How to Find Your Tightest Aspects in Astrology


The tight aspects in your chart have a large say in what makes you, “you.”

Find Your Tightest Aspects

  1. Go to, free horoscopes, extended chart selection, and then enter your birth data.
  2. Scroll down and change “Reduce/increase orbs” to 10%.
  3. Only the tightest aspects will remain in the graph.
  4. If you have nothing left, up the percentage to 15-20% (or whatever you want).

Find Famous People with the Same Aspects

Go to and search their database of over 36,000 celebrities to find those people who share your aspects.

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  • Kristin Bramblett

    At 10%, only 2 aspects:
    1. Mercury in Leo 2nd House & Moon in Aquarius 8th House
    2. Pluto in Scorpio 5th House & Neptune in Capricorn 7th House

  • No1

    I put mine at 5% and two of them were left. They are Moon in Gemini at 20 degrees Conjunct Mars in Gemini at 20 degrees. Then there’s Neptune in Aquarius at 10 degrees Trine MC in Gemini at 10 degrees.

  • Julie Ellner

    I tried reducing the orb to ten percent. It left me with exactly TWO aspects, neither of which seems particularly important: Venus quintile Mars and Mercury quincunx Uranus. I guess I’ll have to go through life with loose aspects. 😀

    • Those aspects would take on added significance if Venus, Mars, Mercury, or Uranus is your chart ruler.

      • Julie Ellner

        Mars/Pluto–Scorpio rising–with Mars in Scorpio square Pluto in Virgo with a six degree orb. 1st vs. 10th house.

  • Loz

    What would chiron in 12th house scorpio conjunct eros in 12th house scorpio mean??

    • Wounded eroticism that you might not be aware of.

  • ValleyOak

    Thank you for showing us how to make this determination. My five tightest aspects are:
    5. (It’s a tie!) Moon bQ Venus/4th, Venus bQ Mars/9th, Mars Square Jupiter/5th (10 Orbs)
    4. MC Trine Jupiter/5th (9 Orbs)
    3. MC Semi-Sextile Mars/9th (5 Orbs)
    2. Saturn/10th Square Pluto/2nd (4 Orbs)
    1. Ascendant Semi-Square Uranus/2nd (2 Orbs)

    So, would it be correct in assuming our tightest aspects have the most impact on us?

  • Michael Marinovich

    it appears that my tightest aspect is sun in Capricorn sextile mars in pisces,

  • WitchySeattle

    I seem to have alot of planets in 0 degree orb:
    Sun trine Asc – Moon Tri Septile Venus – Moon Septile Jupiter – Venus SemiSquare Mars – Mars Septile Uranus – Mars sesi-sesiquadrate Neptue – Mars Quintile Pluto – Saturn Bi-Quintile Uranus- Saturn Sextile Neptune – and last but not least Pluto Square my Ascendant. I guess this is why others thinks that I am so intense all of the time.

    • Do you have a Scorpio/8th house emphasis as well?

  • Cristiana

    Oh and also Mercury in Capricorn (7th H) square North Node in Libra (5thH)..

  • Cristiana

    My tightest aspects are Jupiter (8th house) trine Mars (cuspid of 5th house), Moon conjunct Venus in Scorpio (6th house) and Jupiter sextile Moon and Venus. What is interesting is that all this planets are at 19 degree. Jupiter 19degree in Capricorn, Mars 19deg in Virgo and MoonVenus 19degree in Scorpio. This is kinda weird..

    • It’s uncommon. I know someone with 4 planets at 26 degrees and another with 5 planets at 14 degrees.

      • Cristiana

        Oh, cool! 🙂

  • Sammy

    Very interesting… i did use this option in the past yet not to calculate my own chart… with 10% i have left:

    Moon conjunct Venus in the First House in Aquarius
    Mercury conjunct Mars in the First house of Capricorn
    Mercury sextile Saturn
    Sun semi-sextile Pluto
    Chiron semi-sextile MC
    Mercury sextile Ceres and Saturn trine Ceres if he is to be taken into consideration

    when increasing to 15% problems start to appear ;)) such as Neptune square NN and Chiron square ASC, but also a nice Saturn sextile Mars.
    From what i read, a very tight semisquare can be more proeminent than one loose square (when talking about the same planets/houses), and a tight semi-sextile better than a loose sextile.

  • Aubree

    I’m left with 10 aspects at 10%
    Aries Sun in 12th house trine Sag Moon at the end of the 8th house
    Sun square Capricorn Saturn in 10th house
    Sun quintile Aquarius north node in 11th house
    Moon semisextile saturn
    Moon square Pisces eros in 12th house
    Taurus Mercury in 1st house trine Capricorn Neptune at the end of 9th house
    Mercury trine midheaven in Capricorn
    Pisces Venus in 12th house sextile Capricorn uranus in 9th house
    Saturn sextile eros
    Neptune conjunct midheaven in Capricorn in the 9th house

  • Isa

    Hi, first of all I would really like to thank you for taking the time to do such an amazing site with extensive analysis of astrology. I found your readings very revealing and complete. When I came across this post, I had to ask you about Lilith aspects, as I have a very close trine between the Sun and Lilith. Also, would you have some shared thoughts on if my close opposition of chiron to the MC enphasizes the wounding theme in my life? I happen to work in health-healing centers. And…what about the Mars trine Mercury? Thank you so much for your time. 🙂

    • Sun trine Lilith could show that you have your inner mega-bitch on speed dial 🙂

      Chiron opposite MC … parental/authority issues v. nurturing, caring; also limelight v. privacy. Are you seeking anyone’s approval?

      Mars trine Mercury … thinking on your feet, sass, and a strong mind.

  • Butterfly Melody

    Where did it go? my other post..
    I like you blog a lot <3 * Big fan 🙂
    my tightest aspect is Venus trine Jupiter at 0'10. It's separating.yet I still feel it a lot bacause it's a part of a strong configuration. This makes me lazy and sometimes relying on pure luck. It's like a protector of some sort against other bad aspects.. Maybe similar to Jupiter in 12th effect- like a guardian angel.

    • Nice way to put it for both Jupiter/ Venus and Jupiter in the 12th.

  • Butterfly Melody

    Oh, I forgot to add, the tightest aspect in chart is one of the things I’m very aware of. Kind of like first impression.

    • I don’t know if I see as the first impression but tight aspects are on my shortlist of things to check out first when looking at a chart.

  • Thomas Baker63

    O and Mercury was also Square to Saturn in the same House

    • Is Saturn also in Scorpio?

      • Thomas Baker63

        My bad, Mars and Saturn was in Sag…6th HOuse

        • Thomas Baker63

          It is interesting though. Mercury Conjunct Venus = sweet talk. Mercury/Mars = words are weapons. So having all of that on the chart, how would you interpret that?

          • It could mean that you’re nice when you want to be, then seconds later you’re snarky, cutting and sarcastic.

            • Thomas Baker63

              You’re so sweet Michelle. Why do you gotta be off the market:)

  • Thomas Baker63

    When I put 10%, its Mercury in Pisces in the 9th Square Mars in Scorpio in the 5th House. I can defitenly see this, ESPECIALLY when I feel wronged I will talk anyone down until I felt they were punished, but feel really guilty afterwards. And the word of my life is ‘Learning’ which explains why im up at 3:14 CST studying aspects and ancient mysteries and such, and feel the need often to drug myself to slow down my brain!!!!!! I feel so mental!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    cool blog 🙂

    my tightest aspects include Sun (18°36′ Pisces), ASC (18°26′ Scorpio) and Neptune (18°28′ Capricorn)… D:

    also: Moon (9°20′ Taurus) trine Jupiter (8°31′ Virgo) and Venus (23°44′ Aqua) sq. Pluto (22°54′ Scorpio)

    • Those are tight aspects 🙂 Any thoughts on what they mean for you?

      Thank you for reading, P92. 

      • Anonymous

        I don’t like it that they involve Neptune… people often get a wrong impression of me. They also make for sensitivity… a truckload thereof… sometimes I wish there was sth in my natal that would take away from that.

        • Neptune and wrong impressions, they go hand in hand, don’t they?

          • Ymartinez197

            Love your blog!!!! Your blog really helped me understand astrology a lot more.

            My tightest aspect are Mars 14°55 Я Cancer in 11House and Jupiter 14°23′ Libra in 3rd House.   Sun 24°51 Capricorn in 6th House and Pluto 24°59 Scorpio in 4th house.

            I forget to mention Mars squares Jupiter  Orb 0°32 

            By seeing this i can understand a lot more because i personally have this tendency this impulse into wanting to rush into things without having any second thought. I always  have this optimistic view that everything going to go okay just fine as how i imagine it but it never does. Thats one thing i hate about myself is i jump into things  and i have friends who always points that out to me.

            Sun Sextile Pluto  Orb 1°34

            I have an obsession with criminology shows as Dateline ID and 48 Hours and Cold Blood etc I’m just fascinate in watching this  shows especially seeing in how the murders mind worked or just plainly watching crime cases and how it came to be. To me is a eye opener in the darker side of us human beings and how for a few moment we can become such vicious against each other.

            • Ymartinez197

              oopps i meant Sun Sextile Pluto Orb 0°07

            • Thank you for reading 😀

              We both have Mars in Cancer in the 11th house (though technically mine is on the 10/11 cusp) 🙂

              • Ymartinez197

                Cool does Mars in Cancer in those house have an effect for you?

                • Yes, I have a tendency to act like a babysitter when I’m in charge of groups of people.

                  • Ymartinez197

                    The same with me my friends always say i act more like a mother figure when we in groups then as a friends but sometime i cant help it lol.

                    • I actually annoy myself by being like that (my Mars in Cancer squares my Sun in Aries).

                    • Ymartinez197

                      I can see that seeing how Aries are more independent then just being motherly lol. I think I’m similar as you being (Mars in Cancer Opp Mercury in Capricorn)  I sometimes hate to having to repeat myself or having to speak a certain wait to people. What  i mean by that an example can be when it comes to when i tutor i don’t have the patience to sometimes to make people understand something when to me it seems to basic to understand lol

                    • I’ve learned to have patience. Although I have Mercury in Aries it is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus (and my South Node is in Taurus). Plus, all of my Aries planets are now progressed into Taurus.

  • I have many tighthess.
    Venus Saturn square 0 degree seperating Sag-Pisce
    Venus MC square 0 degree applying sag- pisce
    Saturn MC conjuncts 0 dergree Pisce..
    Uranus opposition Chiron 0 degree Virgo-Pisce Applying
    Pluto trine Jupiter -1 degree Virgo Taurus…

    • Michelle

      Do you notice if those aspects have a stronger influence over your chart?

  • Anonymous

    Besides that, I also checked out the aspects between my personal planets, asteroids and Lilith:

    Moon conjunct Pholus (0°01′)

    Sun semisextile Ceres (0°19′)

    Sun semisextile Lilith (0°91′)

    Sun semisextile Vesta (0°67′)

    Venus trine Psyche (0°42′)

    Mars trine Psyche (0°69′)

    Mars semisextile Eros (0°06′)

    Venus semisextile Eros (1°05′)

    I haven’t studied the asteroids yet, but now I’m especially interested in the meaning of such a tight conjunction between my Moon and Pholus in Aries! :-O

    • Michelle

      That’s a very close conjunction. I haven’t worked much with Pholus yet. You should be able to find articles on Pholus by Eric Francis if you do a search on Google.

    • Michelle

      I forgot about this site that also talks about the centaurs:

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Michelle! :o)

        • Michelle

          Wow! That all works quite nicely for Pholus in the 6th.

          I’d forgotten where mine was…it’s at 14 Pisces conjunct the descendant….hm.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, Pholus conjunct Descendant seems to be quite interesting, do you feel some of its effects in this area?

            • Michelle

              I don’t know…it’s hard to relate diet, food and drink to partnerships. I’m going to have to think about this.

    • LB

      Hi Le_Verseau – I also have Moon conjunct Pholus (-1 degree).  For me, I think it has a lot to do with blowing the lid off of generational legacies – and being the one that finally (and suddenly) shines the light on/stops unhealthy patterns of behavior or festering family secrets that have been passed down through the generations.  In my case, it relates to a dark legacy passed down from my grandmother to my mother and then on to me; I’m the one who has “held” this awareness without initially knowing exactly what it was that I was carrying.  Now that I know, I’m choosing to deal with it in a completely different way than my mother and her mother did.

      There are gifts associated with this placement as well, although they can feel more like burdens until you learn to understand them.  For me at least.  But mine is also square several Scorpio placements, so I’m sure that figures into it.

      In addition to the link Michelle gave you (Zane Stein is always good), astrologers Melaine Reinhart and Eric Francis both have some very insightful thoughts on Pholus.  And here’s another interesting link you might enjoy:

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got interested in my tightest aspects too, and here are the results of my little “research”:


    Neptune biquintile Chiron (0°05′)

    Chiron sextile MC (0°10′)

    Jupiter conjunct Uranus (0°11′)

    Mars biquintile Pluto (0°12′)

    Neptune quintile AC (0°14′)

    Chiron biquintile AC (0°19′)

    Venus sextile Chiron (0°20′)

    Venus trine MC (0°30′)

    Neptune sextile Pluto (0°43′)

    Jupiter sesquiquadrate MC (0°79′)

    Mars trine MC (0°81′)

    Uranus sesquiquadrate MC (0°90′)

    Mars sextile Chiron (0°91′)

    Venus biquintile Pluto (0°99′)

    However, the majority of the aspects listed above remains a huge mystery to me – but I hope to explore their depths and find the right way for channeling them into my life…

    I’m still much more aware of the following ones, though they’re less tight:


    Sun sextile Neptune (1°10′)

    Venus conjunct Mars (1°11′)

    Mercury square Saturn (1°22′)

    Moon trine Uranus (1°25′)

    Moon trine Jupiter (1°36′)

    Sun trine Pluto (1°54′)

    On the whole, I feel the squares and the conjunction much more strongly than the trines – maybe because the energy of a trine is so flowing and comes so easily and naturally to me, that it mostly remains in the background and is often taken for granted, giving me some innate harmony but also a lot of laziness, together with the belief that everything will turn out good even without my effort… :-/ 

    Shortly after I entered the world of Astrology, I was very happy to have those trines at first, but now I see that their relaxed quality often prevents me from developing talents which the more challenging aspects could suppose…

    My least tight aspects are:

    Mercury square Pluto (3°33′) – out of sign

    Saturn conjunct Pluto (4°58′) – out of sign

    Mars square Neptune (5°04′)

    Venus square Neptune (6°15′) 

    Moon opposition AC (6°16′)

    Sun trine Saturn (6°51′) – out of sign (felt more like a square!)

    Pluto square MC (6°69′)

    I can still relate to them a lot, especially to the square between Venus and Neptune, since Venus is also the ruler of my natal chart.

    • Michelle

      maybe because the energy of a trine is so flowing and comes so easily and naturally to me, that it mostly remains in the background and is often taken for granted

      I think that’s exactly it. I have Sun trine Neptune and, maybe appropriately, I usually forget about it.

      Also, it’s interesting that many of your tightest aspects involve “minor” aspects.

  • Urumtsug

    I guess 0,02 degrees is tight enough to be called tight. To get this I had to reduce the orb to 1% and I still had two aspects on screen. Yes, I have tons of tight aspects. Fortunately, the tightest one is Jupiter Rx in Taurus 7th house, trine Pluto Rx in Virgo 10th house. I should either have luck with money, power or death. Power I do not want, money wants nothing to do with me and I have survived deadly accidents with scratches. I guess a 0,00 trine would make me immortal.  Chiron in Pisces opposing Uranus in Virgo is almost as tight with an orb of 0,04. Chiron taking the edge off sudden Uranian events, perhaps. Apparently I’m needed alive. 

    • Michelle

      I guess a 0,00 trine would make me immortal
      My guess is that any real immortals are keeping mum.

      Chiron in Pisces opposing Uranus in Virgo is almost as tight with an orb of 0,04.
      Uranus opposite Chiron has been in effect off and on for a long time. I’m not sure of the exact duration (I’ll get to it when I go through Chiron aspects). Four minutes off is a very tight aspect.

      • Urumtsug

        My guess is that any real immortals would get tired of immortality in the first 150 years. 

        • Michelle

          It would get old after a while (ha!)

  • Anonymous

    i got a lot of tight aspects:
    sun semi sextile venus-
    sun square mars
    moon trine pluto
    moon conjunct vesta
    mercury trine jupiter
    venus trine mars
    venus trine saturn
    mars quantile juno- i am obessessed with getting married.
    saturn semi square uranus
    eris opposite saturn- this is a huge question for me
    Pluto trine vesta

    is it normal to have a lot of tight aspect? what does that mean?

    • is it normal to have a lot of tight aspect?
      It varies. Some people have only a few and others have a huge list. Personally, I think that the closer an aspect is, the more influence it has.

  • Not sure how I ran into this post. I tend to have one or more of your posts on one browser tab or another. lol
    so heh, let me reply for a change… 🙂

    At 10% – Sun sq MC 0°50’a | Venus semi-sq. MC 0°05’a | Mars sq. MC 0°16’s
    This is NO surprise. Gaining career success is a constant struggle!! 🙂 I have 7 squares, 7 semi-squares, and 2 sesquidrates. *ugh*

    Help?! 🙂 haha

    • That’s rough! What are the closest flowing aspects to your MC?

      • Hi Michele!! My first response was: “tough”! No, they are not. BUT, they are. I guess that’s the fighting spirit, eh? lol

        Mercury Sextile MC (4° orb). 🙂 Other aspects are: Mercury Inconjunt Chiron (sucks when Chiron is in the 3rd house!!! lol <– someone up "there" or over there must have thought that was a funny one to give me… hehe), Mercury trine AC, and Mercury semi-sextile Uranus.

        • I can relate. I have Mercury conjunct Chiron.

          I guess it’s good that Mercury sextiles your MC. Even with the inconjunct to Chiron, it has a positive influence on your career direction.

          • Oh… haha…. conjunct / inconjunct … so your thoughts are at one with Chiron whereas I can’t always catch what he’s trying to teach me!. or maybe I’m just ignoring him… *erg*

            Communication is a big thing for me so I would say that a lot of the problems we have with others has to do with communication challenges. With Merc Conjunct Chiron, maybe it means that a stronger understanding (inside scoop) can be had of your pain so that other people can be helped to heal their communication pain? …

            • With Merc Conjunct Chiron, maybe it means that a stronger understanding (inside scoop) can be had of your pain so that other people can be helped to heal their communication pain? …
              I don’t know Abella. I doubt know if it’s that straightforward.

              • hehe… I just “try” to make things simple but it’s always complicated… 🙂 I found some more stuff from various astrologers about Chiron from Zane Stein’s website section on Chiron:

                “Chiron – The desire to reintegrate the spirit into the body. Soul mate urge that defines the need for soul/body healing. Reduction of painful lifestyles by healing the soul instead of the psychology. Use of a mentor for learning desired skills and philosophies. Stepping stone or stumbling block. Body purification and healthy lifestyle offer physical healings. Techniques of rebirthing, soul retrieval and shamanic journeys create soul healing. ”

                This seems to support my Virgo-Pisces polarity argument. That it’s the blended force of Virgo-Pisces that Chiron partially embodies. So neither Virgo or Pisces are ruled by Chiron but rather they are a patron or mentor of Chiron (the student is the teacher, sort of thing). I say that Chiron is not ruled by Virgo and if any sign should be ruled by Chiron it be Pisces or maybe even Sag BUT I don’t think Chiron rules any sign. 🙂

                Larry Williamson ( says that the discovery of Chiron was connected to a resurgence of interest in martial arts, health foods, yoga, Eastern. While those things are physical and earthy they are also spiritual too. Williamson says, “Chiron not only taught the art of healing, but also warrior-ship, philosophy and music. ” and to me we have at least Virgo, Sag and Pisces influence in this statement. Interestingly, my husband and other Pisces I know have trained in martial arts. That might be due to other planetary / sign influences; however, it’s something to note.

                I think arguments can be made for Virgo, Sag (Jupiter), Pisces (Neptune), and even Scorpio (Pluto) but only “one” sign being ruled by Chiron doesn’t seem plausible and that makes me want to say that Chiron doesn’t rule any sign. It learns from other signs and attempts to teach what it transmutes back but it’s not a symbiotic connection.

                And I laugh now because who am I to talk about Chiron when I have done very little research on the matter? So I say again, chalk it up to musings… 🙂 hehe

                Hope your day is going well Michelle!!

                • You seem to be very passionate about which sign rules Chiron. Have you thought about writing a series of posts for your blog exploring what Chiron’s rulership under each sign would be like?

                  • Hey Michelle,
                    I’m passionate about most things! *super grin*..

                    I didn’t have much opinion about who Chiron ruled until I was doing some research about Virgo and Libra being the only signs listed as the secondary “home” sign. That’s when I came upon the theory that Barbara Hand Clow believes that Chiron rules Virgo.

                    But I’m not convinced which sign is ruled by Chiron and in fact don’t think any sign does but if one were it would probably be Pisces or Sag for the reasons mentioned. 🙂

                    So I would write a blog post but I don’t have a solid leg to stand on yet so that’s why I haven’t published anything about Chiron BUT I do have stubs… In fact, I have about 60 drafts of stuff… lol…

                    It’s been great discussing Chiron with you. I have Jupiter Libra in the 9th and planets in the 7th so I find learning and chatting with others helps fine-tune opinions… so Thank YOU and hopefully our discussion was fruitful for you as well… 🙂

                    I really appreciate your blog and interactions…

              • did I just reply on the wrong thread re: Chiron?

                • it doesn’t matter too much 🙂

                  • I think I’ll take your advice and do a blog post and just preface with not having done much study on it and such… anyway, most of what I write about is my personal theory based on nothing anyway. 😉

                    • I think that’s a great idea. Just get your ideas out and see what people think 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t sure how close you were wanting to get so I stopped at around an orb of 30′.
    I’m using Lahiri sidereal with this, just so you know.

    You come up some of the coolest ideas.:-)

    Mercury (Sco 05°25’) Chiron (Ari 04°57’) wan. sep.
    inconjunction (150°00’) orb: 0°28’

    Mercury (Sco 05°25’) Ascendant (Gem 05°32’) wan. sep.
    inconjunction (150°00’) orb: 0°07’

    Mercury (Sco 05°25’) Part of Fortune (Pis 20°16’) wax. app.
    sesquisquare (135°00’) orb: 0°09’

    Venus (Sag 08°29’) Jupiter (Tau 02°53’) wan. app. biquintile
    (144°00’) orb: 0°24’

    Venus (Sag 08°29’) Saturn (Can 23°13’) wax. sep.
    sesquisquare (135°00’) orb: 0°16’

    Uranus (Lib 14°58’) East Point (Tau 20°36’) wan. app. biquintile
    (144°00’) orb: 0°22’

    Neptune (Sco 19°25’) Chiron (Ari 04°57’) wax. app.
    sesquisquare (135°00’) orb: 0°32’

    Midheaven (Aqu 17°49’) Vesta (Can 02°45’) wan. sep.
    sesquisquare (135°00’) orb: 0°04’

    Moon (Leo 15°04’) Uranus (Lib 14°58’) wan. sep. sextile
    (60°00’) orb: 0°07’

    Mars (Sco 03°00’) Jupiter (Tau 02°53’) sep. opposition
    (180°00’) orb: 0°06’

    Mars (Sco 03°00’) Vesta (Can 02°45’) wax. sep. trine
    (120°00’) orb: 0°15’

    Jupiter (Tau 02°53’) Vesta (Can 02°45’) wax. app. sextile
    (60°00’) orb: 0°09’

    Saturn (Can 23°13’) Vertex (Lib 23°30’) wax. sep. square
    (90°00’) orb: 0°18’

    Neptune (Sco 19°25’) Pluto (Vir 19°37’) wax. app. sextile
    (60°00’) orb: 0°11’

    North Node (Lib 09°51’) Juno (Lib 09°27’) app. conjunction
    (0°00’) orb: 0°24’

    South Node (Ari 09°51’) Juno (Lib 09°27’) app. opposition
    (180°00’) orb: 0°24’

    Part of Fortune (Pis 20°16’) East Point (Tau 20°36’) sep. sextile
    (60°00’) orb: 0°20’

    Sun (Sco 00°21’) Chiron (Ari 04°57’) wan. app. triseptile
    (154°17’) orb: 0°19’

    Sun (Sco 00°21’) Midheaven (Aqu 17°49’) wax. app. tridecile
    (108°00’) orb: 0°32’

    Mercury (Sco 05°25’) Venus (Sag 08°29’) wan. app. undecile or semisextile
    (32°44’) orb: 0°21’

    Mercury (Sco 05°25’) Midheaven (Aqu 17°49’) wax. app. biseptile
    (102°51’) orb: 0°28’

    Venus (Sag 08°29’) Mars (Sco 03°00’) wax. app. decile
    (36°00’) orb: 0°30’

    Venus (Sag 08°29’) Vertex (Lib 23°30’) wan. sep. semisquare
    (45°00’) orb: 0°01’

    Mars (Sco 03°00’) Uranus (Lib 14°58’) wax. sep. vigintile
    (18°00’) orb: 0°02’

    Mars (Sco 03°00’) Juno (Lib 09°27’) wax. app. quindecile
    (24°00’) orb: 0°28’

    Jupiter (Tau 02°53’) Ascendant (Gem 05°32’) wax. app. undecile
    (32°44’) orb: 0°05’

    Jupiter (Tau 02°53’) East Point (Tau 20°36’) wax. app. vigintile
    (18°00’) orb: 0°17’

    Saturn (Can 23°13’) South Node (Ari 09°51’) wan. app. biseptile
    (102°51’) orb: 0°30’

    Saturn (Can 23°13’) Chiron (Ari 04°57’) wax. sep. tridecile
    (108°00’) orb: 0°16’

    Neptune (Sco 19°25’) North Node (Lib 09°51’) wan. sep. novile
    (40°00’) orb: 0°26’

    Neptune (Sco 19°25’) Juno (Lib 09°27’) wan. sep. novile
    (40°00’) orb: 0°02’

    Ascendant (Gem 05°32’) Midheaven (Aqu 17°49’) sep. tridecile
    (108°00’) orb: 0°16’

    Midheaven (Aqu 17°49’) Part of Fortune (Pis 20°16’) app. undecile
    (32°44’) orb: 0°17’

    Part of Fortune (Pis 20°16’) Vesta (Can 02°45’) wan. sep. biseptile
    (102°51’) orb: 0°23’

    Moo contraparallel of declination Mar (orb: 0°29’)
    Sun contraparallel of declination Moo (orb: 0°36’)
    Sun contraparallel of declination Jup (orb: 0°11’)

    • That’s a lot of tight minor aspects!

      Ho hum…eventually I will get a program that can find all the little aspects – I do want to know what they mean.

      • Anonymous


        The place where I got these from was Clairvision Virtual Astrologer.
        It’s a really cool site and it’s totally free. 🙂
        (I know I sound like an advertisement, lol!)
        They don’t explain all of the aspects like the quintile, septiles etc unfortunately,but they list them.

        Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look….

        • I like that site, I’ve been there…I forgot they did all the minors. Now I’m going to have to get mine! 😉

        • Wow! I forgot how many awesome things they have on that site. I just made a list of my Arabic points, midpoints, minor aspects…and I’m still looking.

          • Anonymous

            Very Cool! ^_^

          • dollsizedpistol

            When I enter my info on that site, it puts my POF in Virgo instead of Pisces – does anyone know why that might be?? I can’t figure out what’s different…

            • dollsizedpistol

              ahh, it looks like clairvision is using the day formula on my night chart. strange. is this a bug or do some use the same formula day or night?

              • I’m guessing that some sites don’t account for the formula change between day and night charts.

                I forget what the exact difference is…just found it on cafeastrology:

                For day charts, Ascendant + Moon – Sun

                For night charts, Ascendant + Sun – Moon

                (For anyone reading this a “night” chart is one with the Sun below the ascendant/descendant axis, while a “day” chart is one with the Sun above the ascendant/descendant axis).

                • dollsizedpistol

                  thanks Michelle. Btw, do you (or anyone!) know how I can set it up so I get alerts to replies on here?

                  • Under the empty comment box up top there are two options to subscribe to the comments for each individual post: Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS . Just select one and follow the prompts. You can unsubscribe from the comment updates at any time.

          • Ken

            There is nothing about astrology on that website. Much less anything about minor aspects.

            • Ken

              I was referring to this link which someone above suggested for checking out one’s minor aspects. There is no astrology on that site now. Perhaps it used to have an astrological element in the past. Not now, though

              • Yes, it’s a shame. It looks like Clairvision changed their site around. They used to have a great detailed report on minor aspects.

  • I’m so glad you’re liking it 😀

    Take heart with those celebrity compatibilities my best matches were either dead, gay, or…the oldest living man in the world! My best match so far was Jean-Paul Gaultier.

  • dollsizedpistol

    I love your blog!! Thanks for giving me new things to look at in my chart without getting into weird stuff!

    My two tightest are (stick around until 2.3%):
    Jupiter trine Uranus (H1, H5) (??? very curious about this.. don’t get it)
    NNode square Chiron (H3, H7) (karmic stuff manifesting in my relationships, starting early on. i.e., really sucky stuff coming up in romantic relationships, even starting when I was very young and just had crushes)

    also very tight:
    Mars sextile Pluto (?)
    Saturn conjunct Uranus (H1) (internal feeling of fighting against the chains holding me down, absolute NEED to break free. I must be unfettered. Though it seems often there is nothing really holding me back but me.. or some invisible force. I think there is probably much more to this aspect that I’m not getting…)
    Mercury trine Chiron (H2, H7) (healing words, want to help heal people when I’m in close relationships)
    NN square Chiron (H3, H7)
    Chiron sextile Lilith (H7, H8)

    I also looked up whose Mars is on my Venus and vice-versa on astrotheme. Really fun to see what celebrities you’d have amazing sex with! Look out Miley Cyrus LMAO…. JFK Jr., Billie Joe Armstrong, Stephen Colbert, Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra. Too bad all the attractive males are either dead and/or married!!

  • Kelly

    mine is moon _/_ pluto, what this aspect is? i mean, what is _/_?

  • That is a lot of tight Jupiter aspects. Jupiter sextile Pluto should give you a big boost of resourcefulness when you need it. I have Jupiter square Uranus too, but not in super tight aspect 😀

  • That is a lot of tight Jupiter aspects. Jupiter sextile Pluto should give you a big boost of resourcefulness when you need it. I have Jupiter square Uranus too, but not in super tight aspect 😀

  • I love this site Michelle, I am learning so much!

    My tightest aspects are:
    – Moon (24 deg. Libra, 9th house) trine Mars (24 deg. Gemini, 5th house)
    – Venus (0 deg. Leo, 6th/7th house) opposition Ascendant (1 deg. Aquarius)
    – Jupiter (17 deg. Leo, 7th house) trine Neptune (17 deg. Sagittarius, 11th house)
    – Jupiter (17 deg. Leo, 7th house) square Uranus (16 deg. Scorpio, 10th house)
    – Jupiter (17 deg. Leo, 7th house) sextile Pluto (16 deg. Libra, 9th house)
    – POF (18 deg. Aries, 3rd house) conjunct Ceres (18 deg. Aries, 3rd house)
    – POF (18 deg. Aries, 3rd house) trine Neptune (17 deg. Sagittarius, 11th house)
    – POF (18 deg. Aries, 3rd house) biquintile Saturn (12 deg. Virgo, 8th house)

    I am surprised at how much Jupiter is involved in my chart and how the positive aspects outweigh the negative because that is what I tend to focus on. I actually thought the Sun would be all over the place too.

    I knew about the strength of Moon trine Mars though, it is my favorite aspect in my chart. Anytime I read about a “bad” aspect in my chart (like Saturn sq. Neptune, yikes), I read descriptions of Moon trine Mars afterwards. It is my “You can do it!” aspect.
    Venus opp. Ascendant is no surprise because people and relationships matter so much to me.

    The rest I have to read more about…

    • Seantorres

      would love to talk to you….

  • Christine

    Hey, how have I *not* seen this blog? My closest aspects are: Mercury trine Neptune, Mars trine Jupiter, Pluto trine Midheaven, Asc. quincunx NN, and Venus semi-square NN. I like the trines a lot. It’s time to capitalize on some of those goodies!

    • I like your use of the word “capitalize.” Last night a friend gave me a new book called Spiritual Astrology, by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy. I haven’t had much time to look at it but under Pluto in the 2nd house they write:

      You might withhold your power to use personal resources to transform your financial situation. Such withholding defeats all opportunity for an expansion of material security. You may neglect to take your ideas and talents out into the world for fear of being vicitimized. Thus, your values are not given a chance to produce material results for anyone.

      • Christine

        Wow, I’ve never thought about it that way before. I guess I *do* kind of hide my ideas and talents. I think it’s because I don’t like the pressure. I like to be flattered, but I don’t want anyone to expect anything out of me. I’m a Taurus, with Taurus in Mercury. I also have Neptune & Uranus in the 3rd house. I’ll come to my ideas and thoughts in my own time. What about you? How do you relate to the Pluto in the 2nd description?

        • I think this is the first description of Pluto in the 2nd that I’ve really been able to relate to. I think I hold back. This blog is my first attempt at putting my myself out there to see if what I have to offer has any value. In the past some part of me would think that people don’t care about what I care about, people don’t relate to what I relate to, and that what I find valuable wouldn’t mean anything to other people. So, I guess there was a fear surrounding the rejection of my core values that prevented me from trying.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I never even noticed that option on I have 8. Sun semisquare Venus, and conjunct Mars; Moon trine Pluto; Venus square Pluto and Midheaven; Jupiter and Uranus trine Ascendant; Saturn sextile Neptune; Pluto opposite Midheaven. Taking the orb up brings in most of the rest of my “exact” aspects. I have so many of those I can’t really pick out which ones effect me more. Since most of them involve Pluto (either directly or through aspect patterns) I’ve always been described as simply being intense.

    • You have a lot of tight aspects. With so many tight Pluto aspects I imagine that you would be very intense. Do you play sports? Thank you for reading my blog, jjasonham 😀

      • Anonymous

        You’re very welcome. I like your analysis and it’s just really pretty to look at :). I don’t play sports anymore, and although I am athletic, I was never really interested in them that much. I get that a lot, though, since my Sun/Mars sesquiquadrates Pluto (and Saturn) in Libra and semisquare my Aries Midheaven (all under a degree). I’m a singer/actor, and dancing puts me in a whole different place. I attribute that to Sun/Mars being in Gemini with Mercury intercepted in Taurus 10th house with Leo Rising. I just read your friend’s astrology question so I’ve been thinking about my career development. Cheers

        • Very interesting…thank you for the feedback on your placements. I’m glad you like the prettiness- I like visually attractive blog posts too.

  • Anonymous

    My tightest aspect is Venus conjunct Uranus in Sag in the 12th house. Since its in the 12th I think I have difficulty seeing how I express it. I think I’ve always been a little “different” especially within my family; my views, things that I love, who I’m attracted to etc, have always been completely unique to me. People usually perceive me very differently than I perceive myself.

    • You are not aware of how obvious the Uranus-Venus trait is. The 12th house is intriguing to me- probably because I don’t have any planets (just Juno) there.

      • angeline/elise

        Great post!! Michelle, you are exactly right on the obviousness of this aspect..especially if it’s within 10 deg of the asc. to OTHERS! I wanted to comment to touch on the possible danger of this aspect/house combo. Bringing 12th house Venus issues of falling for deceptive, mentally ill, addictive personalities, or incarcerated people and combining it with rebellious Uranus can be a dangerous mix! Sometimes the deception is carried alone in the eye of the beholder in this one! It’s best with a person with this signature take time to work on their 12th house issues or have someone they can trust guide them before they quickly (Uranus) get caught up in the current (Neptune) of love!

        • Thanks for reading my blog Angeline- and thank you for the feedback too 😀