Chiron: Sensitivity and Timing


Lots of phonesI have a very good sense of the exact phrasing that I should or shouldn’t use in any given situation to elicit specific results. I have Mercury conjunct Chiron in the 8th house.

When communicating by phone, email, in forums, through blogs, or in person, I often find myself completely able to anticipate what will happen if I choose to say X, phrased like this, or if I choose to say X, phrased like that. I know what to put in and what to leave out, and what will happen if I choose to ignore the subtle guidance I receive on that information.

You know what happens when I ignore that guidance? I shoot myself in the foot. It’s happened so many times that I now recognize the signals and heed the advice.

With Chiron square Saturn as well, I censor myself when I know that the repercussions of my words will have a longer and more negative effect than any short-term gain or victory merits. I find that I am acutely sensitive to my own communication and how it affects other people. Every morning, before I wake up, I get an update on the status of my blog- if there’s a message, if anyone commented, and what the overall reaction was to the previous entry- and not by reading my stats.

This information doesn’t come by a dream- it’s a subtle infusion of information between the dreaming and waking state.

Timing and Action

There is some part of the person with Chiron prominent that understands time, in a way that’s difficult to explain. There is the ability to sense when it is the right time to set any chain of events in motion. There is an acute sensitivity to timing. It can be hard to get anything done when the timing doesn’t seem right.

Chiron was the son of Saturn and the grandson of Uranus, and he sits between them. He bridges the gap between conformity and rebelliousness, and between the personal and transpersonal. He doesn’t conform, but he doesn’t rebel. He listens to his inner clockwork and senses when it is the right time to put things in motion, and what to put into motion- that’s wisdom.

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  • AriesGirl

    Yep, im very careful with words too! Especially when it comes to emotions or when im writing an article.
    Although its partly because i usually have a hard time expressing myself the way I want, especially in emotional matters.
    Very interesting you mention the timing thing, it’s true for me too… It’s like I understand that there are two types of timing: the one that we measure with the clock and another one what we can only feel or sense… the timing of the Universe, so to say.
    Chiron square mercury here too.

    • Michelle

      We seem to have a similar configuration with Mercury, Chiron and Saturn tied together. 

  • Berna

    this is very interesting for me.
    because my chiron conjunct mercury (aries and 12th house )
    and square saturn. (3rd house)
    and transit sun todays conjunct my mercury and chiron. =)
    (when i look this page, i like images and first i download 2 images;) they are so impressive for me. thanks.)

    “This information doesn’t come by a dream- it’s a subtle infusion of information between the dreaming and waking state.”

    sometimes some knowledge come by a dream of me. (12th house – 3rd house)
    sometimes a (self)voice speak inside of me and teach or ask my questions in my head. whene i very thinking a question. (ex specialty in dream answers this question. or found answers.
    now sun transits and mercury retrograde today(taurus in my 12th house)
    and i found its self.. (a very import knowledge about my mercury – chiron conj.) (and together some language problem 🙂
    thanks again.

  • Watergirl

    Funny how that is hey? And yet, i struggle daily with being on time. Sigh.

  • Watergirl

    Hmmm, i’ll have to look up their meanings, but i have Mercury trine Chiron (Mercury in the 9th, retrograde Chiron in the 1st, so i’m not sure how you say that), and Saturn conjunct Chiron (retrograde Saturn in the 1st as well of course) Wow, Chiron is 22, Saturn is 23.
    Without looking anything up, i seem to know a lot about words too. I also get gut feelings, and have learned to duck if i ignore them. 🙁 Boy have i learned. I can related to a lot of what you say. Also, i don’t know if this relates, but i am lousy with time. Except if i don’t have my watch on, i am pretty darn good at guessing how much time has passed.

    • I remember when we learned to tell time in school, I found it very difficult to understand how to read the hands on a watch. Now, like you, I have an excellent sense of how much time has passed. I often know what time it is down to the minute.