Progressed Moon in Scorpio


The Progressed Moon spends a little over two years traveling through each sign. My progressed Moon has been in Scorpio since the end of September 2009. I realized recently that I am obsessed with my blog and with astrology. Which house and planet is my progressed Moon is activating? The 3rd house and Uranus. Scorpio is the sign on my natal 3rd house cusp. Soon the progressed Moon will conjunct my natal North Node in Scorpio. I’m curious to see what experiences that will bring because it won’t happen again for another 27-28 years.

To find where your progressed Moon is go to:

  • horoscopes-extended chart selection
  • enter your birth data
  • under “Methods” select “Progressed chart” from the drop-down box
  • press “click here to show the chart”

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  • Peggy Willmott Baker

    My progressed moon will enter Scorpio next month. I am 69 years old and have gone through this before, the last time was in 1991 through 1993 when a serious relationship ended and a broken heart, I moved out of state and have not gone back. Last May 21st, I lost my husband of six years and my ex-husband of over thirty years ago is coming for a visit in Nov. My emotions are running like a faucet and I am not a very emotional person without any water planets but 29 deg. of Cancer rising. I am very apprehensive about this Moon change especially since my Sun is in Taurus. I wonder if this will cause another move or if my feelings for my ex will return.

  • Robin Joy Dore

    My progressed moon is in Sagittarius 27’02 in my 5th house using equal house. 

    I think it’s maybe helped me be a happier person.

    • My progressed Moon moves into Sagittarius in less than a month (and then onto the 3rd house). The past few years of Moon in Scorpio have been grueling.

      • Robin Joy Dore

        You have my greatest and sincerest sympathies…I can only imagine how it’s been for you, especially with it being in the second house. 

        As you were stating, intense and obsessive thoughts and feelings.

         My step daughter natally has a 8th house scorpio moon conjunct pluto and she’s a very intense person, to put it lightly:-).
        I’m really happy for you! ^_^
        I bet it’s a real relief for you. Things are probably going to really lighten and ease up for you with your moon moving into Sagittarius and into your 3rd house, as I’m sure you already know.:-) So, your 4th house will be activated because you natally have Sagittarius in your 4th house, wouldn’t it?  Cool!  Wouldn’t that double any Sagittarius traits for you because the 4th house is also related to our psychological make up? So on a subconscious and conscious level you would also be more Sagittarius. I would guess.

        My apologies,Please pardon my rambling through typing. I do that sometimes. 🙂

        • I really do hope that everything lightens up when my Moon progresses to Sagittarius. Right now it’s hanging out at 29 Scorpio in my 2nd house, and I feel like everything is about to change.

          You’re right too, my natal 4th cusp is Sagittarius and I’m also feeling a very strong desire to find a place to call home. I’ll be moving by October 15th and I’m looking for a place to live. The place I’ve been living never felt completely settled. It was a temporary landing place.

          • Robin Joy Dore

            I hope so too, that things will lighten up for you. If you’re feeling it, it must be happening. 🙂
            I hope that the changes you experience are positive one’s and when you move, I really hope that’s positive too.:-)

            I have a theory that maybe having a progressed Sagittarius moon could be a signifier of change or of creating change in a persons life. I don’t know if I mentioned it,but I and my husband are moving out of our place after living here for 13 years and we never felt at home either. 

            Like I said, just a theory.:-)

            • I like you’re theory and it works for me. About 28 years ago was the last time my progressed Moon was in Sagittarius and it was at that time that my family made a big move from one city to another.

              • Robin Joy Dore

                Wow, I sincerely wouldn’t have guessed that I might be on to something…cool:-) Now I can’t help but wonder about other progressed moons. Hm.

                • Where is your progressed Moon using Placidus (in your natal and progressed charts)?

                  • Robin Joy Dore

                    Using Placidus my Progressed Moon is still in the 5th house in my progressed chart . My progressed moon also appears to be in my natal 6th house conjunct my natal Descendant in Sagittarius 29′ and conjunct my Natal OOB Venus by 4degress which is in my 7th house.

                    I can read what the aspects/houses are in my progressed chart,but
                    I’m not very good at reading what the aspects/houses are when comparing my progressed chart to my natal chart,but compared to what information I recieve in Equal house as compared to Placidus, nothing changes as far as the progressed stellium goes…both times the stellium sits in my progressed 5th house….kind of odd, huh? or so it seems to me.

                     I hope I came across clearly with how I phrased that… I’m really tired today. 🙂

  • Natasha

    I know right? I was thinking that, about the boyfriend, lol. My sun is in Cancer as well, by the time I’m 19.

    Gem Moon in 6th… I think it’s also helped me focus a good deal on my health! A good time to breathe again.

    • I didn’t have my first real boyfriend until I was 19- it wasn’t a big deal, I wasn’t in a rush.

  • Natasha

    My progressed Moon is in Gemini! 6th house. Touching Pluto, the MC (just in progression) and Chiron.


    • Progressed Moon in Gemini in the 6th seems like an excellent placement for school work. I wonder if you’ll get a full time boyfriend when the Moon progresses to your 7th.

  • Guest

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