Taurus Houses


Taurus 1st house

woman in lush greeneryBeing acutely aware of the feel of textures and fabrics against the skin. Relaxed. Calm. Steady. Unwavering. Stubborn. Inflexible. Patient. Lazy. Liking to be physically comfortable. Simple needs. Uncomplicated desires. Persevering. Dependable. Stagnant. Prone to throat ailments. Stuck in a rut. Sensual. Feeling physically secure in your body. Careful and deliberate movements. Liking to wear uncomplicated clothing in natural, soft, sensual materials. Liking things to be natural. Stubborn as a mule. A simple, not overly made-up appearance. Naturally attractive. Naturally beautiful. Preferring not to wear makeup. Unfussy hairstyles. Dimples. Cherubic. Earth Mother. Passive. Lethargic. Reliable. An uncomplicated approach. Couch potato. Set in your ways. Plodding. Glutton. An appetite for life. Someone who moves slowly and sensually. A sensualist taking in the tactile world. Hating to be rushed. Hating to be out of your comfort zone. Aesthete. Obstinate. Slow-build anger. Hedonist. Earthy appetites. Wanting to enjoy the material world.

Taurus 2nd house

Stockpiling. Making a living using your voice. Singing. Voice-overs. Making a living producing things from natural resources. A prudent attitude toward personal finance. Stable personal finances. Making a living producing art. Making a living by making things. A practical attitude toward survival needs. Pack rats. Needing a storage unit. A penchant for collecting knick knacks. Slowly building up your personal finances. A slow accumulation of wealth. Accumulating things that bring comfort. Owning lots of slippers, bathrobes, sweatpants, and lounge wear. Collections: musical instruments, cows, coins, pottery, sculpture, art, furniture … this person is likely to have a collection of something. Needing to feel physically secure. Hoarders. Eating to feel secure. Feeling secure when surrounded by physical things. Unable to break away from an attachment to things. Valuing money. Valuing things. Valuing simplicity. Valuing calmness and patience. Valuing determination, practicality, and persistence. Determined to build up personal finances. Sensuality is a survival need. Valuing the physical world. Valuing physical existence. An appetite for shopping. Valuing the Earth and its resources.

Monkeys aren’t the only toy Demi collects. Her husband Ashton Kutcher previously took to his own twitter page to reveal his wife’s obsession with dolls. The 31-year-old actor told the world Demi has a hoard of 3,000 life-like figurines which disturb him. (Source: Zimbio.com)

Taurus 3rd house

A beautiful singing voice. A pleasant speaking voice. Deliberate choice of wording. Slow, deliberate, practical, and thorough thinking, speech, and writing. The mind of an artist. An earthy and sensuous voice. Stable mind. Aesthetic communication. Communicating with a purpose. Thinking of ways to be productive. Thinking, writing and speaking about natural resources. Thinking, writing, and speaking about art. Explaining how to do something while actually demonstrating how to do it: art instructors, master craftsmen, etc… Nature talks. Writing how-to books, especially about how to make something. A consistent and reliable way of communicating. Unwavering communication style. Nature writer. Writing for a beauty magazine. The ability to describe beauty procedures in a simple, down-to-earth way. Beauty educators (cosmetics, hairstylist, and fashion). Financial advisers. Finding beauty in your neighborhood. Making practical ideas sound beautiful. Long pauses. Learning slowly, yet thoroughly. A slow reader. Speaking slowly. Giving each thought thorough consideration before speaking. Thorough discussions. Listening with patience. Calm discussions. Grounded communication. Fixed mind.

Taurus 4th house

Domestic comforts. Comfortable furnishings. Recliners. Wearing sweatpants around the house. Needing enough room for your stuff, “I don’t know if this dining room is going to fit our 16-person table that we use once a year, plus the matching hutch, and buffet table…not to mention the spoon collection.” Making your own furniture. Building your own house. Wanting to stay put in the country of your birth. Owning a cattle ranch. Raising livestock. Wanting a secure house. Home security systems. Practical at the core. Steady and solid at the core. Privately an artist. Privately a sensualist. Privately security-conscious. Privately an epicurean. Owning and living on an organic farm. Accumulating real estate. A peaceful home life. A well-off upbringing. An artistic household. A beautiful home. One parent makes a lot of money. One parent is stubborn, lethargic, and passive. One parent is determined, artistic, and stable. A stable home life. A family of artists. A family of nature lovers. A family of materialistic people. One parent is a possessive, lazy, hedonist. A wealthy family. A family that is stuck in a rut. A family of collectors. A family of hedonists. A family of singers. Privately concerned about the security of the country. Homeland Security. Every day is Earth Day. Needing a completely stable and peaceful home. Inability to deal with stress, conflict, or unpredictability at home. Home is place to get grounded.

Taurus 5th house

Hedonist. Libertine. Debauch. Sensualist. Rake. Easily amused. A love of simple physical pleasure. Sensuality for sport. Sensuality is fun. Sensuality and pleasure go hand in hand. Enjoying games and sports that involve touching other people. Art connoisseur. A person who pursues art as a hobby. Wanting to completely relax and do nothing with free time. Sensuality and pleasure are high priorities. Feeling attracted to lazy, self-indulgent people. Feeling attracted to possessive and obstinate people. Having romances with sensual, earthy, pleasure-oriented people. Artistic children. Stubborn children. Simple fun. Uncomplicated romance. Simple outdoor activities. Hiking. Easy activities. Shopping is a hobby. Buying things is a hobby. Collecting is a hobby. Beauty is a hobby. Being a couch potato is a hobby. Eating is a hobby. Lying in bed is a hobby. Attending food and wine tastings. Parties where the food is the main event. Liking to attend art openings. An appetite for art. An appetite for partying.

Taurus 6th house

Having acute sensitivity to the texture and taste of food. Comfort food. A rich and indulgent diet. Working with raw materials. Potters. Sculptors. Liking a predictable, set, daily routine. Lazy about helping with chores. Liking low-maintenance pets that don’t need to be taken for a walk very often, or at all, if possible. Pet rocks. Construction workers. Furniture builders. Hair stylists. Beauty stylists. Fashion stylists. Liking to work with physical materials. Bringing physicality to your daily work. Eating slowly. The Slow Food movement. Brisket. Stews. Cooking the crap out of everything. Liking natural and organic health products. Liking simple and uncomplicated food. Raw foods enthusiasts (but without all the gadgets). Fruitarians. Rustic cuisine. Eating with the hands. Finger foods. Aroma therapists. Masseurs. Bodywork. Dairy farmers. Working with bulldozers. Cattle ranchers. Working on an organic farm. Foodies. Working cooks. Food and wine connoisseur. Epicureans. Collecting pets. Animal Hoarders. People who make their own bath and beauty products. An excellent appetite. Weight issues. Throat issues. Bank tellers. Everyday sensuality. Eating indulgently every day. Sensual exercise. Exercise that demands stamina.

Would Edison fire people who salted their food before tasting it? We have heard this story many times, but we have no evidence to support this. Another version of the story has Edison watching people eat before he hired them. If they salted their food before tasting it, they did not get the job. (Source: Edison National Historical Site)

Taurus 7th house

A stable, reliable, and predictable spouse. A partner who is an aesthete. Married to a chef. Married to a hedonist. Married to a collector. A possessive partner who is stuck in a rut. A wealthy spouse. Conflicts with unwavering, determined people. Conflicts with sensualists. A practical, nature-loving partner. A determine, persistent, plodding partner. A partner with uncomplicated needs. A partner with strong physical appetites. Being possessive of your partner. Being possessed by the partner. Reliable business partners. An earthy, sensual partner. Down-to-earth partners. Stable marriage. Stagnant marriage. Marrying for money. Marrying for financial security. Equally dependable partners. Partners who are equally concerned with finances. Partners who have equal incomes. Partners with similar physical appetites and desires. Partners who both work in the financial industry. Equally sensuous partners. Partners who equally love nature. Equally lazy partners. Two singers.

Taurus 8th house

Sexual gluttony. Strong sensual, physical, appetite. A patient, careful, and sensual lover. Slow sex. Endurance and stamina. Oral sex. Natural beauty is sexy. Uncomplicated people are sexy. Soft fabrics are sexy. Artists are sexy. Chefs are sexy. Eating is sexy. Getting turned on by watching people eat. Sploshing. Smoking fetish. Money and wealth are sexy. Getting turned on by the texture of hair, skin, and clothing. Turned on by perfume, essential oils, and fragrant bath products. Getting turned on by natural body odors. Armpit fetish. Mud wrestling is sexy. Potters are sexy. Demi Moore in “Ghost” is sexy. A financial backer. The ability to gain financial support from other people. Beauty consultant. Beauty makeovers and transformations. Physical transformations. Throat surgery. The ability to transform raw materials into new forms. Recycling. Geologists. Thorough, careful, and productive research. A determined, practical, and unwavering approach to working with the terminally ill. Safe sex. A boring, predictable sex life. A stagnant sex life. The sex life of a hedonist. Attracting sex partners who hope to gain financial security. Massage therapy. Rolfing. Emitting guttural sounds during sex. Singing as a form of therapy. Singing during sex. Singing is erotic.

Taurus 9th house

The ability to communicate complex and abstract concepts in a simple and down to earth way. Believing only in what exists in physical reality. Wanting to prove theories and concepts in the physical world. Grounding the metaphysical mind. Nature theories. Simple, uncomplicated philosophies and theories. Art theory. Vocal theory. Wanting to turn religious beliefs into reality. The practical application of abstract theories. The practical application of religion. A practical approach to religion and culture. An earthy and sensual view of the world. Culture is primarily experienced through the senses. A world view that supports sensual excess. Philosophies that support having your survival needs met. Philosophies that support lazy, passive, self-indulgence. Philosophies that support hedonism. Food and wine magazines. Publishing cookbooks. Real estate law. Fat friars. Epicurean monks. Monastery cookbooks. Gluttonous clergy. Fixed opinions about religion and culture. Stubborn adherence to your religious or cultural views. A determined and persistent publisher. Sensual and hedonistic publications. Thoroughly mulling over abstract concepts. Consistent philosophies. Unwavering opinions about the world and its people.

Taurus 10th house

Chefs. Producers. Bank CEOs. Making a career out of being a hedonist. Making a career out of sensuality. A vocal career. Being widely known for your voice. Being widely known as a sensual person. Being widely known for an appreciation of art and beauty. Being widely known for your wealth. Being widely known for a lifestyle of debauch. Projecting an image of sensuality. Widely considered to be a natural and uncomplicated person. A reliable producer. Churning out consistent, reliable, predictable products. A consistent public image. The ability to stay in the public eye. Widely considered passive, predictable, lazy, or lethargic. Widely considered determined, persistent, reliable, and steady. Widely known for your aesthetic sense. Widely known for your taste in art. Widely known for an artistic style. Widely known for an earthy sensuality. Widely known for your weight. Widely known for your vocal style. Bringing a soothing presence to your line of work. An image of being relaxed and at ease. Being seen partaking in the pleasures of life. Bankers. Financial officers. Famous artists, sculptors, and chefs. Famous “noses.” Textile producers. Owning a massage parlor. Careers that require little physical work. Widely known for being materialistic.

Taurus 11th house

A dedicated, loyal, and reliable fan base. Loyal, dedicated friends. Fans that demand constancy. Fans and friends who find change disturbing. Fans and friends who won’t budge. Friends who want everything to always stay the same. Fans who want a consistent product. Fans and friends who want to know what to expect. Diehard fans of particular sports’ teams- no matter how bad they get. Epicurean groups. Art groups. Art guilds. Groups of people who are stuck, obstinate, security-conscious, and lazy. Groups of passive people. Groups of self-indulgent people. Groups of inactive and lethargic people. Groups of determined, persistent, and reliable people. Steady humanitarian work. A determined humanitarian. Determined to realize your long term goals. Practical long term goals. Food and wine tasting groups. Art groups. Artistic friends. Groups of potters or sculptors. Unwavering support from fans. Groups of hedonists. Group massage. Singing groups.

Taurus 12th house

Monasteries that make and sell wine. Secretly a hedonist. Secretly concerned about financial security. A practical imagination. Dreaming about real things. Dreaming about buying and owning things. Dreaming about wealth. Taking dreams and making them real. A heavy sleeper. Peaceful dreams. Sleeping like a rock. Dreaming of sensual delights. Dreaming of food. Fear of getting fat. Fear of getting dull and lethargic. Fear of being boring and stagnant. Inwardly calm and stable. Stuck karma. Inability to break through karmic patterns. Determined to break through karmic patterns. Determined to realize dreams. Inner determination. Quiet, calm, retreats in nature. Shopping as an act of spirituality. Getting in touch with spirituality by indulging the senses. Getting in touch with spirituality by buying things. Getting in touch with spirituality by spending time in nature. A simple and uncomplicated perception of spirituality. Viewing the spiritual as being real and tangible. Wanting the spiritual world to manifest. Believing that ghosts are real. Needing to see it to believe it. Secretly materialistic. Spending habits are the secret enemy. Shopping is the secret enemy.

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  • Jacob

    Moon in Taurus in the 12th, and the nature part is spot on, I’d love to live in a secluded cabin in the woods one day.

  • Vivian

    Taurus in 10th house not sure about cooking but a career in beauty is nice. People always gauk whenever I make an effort to look nice otherwise when am home am in slacks and a vest. Also I work with alot of women wherever I go. I dont know about vocals. I sound like dying fish but I love singing. I usually need money , I like to share but its never enough sometimes. I have mars in Taurus in 10th and I heard thats a detrimental aspect so idk

    • Vivian

      @AstroFix:disqus i love food and mom says am lazy…

  • Harrilyn Samson

    Taurus 1st house:Personality of an English Bulldog

  • Jorge Santos

    What do you mean “Two singers ” on Taurus in 7th house? This means that it may be probable that I marry a singer ?

    • Hi Jorge, because the 7th house indicates one-on-one relationships, a duet is possible. Taurus rules the throat and Taurean people often have a nice singing voice. You could attract someone with whom you enjoy singing (and it doesn’t have to be professional). Or maybe you attract someone who shares your love of music.

  • Nina Nipomembno

    6 th house Taurus.. Lazy about helping at chores? NOT TRUE! i enjoy in this.. as long as nobody pushes me or directs me what do i have to ..This really bothers… me that kind of opinios.. Sometimes this astrology is slopy..in texts..

    • Hi Nina Nipomembno,

      Much of this depends on the rest of your chart. The place of Saturn would have a lot to say about your industriousness, for example.

  • Kathleen

    My Taurus ascendant is dead on. I’m patient, simple & a couch potato. I like natural beauty, hate wearing make up & refuse any plastic surgery. Thanks for the blog Michelle!

    • Thanks for reading, Kathleen.

      • Raajesh

        kathleen I must say, how come you are so preise ,it is getting related to everyday life. i would love to hear from you about my birthchart

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  • cleo

    i have venus & jupiter in the 9th and this is spot on! i’m a pisces sun, but i’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol like most. my addiction is great food (mostly sweets!) and traveling to exotic places! 

  • Gosh that pic on Taurus in 1st exactly what I have in mind about my Taurus ascendant..^^ and I hate it, cuz it’s the source of my feminine side lol

    • But you have Sun in Virgo too – that’s feminine. Taurus ascendant is a couch potato – or a garden flower 🙂

      • Yah, the plus part I look pleasant and pretty. Taurus asc make people respond nicely in face to face interaction but it’s overly passive and love comfort zone, also lazy somehow.
        Very simple! That’s true^^

        My ruler of the chart; Venus, also in Libra, that doesn’t help at all 🙁

  • Taurus in the 6th is exactly like me. I really get’s to the essence of what kinda person I am. Even the throat issues. It looks like placidus works much better for me if you consider this house.

    • Michelle

      Where is your Venus?

  • Stawr

      Mercury Taurus(chart ruler) house 12. Oh yes financial security is very important too me. But treating myself is very important too. But when treating myself I make sure I don’t go over board. I give my self a monthly budget for clothes shopping. I will treat myself to other things…as long as I know I have a good cushion of money in my bank to do so. This was pretty spot on for me.

    • Michelle

      Taurus loves creature comforts and good food, good wine and good art – which all tend to be expensive. 

  • Sherribil

    I’m Taurus 9th house. Hedonism rules 🙂

    • Michelle


  • Michelle

     Maybe I’ll delve more into power plays when I do more with the 8th house. Power scenarios would have to bring Pluto into the mix as well as any planets in the 8th house. Also, the sign on the 8th house cusp might show how you approach power, but you would have to look to the ruler of the 8th house (Venus in your case) for more information. Check out the post The Ruler of the 8th House in Houses: http://astrofix.net/2010/05/11/ruler-of-the-8th-house-in-houses/

  • I am a North Node 8th house Taurus and I totally agree. Cooking is sexy, I love fresh smells, I love for me and my partner to be fully naked during Sex, and there is no intense passion just sensuality and pure pleasure. Awesome description. I’d be interested to hear about how Taurus energy influences the Power aspect of this house. 

  • Anonymous

    Taurus 1st and a little bit of 2nd. I am all what you said about the taurus in 1st. sensual… as in. i can’t help it. but i don’t like the stuck in the rut but theres some truth about that. im always being stuck in the rut.

    • In my mind Taurus is the sign of an artist. So many great artists have at least one planet in Taurus. You have the ascendant in Taurus – anything else?

      • Anonymous

        no mich, my asc is aries. but my 1st house is taurus. and there’s sedna and chiron inside it. er… im sort of using painting to heal myself. having chiron in taurus makes me think that i will be in arts for the rest of my life. no choice. lolz

        • That’s a lovely way to heal yourself.

          I don’t know if you know, but I have a BA in oil painting 🙂

          • Anonymous

            i know that you are an artist. i can feel it. the way your words are crafted etc. i tried to paint in oil once or twice, just in paper etc, i stopped. didin’t enjoy it. =)

            • People seem to either love oil painting or hate it.

              It’s so messy and complicated 🙂

              • Anonymous

                hehe yeah… i’ve discovered how messy and complicated it is. what i don’t like with it is that it could easily ruin my brushes. lol! but i did finish 3 oils paintings so far. not sure i will come back to it anytime soon. im having a blast with my water colors. do u still paint?

                • I haven’t done any serious painting in a while. I think I’m relegating it to a hobby: for fun only.

  • Kelly

    “A world view that supports sensual excess. Philosophies that support lazy, passive, self-indulgence. Philosophies that support hedonism.”

    my taurus is on 9th, that’s sooo true, haha

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  • Watergirl

    I’m really enjoying these Michelle. Taurus in the 2nd for me–i sure can’t believe how similar my chart is to Demi’s. I’ve never looked at it, but i forgot how many times it will say Demi when i’m looked at something from my chart. Lot’s of similarities to what you said, but maybe not as extreme as what is said. I’m not a hoarder for instance, but i have had some things for a very long time–and i can usually say, “oh i got that when i was still in highschool,” or whatever. Like tell you exactly when and where. I do like to wear comfy clothes when i’m at home, that’s true. I do like to sing, make things and do art–but i don’t do any of that for a living.

    • It’s possible that you could find a way to earn money from those 2nd house activities even if they are not your main job. I have a Libra 2nd house and I’ve made money from being an art model and from doing makeup for people- but neither as a main occupation.

  • Sploshing seems like it could also be a 5th house activity- depending on how serious the person takes it.

  • Christine

    Taurus ruling the 8th — Potters are pretty sexy, imo. And ‘sploshing’ sounds a lot dirtier than it actually is.

    •  Taurus 8th house I love it when a woman is cooking……

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving this series! I am a total Taurus 4th-5th houser…mostly 4th. As soon as I get home I change into my sweats & get comfty. My home is my sanctuary, and if it’s in a disarray I go crazy and have to get it back into order so that I can be at ease. Its one of my highest aspirations to have a beautiful home that is warm & inviting, embedded in nature & earthiness. To have a garden filled with herbs, plants & flowers, sunlight streaming through my windows, a body of water near by…brick, copper, wood, stained glass, good fresh food…ah! I am a super Sagittarius with 6 placements in the sign and Neptune is my only earth in Capricorn…but by north node is Taurus in the 4th! I’m a firm believer in the simple things in life bringing joy…I had the most amazing flan today and nearly went to heaven with each bite. I very much enjoy ‘doing nothing’ as well as being very active. I do love art as well, but pursue it very privately as well. Spot on! I can’t wait to see the rest of the signs in action 🙂

    • Thank you for reading my blog JChristine- I’m so happy that you like the series! I was thinking about my boyfriend when I wrote the 4th house description. He also has the North Node in Taurus in the 4th house. btw…that’s a lot of Sagittarius!