The 2nd House: Ensuring Your Own Survival


What are you worth?

Lily pads on Indian LakeThe 2nd house shows your personal resources- those talents, abilities and innate characteristics that other people recognize in you as having value. “Other people” and their values reside in the 8th house. Being in opposition to the 2nd house, other people have full view of your offerings. What you have to give has to be something they want. Your 2nd house shows what you have that other people would be willing to pay for.

Mine! Mine!

The 2nd house is yours- everything in it belongs to you. The value that you assign to your own abilities determines how other people see those abilities. The more you value yourself, the more other people will value you. What innate talents and gifts do you have that other people might want? How much value do you place on your own abilities? How much do you think you’re worth?

Survival needs

A coin or a piece of paper determines what you can buy, what you can own and how much you can sell those things for. Currency is symbolic. The price of exchanged goods, services and talents is also symbolic. You exchange your abilities for those coins and pieces of paper because they keep you afloat.  If you perceive yourself as having no worth, and you give your abilities low esteem- and a low price- what quality of life do you live? Can you feed yourself well? Can you pay your bills comfortably? Can you afford nice things? Do you compromise and accept less than you deserve?

The will to live

From the Fantastic Worlds portfolio by Jon Foster

From the Fantastic Worlds portfolio by Jon Foster

If you feel you have nothing to offer the world, or you continuously devalue your skills,  then you may lose your will to live. You may feel that you are “worthless.” When you know that your contribution matters, and that people appreciate what you bring to the table, your desire to live, persist and flourish increases. Determining what your unique contribution is can help you feel that you belong in the world. Your personal contribution to your own life is within your control and has a direct relationship to your attitude to death (the 8th house).

Planets in the 2nd house

People with many planets in the 2nd house have many personal talents and resources to offer other people. Some of them recognize their worth and make fair exchanges for their services. These people value themselves and their intrinsic gifts. Others, who do not recognize what they have to offer, live with their personal resources untapped.

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  • SUN in taurus 7th house

    Hi there,
    Ive certainly under valued myself over the past years.
    Ive got in my 2nd house: lilith saggitarius, neptune R saggitarius and juno R capricorn.
    5th house: venus and fortune in aries.
    1st house: uranus R saggitarius, ceres R scorpio, AS scorpio.
    7the house sun and chiron in taurus.
    11th house: moon in libra, mars R libra, Saturn R libra, pallas R libra.
    12Th house: jupiter R scorpio, pluto R libra.

    Can somebody help me explain what my talents are?
    My best, sun in taurus 7th house

  • Aatif Azio

    Libra is a 2nd House Cusp
    And its Ruler Venus in 5th House
    Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter in 2nd house
    Saturn conjunct Pluto
    Jupiter Conjunct Pluto.
    It gives my an intensity about my possessions. i like to keep everything in my control at home environment. Highly possessive over small things.

  • Alexandra Lydia

    In my case venus in 6th house manifests as my love for healing I guess especially using spiritual and metaphysical concepts. Venus quindecile saturn , its more like I love my artwork to be perfect and have an influence and I work hard at it, also it shows up as keeping people like friends at a distance sometimes. However relating the venus aspects to the second house is a bit of a problem. Moon quindecile venus. I feel very nurtured by almost all art forms and beautiful surroundings are very important for me wherever I am.

  • Alexandra Lydia

    My second house is in Taurus, though empty it is ruled by venus which is virgo in the 6th house. And venus is debilitated. Any thoughts?
    Venus is also trine ( uranus conjunct neptune) and venus is quindecile moon, venus quindecile saturn too. Any thoughts on this? I cant understand it very well. Venus is also trine the midheaven.

    • venus which is virgo in the 6th house. And venus is debilitated. Any thoughts?
      Venus in Virgo often takes the form of showing love through service; this is likely to be true in your case doubly so because Venus is in the 6th house. When you love someone, you want to do things for them … like pick up their groceries, clean their house, and take care of their animals. This is how you feel that your

      I haven’t paid enough attention to quindeciles to give a strong opinion. It’s hard also to give an opinion on so many aspects without seeing your chart.

  • sol

    i have saturn and uranus in scorpio in my second house. how does this configure for me earning a living through these opposite planets? i just don’t get it, probably why im still unemployed 🙁

    • Structured rebellion: I’m not sure where you deviate from the norm, but that’s probably where you can earn some money. The second house is really income, versus the 10th house which is profession. Take something that’s unusual that you’re into, and give it enough structure that you can make some money from it

    • Aatif Azio

      Uranus often brings high fluctuations in money matters. Easy come easy go investments and monthly incomes? But Saturn in 2nd can make u discipline with money as ur age progresses especially after ur Saturn Return. U may save some pennies and keep ur life simple in front of world.
      Correct me if i m wrong?

  • Ross

    I have Uranus conjunct the South Node in my 2nd House in Sagittarius. I am trying to figure out what my previous life (or lives) was (were) about. I am not a materialistic person at all. I don’t really care about wealth, I just want enough money to live and see the world (that can be expensive). The only material things I really value are my Mac and my iphone. I guess that’s pretty Uranian but I see them as my instrument for communication and research all the things I’m curious about (Gemini South Node in the 8th).

    • I have several planets in my 2nd house in Scorpio…Sun, Chiron, Mercury + S. Node.
      Struggle lots with tring to convince myself I’m of worth or have something worthwhile to offer. Have Pluto Mars and Saturn. (PMS!!) in the 11 th squaring the Scorpio stuff.
      So often feel unacceptble to others. have gone the gambit seeking to know who I am over the yrs. With Neptune conj. my Libra ASC. creativity is my lifeblood. Add a 12 th house Moon and my connection to the Divine makes sense too. Just started doing consultations for others, trying to help them navigate the difficult stuff, even tho’ I do it pretty poorly. With Chiron right on my Scorpio Sun. I ‘ve been to the “deeps”. Decided it was time to give back. You’re site Michelle is really helpful and reassuring. Thank you. And if it ‘s any consolation, my experience at NORWAC in 2009 & 2010 pretty much mirrored yours. Maybe it’s a Chiron conj. Sun thing. Wish I had met you…we could have been alone, together!! Lynn.

      • Ooops…sorry Ross. Meant to lv. a general comment, not a reply to your post. Cheers.

    • Aatif Azio

      Uranus in 2nd does not care about income Flow. Its like easy come easy Go.
      I know one friend shes Uranus and Neptune both in 2nd House. it makes her Shopaholic person who lives on daily basis. like it would be no Tomorrow.
      Where is ur Jupiter?

  • LB

    Michelle, you wrote, ” Some of them recognize their worth and make fair exchanges for their services.”

    It’s funny how my packed 2nd house with Libra on the cusp and a Libra-Scorpio stellium has led me to a much different place than where I started or what I imagined. As I’ve become more aware of *bigger* issues (2nd house Libra placements conjunct 2nd house Neptune-Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in the 3rd), my focus has shifted to the concept of fair trade and how to use my own resources to make ethical choices in a world where we’re all connected – Venus rules my 2nd and 9th. I think with Libra there, balance is important, as is recognizing and respecting the innate (as opposed to earned) value of others.

    In a very real way, our survival (not just mine, but everyone’s) depends on our ability to cooperate with others and be mindful of environmental limits and finite resources.

    • LB

      Adding, like you mentioned in one of your comments, Neptune in the 2nd lends itself to alternative healing (and art). It also makes it important to share resources without holding on too tightly or *expecting* an equal return.:) Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t understand about boundaries – ours are just different, more porous and fluid.

  • Kleo

    Sun in Pisces conj Mercury in Aries in the 2nd house. I don’t know what talents I have. I don’t think that thinking would be one..

  • Kaitlyn

    Just curious… I have both uranus and neptune in my 2nd house and I’ve always had issue with money, or at least how I acquire it. I know I’m meant to do something different, but you might be right about acknowledging or valuing your own talents. That could be what stands in my way. Any thoughts on what fields I might have success with? I have no planets in my 8th, Virgo sun, Scorpio Asc, and neptune on the brink of Capricorn and Sag…

    • Its hard to say from just a little info, but … with uranus and neptune in the 2nd I would expect money to be unpredictable and to flow through your fingers. However, because you are probably used to this energy construct you could find inventive and imaginative ways to get by. Alternative healing could be a good way to make ends meet. I’ve met a number of neptune in the 2nd people who find money making opportunities through connections they make by donating their time. Neptune/uranus brings many possibilities to mind is there something you’re interested in?

      • Kaitlyn

        Yea, alternative healing as always been an interest of mine. I’m just now really getting physically healthy in that way enough that I might be able to consult other people. Sorry for such a delayed response. I’m also interested in dance, theatre travel… but I’m thinking of going to school for massage. Everything’s up on the air right now and I’m looking for work that won’t be completely mind-numbing and will allow me to pursue my passions so one day I might be able to make money using one of my passions

  • Emma

    I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd house. And When I first began reading about it there was so much about money issues or coverting money and I am not such a person. Like one of the other posters here, I do have difficulty knowing my own talents and sources. Surely the rest of a person’s chart can help identify their “hidden talents”. In my case I have a great deal of placements in the 3rd and 9th Houses and several aspects point to communications of some kind. So is it possible that an individual with Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd house is either unaware of their talents or in the constant process of renewing or redefining them?

    • So is it possible that an individual with Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd house is either unaware of their talents or in the constant process of renewing or redefining them?

      Yes, both. Also, with Pluto in Scorpio you are certainly younger than I am and what I can say is that trying to earn money through your talents will absolutely put Pluto in the 2nd to the test. Being resourceful about your income and being in control of it is important.

  • Id Temporary

    I have Scorpio on the cusp of the 2nd House and Pluto (and also Mean Lillith) in it. My Pluto is aspected with every planet in my chart except for Uranus. I’m quite new to astrology, and I’ve been reading up stuff on the net. 

  • Christian Hernandez

    i have pluto in the 2nd house in scorpio and moon in the 8th with taurus. could you please help me make some sense out of this?

    • Hi Christian,

      I don’t interpret readers’ aspects on the blog. Why don’t you start by telling us what you think it means?

  • As usual, great article Michelle! Depending on house system used, I either have Uranus or Neptune on the 2nd. 🙂

    In regards to  “Others, who do not recognize what they have to offer, live with their personal resources untapped.” — they may also have their resources ripped off of / taken from them if they don’t value them / themselves even if they know they are talented and their service is worth money. Or, they may also freely give away that which is theirs, allow others to freely be inspired by their 2nd house talents because of how they share / give, then feel ripped off because they were not valued or given their fair due!

    • Hi Abella,

      Some of what you’ve written makes me think of a 2nd/8th polarity because the 8th is the ‘other’ and what they think of what you’ve got. 

      PS I got trackbacks from your article but I haven’t had time to read it yet.

      • Yeah, it’s totally a polarity.  I’m not sure why, but the polarity of the 2/8 axis really stuck out when I wrote the 2nd.  Further to that, one notable person I found had no planets in her 8th but a Taurus stellium in her 2nd.  It’s like she took 8th house themes and made something practical out of it.  A couple of her topics are about death and estate planning from a 2nd house perspective.

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  • Hc117

    My second house is FULL, with my sun, mercury, jupiter, uranus, neptune, and my south node all in Sagittarius, but my house is ruled by Scorpio. Despite all these planets in that house, I do not feel like a person who has many talents. Could it be because of my south node?

    • Michelle

      If you used the whole signs house method, all of those Sagittarius planets would move into the 3rd house. Are you a very talkative, on the move kind of person?

      • Hc117

        I can be talkative when I get to know poeple, I’m usually really shy unless I know someone well. I wouldn’t say I’m an on the move kinda person, I’m busy with work and school a lot.

        • Michelle

          Have you read the Sagittarius South Node in the 2nd description yet? It’s here:

          • Hc117

            No, I haven’t. Thanks for the link, I’m gonna check that out! 🙂

    • MidniteChiron

      It sounds like you have (2nd house ) a lot of personality. I would say that you have many thoughts (Mer), Dreams (Nep), Beliefs (Jup) and friends (Ura). Especially if you have a 3rd house SAG. But also a 2nd house Pluto could indicate a lot of secrets or attention to details, especially surrounding money and you’re own sense of self. Self-analytical perhaps? I would say that your gifted with perception and are socially philosphical. Mercury connotes talents with hands as well as arts and crafts. Do you have any hobbies? (Crafting wise) It is possible that spending so much time out and about has taken away your time for creative development. Potential maybe natal, but skills don’t nurture themselves. However I think a good place to start would be writing. Uranus is good for a sense of humor. Journals and blogs are a good start. Maybe writing a movie review or an Astrology blog.

  • Anonymous

    My 2nd house is borked. With Placidus and whole, I have no planets there (Equal shoves Saturn there).
    My 2nd house ruler is so afflicted it’s not funny.  Sun square Pluto is the most exact aspect in my chart. Mars conjuncts my Sun.

    I have no idea what people would pay for and it’s reflected by my brokeness, lol.

    • Michelle

      Which planet rules your 2nd house?

      • Anonymous

        The Sun. I should have stated that earlier (and I see I didn’t.)

        • Michelle

          Having the ruler of your 2nd house (the Sun) square Pluto could account for some of the 2nd house troubles you encounter.

  • Lonake

    I struggle with this as my 2nd house is empty, and contains 26 Leo – late Virgo, Sun being in the 8th in Pisces. This points to my resources always being tied up with others, does it not (?), or is there some more empowering possible interpretation? Other people are looking at me to give them money and to pay their way, which happens most often in romantic relationships, which just ends up with me feeling devalued. Can you comment on this?

    • Michelle

      With no planets in the 2nd house, I would look to see where the ruler of the 2nd house is. I’d also look at your nodes to see if this ties into some lesson you’re learning.

  • Amandria1

    re-reading your comments…feeling stupid.  I have moon in 2nd house the ruler cancer is 4th how would I tie those together?  Thanks

    • Michelle

      Did you read the post about the ruler of the 2nd house in the 4th house yet?

  • Amandria1

    Loved the comments here by Michelle, just wondering what do you consider the talents given in this 2nd house,  I have the moon here….still what if I had the sun, or mercury, or venus or jupiter how do we know what the talents are?  I have 2nd house taurus on cusp, but venus in 11th does this mean I work with groups? or hopes? Dreams wishes?

    • Michelle

      Hi Amandria1,

      If you subscribe to this blog you will be able to read my delineations of specific planets in houses because that is the next series I’m going to write.

  • Vickybells89

    Hi, so I also have the 2nd house in cancer, but I have the 6th and seven in Saggitarius and my Mc is in Aries. ( Sun in Libra). Which careers do you think would be best for this chart?? 

    • Vickybells89

      Oh, and my Saturn and Uranus are both in Capricorn…

      • Michelle

        Hi Vickybells89,

        It’s not possible for me to give you career advice based on just those placements. Also, that’s a question better addressed in a reading than a blog comment. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  • Hmm..I just wanna break down and cry thinking what the hell my Lilith doing in 2nd house, de-value myself and thinking that I dont have anything to offer to the world? That I’m worthless piece of bleep.
    Until I saw my part of fortune conjunct lilith, conjunct chiron, sextile North Node in 12th and trine Venus in 6th.

    This is my “broken-hearted” house, it might not heal instantly but once it healed then I can be free and “bling”- making money from this house :~(
    Thanks so much for this Mich.

    • I’m sorry j.

      • No 😀 Sorry for what? I’m free as a bird! Thanks for this article 😉

    • MidniteChiron

      You’re thinking about it all wrong. Nothing is set in stone (unlike Chinese astrology) it merely points to an energy configuration that you possess (2nd house) Lilith (the outcast) + Chiron (the hermetic teacher/healer) + a Venus in 6 (needing to create beauty/art/whatever) conjunct your parts of fortune you can learn from, enjoy, and channel your devaluation through creative self-expression. This expression can help to heal your self-esteem and possibly avail you with a new useful skill that could bring some in some $$$ or at the very least, some appreciation — internal and/or external.

      I’m a Leo rising and I have Lilith in my 1st house in Virgo conjuncting my 2nd house also conjuncting Nessus and sextiling MY 11th house Venus . I know what you’re going through. I don’t know how you experience it, but I have a rogue, angry, dejected victimized bastard running around my 2nd house/ASC. However, that feeling and experience of rejection is what has led me into pursuing self-employment and the acquisition of skills that would allow such a thing.

      In true Lilith fashion, do not run from or try to pacify Lilith. She hates that shit. Let her irritate you into action. Only when she has her independence and positive sense of self-worth will she be sated. But for the love of God, do not try to “handle” her, she is an immortal menstrual case. Let her do her thing and roll with it. Channel the pain into productive, working, energy but do not try to salve it — give it something to do.

  • Anonymous

    Cancer rules my 2nd house and Saturn in Cancer is there.
    I have to be in the right mood in order to get into the right frame of mind
    to get work done. I have a low self esteem. I’ve been fairly lucky with money,but
    I have a bad habit of spending it/giving to on other people.

    • That sounds challenging.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Michelle:-)
        I’ll live. lol!

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  • if you have some time for me, i would like to get some help on few questions i have based on astro. Of course, if you can. you have my email through these posts. I won't bug you much either 🙂
    Sorry Fx, but I'm not answering detailed personal questions for free. It takes me days to look at a chart and write out an answer.

    If you have a simple question you can get the “ask a question” reading which is on the sidebar. But, it sounds like you want to know quite a bit- with some guidance. If you're interested in a more detailed reading, use the contact form to outline what you want to know and I will quote you a price.

  • Fx Guy

    “.and I am known as the more techie person among my friends.”
    Same here…!
    For my family, relative and friends- Time to buy/troubleshoot something (anything running on electricity/power/high tech) is to call me …lol 😀

  • Fx Guy

    Thanks for replying Michelle. I appreciate it.
    Well , i don't work with special effects but i am into something special/different from what people around me do (in fact very few people in my 100 billion country do that professionally and not many either in whole world; Actually a difficult stuff).

    “You probably have skills with technology and you need the freedom to earn your living as you see fit- possibly working from a home computer. “
    Can't get more correct that that. This , what i am doing now is related to finance/economy stuff (dealing with major banks of the work) and i spend majority of time online in front of my desktop or PDA (Internet line is a kinda life line) . And yes i am self employed, self dependent and LOVE being my own boss and sometimes can't understand how people manage these MONOTONOUS, Tiring, 'No time for me & family' JOBS & those bosses.
    (Let me know from what all aspects you found this out)
    Yes i like tech a lot and u can even call me Tech-Freak/Geek/Whatever 🙂

    Saying that you have to remember the fact that i just turned 25. I graduated in ending 2008 from a different profession (this one is common; Double bachelors) and again not pursuing it further the normal way(for higher studies; Donna gave Uranus in 2nd as the reason ) and involved with it part time, that TOO Online. Point for this para was, i want to be like this & improve further on what i do, but what life has for me – i donno as i am not that old either!

    Yes, i agree my chart is too complicated and some people even call me complicated ( i rarely allow people to know me fully either; Only a selected ones are allowed to enter my ZONE after some REAL testing; may be due to some subconscious belief to don't get hurt).
    Aspiring astrologer – It fascinates me more and more like a peeling “BIG “onion , every day. Not sure i want to be one though.

    “I've noticed that people with Jupiter in Aquarius are exceptionally…unusual”
    Hmm.. yes if you want to mean they are 'DIFFERENT' . I hate words like common, same, monotonous, rut, routine, daily job, orthodox views (sometimes), static and stuff.
    & when i try to break those shackles, i am/can be usually considered “unusual”. May be this is what u r mentioning.

    Michelle, though i just went through the 'About' section of this site and read about you (you being a astro fan more than a professional), if you have some time for me, i would like to get some help on few questions i have based on astro. Of course, if you can. you have my email through these posts. I won't bug you much either 🙂

    “Jupiter in Aquarius just wants everything to be FAIR DAMMIT. And it might have a tantrum if it perceives an injustice, and there are often injustices.”
    SECOND IT. Total me!
    He is doing Injustice – Let him say sorry or kill him ! Love Peace!

    Regards guys!

  • With your SN in Pisces in the 2nd, I would expect you to have natural talents in music, dance, poetry or photography, and to be naturally spiritually inclined. Yes, and money would slip through your fingers 🙂

    I've been seeing a lot of charts from people with Uranus on the MC/IC axis. It seems like they're at least at little out of step with whatever it is that they're “supposed” to be doing.

  • Yes… with Venus ruling both the 2nd and the 9th it becomes difficult to do just anything. The way you earn money needs to fit into your larger belief system. The Virgo Ascendant helps with acknowledging the limits of reality though.

  • LB

    That’s a great question. The older I get, the more of an issue it’s become. I can’t just do any job; I absolutely have to believe in what I’m doing and then be able to do it with integrity. I was always very employable and earned a good living, although there were times when I struggled in less than ideal work environments. But I was always practical enough to know I needed a job, so certain compromises had to be made – up to a point. 🙂

  • Pisces rules my 2nd house and only the SN is there. Neptune is in my 11th house although friends and groups don't really have anything to do with how I earn a living, or how I want to earn a living. Uranus conjunct MC really messes me up that way! It is hard for me to hold on to money though and I do spend lots of it on media – music, books, movies.

  • Do you find that your personal philosophies sometimes get in the way of earning a living?

  • Lol…yeah, Jupiter Aquarius just seems to give quirkiness and eccentricity.

  • Ebonystarr55

    I have Jupiter in Aquarius as well. Mine is in my 6th house (Capricorn is on the cusp of my 6th). What's funny is that I'm currently seeking online teaching positions. LOL…and I am known as the more techie person among my friends.

    Exceptionally unusual? Probably…I'll ask my friends what they think lol

  • LB

    Libra rules my 2nd house cusp, and I have Ceres, Venus, North Node, Sun, Neptune, and Mercury within. Mercury is right on the cusp of the 3rd and is conjunct Neptune (in the 2nd) and Jupiter (in the 3rd). My values are very important to me, and under normal circumstances I feel I have something of value to offer the world.

    Neptune transiting my 6th has caused some confusion but I’m slogging along, best as I can. 🙂
    Plus progressed Neptune is conjunct Mercury (ruler of my Ascendant and MC). Venus rules the 9th (and 2nd), Sun rules the 12th and Neptune rules the 7th.

  • Lol… Jupiter in Aquarius has an abundance of eccentric joviality 😀
    There's something weird going on with Disqus right now.

    • Would you say the same applies to Jupiter in Leo in the 11th? Combined with Venus, Moon, SN and thus NN in Aqu in the fifth, I often feel way too weird and energetic in whatever situation I’m in. I read somewhere to become “more comfortable with how weird I am”… however that is supposed to happen…

      • Earnest Dodge

        Leo isn’t particularly eccentric, and doesn’t care about fairness… Leo wants Leo’s due!  The King’s treasure!  But with north node in the 5th, working on your creativity (which means going outside your comfort zone and possibly being weird) is what most astrologers would say you should work on.  Leo on the cusp of the 11th will bring powerful, generous, but possibly self-involved friends.  Venus, South Node, and Moon all there speak to how important they are to you, and  to how important it is for you to fit in with them, perhaps making you feel a bit “weird.”  But Jupiter “joys” in the 11th and is extra powerful there, bringing much luck throughout your life, and is also night triplicity lord of the Fire signs, so extra dignified.  Actually all planets in the 11th are accidentally dignified– it’s the most powerful house after the 4 angles.

        • Michelle

          It’s such an odd thing to me that the 11th house has so much dignity. It makes me love my Mars, Saturn and Moon there so much more. 

      • Michelle

        I like E.D. wrote, below. Does Uranus make aspects to Jupiter or the South Node in Leo. The 11th house has a lot of the same detachment as Aquarius, which could make you feel that you do not fit in, or that you are searching for the group of people that gives you the most freedom of expression… 

  • gracehoper

    Jupiter in Aquarius just wants everything to be FAIR DAMMIT. And it might have a tantrum if it perceives an injustice, and there are often injustices. But luckily, Jupiter is generally a very happy planet, even the squares tend to not bring it down much.

  • Lol- case in point!

  • I would bet that with you don't need an intellectual career to be happy- you just need a career that makes you happy.

    I was thinking about my Neptune today actually. We both have Neptune conjunct IC. Mine also squares my Ascendant (I can't remember if yours does too). I feel like it's absolutely impossible to come to a firm, concrete, defined understanding of my direction in life- I never know where I'm going.

    I was also thinking about how Neptune trines my Sun, how it's the only major aspect to my Sun, and how I feel like I'm some kind of leaking bathroom fixture leaving a trail of water behind me; or maybe a tub with a plug that doesn't completely seal. Something like that.

  • gracehoper

    Haha. President Obama and I both have Jupiter in Aquarius, harrumph. 🙂

  • lol, I recently got this job working with kids and I've been considering it. It seems very fitting for NN in the 4th house, Moon in the 10th & Cancer MC. I've been thinking about early child development more and more. I've been back and forth on whether or not I need my career to be intellectually exciting.

    I know that I'm fairly young, so I know that I'm just being dramatic about this. (What twenty-year old IS absolutely sure of what to do with her life?) But, I recently read something about Moon in the 10th house that I had never heard before — something like, those w/ Moon in 10H are “moody” with their career, and they have many “phases” and many changes w/ how they FEEL about their careers. That made sense to me. Chiron is also conjunct my MC from the 9th house, and I wonder if that's reason for concern. Also, I always forget that both you and I have our Neptunes conjunct our IC, and so Neptune also naturally opposes our MC. I can't think of a direct connection between how was I raised to my uncertainty about jobs and careers. Whatdya make of your own Neptune, Michelle?

  • I have no idea what my inherent talents are or what I am good ENOUGh at to make a living with, ya know?

    That's exactly how I feel! Lol. I think we Pluto in the 2nd you really have to dig down to find your talents, and once you think you know what they are, you have to get intensely passionate about them. Since you have the ruler of the 2nd in the 2nd, and you have a Leo Moon maybe you could be a talent agent? I'll bet your Venus in Pisces in the 6th would love to work with attractive movie stars all day long 😀

  • You've got to unearth, clean off, buff up and polish your talents before they can be used- if you can even find them in the first place.

    That is exactly how I feel. I have no idea what my inherent talents are or what I am good ENOUGh at to make a living with, ya know?

  • I think that Pluto and Scorpio in the 2nd house are about digging really really deep and finding the diamond within. You've got to unearth, clean off, buff up and polish your talents before they can be used- if you can even find them in the first place.

  • I've never responded well to the money-grubbing portrayal of the 2nd either. I constantly think there's got to be more. Innate talents and gifts seems to fit well, after all, if you are innately talented, you have a better chance of having marketable skills which bring- money! The 2nd house seems more like a path to riches and wealth, but you don't automatically get it. And, like any house, people can abuse it or try to ignore it.

  • Hi FxGuy- thank you for reading. Do you work in Special Effects by chance?

    You certainly do have a Mystic Rectangle in your chart.

    The Signs through the Houses series is all there, but I wrote the posts out of order- so you'll have to scroll through those few pages to find the sign you're looking for.

    I think your chart is too complicated for a thorough delineation as a comment response. That being said, Jupiter is the ruler of your 2nd house and Jupiter is in Aquarius. I've noticed that people with Jupiter in Aquarius are exceptionally…unusual. You probably have skills with technology and you need the freedom to earn your living as you see fit- possibly working from a home computer. Maybe you are an aspiring astrologer.

  • I wonder how often people are able to take advantage of their 2nd house skills to make a living. It's hard for me to see how Scorpio on the 2nd house cusp could be useful to me. I think the 2nd house is one of the most unknown houses. And with Pluto at the end of my 1st house (and therefore also interpreted in the 2nd), does that mean that my skills, feelings of self-worth change often?

  • Ebonystarr55

    Virgo is on the cusp of my 2nd house and my Sun is conjunct Mercury there. I have always tended to disregard the delineations that talked about being concerned about material resources because it never really fit for me. For me, this house has more to do with my self esteem and confidence – areas which I've always struggled.

    I appreciate you addressing those aspects of the 2nd house. Thank you. Great read as usual!

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  • Planets in the 7th frequently take on an artistic flair with the 7th house having associations with Libra. Having the ruler of your 2nd in the 7th shows that you can earn money through aesthetic pursuits.

  • FxGuy

    Hello. I am new here and its nice to see another nice blog ( i got pointed here from one of the donna's article)
    Well i have a pretty interesting, somewhat hard, complex, mystic chart, etc as people call it around… (though i heard everybody finds his/.her chart unique or special
    Though i am yet to go through signs through houses series (can't find all signs?), just for the info, i have the planet of Change URANUS at almost exact cusp of 2nd (Sagitt.). Then there is NEPTUNE around the middle of house (2 Deg. Capri.) . Both are opposing my only planet in 8th – MARS (24 Deg. Gemini Sun Sign)
    I went through donna's articles
    Things are Uranus are things i can relate to esp. when i am self employed.
    But can you guide me more about this specific scenario?
    Also what can one do about it?

  • Yuliana Angelova

    You are correct but then that would mean that everybody with Cancer Rising has innate artistic abilities and is a potential artist – after all, everybody with Cancer Rising will get Leo on the 2nd-house cusp. Also, my 2nd house will be ruled by my 7th-house Sun, which ties my talents to … what … my significant relationships? Hmmm … strange … (some head-scratching here) … WOW, actually, my 7th-house Sun is conjunct Venus in Capricorn, so that may mean some more talent even in the dour Capricorn. Thanks a ton, you really made my day! Now I'll wait to see the talent when it comes.

  • Strong 2nd house people seem really solid to me, they do seem to have deep resources that they can draw upon.

    I'm not sure if you read that I'm thinking about switching over to the whole signs house system. Your chart would change from Cancer on the 2nd to Leo on the 2nd which would certainly describe innate artistic abilities.

  • Yuliana Angelova

    Michelle: Nothing but the sign Cancer on the 2nd-house cusp with my Sagittarius Moon in the 6th. Incidentally, Cancer is also the sign on my Ascendant. I must admit I'm often envious of those who have a packed 2nd house because they have so much to offer the world, but then I have a drawing talent and a writing talent, so I'm not without my offer, either.

    You have a great blog – most of the articles I've seen and devoured here, I have not seen anywhere else. Please keep the brilliant work going!

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  • Thank you Yuliana- what do you have in your 2nd house?

  • Yuliana Angelova

    Great article!

  • It's funny, I actually did read that article, but I completely dismissed the idea of benevolence and so forth. That was the first article I'd read that accurately described Saturn in the 11th.

  • It's funny, I actually did read that article, but I completely dismissed the idea of benevolence and so forth. That was the first article I'd read that accurately described Saturn in the 11th.

  • gracehoper

    The ancients considered the 11th the most fortunate of houses, as the 12th was the least. Jupiter joyed in the 11th and Saturn in the 12th. (I actually have Saturn in the 12th! hah) There's an interesting article that talks about the differing perspectives on ancient, traditional, and modern views of the 11th at

    But I find the modern view of the 11th house to be seriously lacking, especially as someone with an 11th house stellium. (Sun, Venus, Mercury, prenatal Syzygy)

  • You always teach me something new Mr. gracehoper 😀 I've never heard “protection of the Gods” before, or “that which belongs to God.” I can see the connection though to the concept of “hopes and wishes.” To have hope means putting your future unfolding in the hands of something larger than you are- trusting that there are benevolent energies working in your favor.

    That idea is interesting because of the 11th house's square to the 8th, the 8th being that which you have no control over and usually doesn't work out in your favor.

    • Swarmofgnats

      Oh, didn’t see this before I posted my last comment! The analysis of something larger makes a lot of sense- and does answer a lot of questions for me 🙂

  • With Saturn, ruler of your 3rd, in the 2nd house I would expect you to earn money from teaching or communication. Saturn in the 2nd would impose obstacles on your ability to earn as much money as you'd like, or be as valued as you'd like. Uranus, as ruler of the 4th, could mean that a chaotic family life impacts your self-esteem and how much you value yourself.

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  • gracehoper

    Leo on the cusp of my 2nd, Sun in the the 11th House of Good Spirit, house of hopes, spirits, dreams, aspirations, expectations, fulfilling of desires, protection of the Gods. Even though the progressed ruler of my second house, the Sun, has been conjunct Saturn in the 12th for several years and only now is moving off at a clip of barely a degree per year, the accidental dignity of having the Sun in the 11th keeps me afloat. Much like the 2nd connotes that which belongs to man, the 11th connotes that which belongs to God, and planets here bring luck. Which is why Jupiter, planet of luck joys here. Good thing, because otherwise my Sun is rather weak!

    • Swarmofgnats

      I’ve never heard the 11th house referred to as “protection from the gods,” interesting. Which housing system resonates with you more, out of curiosity?

      • Earnest Dodge

        I use both Placidus and Whole Sign simultaneously.

  • Nnair1021

    3rd (saturn) and 4th (uranus) :-/

  • I think it's really difficult to put abilities into practice in a real way. What houses do Uranus and Saturn rule in your chart?

  • firetiger13

    im glad u did this article.. it's pretty relevant.. i've been looking into the 2nd house a lot lately ~~ anyway this is interesting.. my initial reactions to the 2nd house were always met with a lot of confusion. most of the time 2nd house is described in terms of what you do with your money etc and while that is a part of it, you're right, it's symbolic and really does symbolize your values.. i like what you had to say about your personal resources and what you have to offer the world.

    (whole signs!) there is saturn and uranus in the 2nd… while i consider myself a hard worker, i often feel slighted and sometimes that there are a lot of people in world doing what i do better than me.. i hate that. i find it hard to tap into my personal resources on a tangible level. but i also do find that i have a lot to offer in terms of seeing outside the box and taking alternative directions… revolutionizing ~ both in sagittarius.. i see things on a global and universal scale.. im good at seeing the big picture

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