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moon-mars-aspectsForcefully acting on emotions. Energetic emotional life. Touchy feelings. Defensive. Standing up for mom. Standing up for women in general. Fighting on behalf of women. Fighting against women. Fighting with mom. Anger toward mom. Feeling emotionally nourished through activity. Feeling happy when active. Feeling happy with physical exertion. Feeling happy being the leader. Leading women. Being aggressive with women. Feeling happy being alone. Feeling happy with independence. Feel good about standing up for yourself. Standing up for people you care for. Changing action patterns. Acting on feelings. Fluctuating action. Acting on intuition. Acting from a place of inner knowing. Feeling out actions. Emotional aggression. Responding with anger. Responding with force. Abrupt responses. Emotional drive. Driven by hunger. Habitual violence. Domestic violence. Quick responses. Eating quickly. Quick to move-on emotionally.

Feeling supported by men. Feeling nurtured by the masculine. Feeling comforted by men. Feeling comfortable with speed. Feeling happy when things are moving fast. Comfortable with violence. Liking an active home. Wanting stimulation at home. Needing stimulation to feel relaxed and safe. Comfortable with competition. Nourished and supported by competition. Needing competition to feel happy. Needing to be competitive. Competitive with mom. Competitive at home. Competing with women who seem like mother figures. Emotionally brave. Emotionally daring. A habit of taking risks. Sexual habits. Aggressive habits. Asserting how you feel. Recognizing your individual feelings. Fighting for your emotional rights. Fighting to make your feelings known. Actively securing your home and family. Actively defending the country. Steamy emotional life. Getting hot under the collar.

You know what you want and you know how to get it. You know how to go after what will make you happy. You assert yourself toward getting your needs met. You assert yourself in getting what will make you happy. Emotionally fierce. Domestic leader. Leading by appealing to emotions. An angry mother. An independent woman. An independent mother. A brave mother. A mother who is a leader. A mother who experienced violence. A mother who is assertive. A mother who is defensive. A violent mother. A sporty mother. Mom is a fitness trainer. Mom is a race car driver. Mom is an athlete. Moody actions. Acting on moods. Domestic warrior. Feeling like a warrior. How you feel about the masculine. How mom nurtured the masculine in her son. Whether a man feels in touch with his masculine side, or estranged from it. How you feel about your masculine role models. Feeling like a man. Feminist

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I'm Michelle and I write AstroFix. I have an Aries Sun, Leo Moon, and Virgo rising. Find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+.
  • LB

    That's a great example of Ceres applying her intellect (in Gemini) to reach sound conclusions regarding nurturing. Smart mom. :)

  • Michelle

    You really know your own chart LB :) I love this delineation.

    In my chart I have Ceres in Gemini in the 10th making a sextile to my Sun/Black Moon Lilith conjunction in Aries in the 8th.

    My mother deliberately made sure that my brother and I always had fresh, healthy food as well. My mom's sister (my aunt- obviously) passed away at age 28 from a brain tumor. Somehow, at that time, at age 22, in 1979, my mom came to the conclusion that my aunt's death was caused in part by not eating fresh food. She never gave us processed, canned or fast food. We were not allowed to eat at McDonald's or Burger King. I think that was amazing of my mom to come to that insight at that time.

  • LB

    Hi Michelle – I think that’s a good way to put it. I also think two different people with two different natures will view the same mother differently, although certain basic patterns of relating are likely to remain consistent. I hope you pursue this; I’d love to read more of your thoughts on the subject. My mother was a Taurus Sun and Moon, Virgo rising, and it was always important to her that we be well cared for in a physical sense. It required a deliberate, conscious effort on her part. Her Mars was in Aquarius.

    Using my own case as an example, my mother always came across as contradictory, outspoken (frank), high-strung, independent, and emotionally cold/distant/undependable (Aquarius Moon). Yet with my Libra Ceres in the 2nd, she always made sure I had the perfect party dresses (which she designed and sewed herself), that our home was beautifully decorated and homey, and that there was healthy food in our stomachs. I knew that was her natural way of expressing love, but for me, it wasn’t always enough. When I was very young, I think she spent time nurturing me intellectually through reading and such.

    Interestingly, my brother’s perception of my mother is completely different; in fact, she did relate to him in a completely different way. His Moon is in Taurus/4th house and he considered my mom to be emotionally loving and caring in a very calm, practical, if somewhat moody way. His Ceres is in Aries/2nd house, so again there’s that connection to Taurus/2nd house way of giving. He saw my mother as dynamic and independent, with a hot temper and warrior spirit, always willing to fight to protect him and provide for his physical needs. I think he rejected any conscious acknowledgment of her more erratic behavior. Aquarius is intercepted in his chart.

  • Michelle

    I'm very interested in Ceres as the actively participating mother- what she consciously and deliberately did to take care of you. The Moon seems more representative of the mother's unconscious instincts and desires- what she did, and the effect she had, without any purposeful effort on her part. What do you think?

  • LB

    I have Aquarius Moon in the 5th trine retrograde Gemini Mars in the 9th. I try to stand up for what I believe in, which included advocating on my mom’s behalf when she wasn’t able to take care of herself. Before she got sick, it was easy for me to get very angry with her. I also need to be physically active and love to walk and dance. When I was a kid, I was good at certain kinds of competitions, such as sprinting, swimming and even jump roping. Kind of makes sense considering my Mars is in Gemini. Actually, I related to a lot of your descriptions.

    I think my Aquarius Moon more describes the way I perceived my mother’s ability (or inability) to meet my emotional needs for nurturing, whereas in my chart at least, Ceres seems to better represent the way she expressed her love for me through caring for my physical needs. I’m not a professional astrologer though, so take it for what it’s worth. :)

  • Michelle

    I was wondering because I've read that people who have close relationships with a grandparent often have Pluto in aspect to the Ascendant. You don't- but, you do have a lot of Scorpio! I don't think Scorpio counts for this though.

    Thank you for reading 😀

  • mysticskye

    No, my Pluto is in my 11th house in Libra. lets see, Pluto sextile Leo Saturn (9th house), Pluto sextile my 1st house Venus-Neptune conjunction in sag.

    Birth Info:
    November 2 1976
    Hazlehusrt, MS
    7:18 AM

    • Earnest Dodge

      Normally I look to Saturn as the natural significator of grandparents (and for more detail, the 10th from the 4th and the 10th) and you do have a very close trine from Venus to Saturn– quite appropriate for close relationship with the grandmother.

  • Michelle

    The trine does seem like a good aspect to get along with both men and women.

    • Jara

      Veddy in-ter-es-ting. What do you think about Moon-Mars conjunction in men?

      I have a Moon-Mars aspect. I usually enter most relationships with men seeking nurturing and friendship. I’ve found that’s what they *say* they are offering to me, but it usually comes with a side of ulterior motives (them *really* wanting sex, romance, competition or domination). Also, men tend to either be over-protective with me to the point that it feels controlling or they’re attempting to exploit me for something (see above). If I don’t let them use me the way that they want, then they get angry. I also attract women who center their dreams around men.

      • Michelle

        I haven’t looked specifically into this conjunction in men. Of the men I know with Moon/Mars aspects, I think they can be over-protective. I haven’t noticed that they’re exploitative – maybe the men you’re meeting have other influences.

        My boyfriend has the square. He has some anger with his mother, he’s very protective (also has Capricorn rising), however, I don’t feel that he tries to exploit me. He gets very grumpy when he feels his needs aren’t getting met though.

        I don’t have an aspect between Mars and the Moon, though I do have Mars in Cancer.

      • Earnest Dodge

        When looking at the conjunction, I think there’s going to be an enormous array of possible expressions depending on which sign the conjunction is in, not to mention the house– if the conjunction is not angular, the planets may not express themselves much at all unless other accidental dignity allows such expression.

        • Michelle


  • Michelle

    Do you have Pluto in aspect to your Ascendant?

  • mysticskye

    I meant my grandmother, not my grandfather…oops!

  • mysticskye

    I also grew up with my Mom and Grandfather. My Father left when I was a baby. My Mom is my best friend, although a bit too passive at times!

  • mysticskye

    I have my Moon in Pisces trine my Mars in Scorpio. I get along wonderfully with men, able to keep friendships just that, friendships. Although I enjoy hanging out with the boys, i long for the emotional understanding of my girlfriends. Friendships with women are very fulfilling for me, as I am not the 'catty' type at all. I need my ladies in my life :)

  • technoservice

    applause to Michelle! Amazing!

  • Michelle

    So, there is some relevancy.

    I think I mentioned before, but my Moon is a good representation of my mother but I feel that the interpretation lacks something. Plus, why would my emotional life be entirely dependent on my relationship with my mother? Maybe in early childhood, but ongoing?

    • Earnest Dodge

      I think one needs to keep a balance between Moon as ‘natural significator’ and the ruler of the 10th house as the house of the mother, not to mention triplicity rulers, which most accurately show change through time in the natal chart, imo.  

  • Michelle

    Hi Erika,

    I think I'm going to write a longer more in-depth post about Moon-Mars too, but I wanted to start with this one to get my brain going.
    Mars in the 5th and Moon in the 9th would be insprining about standing up for beliefs.

    I was thinking about my boyfriend who has Moon-Mars square and his mother is aggressive, and also angry. I was also thinking about my Dad who has the trine- his mother ran the family; she was in charge.

    Many of the psychological astrology books (by Liz Greene, for example) do literally associate the mother with the Moon. They extend the Moon to the aspects and use them to literally describe the mother. It's something to think about…

  • Erika

    Thank you Michelle!

    I see a lot of this in myself. I am constantly standing up for something – myself, others. What is funny is that I am actually taking a personal trainer exam in less than a month. I have the trine with Mars in the 5th and the Moon in the 9th so that makes sense.

    I feel like the Moon represents more of my emotions, or my own mothering instincts, as opposed to literally my mother. Although there actually is some competition between us, but I attribute that to a loose Moon-Pluto conjunction. I also have Ceres in Aries, now that I think about it…

  • gracehoper

    Honestly, I don't use asteroids. But let's see. I have Ceres at 15 Sagittarius in the 6th, disposited by Jupiter in the 8th. The 6th house is the house of servants, and my mother was a house-cleaner earlier in her life (but an artist in her later life, more indicative of the Venus in Taurus sextile MC.) Ceres is opposed to my Saturn in Gemini in the 12th with an orb of 4 degrees, and she was hospitalized several times during her life and ultimately ended her life. Ceres sextiles Uranus in the 4th and Jupiter in the 8th, the former aspect showing that I lived with her only on and off, actually only for a minority of my childhood. My grandparents mostly raised me. But later on in life, whenever I needed it, I was able to depend on her for a place to live or a few hundred dollars.

  • Michelle

    How do you feel about Ceres's role in fleshing out the mother role?

    I've been thinking that the Moon as mother is really limited. The Moon as mother is passive, like the blank page of a coloring book that we color in with our own colors. Ceres, on the other hand, is an active mother symbol. What do you think? Does she show how mom actively cared for you?

  • gracehoper

    It really depends on the sign and house placements too, because of essential and accidental dignity. Essential dignity gives you the ability to act on the planet's energies, while accidental dignity gives you the occasion to do so.

    I have Moon (Ruler but not Almuten of my Cancer Rising chart) in Virgo with lots of essential dignity opposed to Mars in Pisces on the 9th cusp, which only has dignity by Triplicity and mutual reception with Venus by Bounds. Both planets square my natal Neptune on the 6th cusp in Sagittarius.

    As ruler of my chart and as the more dignified planet, I've always identified more with the Moon placement, I think. In my chart, Luna never stood in for my mother because she wasn't a Lunar sort– instead she was represented by Venus in Taurus on Algol Star in the 11th. My mother was always one of my best friends. (And indeed, Algol is the star which rules death by hanging, which is how my mother died.)

    I've often wondered if my Moon/Mars/Neptune T-Square was responsible for my Schizo-affective/Bipolar Disorder diagnosis. Neptune being the Apex between these two allows for a LOT of interesting mentation!

    • Venus in 12th

      Thanks for sharing what you wonder about your diagnosis.  I am learning about a friend who has this diagnosis at the same time that my understanding of astrology is growing by leaps and bounds.

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