The 2nd House: Ensuring Your Own Survival

What are you worth?

Lily pads on Indian LakeThe 2nd house shows your personal resources- those talents, abilities and innate characteristics that other people recognize in you as having value. “Other people” and their values reside in the 8th house. Being in opposition to the 2nd house, other people have full view of your offerings. What you have to give has to be something they want. Your 2nd house shows what you have that other people would be willing to pay for.

Mine! Mine!

The 2nd house is yours- everything in it belongs to you. The value that you assign to your own abilities determines how other people see those abilities. The more you value yourself, the more other people will value you. What innate talents and gifts do you have that other people might want? How much value do you place on your own abilities? How much do you think you’re worth?

Survival needs

A coin or a piece of paper determines what you can buy, what you can own and how much you can sell those things for. Currency is symbolic. The price of exchanged goods, services and talents is also symbolic. You exchange your abilities for those coins and pieces of paper because they keep you afloat.  If you perceive yourself as having no worth, and you give your abilities low esteem- and a low price- what quality of life do you live? Can you feed yourself well? Can you pay your bills comfortably? Can you afford nice things? Do you compromise and accept less than you deserve?

The will to live

From the Fantastic Worlds portfolio by Jon Foster

From the Fantastic Worlds portfolio by Jon Foster

If you feel you have nothing to offer the world, or you continuously devalue your skills,  then you may lose your will to live. You may feel that you are “worthless.” When you know that your contribution matters, and that people appreciate what you bring to the table, your desire to live, persist and flourish increases. Determining what your unique contribution is can help you feel that you belong in the world. Your personal contribution to your own life is within your control and has a direct relationship to your attitude to death (the 8th house).

Planets in the 2nd house

People with many planets in the 2nd house have many personal talents and resources to offer other people. Some of them recognize their worth and make fair exchanges for their services. These people value themselves and their intrinsic gifts. Others, who do not recognize what they have to offer, live with their personal resources untapped.


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  • Michelle

    It's funny, I actually did read that article, but I completely dismissed the idea of benevolence and so forth. That was the first article I'd read that accurately described Saturn in the 11th.

  • gracehoper

    The ancients considered the 11th the most fortunate of houses, as the 12th was the least. Jupiter joyed in the 11th and Saturn in the 12th. (I actually have Saturn in the 12th! hah) There's an interesting article that talks about the differing perspectives on ancient, traditional, and modern views of the 11th at

    But I find the modern view of the 11th house to be seriously lacking, especially as someone with an 11th house stellium. (Sun, Venus, Mercury, prenatal Syzygy)

  • Michelle

    You always teach me something new Mr. gracehoper 😀 I've never heard “protection of the Gods” before, or “that which belongs to God.” I can see the connection though to the concept of “hopes and wishes.” To have hope means putting your future unfolding in the hands of something larger than you are- trusting that there are benevolent energies working in your favor.

    That idea is interesting because of the 11th house's square to the 8th, the 8th being that which you have no control over and usually doesn't work out in your favor.

    • Swarmofgnats

      Oh, didn’t see this before I posted my last comment! The analysis of something larger makes a lot of sense- and does answer a lot of questions for me :)

  • Michelle

    With Saturn, ruler of your 3rd, in the 2nd house I would expect you to earn money from teaching or communication. Saturn in the 2nd would impose obstacles on your ability to earn as much money as you'd like, or be as valued as you'd like. Uranus, as ruler of the 4th, could mean that a chaotic family life impacts your self-esteem and how much you value yourself.

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  • gracehoper

    Leo on the cusp of my 2nd, Sun in the the 11th House of Good Spirit, house of hopes, spirits, dreams, aspirations, expectations, fulfilling of desires, protection of the Gods. Even though the progressed ruler of my second house, the Sun, has been conjunct Saturn in the 12th for several years and only now is moving off at a clip of barely a degree per year, the accidental dignity of having the Sun in the 11th keeps me afloat. Much like the 2nd connotes that which belongs to man, the 11th connotes that which belongs to God, and planets here bring luck. Which is why Jupiter, planet of luck joys here. Good thing, because otherwise my Sun is rather weak!

    • Swarmofgnats

      I’ve never heard the 11th house referred to as “protection from the gods,” interesting. Which housing system resonates with you more, out of curiosity?

      • Earnest Dodge

        I use both Placidus and Whole Sign simultaneously.

  • Nnair1021

    3rd (saturn) and 4th (uranus) :-/

  • Michelle

    I think it's really difficult to put abilities into practice in a real way. What houses do Uranus and Saturn rule in your chart?

  • firetiger13

    im glad u did this article.. it's pretty relevant.. i've been looking into the 2nd house a lot lately ~~ anyway this is interesting.. my initial reactions to the 2nd house were always met with a lot of confusion. most of the time 2nd house is described in terms of what you do with your money etc and while that is a part of it, you're right, it's symbolic and really does symbolize your values.. i like what you had to say about your personal resources and what you have to offer the world.

    (whole signs!) there is saturn and uranus in the 2nd… while i consider myself a hard worker, i often feel slighted and sometimes that there are a lot of people in world doing what i do better than me.. i hate that. i find it hard to tap into my personal resources on a tangible level. but i also do find that i have a lot to offer in terms of seeing outside the box and taking alternative directions… revolutionizing ~ both in sagittarius.. i see things on a global and universal scale.. im good at seeing the big picture

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