What does it mean to have so many planets in the 8th house?


Hi Michelle!!! I was wondering if you have time to do a quick chart for me. As soon as I saw your post I went to astro.com to see what I have going on in the 8th house. In readings I’ve gotten in the past I remember hearing, whoah , you have a lot going on in the 8th house. It would appear so. It’s a little scary to me because it seems like there’s WAY much going on in there. What do you make of it?

Dark corridorI’m going to give a slightly different take than the norm because so many people have written so well about the various planets in houses that I have very little to add that’s new. A simple search for “planets in the 8th house” brings up many excellent articles and blog posts.

Getting to the Bottom of Things

Pluto in your 8th house carries with it all of the potentials of your 9th house. This is because Scorpio is the sign on your 9th house cusp and Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler. Pluto brings your 9th house concerns with it to your 8th house. Every time your 9th house wants to do something it checks with the agenda of the 8th house.

  • What this means is that when you consider going back to school, when you think about the meaning of life, when you wonder about metaphysical topics, you bring those concerns back to your 8th house and you ask “How do these activities and interests serve my need to dig deep, handle crisis, develop deep relationships with others, understand my relationship to death, and satisfy my desire to get to the bottom of things?”
  • The same is true of your 10th house (represented by Jupiter), your 11th house (also represented by Jupiter), your 12th house (represented by Saturn) and your 2nd house (represented by Mars).
  • These four planets serve the agenda of the 8th house. They bring the concerns of the houses they represent to the 8th house for direction and further instructions. They want to know, “How deep can I go in this area of my life?
  • You begin to engage the depth of your 8th house when you embrace the 8th house ruler- Venus in Cancer in the 6th house. Much of your potential for transformation and deep interaction comes into play when you work in a caring, possibly female-oriented, environment on a day to day basis (just one of many possibilities).
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    • i must say, I LOVE THE IMAGES ON THIS BLOG. I GET SO INSPIRED JUST BY SEEING THE PICTURES, THANX & OH YES I HAVE SUN & MERCURY IN THE 8TH HOUSE. i always found it hard to relate to people my age, im not into small talk & im a very deep person

      • Michelle

        Thank you 🙂

        I also have Sun and Mercury in the 8th house 🙂

        • Susan

           I would love to know what planets your original poster had in her chart.  It sounded like you were reading me at first.  I have My Sun, Mercury and Uranus (conjunct, with no aspects to any other planets, btw) and my North Node all in Leo in the 8th and then Pluto at 9 degrees which is in Virgo in the 8th. I don’t even need to guess at whether Pluto brings any agenda to the 8th house, I know it for a fact.  At 49, I have been through many transformations in my life. Life and death issues and the occult are very close to me.

          My moon is in Scorpio in the 11th house and I have Neptune in the 10th, for a little more added weirdness. My MC is Libra with Venus in the 9th.  For my next life transformation (ta-da!) I am going to venture in to my own business of intuitive readings (tarot, mostly) and a website that includes a lot of my story (near death experience) that reaches out to others who might have or be going through some of what I have. I came out of the last experience, the NDE, profoundly changed and I’m pretty certain what I learned can help others, too.

          Yours was one of the sites I found awhile back that explained planets aspects when I was looking for that.  I bought your e-book and really liked the way that you explained the interactions. A lot more down to earth.  Easier to apply in to one’s personalities and characteristics, I think.

          If, no when!, I get my site off the ground, I shall have to come back and ask to link to you as a wonderful astrology resource (if you concur, of course :). 

          Thanks for all you do!

          • People with 9th house placements often seem drawn to intuitive arts – especially tarot, I’ve noticed. I’d love to read about your near death experiences. It’s a fascinating topic. Thank you for stopping by, Susan.

    • I have a loaded eighth house too. I like to dig deeply into things to figure them out. Astrology is one way that I do this. I’m also fascinated by crime stories and detective work. The down side of this is to spend too much time brooding over things, so with a busy eighth house we tend to plunge into things and not come up for air. A good sense of humor is important and we need to remember to lighten up a little.

      • I do plunge into things and not come up for air- hours go by in the blink of an eye. I’ve had to work on my sense of humor! It’s better now- I used to be way too serious.

        Which planets are in your 8th?

        Thank you for stopping by my blog 😀

    • I’m a “full 8th houser” too and always trying to understand it. Interesting insights.

      • There’s so much to explore about the 8th house (and every other house) that I can’t possibly do it all in one post- but I thought this would be an unconventional place to start.

        Thank you for reading my blog, Theresa 😀

      • btw, which planets do you have in the 8th house?