own chart. The concept of transformation as it relates to the 8th house is complex, imo. At some point I may write more nuanced interpretations of each house. Thank you for reading 🙂

    • soratothamax

      Ah, I see. These descriptions probably are the best I’ve read regarding the houses. I didn’t want to sound like a negative nancy. I think the 8th house is one of the most complex houses, especially when it gets down to those transformative experiences. I just really loved your take on Scorpio over the 8th house and Taurus on the 8th house cusp. They have been true of two individuals I’ve known. One with Scorpio ruling over the 8th fit the ‘transgender’ description. They really felt connected with the opposite gender since childhood, and it eventually carried over into adulthood. Taurus 8th house, someone I’ve known worked with a make-over team for students going to prom or other school dances. They were really good. I didn’t see much about Leo and transformative experiences. It was my interest with the other descriptions that made me curious about it.

  • Raajesh

    leo in seventh house…please tell me more

  • alicia

    Leo 12th house and sun there….

    I have had feelings of wanted to shine but when I get it, I’m afraid.
    Also it looks when I search for attention the most, is when I less get it or it seems as if people just don’t realize i’m there….
    but i’m ok with that, jajaja i think so. Friends always tell me, you’re gonna shine soon, your moment is yet to come, I wonder if I need to believe it myself.

  • cleo

    now that i read the first house, this sounds more like me! does the 1st house represent the ascendant? (i’m new to astrology)

    • The ascendant forms the cusp of the first house – yes. 

      • cleo

        my rising is 23 degrees leo, would that put it in the 12th house instead? i read about the strength of the degrees in the other link, and all of my big 3 are the same dense flavor lol! i don’t have any other planets in the 12th, but i am pisces sun do you know how this would effect me? thanks!

        • Your rising degree is your rising degree and the rising degree is the cusp of the 1st house – unless you’re using the whole sign house system. 

  • cleo

    my leo rising is in the 8th and i can relate to this. i’m very domineering & very much the lioness in my relationships! 

  • Thomas Baker63

    Leo in the 2nd House. However there isnt any planets in the house, so would that cancel out my dreams of ‘being in Forbes Billionaire List’? Or being rich isnt that important?

    • With an empty 2nd house you would look to its ruler – in your case, the Sun. The position of the Sun, its sign, and aspects will be indicators about the state of your personal finances.

      • Thomas Baker63

        So that would imply I’d have offbeat but intuitive, humantarian and BIG ideas, a sudden inheritance and benifit from causes and other peoples possessions. At least that would be my interpretation

        • I really couldn’t say without seeing your entire chart, but I’m not doing personal chart readings on the blog.

  • Kitty

    Hi, Michelle! I love your posts. Does 12th house Leo still apply if the sign sits On the house instead of In? 

    • I’m not sure what you mean … is Leo on the cusp of the 12th house, or complete contained within the 12th house, or does cover the end of the 12th house and overlap your ascendant?

      • Kitty

         I have Leo on the cusp of the 12th, with Sun in Libra in the 2nd. Just wanted to know if the same meaning applys.

  • Crpticview11

    hi Michelle, i’ve got a question… my asc. is at 25 degrees Leo, so most of Leo occupies my 12th house…. what exactly does this mean? Would this indicate that i’m more of a Virgo Asc or Leo? hmm… any input would be helpful 🙂 thank you!

    • You are still a Leo rising. Having a late ascending degree means that when a transiting planet enters the sign of your ascending degree most of the activity is felt through 12th house situations (unlike someone with an early ascending degree who would experience planets in the ascending sign mainly in the 1st house). Also, late degrees are potent. It means you have a lot of experience in that particular sign. See this post: 

  • I have ABRUPT news Mich, my philosophy just spun 180 degree to Sidereal  and now I’m trully embrace my Sun in Leo 5th house ^^ more than anything in the world.

    That’s why I’m coming here to see the connection through out your words and letse..
    How can I relate to children (hate’em^^) if I always feel like the only child/ son in my family?!

    Pompousity, ego, grandeur and lavish self expression…never be too far from there
    Leo with a dash of Virgo= Sphinx!
    I feel Leo is a very lively zodiac, the born of creative ego, a significant phase after the ego encountered self-identification (Aries) The enemy of Aquarius, Leo is very child-like, very developing, very exciting.
    I knew I always drawn to fire since long time ago ^^

    I mean..I never sit down/quiet in Sasstro, or am I? Lolz

    • Michelle

      With Leo, if it’s not actually children, then it’s the creative process itself. I have the Moon in Leo and I’m not interested in having kids, but I love having some kind of project to work on.

      Leo is also the opposite of cool, rational, robotic Aquarius. While Aquarius shows strength by appearing aloof and non-involved, Leo shows it by throwing a royal fit.

      • Cool, rational, aloof? Never be completely my style!

        I had thought in the back of my mind that ‘why I always drawn to a lively-dramatic song that full of thumpings, heart-beat like a love on a first sight? The answer because I’m a leo lol ^^

        (Queen,Progressive house, nu-disco, Gaga )

        I love listen to cool, aloof, impersonal catwalk musics like I listen here http://www.youtube.com/user/mrplaythedevil but the fascination ended as a mere-light listener.

        I’m secretly wanting to be cool and efficient too but I think my passion is too big to sit down, that will cramping my style 😉

        My sister has Leo 1st house whereas I have Aries ascendant. I tell ya..there are a lot of competitions out there..The difference is how we crave our attention.^^ I think the way we born diurnal or nocturnal also influencing our behavior. She’s with the extrovert, morning people, visible go-getter attitude whereas I’m more like the introvert vampire who waits the right moment to dance (when I do, it’ll be fierce!)
        Anyway, cool beans that we both are adults so we stop comparing each other. She used to think that I always stole her spotlight when we were little (‘xcuse me ^^)

        I though she had beaten me down in the “right way to live” self help book but I don’t think so..objection here! lol^^

        We are very distict sibling I guess that’s perfectly normal.

        • Michelle

          How long have you been working with Sidereal astrology?

          • It’s all started from astronomy. I blamed the fact that a few months ago I played with my telescope, admiring sky objects and little to know that I haven’t realize the celestial objects always one sign behind what a tropical astrology describe. “This can’t be right!?” the case made me contemplate my belief system lol- yeah that serious.
            Until I decided that we can’t ignore ecliptic influence in our chart. So I go sidereal
            However, I’m not into Indian-vedic thing, I’m just using sidereal chart while interpreting my western reading.
            The result of combining those system wasn’t dissapointing. Remember the time when I keep asking you back and forth about my node, lilith, chiron bla bla?..Lol because I was unrest and anxious about it. It seemed that I just have a half way reading, there are few missing links undescribed when I’m using tropical theme. With sidereal and placidus hybrid..I finally rest my case. No more 6th vs 12th question again Mich. 😉


            • Michelle

              I look at sidereal, but I have reached a point of seriously contemplating switching to it. I still like the idea that each system offers a different perspective – I agree with that and I like it better than proving that one system is better or more correct than another. 

  • Anonymous

    moon/mars/venus leo in the 9th – Finding meaning through
    performance. Philosophies and theories about individuals. Making an
    individual contribution to the search for meaning. – very very true. plus i would love to tour the world as a traveling musician, my version of “the royal treatment.”

    my MC is in leo, conjunct a retrograde venus. i think the 10th house paragraph applies to what i strive for, not necessarily the results… yet.

    • Michelle

      It seems that we often end up emulating people who have their Sun in the same sign as our MC. Do you think that’s true. Do you have Leo Suns in your life that you look up to for any reason?

      • Anonymous

        my mom is a leo sun. i wouldn’t say that i emulate her though. i am drawn to many entertainers but they tend to have a scorpio signature.

  • Mert

    leo in 6th house..”Needing a stylish place to work. Wanting to feel appreciated on the job” this is true =))) since my jupiter is in 6th house getting trine from venus in 9th sagitta.. i am really lucky about work environment and work relationships..

  • LOL Leo is in the 8th House with me. I have Chiron in Leo in this house. What could it mean?

  • That’s right. I remember that quote about the Taurus vs. Gemini ascendant from another post. I think I might have said the, and saying it again, that I don’t know what he/she means by that. If you have Taurus rising then, using whole signs. that puts Virgo on your 5th house and all of your Libra planets in the 6th house. Whole signs would put your North Node n the 4th house. However, if you’re using Placidus, it sounds like you have double cusps with Virgo intercepted. Your 5th house starts in Leo, Virgo is intercepted and Libra is at the tail end. That might put your North Node in the 5th house.

    • “Your 5th house starts in Leo, Virgo is intercepted and Libra is at the tail end. That might put your North Node in the 5th house.”

      Yep, that’s what the “pie chart” that I’ve been looking at, and primarily referencing here, indicates–this is from a guy that did my chart over a decade ago, spent like 3 hours with him. This was before I had given much attention to my creative energy, and he kept talking art, which consequently puzzled me. At that point, my focus and strongest interest had always been in the area of alternative health and physical fitness, a Virgo thing, I s’pose 🙂

      I’m just now noticing this other astrologer’s mention of “Part of Fortune,” I’m gonna go google on that. Since she didn’t mention the N.Node, wondering if it’s a different name for the same thing.

      • The Part of Fortune and North Node are completely different.

        If you’re not into art all that much, then having your Libra planets in the 6th house might be a better fit. A 6th house emphasis seems quite intimately related to an interest in alternative health practices.

  • Hmm, my Leo is in the 4th and 5th, and although there was a lot of “drama” in my childhood home, the warm, loving and lots of attention part was not only non-existent, but just the opposite. And no fun, no creativity, in that highly dysfunctional poverty-conscious home. In fact, with all the creative energy from my 5th house stuff, I’m amazed I didn’t frickin’ explode, because I had no real outlet for it, and zero encouragement toward it. In the entirety of my childhood, I drew a few pictures that showed some talent, wrote a few poems…but that was about it. I didn’t really start plugging into it until I was…well, very late in life. The 5th house emphasis on children and here, is interesting. I’ve never wanted children, and have never been wishy-washy about it. I feel strongly about the protection of children, children’s rights, but I’d never wanted any of my own. I knew that as a child, spoke emphatically about it. But I do feel I know how to raise children better than many 🙂 Remember as a TEEN telling an aunt that if she didn’t stop simply yelling at her kid with nothing to back it up, and without being consistent with discipline, her kid was going to lose respect for her, get big and punch her in the face. That actually happened as “predicted.” (Little psychic thing mixed in there, ha)

    I kinda do resonate with the regal energy, and also did as a po’ kid 😉 … Remember my mom had several cats, my favorite was named “Prince.” He stood out from the rest — a sleek, black coat with a pure white “ascot.” He had this truly regal attitude, stood straight and tall, very dignified, classy. Not arrogant, it was like he just knew his worth–a healthy, admirable self-esteem. And that’s what I loved about him 🙂

    Oh, and I’m definitely drawn to “child-like” peeps (even make that statement on my website). Not childish, child-like. Those are truly the best kind. Playful, fun, funny, honest, trusting, sweet, loveable–don’t take life too seriously. Good stuff 😉


    • Which house is your Sun in Libra in again?

      • Sun is in Libra in that busy 5th house. Been tryin’ to study up on all of this, so fascinating. I was just now googling on this North Node, which is also in my 5th house…next to Mercury and Mars, both in Libra. Mars just over the line into the 6th house. I’m confused though, because everything is showing that the North Node should be in Leo, but my chart has the little Libra sign over it. It shows Sun, N.Node, Mercury, Mars in Libra (0 degrees to 11 degrees) — all in the 5th house, with Mars over the line into the 6th house.

        • Do you have an intercepted sign (probably Virgo)? What is your rising sign?

          • Not sure I understand what intercepted means, but the 4th/5th House line from the left or at the beginning of that house goes thru Leo.

            I’ve always said/thought my rising sign was Taurus, and I’ve been told that by some astrologers, there’s this one astrologer I met online that said mine is Gemini rising. When I read the interpretations, I do resonate with the Gemini, but that may be ’cause I have a Gemini Moon 🙂 Here’s an excerpt of that astrologer’s email to me:

            “employing the Placidus system….. your ascending/signs are both Taurus @ 19 degrees 24′ 48″ through 16 degrees Gemini 43′ 35″. This indicates the energies are more Gemini than Taurus. However, both are available for you to employ in reaching out to the world.”

            “Your natal Venus, Pluto, the Sun, & Mercury as well as the symbol for the “Part of Fortune” are in that 5th house. No other house in your chart has the emphasis of energy anywhere near as intense as the 5th house.”

            “While Virgo is very influencial in your chart…..your “essence” is more Libra/Gemini….more Air & air than Air & earth. The majority of your planets are in air…”

            There’s another interesting thing, another overlap, because, although I have bunches of totems that hang out with me 😉 … both 4-leggeds and winged ones, the majority of them fly (air).


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  • Haha 😀 Good! Some of the wording is definitely meant to be funny- while still having the possibility of being true.

  • Anonymous

    I’m enjoying these too– I’ve got Leo on the 2nd and 3rd and Aquarius on the 8th and 9th (Aries and Libra intercepted in the 10th and 4th houses, respectively) so you’ve practically covered my whole chart already. lol

    • Anonymous

      (Although I must say that some of your Aquarius on the 8th keywords made me giggle.) :p

  • NR

    I’ve got Leo in the sixth and you pretty much nailed it. I love this series. Well done! ::applauds::

    • Yay! lol 😀 I think I’m going to add a few more options for Leo on the 6th. Last night I remembered that my Dad has this placement and thinking about him made me realize a few traits that I missed.

  • Watergirl

    And if Leo doesn’t rule any of your houses? Would i look to Leo’s ruling planet (where it’s placed)?

    • Using Placidus, Leo is just intercepted in your 6th house. Using whole signs and equal house, Leo is on the cusp of the 6th.