Moon/Jupiter Aspects


Colored balloons on the beachBig emotions. Expansive emotional states. Out of proportion reactions and responses. Making mountains out of molehills. Self-righteous feelings. Feelings that are out of proportion to experiences. Big emotional experiences. Soaring emotions. Emotional highs. Feeling good. Feeling like traveling. Feeling lucky. Emotional gambles. Feeling nourished by travel. The need for knowledge.

Feeling nourished by religion. Feeling nourished by education. Philosophizing feelings. Gaining emotional distance. Your need for laughter. Your ability to lighten up.Feeling optimistic. Feeling hopeful. Having faith. Lacking subtlety in emotional expression. Emotionally overwhelming. Feeling overwhelmed by feelings. Feelings loom large. Moods are expansive- highs and lows are big and vast. Broad range of emotional expression. Feeling superior. Emotional resiliency. The ability to bounce back.

Whether or not you feel optimistic about the future. Natural philosopher. Natural preacher. Innate code of ethics. Innate sense of justice. Religious feelings. Having a personal moral code. Religious habits. A habit of praying. Feeling like doing the ‘right’ thing. Self-indulgent. Having an indulgent mother. Needing a lot of affection. Needing a lot of care. Indulging moods. Indulging feelings. Eating too much. Naturally optimistic. Instinct for growth. Instinct to expand. Need for freedom. Excessively moody. An overwhelming mother. A mother who needs her freedom. Too much female influence. Overly receptive. Overly reliant on instinctive responses. Big Mama.

Big baby. Too sensitive. Overly defensive. Overly protective. Overly reactive. Overly comfort-conscious. Protective instincts. Remembering the overall experience rather than the details. Inflated need to protect and be protected. Whether or not your mother protected you. How protected you feel in your home. Feeling satisfied by indulging the big questions. Instinct for philosophy. Buoyant emotions. Ebullient joy. A natural goofball. Enjoying comedy.

Feeling satisfied by scholarly pursuits. Feeling happy among people of other cultures- or not. Sloppy habits. Not caring about the details. Natural enthusiasm. Optimistic women. Women with huge mood swings. An overwhelming emotional environment. The instinct to do good. The instinct to be generous. Protective, nurturing instincts. Moral behavior. Scholarly habits. Wanting to grow. Feeling the need to be something more. Feeling that there is always more. Insatiable appetite for knowledge and understanding. Your capacity for blind faith. Altruistic feelings. Whether or not you feel that you can create your own luck.

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  • menta rona

    Hey michelle which orb for major aspect would be considerd as tight orb or tight aspect ?

    • It depends who you ask. uses orbs of 10 degrees for the major aspects (conjunction square, opposition, trine) and, I think, 6 degrees for the sextile. When I first look at a chart I allow a similarly large orb and then I work my way through each planet to determine how important it is beyond just the orb of its aspects. For example, is the planet the ruler of the ascendant? It is a final dispositor? Does it receive mutual reception? Does it have dignity by sign or house? And other factors.

  • Gracie Decker

    Moon conjunct Jupiter in the 12th. Loved this, thank you <3

    • Thank you for reading, Gracie. Which signs?

      • Gracie Decker


  • Colleen Farrell

    I always find something in your descriptions that I hadn’t thought of before. My husband has a 1st house Cancer Moon trine a 9th house Pisces Jupiter. ‘Nuff said. 😉 I’ve got a Saturn/Moon conjunction … talk about opposites!

  • Castella

    leo moon trine sagiittarius stellium jupiter, venus, and mars here. i have super good relationship with my mother. having her around gives me comfort and makes me feel safe. i can talk to her no matter what mood i’m in; she is always up to listen. since the stellium is in 12th house and the moon is in 8th house, the energy manifests privately and inwardly. i’m all about fun and enjoyment, though.

    • Castella

      i like your posts alot for being so simple, to the point, and relatable. it’s another plus for adorning them with wonderful pics/gifs you have (my fav is the gif of uranus in 1st house).

  • Alexandra Lydia

    Thanks Michelle for all these posts they are truly enlightening

    • I am glad you are enjoying them.

  • Alexandra Lydia

    Moon quincux jupiter. Big emotions lol . Spot on. Want to express my emotions expansively. And I always feel words are not enough.

  • poseidon

    Michelle: moon in trine with sun and jupiter, sun in scorpio in 4th house in conjuct with venus and juopiter (about 2 degrees and in vedic interpretations “combust” with negative connotations as opposed to iother lines of thought): in your opinion a good thing or not so favorable?

    • Most aspects give “good” and “bad” possibilities for manifestation.

  • Fiona

    What about foreign parents?

  • meow

    PS. That photo is quite

    • Michelle

      Glad you like it 😀

  • meow

    hi. I have Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, all in the 1st degree Gemini, and, depending on house systems, either in the 9th or the 10th houses(MC is 17 Gemini) and all the above pretty much describes me.
    I have always been very emotional and anxious(that stellium squares Mercury and North Node, in Pisces). And I have been overweight for most of my life..I have a very healthy appetite, to say the least.
    But I also am quite healthy, and always have been..which I suppose must be largely because of this stellium, since my sun is Pisces and AC is Virgo, which should make me quite “frail”.
    But I’m not. The most severe disease I’ve had was chicken pox, when I was 5. other than that, I do have myopia and astigmatism, and I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 12.(am 22 now)

    • Michelle

      Emotional and anxious are good words for that Gemini conjunction. Talking about your feelings could be a way to help yourself relax. 

  • amoureuse

    i got trine with my moon in aquarius and jupiter in scorpio. i just happen to renounce my religion last year when pluto is in my 9th house.. maybe thats the reason why i sort of messed up. not sure what will happen to me.

    • Michelle

      i just happen to renounce my religion last year when pluto is in my 9th house
      That’s huge. Is Pluto still in your 9th house?

  • Mert

    i have a Yod from Jupiter(6 leo) to moon(1 pisces) and Neptune(11 capricorn)..
    This is one of the hardest yods that makes my moon quincunx jupiter harder….
    So true interpretations by the way.. many of them matches with the situations “when i feel”..
    you can think or consider Moon/Jupiter aspects in these way
    since Moon is all about – emotions,mother etc- and Jupiter expands whatever it touches and it is all about -luck,optimism,philopshy,joy-…
    If some has a Moon/Jupiter aspect..
    They both feel the “jupiter”(Emotional Luck) and they expand the “Moon”(Jupiter Mother) -> i think you are making interpretations in these way.
    This is a very good perspective, i realized it the second time i saw it =)))

    “Buoyant emotions” haha yeah they never fall =)) but Moon/Pluto aspect can bring buoyant emotions too =))

    • Helms2005

      I like this one.I have an out-of-sign aspect with Moon in early Leo in
      the 11th quincunx Jupiter in late Sagittarius in the 4th. Jupiter in Sag
      increases the whole ‘buoyant’ aspect to it,and really emphasizes the
      statement –‘feeling nourished by education’.There is certainly
      something to be said for natural enthusiasm.I really can’t find anything
      wrong with this aspect.

  • Jara

    A lot of this describes a Moon-Jupiter someone I’m getting to know…

    “Feeling nourished by travel”. He regularly drives across states for work and for fun. To drive 350 miles in one night to hang out with friends is nothing to him. His Mars is in the 3rd house, I think (I’ll have to double-check).

    “An ability to lighten up.” He tells jokes (or philosophizes his feelings) when he feels the emotional atmosphere getting too heavy (for him), which he initiates (His Moon and Venus are in water signs)!

    “Scholarly habits. Insatiable appetite for knowledge.” His job heavily involves education. One of the reasons why I’m attracted to him is because he’s constantly learning something new and sharing it with me.

    “Women with huge mood swings.” Check! That’s me! And if I’m not mood-swinging, he will do or say something to provoke an emotional reaction from me (His Sun through Jupiter and Pluto closely aspects my Moon, so he knows how to do this easily). I think he’s comforted by emotional mood-swings in women. It feels “right” or “normal” to him.

    He’s also emotionally self-righteous. He loves to argue and justify his feelings. He doesn’t like limitations. However, instead of saying “I don’t like these limitations.”, he’ll go out of his way to set up a situation in which he proves that he can follow the limitations but it was sooooooo hard for him. Then he’ll tell me how “wrong” I am for being restrictive. And won’t let it go. Example: He likes to have late-night conversations, but that cuts into my sleep time. I did it a couple times but then when I gave him a phone curfew, he wrote me that he’s wondering why I don’t call him more. So I called him. He didn’t answer. The next morning, he texted me: “Sorry I wasn’t near the phone when you called (he was because I could tell that he pressed “ignore”). I would’ve called you back, but your phone restrictions say no.” Because he’s trying to be manipulative, I ignored that and changed the subject. But of course he brings it back up again and again. Each time, I become more “wrong”. *sigh* Do I need to mention that his chart is mostly earth and water?

    This helped me understand him better. Thanks.

    • Helms2005

      I like this one.I have an out-of-sign aspect with Moon in early Leo in
      the 11th quincunx Jupiter in late Sagittarius in the 4th. Jupiter in Sag
      increases the whole ‘buoyant’ aspect to it,and really emphasizes the
      statement –‘feeling nourished by education’.There is certainly
      something to be said for natural enthusiasm.I really can’t find anything
      wrong with this aspec

  • Dn Angel Riku

    I have moon quincunx Jupiter and I can identify with all of tge above 🙂

    • I’m glad you can relate with to the descriptions.

      Thank you for reading Dn Angel Riku 😀

    • Hodad

      I like this one.I have an out-of-sign aspect with Moon in early Leo in the 11th quincunx Jupiter in late Sagittarius in the 4th. Jupiter in Sag increases the whole ‘buoyant’ aspect to it,and really emphasizes the statement –‘feeling nourished by education’.There is certainly something to be said for natural enthusiasm.I really can’t find anything wrong with this aspect.

  • Biquintiles seem to be neutral. They show a style of doing things.

  • amoureuse

    I know… I am confused too esp I am still new in astrology. By the way, is a BI QUANTILE aspect consider positive or negative? I have moon in aquarius bi quantile sun in cancer. I wonder how this goes for me.

  • It is confusing. That is the problem with looking at one aspect at a time. You really do have to look at the whole picture. With so many positive aspects, yet the Moon square Uranus and Chiron, it is likely that your relationship with your mother is mixed. Relationships are rarely ever entirely negative or entirely positive- they are complex.

  • amoureuse

    HI michelle- thank you. oh you just dont know how much i love ur site. i am learning a lot. i am a beginner in astrology. im glad that i have postive aspects with my moon. and u seem to think that its a good thing right? i hope it does. coz i am crab. the only negative aspect i have with the moon is chiron and uranus. which got me confused coz if jupiter says positive aspect to moon and that means my mother has protected me, why then my i was badly wounded by my own mother which was shown with moon in aquarius square chiron in taurus. my uranus in sagittarius squares as well in moon in aquarius.

  • With the trine I would think so. You have a lot of nice positive aspects to the Moon!

    Thank you for reading amoureuse 😀

  • amoureuse

    does a positive aspect such as trine means that mother has protected me? i got moon in aquarius trine jupiter in scorpio 0 degress

  • I'm glad you could relate to the description. 🙂
    It's amazing the way Jupiter really does expand the properties of whichever planet it touches- no matter how much fire and air you have.

    Thank you for reading r. 😀

  • r.

    lol I'm just a big fat Moon/Jupiter opposition with a Libra flair 😛 ..thankfully I have my intellect to filter all that up there or I'd be a mess 🙂 It's taken years for me to cultivate strength and control over my feelings so that I am not overwhelmed all the time. It's kind of funny to me when I read about my chart ,it's mostly all air and fire,aside from my moon/jupiter and read that I probably shouldn't be the weepy sensitive type lol When SO much of the above is very true for me,a whole part of me has been summed up in a succinct paragraph o.o Really,quite amazing 🙂 Astrology is the stuff isn't it ? hehe It's nice to feel understood .

  • jjasonham


  • firetiger13

    yea i'm not too mad about it to be honest
    sometimes saturn needs to check it
    and sometimes jupiter tells saturn to piss off and have some fun!! 😀

  • I remember that. We have that similar configuration. I have Moon conjunct Saturn as the focal point of a T-square with Uranus and Jupiter. My excitement level always gets a reality check from Saturn.

    • poseidon

      Michelle (if u r still around or others who want to comment)if u have moon in trine to sun and jupiter with sun in scorpio and tightly conjunct with venus and jupiter (oth 2 degrees) in 4th house (the latter is considered “combust” in ve4dic astrology rather than “conjunct” as in western lines of inetrpretation): is that a good thing?

      • Hard to say without seeing your whole chart, Poseidon … but, I don’t give individual interpretations here on the blog. Thank you for reading.

  • firetiger13

    yep square jupiter…. the whole thing forms a t-square… moon gemini, jupiter pisces, saturn sagittarius……. another t-square w/ moon gemini, jupiter pisces, uranus sagittarius

  • Do you have Saturn involved in that square at all?

  • lol 😀

    The quincunx to your Cancer ascendant has to be the culprit. Has to.

  • firetiger13

    i have this in a tight square
    and yes i have to temper my emotions quite a bit… i kind of take it as an emotional zest for life….. but also w/ that square sometimes i dont know my limits… or i overestimate them is what i do and get really excited about just JUMPING and going for it (whatever IT is) essentially i have faith that i am going to be okay 😀

  • gracehoper

    Okay you got me, I don't even have one of those wacky minor aspects between my Moon and Jupiter. 🙂 Not even a parallel. Nor an antiscial relation. nuthin. I *do* however have an exact quincunx from Jupiter to my Cancer ascendant, which is ruled by the Moon in Virgo! hahahaha. So there's a connection!

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