Opportunity and Fate, Relationships and Second Chances


into the lightWhen I come to a fork in the road, I have to choose which road to take. By choosing one I am not choosing the other. If I decide not to make a choice I’m still choosing. Being passive is still choosing.

When one door closes another door opens.

If I get to a certain point on the road I’ve chosen, and I decide it’s not for me, I can try to go back to that other road- but who knows if it will still be there?

When one door opens another door closes.

When I am on the right path supporting events synchronize. Helpful people show up. Opportunity knocks. Coincidences nod in encouragement. In a relationship it’s the same way.

My boyfriend and I broke up for good once, in July 2007. We didn’t speak for 2 months. During that time I moved and my car was involved in a hit and run accident. That accident sparked some amazing experiences. I lived close enough to walk to work. It was summer and it was beautiful.

The hand of FateOne day, after working late, friends invited me to go out with them. Walking to the restaurant I realized that I was tired and I wanted to go home- so I left. I took one of my routes (which I varied). While walking home it began to pour. I ducked under an awning and waited until the rain let up. As I continued up the hill, halfway to my street, I sensed a vehicle slowing down behind me. I heard my name. It was my boyfriend- in his new car. He was driving on this particular side street at the same time that I was walking up it. If my car hadn’t been in the shop and I hadn’t stayed late at work, attempted to go out with friends, decided not to go out and been stalled by rain, we would not have been in the same place at the same time. If he hadn’t been running late to a meeting, we would not have met that day.

It was a coincidence, but it wasn’t.

When we broke up the door to being single opened up again for me. I hadn’t been single in years and the attention from new men was fun and exciting. On one hand the universe was telling me that I was going to be OK and that there are other fish in the sea. On the other hand Fate, and the opportunity for a second chance, were knocking at my door. I wanted to be sure that I hadn’t let a good thing go. Why else would events have arranged themselves that way?

Sign of FateThat “fated” meeting involved a conscious choice. The path presented itself and I opted in. Fate also revealed a fork in the road. As bf and I began our reconciliation, I met someone new. I was handed a new opportunity- a man with whom I shared a connection. The forces that be were forcing me to choose- door #1 or door #2, which would it be?

By December 2007 I knew which direction to take and I permanently closed door #2. It was the right choice.


  • Uranus was transiting my 7th house (and still is).
  • Saturn was in my 12th house.
  • Bf was in the thick of his Uranus opposition
  • My progressed Moon crossed from my 12th house to my 1st house
  • My Moon progressed from Virgo to Libra

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  • Ile

    And yes, I think this is all in all Saturnian lesson.
    While Saturn is/was transiting my IC and Moon there in Libra, in the same time it Transites her DC in Libra. 
    I guess Saturn is facing us with the reality of the ‘wanting and attachments’. You see, she is around 18 and me 27. Saturn transiting her DC in Libra brought an ‘elder’ guy in her life to teach her on something (I don’t know why). In the same time Saturn transiting my IC and Moon thought me on more flexibility and overcoming rigidity (Saturn is natally in Scorpio alongside with Pluto and Mars).
    Saturn faced me with the cold reality that sometimes some things are not meant to be and I can’t be rigid about them. In the same time thought me on what are the consequences of the anger and quick reactions. So, Saturn is really ‘tough’ but for a reason.
    She has a bunch of planets in her 10th house Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Venus – and  they all are very tight in conjunction.  She is the most reserved person I have ever met. I guess she was here also to teach me on the lesson of ‘waiting’. To learn to wait, while in meantime you move on with your life facing the reality that if its not meant to be than nothing will happen between her and me and I can’t change that no matter how hard I am trying. 
    So, this is this rigidity of my Pluto-Mars conjunction in Scorpio in 4th house. And I think all this happened for that reason and that lesson.

    • It’s good that you are able to view it as a lesson. If things are meant to be then the universe will find a way to make them work out, otherwise it is most likely time to move on.

      • Ile

        Yes, you’re right!
        Thank you for your replay!

  • Ile

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the transiting Saturn was going through my IC and Moon (the ruler of chart) there in Libra. 
    Saturn is natally in my 5th, and I read at Stephen Aroyo’s that when Saturn is going through the 4th house it is activating karmic issues from the 5th, because the 4th is 12th counting from the 5th.
    This is something very true, and I read it I think in his book Astrology, Karma and Transformation.

  • Ile

    I hope for this kind of second chance in my life.
    Recently I’ve got a crush in this girl but she was 10 years younger than me and we couldn’t make it but decide to stay friends. We met on internet and write very often almost 6 months.
    But I was not able not to have feelings toward her while she somehow stopped hers toward me (I mean romantic feelings).
    One night a week ago I watched the movie serendipity, and I think that out of boredom I wanted to create some movie scene how we lose contact and we met each other synhronitically somewhere in the future (and that would be our first meeting), and I decided to remove her from friends but first to tell her. I wrote her that I want to talk with her about something, she replays that she can’t today but will can tomorrow (the Universe was giving me a time to think over).
    The next day we talked on FB and I told her that I want to remove her from friends because it doesn’t have any sense anymore to continue the contact only through FB while we live in the same town and we have so much in common (she was very reserved Capricorn girl and was going things very slowly which was very tough for my clinginess). 
    She replayed to me: “Ok if you want to remove than remove me, I will not beg you”.
    So I removed her. But after few hours (I guess I was expecting she to write me back and she didn’t) I get very angry and disappointed of how she is so cold about all of this and I wrote her a message with a rude tone. She blocked me, and stop to return the messages which I wrote on her phone. After a few days I wrote her again and apologize to her about my rudeness. She replayed that she is accepting the apologize but that she doesn’t want to have anything more with me.
    I was totally disappointed, almost in despair. I wanted to turn back the time and not being rude toward her. I want to much to see her at least once in life (we have shared a lot of through our conversations). 
    These days I’m trying to let go of everything but I still can’t accept the whole situation, and that is: that I maybe would never see her.  From time to time I imagine how the Universe is setting up a synchronicity for us and everything is fine, and she notice in live that I’m a nice guy, etc. etc..
    (You can see my out of sign conjunction with Venus-Neptune) 🙂

    So, I would like on of that ‘second chances’ of which you are talking about here 🙂

    BTW my planetary clime is like this:

    When I cling to this girl 6 months ago, Pluto was Sextiling my natal Mars for the second time in retrograde ( when we end it was the 3rd and last time). Scorpio is on my 5th house cusp so Mars and Pluto are ruling this house. the content of this house are Saturn and Uranus along with S.N on which actually at this time is the transiting N.N.
    This is not the first time I’m falling in love via internet. The first time was in 2007 when Pluto conjunct my natal Venus. This romance didn’t end well too, but at least I saw that girl back than. 🙂
    I guess this is the unpredictibility of Uranus lying on my S.N in 5th. 🙂

    • 10 years is a big age difference at her age (from what you mentioned in another post you are 27). 

      Uranus conjunct south node in the 5th house – a very apt depiction of falling in love via the internet! (Possibly something to be avoided too)

      • Ile

        I know that it is a huge age difference, but I know this with my mind. It is the heart that is playing around. At least I wrote a couple of songs out of this experience 🙂

        Oh that Uranus, the next time I’ll know and stop it before even gets in ‘trouble’. 🙂

  • AriesGirl

    Hi Michelle, I would have a personal question, if you dont mind.
    AS i read, you have Virgo Asc, so Pisces on the Desc. Me too, and i would be curious about how your bf reflects your Pisces DC… because until now i only had strange, painful or platonic type of relationships, and i really want to break that cycle, just dont really know where to look…

    • For some reason I’m just seeing this comment now…

      My boyfriend had his Saturn and Chiron in my 7th house. His Saturn in Pisces was exactly trine my Saturn in Cancer, and my Saturn in Cancer fell in his 7th house (he has a Cancer descendant). His Saturn in Pisces also made a conjunction to my Venus in Aries.

      I’m not sure if that’s what you’re asking ….?

  • Hi Nikhil,

    You have natal Pluto in Scorpio, in the 7th house, conjunct your Descendant. Your progressed Moon went through Scorpio and the 7th house from the beginning of 2007 until mid 2009. The Moon probably awoke in you feelings of intense jealousy that you hadn't been aware of before. Perhaps, previously, you had blamed other people for being possessive and jealous. Whether or not there is an actual reason to be jealous is hard to say without also seeing your wife's chart. I do offer an Ask a Question reading if you'd like more detail.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    You have natal Pluto in Scorpio, in the 7th house, conjunct your Descendant. Your progressed Moon went through Scorpio and the 7th house from the beginning of 2007 until mid 2009. The Moon probably awoke in you feelings of intense jealousy that you hadn't been aware of before. Perhaps, previously, you had blamed other people for being possessive and jealous. Whether or not there is an actual reason to be jealous is hard to say without also seeing your wife's chart. I do offer an Ask a Question reading if you'd like more detail.

  • I had a feeling there was something else going on. There is no way for me to know what you are going through. That must have been shocking.

  • Nikhilantapur

    sorry dob 1987

  • Nikhilantapur

    My god!! Michelle!

    Such a wonderful site this is! i have book marked this and have started to read all your articles. i confess they are superb. they are very easy to understand on one hand and on the other they offer a very subtle clue as to how one can go about interpreting various things in their chart. i am pleased.

    Coming to the important part, i have many relationship phobias which are literally yeilding turmoils in my life. My DOB 16th june 1947, bellary. india. 2:35am. I have my 7th ruler in my 7th house. and yes, i am in love with being in relationship itself. But for 4 years now for unknown reason i fear infidelity very much. i always think my wife would cheat me and become depressed. My career has also been experiencing decline in this time. please help me by briefly responding.


  • junemoonchild

    Thank you for your sentiments. It just happened about six weeks ago….still
    waiting for the coroner's report. He went to sleep and I found him in the
    morning gone. I apologize for any harshness in my response. I did appreciate
    reading your story and have respect for its message of hope.

  • Wow, I'm so sorry. I can only imagine what that experience must have been like. If these questions are too nosy, just ignore me- How long ago was it? How did you cope?

    I don't think I used the term “soul mate” in this post- just scanned, didn't see it. I have mixed feelings about that phrase.

  • junemoonchild

    Fate did not offer my “soul mate” nor I a conscious choice the day he accidently died! It permanently closed the only door we could share in this lifetime. The expected response to this of “the next door may open in your future lifetime together” is simply inadequate for me!