8th House Solar Return

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red planetEvery year, in Spring, the Sun transits my 8th house. My 8th house corresponds to the degrees from 5 Aries to 4 Taurus. When the Sun passes through these degrees I get an overwhelming urge to purge what I no longer need – and I want to transform. I want to dye my hair, drastically cut it, change my makeup palette, throw out my clothes and redesign my blog. I want to change all the superficial things so my energy is fresh again.

The transiting Sun at 15 Aries is approaching my natal Sun at 19 Aries and I feel like I need a renewal. I don’t know if other 8th house Suns feel this way, but I need to abandon all the external attachments that I associate with me sometimes. For this reason I have no bumper stickers on my car, no tattoos on my body – nothing that leaves a permanent mark- except for scars, but those are unintentionally markers of life experiences.

So, I’m approaching my Solar Return, which is always in my natal 8th house, and I’m also thinking lately about my goals- are they big enough? After writing Following the Ruler of the 8th House to Where Transformation Begins, I began to think about how the ruler of my 8th house, Mars, is on the 10-11 cusp (and how the ruler of my 10th house, Mercury, is in my 8th house). I’ve just begun connecting with people who have similar interests (11th house) in the past two years, and, I’m just starting to realize that I’ve never given myself much of a shot at proving what I can or cannot achieve in the outer world (10th house). I’ve never been ambitious. I’ve been content to take whatever acknowledgement I received as it came to me, but I didn’t pursue recognition.

As this Solar Return approaches, I’m beginning to dream bigger and to imagine what I might like to achieve if I let myself have bigger goals. I’m imagining something better than getting by. Transforming will help me achieve my goals (ruler of the 8th in the 10th). Achieving goals and being ambitious will spark a transformation (Ruler of the 10th house in the 8th house).

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