Scorpio Houses


Scorpio 1st house

A passionate approach to life. A person who likes to cause extreme reactions in others through their personal appearance: sometimes making extreme faces, other times showing no expression at all. Hiding all clues to the inner self through the outer mask. A person who actually, physically, hides. A person who does not like having photos taken. A person who seeks an outer, physical transformation. A person who is obsessed with her own appearance. A person whose presence exudes sexuality. Intense presence. Sexual presence. A person who approaches life in a paranoid and suspicious way. A person who has an intensely healing presence. Making people feel uncomfortable. A person who doesn’t know how to relax. A person who likes to cause extreme reactions in others through his appearance. Physical extremist. Wanting to be seen as intense, passionate and sexual. Liking to be in control of surroundings. Wanting to be in control of the way you are perceived. An approach to life that is all or nothing. Resentment and bitterness toward life. Wanting to look like a spy, detective, investigator or sex siren. Liking to look dead. Goths. Heavy metal enthusiasts.

Scorpio 2nd house

Intense feelings about money. A love / hate relationship with money. An intense interest in personal finance and personal financial security. Intensely possessive of personal finances. Jealous when other people have more financial freedom. Valuing intensity, passion, eroticism and sexuality. Valuing suspicion and being secretive. Secretive about personal finances. Hiding money. Money under the mattress. A complete overhaul of your belongings from time to time. Finding value in extremes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Liking to own things that cause extreme reactions in others. Collecting items associated with death: funerary masks, mortician’s tools, bones, teeth, etc… Collecting items associated with the occult. Collecting erotica. Collecting sex toys. Earning a living through sexual activities. Earning a living through activities associated with death or the occult. Earning a living through the healing arts. Collecting deadly instruments in general. Collecting lingerie. Feeling resentful and bitter about money or having to earn a living. Causing extreme financial situations in your life. Being transformed by an abundance or lack of money. All or nothing financial decisions. Financial security is a life or death matter. Secret collections. Hiding collections. Sex is a survival need. Passion and intensity are survival needs. Complex survival needs.

Scorpio 3rd house

Reticence. Concealing or hiding your thoughts. The mind of a spy. The mind of a detective. The mind of an investigator. The mind of a researcher. An intense and penetrating mind. A mind that transforms daily. Erotic writing. Detective novels. Mystery fiction. Ferreting out the secrets of local places. Ferreting out the secrets of siblings, neighbors and everyday contacts. A persuasive salesperson. Passionate communication. Sarcasm. Cutting remarks. Talking, thinking, and writing about sex. Talking, thinking, and writing about transformations. Talking, thinking, and writing about revenge, obsession, and passion. Talking, thinking and writing about the occult. Feeling jealous about the way another communicates. Feeling jealous about someone’s book. Speaking and writing with intensity. Intense and complicated relationships with siblings. Love / hate relationships with siblings. Emotionally complicated elementary school experiences. Healing relationships with siblings. A sibling near death. Sexual experiences at a young age. Intense interactions with everyday people. Love/ hate relationships with neighbors. Black or red vehicles. Vehicles with secret compartments. Liking to have sex in cars. Deep conversations. Penetrating, deep, and intense everyday conversations. Engaging everyday people on a deep level. Needing intensity and passion in routine interactions with other people. Liking to provoke extreme reactions in everyday conversations and situations. Wanting to have sex in everyday places. Communicating like your life depended on it. A sexually infused everyday life. Obsessive thoughts and thinking. Mental brooding. Speaking with passion. Singing with passion. A sexual voice. Talking dirty. Saying things to cause emotional reactions in others. Password-protected blogs and twitter accounts- “by invite only.” Would like to drive the Batmobile. Obsessive readers. Secret journals. Secret diaries.

Scorpio 4th house

Needing intensity and emotional complexity at home. Power struggles with a parent. Jealous of a parent. Intense feelings about one parent. Needing to be in control at home. Wanting to be in a position of power at home. An inability to relax. Stirring up trouble at home. A person who likes to cause extreme reactions in the family. Seeking extremes in what should be a relaxed atmosphere. Extreme need for privacy. Suspicious of strangers. Dislike of unknown people entering the house. No trespassing. Keep out. Obsessive at the core. Privately controlling. Privately jealous. Pulling the shades down. Having a peep hole. Dead bolts. A heavy gate. Dark or intense colors. A decorating style that provokes extreme reactions in others. A home life that puts everyone on edge. No relaxing at home. Home is a place to regenerate vitality. Feeling comfortable with extreme emotions. Feeling comfortable with intensity. Comfortable with your sexuality. Home is a place to undergo transformations. Home brings up strong emotional currents. Home is intense. One parent is intense, obsessive and controlling. One parent is healing, transforming and deep. Intense feelings, of love or hate, for your country. Suspicious of one parent. A suspicious and jealous parent. Sexuality permeates the home life (welcome or unwelcome). Intense feelings of love or hate for one parent. An emotionally complicated relationship with a parent. Growing up in the occult. Hiding at home. Home is a place to hide. Seeking revenge on a parent. Seeking revenge on your family or country. Avenging your family or country. Obsessive at the core. Secretive and suspicious at the core. Privately jealous. Privately transforming. Intense and passionate at home, in private. Casting a parent into the role of villain. A secret garden. Hidden rooms. Would probably like to live in the Bat Cave.

Scorpio 5th house

Overly controlling of children. Passionately involved in the lives of your children. Passionate hobbies and interests. Intense relationships with children. Intense feelings for your children. Life or death involvement with children. Life or death sports. Intense involvement with sports. Releasing sexual feelings through creative projects. Releasing sexual feelings through sports. Treating the creative process as a life or death matter. Creative projects that explore sexuality. Healing relationships with children. Treating deep intimate sex like a game. Seeking extreme forms of pleasure. Agony and ecstasy in romance. Passionate self-expression. Passionately creative. Passionate about interests. Putting passion into interests and hobbies. A child who lives on the brink of death. A passionate and creative way of approaching the healing arts. Using art as a mode of healing. Art therapy. A playfully erotic and sexual person. Sex for sport. Sex is the sport of choice. Sexually creative. An extreme gambler. Fortunes won and lost through gambling. A person who engages in very risky sexual behavior. Sexual risk-taking. Feeling attracted to passionate, possessive, jealous people. Wanting to test love interests. Wanting to put love interests through extreme emotional situations. Secret love affairs. Secret love interests. Secret hobbies and interests. Sports activities done in private. Secret children. Love / hate relationships with children. Jealous of children. Possessive of children. Passionate, intense and complex children. Transformational relationships with children. Being transformed through children. Love affairs that are based on sex rather than romance. Taboo love affairs. Transforming for art. A love / hate relationship with creativity and self-expression. Power struggles with children. Attracted to emotionally complicated people. By “invite only” parties. Sex parties.

Scorpio 6th house

Strong opinions about food. Stubbornly fixed on a particular diet. Hard-driving toward employees. Passionately involved in everyday work and everyday routines. Healers. Working on a daily basis with people undergoing enormous transformations. Working daily with people on the brink of death. Being on the brink of death, daily. A dialysis patient. Passionate attention to health and diet. Intense focus on daily routines. Intense focus on daily habits. Obsessive daily habits. Jealousy is part of the daily routine. Sex is part of the daily routine. Needing to have passion in your life every day. A person who makes transformations daily. Suspicion is a daily habit. Fixed and immutable routines. A fixed diet. Transforming the body (for better or worse) through diet. Making food sexy. A passionate cook. Passionate about food. Eating aphrodisiacs. The eating scene in 9 1/2 weeks. Eating for sexual performance enhancement. Vitamins and pills to enhance sexual performance. Maintaining the body for sex. Intense relationships with co-workers and employees. Obsessive, jealous and possessive relationships with co-workers and employees. Owning animals that create extreme reactions in people: snakes, tarantulas, rats, bats, alligators, etc… Animal rehabilitation. Animal hospice care. A person who is deeply entrenched in a relationship between the body and emotions. Binging and purging. Extreme feelings of love or hate toward the body. Liking to cause extreme reactions in other people due to your diet, daily routine, work habits, or relationship with animals. STDs.

Scorpio 7th house

Taking a partner to emotional extremes. The highest highs and lowest lows of a marriage. A passionate and sexual partner. A controlling and possessive partner. Attracting an obsessed partner. A highly sexed partner. A love / hate relationship with your partner. A love / hate relationship with the public. A love / hate relationship with business partners. Being seen as obsessive and extreme by the public. Being attracted to jealous and possessive people. Marrying someone in the occult. Marrying a healer. A charismatic and magnetic spouse. Marrying someone who is always in crisis. Marrying someone obsessed with death. Marrying someone obsessed with sex. The spouse lives on the brink of death. Marrying someone who enjoys emotional extremism. Marrying someone who is never relaxed. An emotionally complex partner. A partner with bi-polar disorder. Marrying someone who does not offer a sense of security. A sarcastic and secretive partner. Confrontations with obsessive, jealous, extreme people. Confrontations with healers and those who engage transformation. Marrying a shaman. Intense confrontations. Deadly confrontations. Partners who have an all or nothing approach to life. The spouse reeks with brooding intensity.

Scorpio 8th house

pink_lit_cigaretteThe ability to completely transform yourself. Profound work with the dying. Intense interest in death. An emotionally deep and complex person. Excellent understanding of psychology. Psychologists. Hospice care. Hiding money from sex partners. Jealous of other people’s transformations. Jealous of other people’s money. Hiding other people’s money. Jealous of other people’s sex lives. An intensely sexual person. Passionate sex. Wanting to cause extreme reactions in the sex partner. Wanting to drag the sex partner through emotional highs and lows. Testing the sex partner. Needing an emotionally complex sex partner. Tempting fate. Deep interactions with others that test the ability to endure extreme emotional states. Sexual ecstasy and agony. Sex is transformational. Sexual transformations. Sex change. Transgender. Debt is transformational. Extreme emotional encounters are transformational. Seeking greater and greater highs and lows to feel alive. Any sexual activity that brings you to the edge of death. Drug use during sex. Strangulation. Dark secrets. STDs. Sexual activities that never see the light of day. Snuff films. The taboo of the taboo. Necrophilia. Deep emotional involvement in sexual activities. Having an intense interest in other people’s sex lives. Sex researcher. Death researcher. Financial researcher. Transforming the insurance industry. Emotionally complicated sex. Sex addict. A complicated death. A life or death approach to sex. Deep interactions with emotionally complex people. Anonymous sex. Keeping the identity secret during sex. Sexual healing.

Scorpio 9th house

Feeling jealous of other religions or cultural beliefs. Passionate feelings about religion and culture. Fixed opinions about religion and culture. A philosophy of healing. A philosophy of transformation. Believing in transformation and healing. Believing in the power of sex and eroticism. Believing in powerful emotional expression. A philosophy of life that encourages powerful emotional expression. A philosophy of life that supports sexual exploration and eroticism. Sexual feelings for people of other cultures and religions. Attempting to control people of other cultures and religions. Feeling jealous of others’ cultural contributions. Sexual publications. Sex guides. A powerful publisher. Secret publications. Sex gurus. Secret religions. Cults. Hiding your culture. Hiding your religion. Keeping religious and cultural beliefs secret. Cultural researcher. Anthropologists. Penetrating view of the world. Obsessed with culture and religion. Obsessed with publishing. Obsessed with being on the world stage. Wanting power in the world at large. A deep understanding of the world at large. A deep understanding of culture and religion. Wanting to transform the world. A complex relationship with God. Desiring to know the depths of God. Struggling with the concept of a higher power.

Scorpio 10th house

Feeling jealous of others’ career success. Widely considered to be a passionate and intense person. Passionately involved in career. The heights and depths of success and failure. Widely considered to be a person who can transform. Widely considered to be a passionately intense healer. Professional detective. Professional spy. Police officer. Wanting a career that gives power. Wanting to achieve a powerful position in the world. Passionate devotion to the career. Needing a career in which to pour your passion. Widely recognized for having charisma, passion and intensity. Widely recognized for having a healing presence. Widely recognized as an obsessive, jealous and destructive person. Having a powerful parent. One parent makes a powerful impact on the life. Widely known as a sexual person. Widely considered to be an inflexible person. Widely known as a healer. Everyone knows about this person’s sexual exploits. Keeping career ambitions secret. The father is unknown. A career that involves an element of eroticism. Transformation through career ambitions. Wanting a career through which you can create profound change. Widely known for emotional highs and lows. Widely known as an intense brooding person.

Scorpio 11th house

Trying to control friends. Having controlling friends. Feeling jealous and possessive of friends. Having jealous and possessive friends. Passionately involved in causes. Causes on behalf of sexual freedom. Crusading for sexual rights. Attempting to control groups and organizations. Intense friends. Friends who are detectives, investigators or spies. Passionate friends. Having sex with friends. An inability to separate friendship and sex. Obsessive fans. Sex clubs. Occult clubs. Private clubs. Clubs and organizations that require a code or password. Clubs that only have a backdoor entrance. Clubs that are closed to the public. Secret societies, organizations and groups. Involvement in complex organizations. Emotionally complex friends and associates. Friends involved in sexual activities. Friends with strippers, escorts, porn stars and burlesque performers. Intensely focused on long term goals. Long term sexual goals. Mysterious friends. Friends that no one knows about. Secret friends. Attracting secret admirers. Attracting people obsessed with death. Attracting people obsessed with sex. Attracting emotional extremists. Keeping group involvements secret. The Masons. The Golden Dawn. Groups and organizations in which identities remain a secret. The movie, Eyes Wide Shut.

Scorpio 12th house

Involvement in charitable institutions for the dying. Involvement in charitable institutions for the dying. Involvement with death row inmates. Secrecy, jealousy and possessiveness are the self-undoing. Paranoia, extremism and sex addiction are the self-undoing. A deeply paranoid person. A deeply obsessive and jealous person. Inwardly complex. A person deeply committed to healing and transformation. Working with inmates, the sick, and institutionalized to create healing, transformation and catharsis. Intensely involved in charity. An inwardly magnetic and mysterious person. Intense and disturbing dreams. Sexual and erotic dreams. Dreams of dying. Experiencing death through dreams. Dreaming of the day you will die. Dreaming of having sex. Dreaming of being a shaman. Dreaming of being a healer. Dreaming of deep interactions with others. Wet dreams. Deep secrecy. A reluctance to reveal hurts and sorrows. A reluctance to open up about karmic debts. Intensely dealing with repressed psychic material. Intensely dealing with repressed emotions. Keeping repressed material secret. Hidden fears. Truly secret enemies. Magnetism and sexuality attract secret enemies. Extremist views attract secret enemies. Dreams of creating healing. Dreams of creating transformations. A secret sleeping chamber. Sleeping in total blackness. Black sheets. Keeping a secret dream journal. Sexual meditation practices. Healing meditations.

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  • Sana

    I was told lilith has damaged my 7th house and 5th house damaged by friends. I would like to know what I can do?

  • Manylak

    I just have one question and I don’t really know where tu ask it so I put it there. I have Mars at the very end of my 8th house, and so conjunct my 9th house… do you believe that aspects to houses (not only the cardinal ones) are important?

    • AstroFix

      Hi Manylak,

      Using a planet conjunction to a house cusp gets tricky because it depends on the house system you are using.

      Which house system do you use?
      Have you looked at your chart using whole signs?

      • Manylak

        Well, I always use the Placidus system, I don’t really believe in the whole sign system !

        • AstroFix

          If you use Placidus, most astrologers would consider your Mars to be in the 9th house if it’s within 5 degrees of the 9th house cusp. Personally, if I’m looking at your chart in Placidus, I’d consider that you are finishing up Mars business in the 8th house and switching focus to 9th house matters in this lifetime. You can check on your progress by taking at look at your progressed chart to see where your Mars is now.

          • Thank you for your answer ! My natal Mars is at 1° of Scorpio and my 9th house begin at 3° ! Oh also I’ve got the same with Jupiter; it’s at 1° of Taurus so tightly conjunct my third house !
            and I checked my progressed chart, Mars is still in the 8th!

  • Vivian

    My mom has scorpio in the 12th while i have chiron in cancer with jupiter in the 12 plus my pluto is conjunct scopio in the 4th so could my mom seriously be having a negative impact on my life? please I need to know. Thanks

    • It’s possible.

      Can you try taking a break from being around her to see how you do with some distance?

      • Vivian

        Ok . thanks

  • Vivian

    I can relate. Everthing to a T . From growing up with secrets and occult to not trusting strangers or anyone in my home and basically locking everything. Now there is a perfect explanation. I also have issues with one parent.

    • Vivian

      @AstroFix:disqus pluto oppose ascendant , sun octile pluto , venus sextile pluto 8th house and jupiter oppose pluto in 10th

  • Peter

    I pick out the one I resonate with Liking to give off an impression of being intense. A passionate approach to life. Hiding all clues to the inner self through the outer mask. A person who actually, physically, hides. A person who does not like having photos taken. Extremist. A person who is obsessed with her own appearance. Liking to be in control of surroundings. Wanting to be in control of the way you are perceived. An approach to life that is all or nothing. Resentment and bitterness toward life.
    Came here few years ago, but reading it now it’s likes it got stronger or I became it more. Tightest aspect is pluto square sun in the mix with Pluto 1t house, intense stand out

    • Thank you for stopping by to comment years later 🙂

  • Uberberry

    Rachel dolezal definitely had scorpio in the ninth ….most likely a pisces rising too? (Identity crisis) hmm

  • ubu_noir

    love it! i’ve got a scorpio 10th house with uranus conjunct the MC. much of this rings true.

  • James23

    Hi, i have House 2 in Scorpio 23°29′ and my ascendant is in LIBRA(21°27′), however when i read about 1st house Scorpios (Scorpio ascendant) i see a lot of myself, is that because i have Pluto conjunct my Ascendant (0°36′) and also Pluto in the 1st house?

    • Yes, that is most likely why.

      • James23

        Thank u!

      • Chijiru .

        Sorry for the randomness but what’s in your twelfth house?

  • kaleem

    hi i have sun conjunct Pluto in sagittarius in natal chart and i have sun,pluto,mercury in 2nd house scorpio i am libra rising how will pluto energy effect me ?

  • Chijiru .

    Love your Happy birthday owl.

  • Kameron

    I have a Scorpio Rising with Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st House but I never seen myself as having a sexual presence or magnetism.

  • Jezebelle

    How interesting..about half of it fit-scorpio in the 12th..also Libra in the 12th along with jupiter retro, neptune retro and my north node in scorpio in the 12th…I am not jealous or possessive except of my own stuff..tight lipped? Nope..I’d much rather talk about dark secrets, healing karma etc. Wet dreams? I wish…I don’t EVER remember what I dream..I say I don’t dream at all although I know I must, I just never ever remember any of them.

    • Is Libra on the cusp of the 12th? That puts your 12th house in Libra, not Scorpio.

  • coolittlefuck

    9th house Scorpio needs to be explained more in depth cause it makes no sense. Who gets jealous of other peoples culture and religion? I’m intensely interested in other people’s culture and always loved learning about it. how you gonna be jealous of somebodies religion. makes no sense.

    • Cultural appropriation is a real thing. There are plenty of people who flee their native culture and religion to experience others’ …. and there are plenty of motivations for doing so.

  • Andy Watson

    how do i find out what houses im in ??

    • Do you have a copy of your chart?

      • Andy Watson


        • Go to to their free chart area. They have something called an “Astro-Click Portrait” chart. Enter your birth data. You should be able to click around and see where all the planets are in your chart. I don’t remember if it goes through empty houses with only signs present. Sorry I missed your response earlier.

  • Chris G

    I have Pluto in the 6th house in Scorpio…would this be the same as having Pluto in the 6th??

    • They are both Pluto in the 6th. Since Pluto is slow-moving, the sign will show you the generational influence. The house position shows you the area of life that Pluto will influence (in this case, work and health).

  • Vicky

    Oh man, I had a sexual relationship with a Scorpio in houses 4th and 5th, and for the most part sex was regarded as a sport and a game, nothing emotional; very annoying since I myself am a Scorpio in the 8th house, so DEAD serious about sex. Thanks for the GREAT info!

  • george gilespy

    i’ve tthoroughly examined the 12h scorpio and except that i’m still amazed by your accuracy, i find something inadequate: ‘sleeping in black sheets’.
    i’ve never slept in black sheets, i dont dislike them, but they’re not among my preferences.
    and are you so kind as to clear for me the expresion ‘reluctance to open up about karmic debts’ ?
    thank you so much darling

    • ‘reluctance to open up about karmic debts’

      It’s a possibility based on Scorpio’s tendency to be tight-lipped and the 12th house’s reputation for being the house of secrets and self-undoing.

  • george gilespy

    dear michelle
    where did you get those extracts of the 12h scorpio?
    because they are absolutely acurate!
    you were asking someone above wether he had also a scorpio rising, well i have such thing.
    you are the queen of astrology.

    • I write all the posts … thank you for the kind words.

  • Vixen Argentum

    Scorpio for both 9th and 10th houses, and both fit for the most part. Desiring to know God and struggling with the concept of a higher power…that’s been my life. I’m a scientist by career path, and I can see the validity of both sides and have communicated with what I think is divine…but the beautiful underpinnings of mathematics that guide this universe bewitch me all the same.

  • Capricious

    Hey just wondering what your take would be on Scorpio intercepted in 5th house with Scorpio Pluto and Sagittarius Moon in 5th? I don’t fully understand how intercepted signs impact the chart… Anyway I love your blog and a lot of this spot on for me about romance, sex and creativity. Although, I don’t have children and honestly I’m not sure I’ll ever want to.

    • What I’ve noticed about planets in intercepted signs is that they don’t fully express themselves until they get hit by a “hard” transit from an outer planet. You’ve probably already been through that since Pluto transited Sagittarius (when that transit occurred depends on the degree of your Moon).

  • nick

    8th house scorpio here, SEx as a means of getting to know someone better, Sexual obsessions , Dark sex. Intense need for death or sex or Transformation.
    fascinated with the taboo
    with joint finances. a woman from church started for me a college fund.

    • Yes, sex as a way to create an intimate bond rather than solely a physical act.

  • Asp1079

    Description of 12H Scorpio is very accurate for me. I’m inwardly magnetic, sexual and intense… dream and see extremely intense and sometimes bizarre things that contribute towards a lot of art… very into charities that deal with hurt and troubled people, like domestic violence abuse victims. I look best in the color black, with black hair, and I adore black bed sheets! I am a very polarizing person and my intensity is felt on an instinctual level by some people. I feel I have to hide a lot of my sexual intensities and interests in light BDSM and power games away. I’m actually very sexually possessive, powerful but wild, and when people find out they are shocked… and HOOKED. Lol. My Pluto also falls in the 12th.

    • Lol 🙂 Do you also have Scorpio rising?

  • Bree

    Hey this is really interesting. The way you describe the experiences, meanings, and possibilities in fragmented ways is actually spot on!

    I myself have a scorpio rising and a scorpio in my 12th house as well. I always wondered how that has played out in my life. I have plenty of 8th house planets and the ruler of my chart is Pluto/Mars.
    Also with my ruler of the houses in houses a majority of them are in the 8th house.
    Do you think I have a scorpionic theme or energy in my chart? I don’t know my life so far feels very fated and like I’m going through constant changes. I’m use to things being torn down and cyclic. I do tarot sometimes and I do find it helful. My cards always heed me with a message towards regeneration/inner exploring and accepting change; whether I want it or not.
    When I feel like I’m comfty with a situation something always come up to destroy/uproot the it. Keeping me constantly on guard or on my toes.

    I’m a bit odd in certain aspects and people don’t like what I represent. I seem to bring out direct reactions in people regardless. I’m normally a quiet slightly shy person, but I’m pleasant enough. People always seem to take a second look at me and I’m not sure why. The interest I do see from others is a bit unnerving at times. So I like to wear clothing to cover myself. It makes me more comfortable. Sometimes I do seem to catch people with my sight and they either look away or just stare. I don’t know…it’s get tiring, but it isn’t any less interesting. I’m have my own experiences and theories w/ things that involve the 12th house and since my scorpio is there I seem to have direct experiences towards this. With caring for someone who can’t care for themselves and w/ the spiritual or paranormal aspects as well. My nights are either dreamless or I have these weird, bizarre, fantastical dreams, and visions that are just not normal. My friends can dream about lovers, celebs, and etc…normal things. I don’t have that luxery…so unfair. ~sighs~
    All these things force me to have constant emotional experiences, even when I try to keep a solid face. Though in the end I just laugh off most things….

    I’m still learning about the art of astrology, but I find it fascinating so far. Keep up the good work! (Sorry for writing so much…^_^; )

    • Dear Bree,

      That all sounds very Pluto/Scorpio/8th house – especially about things being torn down and cyclic. Being a 12th house person who is already in touch with dreaming, you would do well to consider keeping a dream journal. Check out my post about dreaming here:

  • AriesGirl

    Scorpio rules my 3rd house, and Pluto is right there too… it quinqux both my Sun and my Gemini MC.  Im fascinated /obsessed by the media and by communication  in general. I was journalist, and I also write blogs, and I enjoy/want to be influencial through my articles. Writing is sooo important to me, but so as collecting infos about a lot of things! I need sooo much mental stimulation…

    • Michelle

      Do you find yourself in petty power struggles with grocery clerks and postal workers?

  • Michelle

    Thank you for sharing your perspective, Stawr 🙂

  • Stawr

    “Strong opinions about food.” CHECK
    “Stubbornly fixed on a particular diet.” I can be
    “Sex is part of the daily routine.” When in a long relationship
    “Eating for sexual performance enhancement.” and for other things like work, or good performance going about my day.
    “Binging and purging” Hell naw!, that is so bad your lungs, teeth, and did I mention that is gross!?

    I find this to be a fun placement, I have Moon, (rx) Pluto, 2 lilith moons all conjunct. So Scorpio house 6 is very strong in my chart.

  • What do you mean by “in the abstract?”

    • Mert

      well i dont really do my religious duty this is why i said that

      • Mert

        it just writes “Muslim” in the religious part of my certificate of birth

      • oh

  • Mert

    “Feeling jealous of other religions or cultural beliefs. Passionate feelings about religion and culture. Fixed opinions about religion and culture. A philosophy of healing. A philosophy of transformation. Believing in transformation and healing. Believing in the power of sex and eroticism. ”

    scorpio is in 9th house.. This can be true since i am a Muslim(in the abstract, not totally)i always wanted our mosque’s interior and structural design to be like churchs….

  • Dove

    I have Scorpio in the 6th and 7th… Wow, amazing. Laughed (indicating truthy-ness, ha) at the very first sentence, “Strong opinions about food.” Yuh-huh 🙂 … My young life was consumed with an obsession with food, diet — was anorexic for over a decade. Thankfully, many of the “challenging” energies of my chart have been overcome or have become more balanced.

    If I ever marry, he’d definitely have to be a shaman kind of a guy. I’ve had more than one “intuitive” see a “healer” energy in me. The symbolism of snake has come to me poignantly in dreams and physical reality. I dream of manifesting an awesome home in the woods where I have pets like a crow, wolf…

    I’m finding I have a lot of “death” or transformation energy in my chart. Like I indicated in the comment I just made under your Capricorn post, I see my animal totems in these elaborations. My two main totems, Owl and Crow, death/transformation symbolism for both of them. When the Universe opened up this metaphysical “world” to me, I had three different employers in the course of three years. Each of them felt compelled to share with me bizarre tales of a close friend or relative who had been…well…wishing I had a euphemism for murdered… I’m guessing people just somehow sense this “connection” I seem to have to the “other side” or this death/transformation energy. Note, these employers hadn’t a clue about my metaphysical interests or inclinations.

    Admittedly, my life in general has been pretty “bizarre.” I feel lucky to have so much activity in my 5th house, it seems to balance it all out (or helps a great deal), lighten some of that heavy energy (also have Saturn singleton…been reading about it this morning, yikes). Most importantly, I think my 5th house “party” of planets (ha) gives me an awesome sense of humor — I don’t think I would have survived this far without it 🙂


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  • How do you think your Scorpio 8th house works for you?

  • How do you think your Scorpio 8th house works for you?

  • Wg.

    Interesting article, thanks Michelle. I try not to get into dark stuff, but it's all cool to read. (Scorpio 8th house)

  • Pingback: Michelle()

  • Thanks for that.
    Mmm, so I have Libra on the cusp of my Scorpio intercepted 6th house – Libra’s ruler venus is conjunct Scorpios ruler Pluto in my chart (in virgo) – interesting and more food for thought! Thanks Michelle. 🙂

  • I found this very interesting as it threw up things I hadn’t considered the significance of before. I have Scorpio (intercepted) in the 6th house and also neptune there too. I have been vegan for for about 27 years now and at first it was considered extreme by family and friends etc. I am also very interested in health and nutrition and have a dramatic reaction (scorpio) to drugs (medicine) I am very sensitive to their effects (neptune) – I also have an intense (scorpio) bond with my pets. I am also very comfortable working with people undergoing transformations (I also have venus conjunct pluto in virgo). Mmm this has been very enlightening and given me lots of food for thought about an area of my chart I haven’t explored in this way before – Thanks Michelle! 🙂

    (Also, my Scorpio is intercepted in my 6th house and I realise I am not really too familiar about the effects of an intercepted sign – can anybody give me some pointers.?)

    • I really liked reading about your 6th house connections. Thank you for reading my blog Susannah.

      I’ve read various theories about intercepted signs. The way I see it, it’s like the sign is landlocked and has no ports of its own. The intercepted sign has difficulty expressing itself because it’s dependent on the sign on the cusp of the house and the planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house and must send its message through them. The effect of the intercepted sign stifles the planets caught in the interception as well. It seems that many people become more acquainted with the energy of the intercepted sign (and planets) as they get older- usually because of aspects by transit or progression. In some way (not exactly, or entirely) I see some similarities between having intercepted planets and having planets in the 12th house.

  • Christine

    Also, something happened to me today that made me think of Scorpio on the 2nd house cusp. I can’t believe this happened the day after I read this. I ran into someone who went to my high school who currently works at a home shopping network that sells sex toys. Before I was aware of this, I told him I was looking for a job. He told me he would try to “arrange” something for me. I’d probably do secretarial work.

  • Anonymous

    I found your description of Scorpio on the 5th right on! I have an empty 5th house with Pluto conjunct my IC (Pluto at 1 Libra but conjunct my IC at 27 Virgo.) I like to write about my sexual adventures– actually I like to write about everything I do, but I take special pleasure in writing about taboo subjects. The only reason I haven’t been posting much on my Tumblr lately is that I’ve been a little too busy actually having sex, though! :p

    • lol…good for you ;D Just be careful.

  • Anonymous

    Scorpio in the 10th, but I have a late Libra MC. Pluto & Mars conjunct in Scorpio 10th house. I’m in school to be a healer ( acupuncturist & herbalist) getting to stick people with needles & create formulas/potions feels very Scorpio, lol. I don’t know how people really see me, I have a fair amount of 12th house, Neptune & Sag action to hide the intensity.

    • That sounds like a fantastic career for Mars-Pluto in Scorpio in the 10th. Even if you’re able to hide your intensity people probably still pick up on the relentlessness of your Mars-Pluto aspect (especially in Scorpio).

      Someone recently asked me if I’d considered taking up acupuncture- I have a partile Mars-Pluto square (they don’t know that though).

  • Christine

    Woo-hoo! Scorpio ruling the 2nd. I have a Pluto/Lilith/Juno stellium (is it still considered a stellium even though Lilith + Juno aren’t planets?) in Scorpio all sitting on the 1st/2nd house cusp.

    I’m not very good at keeping money in my pocket, but I do feel pretty extreme about having a job that lets me make enough of it. When I was seven or eight, I used to keep money hidden under the mattress and I used to steal my parents’ loose change. I always prepare double or even triple the amount of money I feel I’m going to need when I’m going somwhere. I think Scorpio ruling the 2nd could also mean, “Wanting to be more than financially secure because you were once poor.”

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” — Sometimes I feel like if you keep something long enough, it will become valuable. Other times I feel like I just want to heartlessly through away everything I own. Maybe that is the effect of Pluto — wanting to transform my possessions.

    I don’t really collect anything. I do value intensity, passion, eroticism, and sexuality. I’m uniquely interested in people making a living through sexual activities. I’m interested in erotica. No matter how little money I have, I always know how much I have in the bank, I always know how much I owe my credit card companies. I don’t like people knowing how much money I deposit, how much money I withdraw from the ATM. My mom threatens every now and again to get ahold of my bank account, just so she can keep track of my money flow, and it just makes me feel really paranoid. Ha, it’s not like I have anything to hide about my money, but it just makes me feel uneasy!

    I like your descriptions a lot because your understanding of the different houses are very psychological. Like, the second house isn’t just the house of possessions — stuff you have — but it’s also a house that tells you how you feel secure, about your self-esteem, where you find self-worth.

    • Christine

      Also, I think this kind of relates… I kind of like listening to songs that make me think about sex, or about having sex. I like music with lots of mood. I think about songs that would be good for having sex and kind of have a mental list of songs I’d like to do the dirty to.Thinking about this, what about the connections with art (Taurus) and sex (Scorpio)? Maybe Scorpio ruling the 2nd is seeing art in sex and valuing sex in art? Thinking about myself, I do gravitate toward pretty powerfully images of sex in art and literature — sex and the macabre for me. But, I don’t know, sex draws pretty strong reactions from everybody.

      • I’m really not sure where to place music. I’ve wanted to mention music several times while writing this series, but I don’t know where to put it. I think that the 2nd does not relate to art the way that Taurus does. I’m still trying to come to an understanding of Pluto in the 2nd house that really works for me. If you have Scorpio in the 2nd and you value sexuality then it makes sense that as a Taurus Sun you would incorporate those values into your art work.

        • Christine

          Maybe Music can be a 5th house thing? I feel like the fifth house is a little more lighthearted than the 2nd house and is better suited for the arts and music. I’m having trouble separating the houses from the signs that rule them. I don’t really think of Leo when I think of Music. And I couldn’t really see the connection with Scorpio ruling the fifth and… music or the arts in the wider sense. I could understand Scorpio ruling the fifth wantingto created things that were related to sex, death, or the occult — but not really necessarily being drawn to them. I hope that makes sense.

          • I want to do a deeper study of the house positions of musicians. I’ve found that quite a few well-known music artists have a packed 7th house- of all things. But, it seems that many of those 7th house people are more like performers than strict musicians. I also wonder what the difference is between people like Miles Davis and people like David Bowie and then people like Mariah Carey: Miles plays but he doesn’t sing, Bowie sings and puts on a show, Mariah sings but can she play an instrument? I think these details may point out the differences among people with 5th house or 7th and 10th house influences, and also among people with Taurus v. Leo v. Pisces influences.

    • Other times I feel like I just want to heartlessly through away everything I own. Maybe that is the effect of Pluto — wanting to transform my possessions.
      That is the way that I feel with Pluto in the 2nd house. My mom also has Pluto in the 2nd so I was thinking about her too.

      What’s interesting is that in doing these descriptions I’ve begun to realize how much the second sign in the house has an influence over the house. So, while I have Libra on the 2nd house cusp, Scorpio occupies a tiny piece at the end, and I actually referenced my some of my own habits for this description.

      • Christine

        Interesting! I had thought about that a long time before too. But I never know what traits to attribute to what aspects/houses/etc. Do you think that’s an idea that you could write a whole post about? I’d love to read it! 😀

        • I’ve actually been thinking about doing just that. I thought it would be good to do it before I finish this series too.

          • Christine

            Michelle, I just remembered you have Pluto in the 2nd. Couldn’t that be the reason why you relate to a lot of Scorpio on the 2nd cusp things?

            • Probably. I want to write another post about the differences between signs, planets and houses.

  • Watergirl

    Scorpio in the 8th. Very interesting post Michelle–are you just brainstorming, how are you coming up with these?

    • I’m referring to keywords from a variety of sources- mainly Astrology for Yourself by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch- and I’m looking for connections among the celebrities mentioned by Astrotheme as having those placements. I’m also keeping in mind people I know in real life who have these placements- in an attempt to keep the descriptions grounded in reality.

      • Adding…my answer to your question has been bothering for the entire two hours that I’ve been at the gym…

        I’ve been referencing exactly 4 books:

        Astrology for Yourself by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch
        Astrology for Women by Jessica Adams
        New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller
        Horoscope Symbols by Robert Hand

        I wanted to use Steven Forrest’s “Inner Sky” too but I don’t own it and the library hasn’t had it in over 2 months.

        I’m going to edit that post, “Note about the Last Two Posts,” to add my references and then link it to all of the “Through the Houses” posts to be clear.

  • Anonymous

    Cool 🙂 My Scorp MC is one of my fave chart areas! Oh it has its downfalls with the parental obviously and the freaky people that you meet AND the intensity can be tiring at times BUT it is an uber cool MC that I would not change for a second! Great post xo

    • The Scorpio MC is a very cool MC- trying, but cool 😀

      btw, do you have Capricorn rising?

      • Anonymous

        No, I have Aqua rise, Nep is in the 10th though, square the rise! Why? you have me intrigued now Ms Michelle 😛

        • Oh, this is going to be disappointing…I was just wondering whether you had all fixed angles, or whether you had intercepted signs/houses. Nothing that intriguing :/

          • Anonymous

            ahhh! no, no exciting interceptions 🙂

    • Anany83

      me too
      have you found your  true purpose of your life?