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I just finished listening to ten of Tom Jacobs’s current podcasts about karma and evolutionary astrology. In them he explains that:

  • The South Node is the environment that we are coming from.
  • The South Node ruler is the role we played in that environment.
  • The North Node is the environment that we are moving into.
  • The North Node ruler shows the role that we will play in this new environment.

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I have a Taurus South Node in the 9th house. In the recent past (past life, if you want) I’ve come from an environment that was academic, or concerned with abstract ideas, and oriented to art or beauty. In the past 15 years I’ve been trying desperately to find some way to make money with my art. Eventually, I used my college degree in art to land a job working at an art school. I was headed totally in the wrong direction- and I felt it. I’ve recently completely abandoned art as a path- I wrote about it in The South Node: Doing the Predictable.

Venus is the ruler of my Taurus South Node. Venus is at the Aries Point and conjuncts Eros at 29 Pisces, in the 7th house. A planet conjunct the Aries Point can show qualities that we become well-known or famous for. In the 7th house, it could be that people were able to relate to my Venusian traits: I was someone’s mistress; I was a wife in the public eye; I was famous for being wealthy, or for marrying someone wealthy; people wanted to know me for my money; I was an artist or wanted to be an artist; I was known for my beauty or charm; I was known for the relationship(s) I was in.

The Taurus-Venus placements echo my 2nd house Pluto in Libra. Some possible meanings: I struggled to make money with art, which was something I loved, but I couldn’t make ends meet doing it; I became dependent on my husband or lover to support me; I was confronted with the reality of making a living as an artist; I wanted an artistic lifestyle but I became a cliché starving artist; I was unwilling to break my comfort to pursue my passion; I was selfish in my marriage; I was overly concerned with my own self-preservation and comfort.

Kitty eats pianoScorpio North Node in the 3rd house. My new environment is the everyday. It’s the quick connection, the chat, the tweet, the status update and the blog comment. My new environment involves writing, teaching, learning and listening. It involves getting to know people and letting go of assumptions about them. My new environment should be filled with passion. It should involve deep sharing. It should be a little dangerous and it should make everyone in the immediate area uncomfortable. It should provide a healing experience through writing, speaking and listening.

Uranus is loosely conjunct my North Node. In the podcasts Tom refers to planets close to the North Node as representing energy that we haven’t experienced yet. So, Uranian energy is an energy that I haven’t explored as much as I should. I haven’t rebelled as much as I should. I haven’t sought the truth as much as I should. I haven’t explored the strange and unusual as much as I should. Uranus is also associated with astrology. One way of explaining the North Node in Scorpio in the 3rd house, conjunct Uranus is: get passionate about astrology information- that’s why I started this blog.

butterflies from pagesPluto is the ruler of my Scorpio North Node. Pluto is in Libra in the 2nd house. Pluto is the ruler of my 3rd house and it’s in the 2nd house. With the ruler of the 3rd house in the 2nd house I should be using my writing ability, and ability to share information, to earn a living. Although I studied art in school, I never felt that I would be able to make money from doing it. I’ve always had the horrible feeling that only certain special people could make money from doing something they loved.

The word “values” is associated with the 2nd house. When it comes to making money from my own skill set, I have to find value in the skills that I have to offer. If I think I have nothing of value to offer, then how can I sell my skills? Undervaluing my skills is a 2nd house issue. With Pluto in the 2nd, I feel like I’ve undervalued my inherent skills all of my life (so far).

Writing this blog builds my self-esteem and makes me realize that my skills are valuable. I’m beginning to see how I might be able to support myself and earn my own money by writing. I’m learning how I can make a living at something I’m passionate about. In my case, following my North Node should actually lead to being able to support myself with my own skill set.

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I’m Michelle and I have an Aries Sun, Leo Moon & Virgo rising.

  • Very thoughtful analysis of your Nodes. It's a whole lot harder to move from South to North than it appears at first glance. My NNode is in Gemini in the 7th & it took lots of transits to boot me out of my SN in Sagittarius in my 1st. Uranus & Pluto conjoining my SN were particularly effective. 🙂

    Getting online & networking with others has been very good to me – a good use of the Gemini need for new ideas and love for chit chat. Similar to your NN in the third.

    Always enjoy your choice of images as well as your writing. Heh – I have a degree in Art too.


    • I had a dream last night in which a voice told me that getting to know people brings complications but it’s worth it. Taurus wants to keep things simple at all costs and the 9th house (and Sag) doesn’t enjoy chit chat…just like you said, all the little connections I make over the internet really help me to move out of that South Node energy.

      Adding…I think you’re using your North Node quite well by focusing on synastry astrology 😀

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  • Tanya

    HI! I find this very helpful! I am a Taurus with venus in Taurus, North Node conjunct Uranus in Scorpio in 1st house. Pluto in Libra conjunct my Moon in 12th house, with Libra rising.
    I am trying to learn how to follow my North Node and am trying to figure out how Uranus is guiding it. Your blog helps, but do you have any advice?

    • With so much Venus energy you might be afraid to really get your hands dirty. You might put the brakes on complicated relationships, and you might resist deeply sharing yourself with other people. It could be that you’re afraid, especially, of deep emotional involvements with women (Pluto conjunct Moon in Libra) because of problems in the past.

      • Tanya

         I don’t have a problem sharing myself deeply with others. I actually am told I have not strong enough boundaries because I truly enjoy connecting with others emotionally from all walks of life. Maybe because my Mars is in Cancer? But I don’t connect as well with women. Almost like I”m not as comfortable around them unless they are very independent & tomboy like me. Then I click very well.

  • Thank you for this post. I find “journey” stories fascinating. Good luck on monetizing your (newfound) passion.

    • Thanks Jara. I hate that word “monetizing,” but it is what it is! Btw, I loved your post about your family’s astrological connections but I haven’t had time to respond.

      adding…it’s really not a new found passion. I’ve been into astrology for a long time. The problem was that I never knew anyone else who was into it as much as I am. The internet makes it so much easier to connect with people who share my interests.

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