Composites: 1+1=1


Cracked egg with Sun and planetsA composite chart consists of two natal charts that have been combined to make one new chart.

The midpoints between each pair of planets in the natal charts creates one composite planet.

If my Sun is 20 Aries and my friend’s Sun is 20 Gemini our composite Sun would be about 20 Taurus – midway between the two Suns.

This composite Sun would show the core of our relationship, what it was based on.

The composite chart plots the midpoints between all the planets and angles to create a new chart to show what happens when two people get together.

Make your own composite charts

  • Go to horoscopes-extended chart selection.
  • Enter your data and the data of the person you want to make a chart with.
  • Under “Methods” select “Composite Chart, Midpoint method (2).”
  • Press “click here to show the chart.”

Looking through my composite charts with exes and I made an obvious connection for the first time: three of my exes were Aquarians, and all three of our composite Suns were in Pisces.

No matter which day an Aquarian is born on, our Suns will always combine to equal a Pisces Sun. I always end up in Piscean – flavored relationships when I date Aquarians.

Pisces is the sign on my Descendant and all three of these composite Suns fell in my 7th house. None of these relationships lasted.

Playing around more I discovered that when I combine my Sun with another person’s Sun, using the composite mid-point method, the composite Sun can only be in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, but not in Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Sag.

The Sun sign possibilities in the composite chart will always be limited by the degree of the natal Sun.

I knew the limitations of the other planets, but I never put it together concerning the Sun.

Because of this inherent limitation, does it make sense to bother with signs in a composite chart?

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  • Christine

    Also, I think it’s kind of difficult because I feel like the symbolism of the planets and the houses mean slightly different things in Composite charts.

    • Yes, it’s sometimes difficult to remember the differences, and that everything relates to a couple rather than to an individual- but that might just be my Aries mind that has trouble with it 😉

  • Anonymous

    Cute 🙂 The only thing that I like about our composite chart is that we are a Taurus! The rest of it, is a bit embarrassing. Well good, I can add another astrologer to my list for couple work if it comes my way. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My last ex, before I was an astrologer and went to a local one in my area, claimed I had the ‘best’ composite/synastry EVA with the dude. Pfft, fast forward just over two years and studying it all myself – and I wonder why anyone would think that a packed 12th house Virgo would do well with a 12th House Cap Moon? I mean, hello? lol Maybe she needed a few more lessons beyond compatibility with Earth signs 😛 Anywho, my present hubby and I, who work extremely well, especially in the tough times – have one of the worst composite charts – with Moon oppose Pluto and all! it only has two easy aspects – Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Sun trine Pluto, and that is like clawing at the barrel. So yes, I have not taken composites on board as a way to do relationship studies but would not be adverse to a reading from someone who was uber pro at them. I do think couple studies are best done as individual charts so that both evolutions and life experiences are considered into the equation.

    • I really like to look at composite charts, but I agree that the natal charts need to be taken into account. With one of the Aquarians I mentioned I had incredible synastry- Sun opp Moon, Sun sextile Sun, Venus sextile Venus, Sun conjunct Ascendant, Moon sextile Moon- lots of good connections. However, the composite chart revealed a double T-square: one involving Mars-Moon-Neptune, and the other involving Mars-Moon-Sun. Dating him was one of the worst mistakes of my life!

      The natal charts really show what each person expects from the relationship individually. All that easy synastry with that Aquarian actually left me feeling incredibly bored. With my current boyfriend (of 10 years) we have a ton of inconjuncts through synastry. He has a pile of planets in Virgo and I have a pile in Aries. I think that many people would say it definitely couldn’t work, but, I have Virgo rising, and we both have a packed 8th house, and we both have Earth rising, and our Saturns are exactly trine. Everything needs to be taken into consideration. By composite we have a Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 11th trine Saturn in the 7th- we are each other’s best friend.

      • Christine

        That’s interesting! I keep thinking about mine and my boyfriend’s synastry and to be honest, sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s a whole lot going on there. I haven’t taken a look at it in a long time. We have our share of inconjuncts and quintiles. We don’t have a lot of major aspects going on, but the ones we do have are kinda interesting, and I think some of our house overlays are interesting. I don’t understand synastry like I do natal charts… yet!

        I think our Composite chart is pretty interesting. Our Composite Sun is in the 1st house in Capricorn, and opposes our Venus in Cancer in the 7th house — both at 26 degrees. This Sun-Venus opposition sits on my boyfriend’s South Node-North Node axis at 27 degrees. Kinda neat!

        • That’s definitely neat. I think that synastry and composite both have merit, but I think that the composite does better at showing the ultimate goal of the relationship. I was going to post a few charts of me + exes in composite and in synastry as examples, but i think I’ll feel way too overexposed.

          • Christine

            I think that’d be kind of cool to see, though. If you feel comfortable, maybe you can just do one. Talk about the good parts in your synastry, but why it didn’t work in the composite chart. You can do a bad one — like that Aquarius. My worst dating mistake was dating a Scorpio/Virgo Rising/Libra Moon. He had Venus in Libra, and Mars in Sagittarius. Yuck! What was I thinking! Come to think of it, his Moon-Venus conjunction in Libra made him really… pretty. Again, YUCK!

            • I have to think about it, but it would good as an example.

              I dated a Scorpio/ Virgo rising/ Taurus Moon/ Venus in Capricorn/ Mars in Aries- our composite had Moon opposite Neptune over the MC-IC axis with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 5th- it was fun while it lasted 🙂

              Edit to add- did his Moon-Venus fall near your Ascendant?

              • Christine

                So, you had a Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries. And Venus in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer?? Sounds kind of hot if you ask me.

                • It was spontaneous and exciting:) Unfortunately, it was ultimately doomed because we live in different states. Plus, I was starting to realize I wanted to get back together with Bf at that time.

                  • Christine

                    Oh… That Aquarian. Would it be really creepy if I remember reading about him?

                    Yeah, His Venus-Moon conjunction was right on my Ascendant. He was just really girly. I never want to think about us dating again. 😛

                    • No, it’s not any more creepy than me remembering everyone’s placements- you just have a good memory 😀

                      Seeing him as girly makes so much sense with two of his most feminine planets right on your Ascendant. Your outlook was that he was too feminine.

      • Sania

        I think that Composite Chart shows what kind of relationship we will have and is it going to last… but  my personal opinion is that it does’t really matter how “good” composite chart is with nice placement of planets, beautiful aspect..ect .

        The most imortant thing is I think  feeling comfortable with composite energie. So, for example if you have a composite chart with Moon in Cancer you will think that this will be  warm relationship  but if one of the partners have nataly Moon in Aquarius ..i don’t think we can interpret this as a good Composite. So, we have to really take everything in consideration.