The Moon in Synastry


Birds in loveSynastry is more than comparing sign placements. It’s important to look at the aspects and house overlay of each Moon too.

If one person has the Moon in Taurus and the other has the Moon in Sagittarius, many would say this is not a good match because the signs are quincunx. But, if the Sag Moon aspects Venus and the Taurus Moon aspects Jupiter then these two have more in common than was first apparent. If, on top of that, both Moons are in the 5th house then these two seemingly “incompatible” Moons actually have a great deal in common.

Aspects from other planets to the Moon do not have to be identical in each chart. One person may have Uranus square the Moon while the other has Uranus sextile Moon. The square person brings inner tension to the relationship while the sextile person brings easy energy. If handled well, the person with the sextile can demonstrate to the person with the square how to use his energy with less stress.

It can help if each person has a planet in the same sign as the other person’s Moon- then the sign expression is represented in both charts. The Moon shows what we need to feel emotionally satisfied. If one person has Mars in Scorpio while the other has Moon in Scorpio then the Mars person understands what to do to make the Moon person feel satisfied. They don’t need to have the same Moon sign. They don’t need to feel the same way to meet the other’s emotional needs. The Moon person instinctively understands why the Mars person acts the way he does and how it is that he asserts himself while the Mars person knows just what to do to make the Moon person feel better.

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  • Aatif Azio

    Moon Trine Moon is very crucial in long term friendship or love relation. I have personally experienced it and also seen in successful couples synastry charts.
    Also if someone Sun takes over ur Moon through conjunction. Another powerful relationship when it comes to emotion.
    I have noticed Juno conjunct other ASC in relationship charts.
    There is another possibility when it comes to communication
    Sun conjunct Mercury in composite.
    Also Venus in 2nd House in Composite make it easy for Gifts exchange And both SUNs in Fire Signs or in compatible element in synastry.

    • Tight Saturn connections help too.

      • Aatif Azio

        i have noticed Saturn/Venus combination helps in long term and most committed relationships.

  • Erika W.

    With the man I am seeing, we have an exact Moon opposition with me at 24 Libra and him at 24 Aries. The differences are very apparent (he even describes me as “sweet” and “gentle”, while he says he is “rough” and “rugged”). It’s funny, he is a military guy (Mars) and I am a counselor (Venus). I like it though, it’s almost like a Venus/Mars opposition.

    • Hi Erika,

      Moon/Mars can show a welcome acceptance of the other person’s advances in a sexual relationship. You have some nice connections!

  • Fivezenses

    I have a Mars in Gemini (3rd House) and the person I’m dealing with has a Moon in Gemini. He also has a Taurus Mars and I have a Scorpio Moon (8th House). It’s intense physically with him. But it’s also emotionally intense without saying a word at times. There is clearly playful flirty banter when we communicate and makes it light hearted.

  • Angelica

    Very interesting. Recently started more depth learning on natal.charts and relationships. Eye opening.

    My moon in Sagittarius 5 house. Husband moon in Taurus 6house. We are now in marriage counseling . My needs of emotional and physical are not met. Considering next step

  • Regina

    What are your thoughts on bi-quintiled Moons? My Leo Moon in the 10th bi-quintiles my SO’s Pisces Moon in the 12th.

    • Hi Regina,

      There’s something to Qs and BQs in synastry but I haven’t quite put my finger on what it is yet … something special 🙂

  • junemoonchild

    Myself: Moon in Capricorn in 1st House at 26 degrees
    My Partner: Moon in Taurus (and also) in 1st House at 26 degrees
    Composite: Moon in Pisces (and also) in 1st House at 26 degrees

    Any insight into this??

    • 26 degrees of the cardinal signs is considered a “critical degree” and is considered to add emphasis to the planet at that degree. Your Moon is on a critical degree but the others are not. Having all 3 Moons in tight connection shows a strong emotional connection (whether it’s positive or negative depends on which other planets are involved). Cap, Pisces and Taurus generally get along well together. Having all 3 in the first house means people notice that you care and you may come off individually, and together, as somewhat “parental.” Negatively, you could be smothering and let your emotions seep into the environment.

      • junemoonchild

        Thank you for your reply. I was mostly wondering how often something like this comes up in synastry…rare, common? I have never seen it, in my thirty-two years of astrological studies, and curious if you have and/or if it has any special significance.

        • The degree being the same happens, my ex and I had that with saturn: me 26 cancer, he 26 pisces, composite 26 taurus … the house is different for all three. Not sure how often both the house and degree are the same.

          • moonchild

            Thanx. Just received your reply.
            P.S. Astrofix is still in my top ten list of Astrology sites, which there are hundreds. Love it!!

            • I’m glad to see you’re still around 🙂

  • Renegadeastrology

    What about his Moon (Pisces) being opposite my Mars (Libra) – is that possible in these signs? – and our Moons being opposite each other (his in Pisces mine in Virgo)?  The moon opposition is connected with a dotted line, maybe that means a wide opposition.  Thanks!

    • It is possible to have an opposition between those signs; it would be an out-of-sign opposition.

  • Alohaastro

    My partner and I are blending families. I have an Aquarius daughter with a Leo moon, a Leo son with a Sag moon. I am Aquarius w/Aries moon. Partner is Leo sun/Leo moon. Four fire moons! I am no math wiz, but what are the odds? Wish I could say my partner’s son is also a fire moon, but he is not. However, the synastry between us is significant – his Aq. moon conjunct Uranus is conjunct my Mercury. His Cap Mercury is conjunct my Jupiter/Saturn. His Aq. Neptune conjunct my sun and our Gemini ascendants are both 22 degrees!  I had felt a real connection with him as soon as we met. He never knew his mother, she died in the 8th month of pregnancy and he was delivered prematurely by C-section. From things I heard about her and pictures of her, I felt I would have been fast friends with her so I looked at the synastry between her chart and mine. My sun conjunct her ascendant, Saturn and moon. My moon exactly conjunct her Jupiter. Her N.Node in Cancer in the 5th  (I feel her soul purpose was to bring this child into the world) conjunct my Mars. There is so much more between her chart and mine that it makes me think some agreements are forged between souls long before they incarnate and that they do not need to meet in body to honor the agreement.

    • Michelle

      @f0709997a7e5605b1a9df327fb2be75e:disqus Thank you for stopping by AlohaAstro. 

      That’s a lovely story about the synastry between your chart and the chart of your partner’s mother. 

      Having an Aquarian Moon conjunct Uranus really does show that she wasn’t there.  My cousin, whose mother died when he was only 2, has Moon conjunct Chiron both opposing Uranus.

  • Anonymous

    What do you think about someone’s Moon being conjunct another person’s Ascendant from the 1st house?
    Moon in Virgo conjunct Ascendant in Virgo.

    • The Moon person feels reassured by the way the ascendant person behaves and presents himself.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Michelle 🙂

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  • I edited this post- thanks to everyone who pointed out that Pisces and Capricorn are sextile. Yes, they are!

  • Christine

    I was just thinking about all the people that I like with their Moon in Aries. It seems to me that I only like people with their Moon in Aries in the twelfth or eighth house. All of these people have Leo Rising, and one is a Taurus Rising.

    • Is your Moon in aspect to Mars?

      • Christine

        Yeah, it, um, quincunx-es Mars?? I used to not think too much of Aries, even though it’s the ruler of my 7th. But I’m beginning to think that I really like Arien people, especially if their Aries-ness is kind of hidden in someway (like in the 12th or 8th house) — like you, Michelle

        • So you like the subversive Aries? lol :p Thanks 🙂

          My brother has a 12th house Aries Moon- it’s quite subtle. I think that Scorpio-Aries mixes are good too. One of the women in my tarot group is a Scorp rising with Moon in Scorpio in the 12th and a 5th house Aries Sun. She’s intense (of course), and intuitive, but she’s also playful and hilariously outspoken about her crushes. I think that her Scorpio helps give depth to her Aries.

          • Christine

            Oh heck yeah! I’ve been thinking about Aries-Scorpio mixes. That would be a WHOLE lot of fun. Maybe someone who’s a Libra Sun/Venus in Scorpio, and Aries Rising. God, that would be sexy! Scorpio-Leo mixes are good too. Leo makes the Scorpio seem a lot more friendly… and approachable… and warm. 🙂

            Aries Sun ftw, Michelle.

            • Christine

              Oh, and by “ftw”, I mean “fuck the world”