Gemini Midheaven


Gemini Midheaven issues

  • Too many interests
  • Don’t know how to narrow down and focus on one
  • Feel upset when thinking about pursuing one goal to the exclusion of all the others
  • Afraid that one career won’t satisfy all interests
  • Afraid of pursuing the wrong interest
  • Afraid that the wrong interest will lead down the wrong path
  • Don’t take the time to visualize my ultimate goal
  • Don’t want to spend years pursuing a goal that ultimately brings no satisfaction
  • Fear perpetuates a state of flux
  • Build up each interest a little at a time instead of choosing one and building it as high as it will go
  • Scattered energy prevents achieving anything worthwhile
  • Constantly changing career goals

Possible Solutions

  • Narrow down the career path
  • Separate interests that will always be hobbies from interests that have career potential
  • Pick one interest to pursue and stick to it
  • Ask: What is my ultimate goal and how do I get there?
  • Visualize the end result
  • Assess current skills
  • More education- is it necessary?
  • Find someone who is doing what I want to do and ask them how they did it (directly from the book)
  • Create a step by step guide to reach the ultimate goal- with a time frame
  • Set small, realistic goals along the way
  • Tap into Gemini energy and build a career network
  • Talk to everyone who is doing something vaguely similar to what I want to do
  • Stop doing everything except focusing on career objectives
  • Calm the mind

bridge in fog


Neptune in Sagittarius opposes my Midheaven in Gemini and squares my ascendant in Virgo. A bridge leading into fog is the perfect visual representation of how I feel.

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  • Tee

    No wonder I still don’t know what im meant to be doing and cant stick to one thing at 24
    And i even have sun and jupiter trine mc and venus quintile and can’t find anything im good at how depressing

    • Hi Tee,

      There’s got to be some things you’re good at, and if not, you can always get good at something with training and education.

      What would you do if you could do anything?

      • Tee

        Well i have been an assistant nurse for a while but im kind of bored of it and im not sure what else i could do but i guess the only thing i can think of is that im good with babies and animals lol

        • Daycare? Kennel? Nanny? Preschool? Obedience school? Can you draw? Maybe kid or animal portraits?

  • Derek

    Wow, I could not have said it better myself. I am trying so hard to figure out what to do with my life. There is SO much I could do, and so much I am interested in. I have Sun and Venus conjunct the MC in Gemini as well, which makes it all SO much worse. It is literally consuming my life right now. I am at a financial, career, and life breaking/turning point. This is literally like rock bottom for me. Either I finally figure it out, stop second guessing myself, constantly changing my mind, switching from idea to idea, and GO for it . . . or it seems like all is lost.

    It really just takes narrowing it down, and sticking with one thing like you mentioned. That is really good advice.

    • “That is really good advice.”

      And really difficult to put into action.

  • Seila Eve

    Wow, this is accurate. Thanks for writing this article, Michelle. And thanks for the solution too 🙂

    I have gemini MC trine libra venus, saturn and moon in aquarius. So I guess I will become a person who always does a job seriously with a full heart. Am I right? Hahaha… 😀

    Actually, I have been studying astrology just to figure it out. But the more I study it, the more I become confuse about it, especially with the planet aspects. Some are negatives and other are positives. I can’t determine the result at all.

    I will be really grateful if you can read my chart a bit, and give me a flash about what’s the heaviest area in my life.
    I enclose my chart if you have free time to analyze it. I’m just asking though 🙂

    Thanks a bunch and have a nice day 🙂

    • Hi Seila, I generally don’t give readings in comments. Please use the contact form up top to contact me if you’re interested in a reading.

  • Fiona

    Brilliant. Absolutely spot on.
    Thanks Michelle. I have the Gemini Midheaven, Neptune in Sagittarius and Virgo ascendant too, though my Neptune isn’t square my ascendant, but Jupiter is.
    This is really helpful and very timely as I’m on a mission to get my s**t together and your advice is very much appreciated. Thank you 🙂

    • You’re welcome … I’m glad you liked it 😀

  • In the Fog

    Hi Michelle, love your site! But I can’t tell whether this post is a week old or a decade old–how very Neptunian! In any case, I wanted to chime in as a fellow Virgo rising, Neptune in Sag sister.

    I actually have Neptune conjunct Mars and NN (in 3rd) opposing MC, so talk about career confusion! As Neptune makes its SLOW transit thru my 6th things have been really FOGGY, especially since it’s been squaring my natal Mars for the past 2 yrs. I finally gave up my screenwriting dream last fall, but still struggling to find new path. I was in the travel industry for a decade, but that career ended abruptly when Pluto transited my Sag Sun and Mercury in 4th quite a while ago. My friends and family are tired of all my career ideas. Some of them are good ones, but I can’t seem to commit! My 5 planets in Sag need their freedom, so working from home is the only option at this point :). Hugs!

    • Hi In the Fog,

      I decided to exclude dates since the content of the posts themselves is fairly timeless.

      Finding a career …. yeah, tough one!

  • alicia

    Aaaah *sight* feel the same…
    Especially the what if I persue this and happen that or should I have done that instead of this?? What i want to do? Do I love it? Does it make me crazy?
    Always asking myself that, and ended up picking something I never thought I would follow. Still asking myself whether is the right choise or not xD

  • When ever I google an astrology question, I seem to always land here on your site. Thank you for such a vast amount of great information. I was researching the fact that I have 4 grand trines in air with my mid heaven Gemini, 2nd house Libra/merc and 5th house Aqu/saturn. The reason for my interest is my husband of 27 years recently passed on due to a long battle with cancer. And writing has been my life time hobby, that I am trying to figure out if I will have success at if I pursue it as a career. Thank you for the list it makes sense to me. I currently have been talking to SNHU and considering pursing my BA in Creative Writing.

    • Thanks for reading, Iola.

      I think you have to define what “success” means for you.

  • rlo

    Same for me. Gemini MC, Virgo Asc., and Neptune in Sagittarius. I am struggling with a similar problem as you describe above.

    • Yes, you probably ultimately need a job with a lot of flexibility, or more than one outlet for your ambitions.

  • Iza

    Neptun in sag, gemini in MC and virgo asc. I stopped trying to have one career paths years ago, not even possible for me to decide:)it is too exhausting to narrow my interests. Thanks that reality is eliminating my need to have more interests and job offer. 🙂

  • Patrick

    Loving your interpretations Michelle.  I’m a Gemini MC with Neptune scorpio conjunct IC.  Peace x

    • Thank you, Patrick 🙂 How has your career path been?

  • Sidelong

    I have these same aspects, but I think the fog is finally clearing up…slowly.  I went to school and became something that provides structure and an “image”, but it’s not me.  I need to work for myself, there’s no question about it. I like as much control and freedom as possible in my life which is reflected by Sun, Uranus, Pluto in the second house, not to mention Aquarius on the sixth.  I have N. Node in Capricorn in the fourth, with Saturn in Cancer Conjunct S. Node in the tenth.  I’m going to do a side business from home, and nothing’s going to stop me but me.  I’m researching it as much as possible, and praying for an original idea. Or an original “take” on a tried and true route.

    • Pluto in the 2nd house has some kind of duty to take control of their personal finances (I have that placement too). 

      A home business sounds like a good idea. What will your business be about?

      Thank you for reading, SIdelong.

      • Sidelong

        Wow, I must’ve posted this a while ago, must’ve forgotten. I’m now posting as Kitty.

        But to answer your question: I’m still waiting for that “idea”. It’s not easy when one has Neptune/Venus in Sag. on the IC. The fog is still there. I was raised without a dad and mom had…issues. I’m not blaming, just trying to and make sense of things and move on to the life I want.

        I’m never really happy with any job I do, and I’ve had many. With Merc. in Scorp. in the 3rd opposing Mars/Taurus 9th, I find it sooo hard to play the game. I would love a career filled with glamor, beauty, spirituality, good money, and most of all, freedom. It sounds far-reaching, I know, but that is what I truly want and need to thrive.

        I just quit my job at a library because my new boss was an insecure, micromanaging b!tch. I just couldn’t take it any more. My second house just wouldn’t allow me to be used to satisfy her or anyone’s ego. If our values do not align with our work situation, something, somehow needs to be done.

  • Confusedshus

    I have the same thing too! (Virgo rising, gemini MC, neptune conjunct IC in the 3rd house and square the ascendant and descendant) I have been wondering what I “should” do for a living for 20 years and still haven’t discovered what would suit me best.
    The problems you listed for Gemini MC describe me exactly! So any advice you can give on handling this is appreciated. I’ll think about some of your possible solutions.
    I have had several different careers, and lots of temp jobs. The only thing I managed to stick to for a vaguely respectable period (4.5 years) was teaching English as a foreign language. It was fun but doesn’t pay much.
    My north node is in the 2nd house in Scorpio conjunct uranus so maybe it’s uranus causing me problems making me change jobs often or maybe it’s the north node in the 2nd house making me want security rather than sticking with the job I like :/

    • My only solution so far is to have multiple income streams rather than trying to find that one permanent career. I don’t know about you, but I get antsy when my routine gets too normalized (Aquarius on the 6th house). Right now I have 2 jobs and I am looking for a 3rd and 4th. Multiple little things to do to keep me stimulated and interested.

  • M

    Wow Michelle.. That is my exact opposite/same situation. Neptune Saggitarius conjunct MC opposes my IC and squares my Pisces ascendent..

    • Actually, it’s the opposite. I have Neptune in Sagittarius conjunct the IC with Virgo rising.

      • M

        Yes, exactly 🙂 My Neptune is conjunct MC, yours is conjunct IC and we’ve got opposite risings. I’m surprised, you mentioned your sister in law has the same aspects as I

  • tessa

    omg…hahaha…thank you, I have enjoyed your blog today, glad I found it. I too have my midheaven in Gemini.  Only I have pisces sun, moon and mercury!!! I think my Virgo rising helps me out a little, but only a little! hahaha!  hugs♥

    • Michelle

      Thank you for stopping by, tessa 🙂

  • Dimitriosny

    Michelle, I think that its not bad if you relocate even further away (If you can of course). The thing is, I believe that whatever planet is in an angle is so strongly intensified and overshadows everything else.

    This of course is true for the birth chart but even in a relocation chart you will be surprised finding out that planets in angle somehow show themselves in ones life.

    Now Neptune and IC its not the best, actually one of the worst configurations although I believe Saturn opposing MC is the worst. People with this configuration HAVE to relocate. Or even if they don’t feel like doing so, they feel so much better away from their home.

    I do not know at all about Uranus opposing MC but for sure Saturn and Neptune are worse. Mars is not good at all in the IC either.

    If you can try to bring the Sun, Jupiter, Venus in one angle you will see the difference! Mars is also great but for the Asc and MC and the Moon for the IC and MC! (Or at least that’s what I think) 😛

    I can almost guarantee from personal experience that Sun in the Asc works and Jupiter on the MC too. And also Mars on the DC is fucked up (pardon).

    Have fun and good luck!

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Dimitriosny 🙂

      I think I’m going to stay put for now. Unfortunately, for me, any time my Sun or Venus is on an angle, Pluto ends up on the opposite angle because my Sun and Venus are opposite Pluto in my natal chart 🙁 bummer 

  • Dimitriosny

    Guys! RELOCATE! Neptune opposing MC is “why this is happening to me”. I had problems for two years because I wasn’t satisfied with the environment I was working. Can you imagine? My MC was in Cancer.

    On the plus side Neptune gave me loads of imagination able to just download whatever in my head. Now I relocated and my Neptune moved further into the 4rth and my angles became mutable instead of cardinal. One advice though never ever relocate just to get the aspects. Relocate only by taking into careful consideration all the logical factors in ones life! Those are by my order of choice: relationships, job, climate and if you can put inspiration in there you are a king or queen!

    Well I guess its my new virgo ascendant talking 😛

    • Michelle

      That’s great advice, Dimitriosny. I’ve been exploring my relocation charts. Unfortunately, in my case, the farther Neptune gets from my IC, the closer Uranus gets to it!

  • The square from the  Virgo Ascendant I think exacerbates the scattered Geminian energy- especially if Mercury is present like on my chart. I never know what I’m doing!!!

    • Michelle

      The square from Neptune fogs up my direction. I don’t usually have a clear vision of where I’m headed. It’s like I’m taking one small step at a time so I don’t bump into something.

  • Lettymonika

    Wow, wow, excellent description!… Exactly like if it were my own.  I ALSO have Neptune (r)  in Saggitarius opposed to my Gemini Midheaven and square to my Virgo Ascendant

    • Michelle

      Having mutable angles, with Neptune in aspect to them all, makes it awfully hard to get clear on life direction, doesn’t it? 

      Thank you for reading Lettymonika 🙂

  • Linda

    My North Node is right on the cusp of my tenth house at 29 degrees Pisces.  Next to it and also in the 10th I have my Venus in Aries, 3 degrees.  I feel like I wander in a fog at times.  I took up acting, looked great on stage and in front of the camera but I could never remember my mark or my lines.  I can speak easily to just about anyone and be very charming.  When I actually get around to “doing” something i end up disappointing people all the time.  My Venus looks the part and the Pisces can gives of an illusion but there is a lack of substance and as soon as I start to create something then I am bored and change my mind.   

  • AriesGirl

    Hi, I also have Virgo Rising and MC in Gemini with Pluto and Neptune quincunx it, and everything you wrote its true about me too. I became a very good sport journalist by the age 20, but after 2 years I had to realise that it’s ultimately just my hobby, not a long term career choice. So now im looking for other directons, and as you can imagine houndreds of options came to my mind. With my MC ruler Mercury conjunct my N.Node in Pisces though i definetely feel the need to get more into sprituality. Psychology would be great, and also energy healing or even some type of counsouling (Mercury in the 7th house). And of course writing about spiritual topics, cause I cant survive not even one day without writing, lol.

    • Michelle

      With my MC ruler Mercury conjunct my N.Node in Pisces though i definetely feel the need to get more into sprituality. 
      That’s a great place to start. When you follow the North Node the path can gradually unfold for you. Where is Jupiter and Neptune in your chart?

      • AriesGirl

        Thank you, I hope so, because i made a very hard decision last year when i left my journalist job!

        Neptune is in Capricorn, in my 4th house, in tight square with my 8th house Sun. It also trines my Taurus Jupiter, which is 3 degree away from my 9th house cusp.

        • AriesGirl

          (so technically, Jupiter is still in the 8th house)

        • Michelle

          Writing about spiritual topics sounds like a place to start especially since you already have a writing background.

  • Deeane

    Hi! I really love your blog. You’ve got a lot of interesting stuff here. I have a Gemini MC, i also have a virgo rising, actually a virgo moon rising and sun in the 8th house. My Mars and Jupiter are conjucting my MC. I used to be very confused as you said, a lot of fog, flirting with all the possibilities . For some while I’ve been considering making a career in tourism and traveling and I’m kind of amazed of the fact that I still want this path and that I’m not changing my mind AGAIN. I gave up on other careers cause they couldn’t offer me change and traveling. I also believed that i need two very different jobs to satisfy my needs but now i realize i just need one exciting career.

    • One exciting career with a lot of variety could be perfect. Tourism and traveling sounds like a great option for someone with Jupiter and Mars at the MC. Do you write at all? Being a travel writer could be a good choice too. Is your Neptune at the IC too?

      Thank you so much for reading Deeane 😀

      • Deeane

        I have Neptune in Capricorn in my 5th trining Mercury in Pisces in the 7th but writing just doesnt seem to be what I’m looking for. This aspect gives me a lot of imagination and ability to verbalize very well my feelings more than a desire to make a living of it as a writer.
        I would like to keep in touch with you and maybe see your chart if thats ok with you. Send me a mail if you would like that also :). Thank you for taking time to reply.

        • I had my chart on the about page for months, but I just took it down for privacy reasons. I may put it back up. I always think it’s a bummer when astrologers don’t have their charts up….I’ll think about it .

          You’re welcome. Keep in touch 🙂

  • Christine

    Well, I don’t have a Gemini MC. With just Neptune’s influence, I can relate to all the issues you listed. Is part of the problem feeling like you need to have a very strict, singular focus when it comes to your career? I think you are young, and vibrant, and you have time to change careers from now until the rest of your life. And, what does having a career mean to you? Is it something serious, livelhood? Is it it just one medium to pursue an interest? How closely would you identify with your career?

    Separate interests that will always be hobbies from interests that have career potential

    I think this solution sounds very good for Gemini MC. Recognizing long-term interests and shorter ones, separating career goals and ‘projects’. Gemini MC sounds like it should have two careers at once, with a thousand mini projects going on at the same time.

    • Dreamer

      I have Gemini MC with Saturn conjunct and Neptune opposing. I totally identify with the fog. I am currently in a position of having single-mindedly pusued a career for the last 13 years to find that it doesn’t fulfil me at all and that I wanted to be a writer after all (as I had thought when I was 14). I am now undertaking further eduction to enable me to change careers or rather as I see it, working to make a long-standing dream come true.

      • That’s fantastic that you’re pursuing writing. Where is your North Node?

        Thank you for reading my blog Dreamer.

  • Christine

    I don’t have a Gemini MC, but I do have Neptune opposing the Midheaven and Neptune squaring my Ascendant. I don’t think there’s been a single career I haven’t “seriously” considered, or thought I could do.

    • That’s how I feel- I’m all over the place. Maybe it is more Neptune’s fault that Gemini’s fault. I think Gemini makes me naturally like the idea of having two part-time jobs, or two careers at once. I’m starting to feel like I just need to stop fighting myself and go with that feeling.

      • The Neptune energy might be what helps you create a place for people to talk about spirituality.!.  I do appreciate how nebulous your brainstorm posts are.

        • Michelle

          Thank you, Leah. Neptune trines my Sun, plus, I have Mars in the 11th house.

    • Patrick

      That’s so funny.  I’m exactly the same.