The North Node and the South Node


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North Node

slide catThe path of the North Node makes us grow. When you embrace the North Node you unlock potentials within yourself. The North Node brings new experiences with it, and it gives opportunities to develop new talents and abilities. The direction of the North Node leads to a sense of exhilaration and fulfillment, yet trepidation and uneasiness at the same time.

The North Node presents experiences that are out of your comfort zone. You don’t know what you’re doing and you’d feel safer running back to the safety of the South Node, which you know so well. Yoy hone the skills represented by the North Node’s sign and house as you go along, and you make mistakes- but they’re new mistakes, they’re not the same old mistakes.

Combining information about the North Node with information about the Midheaven is a good way to navigate your way toward a fulfilling career path.

South Node

The South Node is not bad. The South Node is not the self-undoing.

The South Node shows the skills and abilities that you have maxed-out to their full potential. There is no more growth to be had by heading off in that direction. You already know how to do everything that has to do with the South Node- blindfolded, and with one hand tied behind your back.

Jumping into the South Node is like spinning wheels in mud- nothing truly awful is going to happen, but it’s also a complete waste of time and energy.

The South Node shows abilities that have reached their peak and can’t be developed further at this time.

You don’t have to abandon all that learning as you approach the North Node.

Ideally you will want to use that South Node learning on the journey along the North Node path.

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  • Lost

    I should expand my earlier comment on my South Node/MC conjunction with my birth chart, of course. I’m sure it would help, and I apologize for not having posted it at the time.

    Here it is:
    St. Augustine, FL – 10/13/1975 – 3 a.m. 

  • Lost

    Like myself, does anyone else have their South Node in a perfect conjunction to their MC?

    My heart truly goes out to you if so.

  • dollsizedpistol

    I very much relate to the house placement of my nodes – N in H3 and S in H9. It’s very easy for me to travel, I love traveling to foreign places and living for extended periods in foreign places… I have no fear about it and am always a little surprised to find that other people do. I should add that I really don’t mind doing this alone either, and I am a 22 year old female (ex: two weeks alone in Africa). My viewpoint also tends to be expansive, big impractical ideas and philosophies. But that path has turned out to be empty for me. It has been hard for me to settle down into one place (moved every year for the past 5 years) or get involved at all in my local community. I have never been a joiner and feel that acute discomfort when I think of engaging in my community… I have always been fantasizing about the bigger picture, about running off, thinking that the small day-to-day local level stuff was just… not for me. But it’s where my learning is, and probably eventual fulfillment.

    I don’t relate as much to the signs of my nodes – NN in Pisces and SN in Virgo. Maybe I am not thinking about it quite right but I have always been much more Piscean than Virgoan – spiritual and expansive, not details and cleanliness. I have the Sun conjunct my NN (2 degrees), and have thought that maybe this makes my NN sign much easier to express, something that feels much more natural to me. If that’s what’s going on, lucky me!

    • Having your Sun conjunct the NN certainly does help you in expressing your Pisces side. Where is Mercury in your chart?

  • Dani

    thank you so much Michelle for taking the time to respond to me. I might be contacting you soon for a reading! 🙂

  • With SN in Aries/3rd house you're moving away from a tendency to be overly independent and focused on the small interactions of everyday life. With NN in Libra/9th house you are moving toward learning how to build relationships and expand your viewpoint.

    Venus/ Gemini/6th is the ruler of your North Node. This placement shows that your role is to be a communicator in the workplace, a networker on the job, a multitasker in everyday life, and a dabbler in learning new trades and skills.

    The rest of the placements are too complicated without seeing your chart, and they are a bit more than I can address in a blog comment. If you'd like to, you can contact me for a reading.

    Thank you for stopping by 😀

  • Dani

    One more important thing to note with my chart 🙂

    I just noticed my north node is square jupiter which is in my 7th house cancer.
    And north node is also quintile to neptune which is in my 12th house Sag.


  • Dani

    I love you blog! Your writing is amazing and it is so helpful! – Thank you.

    I am struggling with my career and purpose in life and wondering if you can help give me any direction?

    My south node is in 3rd house Aries
    North Node is in 9th house Libra.
    Pluto is at the end of the 9th house and conjucts my MC (which is Libra)

    However, the ruler of my 9th house is Virgo. So that would lead me to Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) which is in my 4th house Aries. OR would I look at the ruler of Libra which my north node is in. In that case it's Venus which is in the 6th house Gemini.

    I'm at a point where I am stuck and would REALLY appeciate any insight you can give me. Thank you so much!!!!

  • joswanprince

    Yah I'm so glad that you share your blog here, unless I bookmarked this..I become lost &distracted much on net lol
    How to communicate when Sasstro gone? hiks hiks =~( This is not the best way but I'm still determined to show you this
    Not to make you buy!! You can borrow this for a first try from your local library..Idk what the effect on you, but once I borrowed this book, I reluctant to return it back until I got extra fee for a week overdue lol ^^
    Try this Mich please. or…maybe I just offered a book that you already read many times, since I bet your astro-library is awesome! Full of treasures! =)

  • I'm happy to see you around joswan 😀

    I think it's so interesting when family members have nodal connections like that.

  • joswanprince

    My sis and I had switched N and S node. Our life is like mirroring to each other..
    hers in 6th, mine in 12th.
    Her path way is to bring her awkward younger years into limelight of usefulness in 6th house..
    I'm in other hand was very social back then and always relating to others but now, I'm going to my own prison mind in 12th.
    Not going to reveal myself :p but thanks Mich, to make this a “true” statement of..what is going on my mind for a while.

    • dollsizedpistol

      My parents have opposite nodes – 8th and 2nd. It seems like in their partnership they each took on one side of the axis, allowing them to feel safer fulfilling their NNs.

  • Yes, I've read her blog too- it's very good.

    I understand about examples for beginners- it is difficult to follow at first, but it does get easier.

    Thank you for reading Sabina.

  • Sabina

    I highly recommend Elizabeth Spring on the Nodes, too.
    Your self-example helped to illustrate here. As an astrology novice, I often find examples difficult to follow as too many concepts are simultaneously at play. You introduced the Midheaven as one variable, and that 's great for me: one step at a time.