Astrology Word Clouds

Tumblr word cloud

This cloud is from a generator called Wordle. This cloud doesn’t take tags into consideration- it’s not a tag cloud. It’s using all of the words from the last post, Ruler of the 1st House in Houses. I was thinking about making a cloud for each post and attaching it to the bottom – but that might be ridiculous. Maybe 😀

Unfortunately, I can’t find a word cloud that actually links to the original source of each word.

There is another word cloud generator, Tagxedo, which makes clouds into shapes. Unfortunately, the links don’t go anywhere on this one either.

Tumblr word cloud

I have yet to find a word cloud that uses all of the words from all of the posts, and links back to the original source.

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  • Anonymous

    now they are really cool, what a shame they don’t link up!

    • I know that word cloud generators aren’t new, but they seem like a great way to get the gist of an article, at a glance. I think it’s also quite revealing as far as the keywords go for astrology- houses, signs, planets, etc… I think I may make clouds at least for the chart ruler series.