Saturn Square Pluto: Commit or Bust


Transiting Saturn in Libra is still squaring transiting Pluto in Capricorn: it’s time to take relationships to a new level of commitment, or it’s time to let relationships die as they outlive their usefulness. Committed relationships want to be recognized at this time- especially officially recognized. There’s urgent tension between the need to commit and the need to transform. We want relationships to feel solid and secure as the structures around us seem to be collapsing. We want to tear down the old guard of what no longer works for us and we want to build relationships that will stand the test of time. At the same time that we crave stability, we are being forced to deal with any fears of commitment. By the summer, with Uranus in Aries, and the looming Cardinal Grand Cross, many of us will find ourselves at a crossroads between staying the course and striking off on our own when it comes to all types of partnerships.

  • Where do your relationships stand?
  • Is it time to take a relationship to the next level, or is it time to move on?
  • What is the next level in your relationship?
  • Are you afraid of commitment? What holds you back?

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  • OLLO

    Hi Michelle
    Great site!
    I’ve been dealing with a major T-Square between my Venus in Aries at 9, opposing Pluto in libra at 8 square Saturn in Cancer at 12 (in the 7th house)
    Oh yeah and some could consider it a grand cross with Capricorn rising 5 degrees
    Saturn squared my mars 0 Aquarius
    And conjoined my Uranus 2 Scorpio as well
    Uranus in Aries also factoring in with conjunction to my Venus opposing Pluto and squaring Saturn
    Back and forth
    Back and forth
    I feel as if I’ve been emotionally gang raped by these planets!
    I guess I need this
    No other choice but to take it and transcend
    Made it so far
    Pluto is now opposing my Saturn in the 7th
    Been avoiding a divorce for over two years
    Feel I really screwed up my marriage to whom I feel was my soul mate
    Final Pluto transit makes me feel if I don’t let go now I’ll be causing more harm
    Have a serious hard time letting go
    But it seems that’s what all the transits are asking me to do
    Every last one of them!

    • I don’t envy you! Btw, we have a Venus/Venus and Pluto/Pluto conjunction 🙂 (with your Saturn on my Mars!)

  • Bob

    “There’s urgent tension between the need to commit and the need to transform..”and the rest.
    god, you killed it. bullseye.
    ouch. thanks. ouch. thanks.

    • Michelle

      Thanks 🙂

  • Dianne

    Came upon your blog by browsing the net, and wanted to add this to your “commit or bust” thread: the Universe has designs that, even if we try to dodge, will assert themselves regardless. I am watching married couples that *should* have broken up long ago going through very, very painful “transformations” (one couple has the wife going through stage 3 cancer). They stayed together because one of them was scared of being “alone” and the other was afraid of having no one to control. So Pluto square Saturn will END THAT WHICH IS INEQUAL. Of course, some where, some how, someone will figure out how to beat this system and/or use it to their advantage and will be forced to wait another Saturn cycle until the chickens come home to roost. But the writings on the wall, that’s for sure.

    • Those are very good points. Thank you for taking the time to share them.

  • Natasha

    On FB the Leo’s actually listed as one of my brothers! I guess the one I’m most attached to in that case.

    • I think that Geminis like a kind of sibling camaraderie, even with the person that they’re attracted to and want as a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Natasha

    With me and the Virgo it’s nice, and safe, and mental/emotional… But seeing how we don’t relate supremely well, it can get a little iffy.

    Anyway. Sorry for using comments like this, mm… eh. >>

    • I like comments. As long as they’re nice 😀

      I imagine that Virgo-Gemini could start to get on each other’s nerves after a while. You’re both communicative but in different ways. Gemini is cerebral while Virgo likes to apply their mental focus to substance.

  • Natasha

    …. I’m more in tune emotionally/human wise/sexually with the Leo, what can I say. -shrug- xDD

    • You have that Mars in Leo and his Sun falls in either your 7th or 8th house (though the Virgo falls in your 8th too). His Sun might also make an aspect to your Moon-Pluto, and that’s a strong connection.

  • Natasha

    Hehe. Well, maybe ‘undecided’ or thinking about it would be good terms as well. : D

    Eh, psh, I’m a youngin, what do I need with love.

  • Natasha

    Well I don’t know if the Virgo’s ‘just’ a friend anymore; I mean I’m kinda confused about what’s going on with us, lol. Husband and wife, uh-huh, sure. Hanging around all, touchy feely…

    As for my Leo pal I just like being in his company; he’s warm and we’re both Scorpio Moons so that helps. -shrug-

    • So, “it’s complicated”? :p

  • Natasha

    Ah-haha, yes Michelle, and on facebook we’re even ‘married’. He really does treat me… in the tender way that goes along with that status.

    However now for some reason I’m more than ever attracted to my Leo friend. But just that I guess, as a friend.

    I’m not sure what’s gonna happen when these guys go to college this September!

    • Oh, that’s going to suck. You’re still a junior, right? So the Virgo is still in the picture, but as a friend and the Leo is still there too, but also as a friend. That’s too bad.

  • sw

    This is timely. I have been in a relationship for 5+ months with a great guy with great baggage…great no being so great in this case. I care about him, but he is waffling on comittment and frankly I am not so upset about that. I keep reflecting on the love I felt for my last boyfriend and although that ended badly, I hold the feelings of that love close to my heart…current boyfriend doesn’t match up. I suppose that isn’t fair, but it is the truth. Ironically the old boyfriend “showed up” on Sunday after a year of no contact & yesterday Facebook suggested that I “friend” him…I am not sure how FB made the match becasue he is not a contact in any of my lists and we have no friends in common. Hummmm??? I don’t want the old bfreind…just the feeling associated with truely being in love and desiring a committed relationship. I suspect the universe is trying to help me out here… 🙂 PS: I am a Libra…

    • Thank you sw, I do think it’s timely. I sometimes go to a therapist and yesterday when I went to see her we spent an hour talking about marriage- so, “commitment” was very much on my mind.

      I suspect the universe (and Facebook) is helping you out. Maybe by reconnecting with him you can pinpoint exactly what is was that you liked about that relationship and discover precisely what isn’t working about your current relationship. If you were born in the early degrees of Libra then this Saturn-Pluto square will have a big effect on you. Even if you weren’t, I imagine that by the end of this summer you will have a much better grasp on what it is that you need to be in a happy relationship.

      Thank you for reading my blog 😀

  • Natasha

    This actually relates to me Michelle; I’m at the age now, lol.

    • Oh yeah… what’s new? Are you still hooked on that Virgo?

  • Christine

    Oi, everything sounds so scary! 🙁

    • I think everything is scary because there is so much intense energy flying around, and everything is going to come to a head this summer.