House Overlays in Synastry


Two animal masks in the sunOverlaying charts in synastry shows you where someone’s planets fall in your houses and where your planets fall in their houses. Many people know where these house overlays are but they don’t understand what they mean.

Your planets bring their particular energy to the house they occupy in the other person’s chart. If your Saturn falls in someone’s 3rd house, you bring your Saturn energy to that person’s 3rd house area of life. If someone’s Venus falls in your 6th house, then that person brings their Venus energy to your 6th house area of life.

These planet/house overlays are neither good nor bad. Whether or not you have good synastry with someone depends on what you want. What kind of connections will make you happy? Does having an easy everyday life, where you never argue about who is going to take out the trash, sound like heaven to you? Then maybe a 6th house Venus overlay is exactly what you are looking for.

It’s like a permanent transit

Planet and house overlays in synastry are like permanent transits. If you’re familiar with Saturn transiting your 3rd house, then you already have an idea of what your natal Saturn falling in someone’s 3rd house will feel like to that person. In a relationship that “transit” is permanent for however long you are together.

An example: What would a 3rd house Saturn overlay be like?

Saturn is the planet of restriction and hard reality. Saturn also shows mastery and teaching, and learning how to thrive despite limitations. The 3rd house is about communication, learning, teaching, siblings and quick daily movements. The double emphasis of learning and teaching, with Saturn and the 3rd house, immediately brings to mind a student/teacher relationship. Perhaps many of the “lessons” of this relationship will revolve around communication. Even in a romantic relationship this overlay can show that one person is learning from the other and that communication is something these two people will take seriously.

With your Saturn in someone’s 3rd house: you make them feel that they can’t communicate openly, you make them feel insecure about their intellect, you limit their daily mobility, you encourage them to take their education seriously, you teach them a new language, you restrict relationships with their siblings, you encourage commitment to relationships with siblings, you help them learn how to gather their scattered energy and concentrate, you feel that you have something to teach them about proper communication (“proper” according to whichever sign Saturn and the 3rd are placed), you feel responsible for their education, you want to have serious discussions with them, you make them stammer or stutter, they don’t know what to say around you…these are a few possibilities.

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To find your synastry chart with another person

Go to, free horoscopes, extended chart selection and choose “Synastry Chart” from the drop down box under “Methods.” Press “Click here to show the chart.”

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  • Rosa

    Shit, you’re so good!! You nailed it as usal.
    How about if this Saturn person also has Neptune and Uranus overlaying my 3rd House?

    • Psychedelic conversations 😉

  • movieman75

    I have Pisces rising with Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 1st (technically, Venus is 14 degrees Pisces, ascendant line is 16, Jupiter is 21).  Someone I know has a Pisces sun at 27 degrees overlaying my 1st house.  I’ve read somewhere that although his Pisces sun will energize me in some ways (not sure how exactly), that he will actually idealize me, that what he is striving for is what is embodied in who I am and am possibly unaware of in myself (aka, the 1st house person is actually influencing the planet–or Sun–person here)  Is that accurate?   Also, I noticed that his Neptune is in my 10th, but does not aspect any of my planets, while his Venus in Aquarius (in my 11th) aspects my Neptune in Sagittarius (in my 9th).  I know this is a lot of information, but what could you tell me about this, please?  Thanks.

    • He might idealize you, but as you mentioned, he sees something of himself in you. The problems with someone’s Sun falling in your first house, especially in conjunction with the ascendant, is that they might always prefer your ascendant expression rather than your actual Sun expression (especially if your Sun and ascendant are quincunx or square by sign). Is your Neptune in aspect to the Midheaven or ascendant?

      • movieman75

         Yes, my Neptune conjuncts my Midheaven, although the orb is a little wide (10 or 11 degrees on the 9th house side), and it squares my Ascendant.  The other person’s Neptune also conjuncts my Midheaven, but on the 10th house side, and the orb is only about 5 or 6 degrees wide.  At first I wasn’t sure what that meant (if they idealized me or vice versa), but having done some research and also known other people who’ve had the same Neptune position in the same sign who’ve idealized me, I’m guessing it could mean that his Neptune could idealize what I’m capable of career-wise. 

        • Have you read the posts Neptune/MC Aspects or Neptune/IC Aspects:

          • movieman75

             Okay, I read them.  My question is, what do those articles have to do with my original post?  I don’t consider myself delusional, even with Neptune in wide conjunction to my Midheaven and my Pisces rising.  And I wasn’t thinking I was delusional about the other person possibly idealizing me, which is why I asked if my assessment (based on my research and experiences with others who have the same Neptune placement as this other person) was accurate.  So, what are we getting at here, please?  Thanks.

            • Just asking questions and pondering, movieman75.

  • That Moon conjunction all by itself helps alleviate stress and tension. The simple fact that you feel comfortable and happy with the same things helps a lot.

  • thevalentinegirl

    I have the Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter in my boyfriend 3rd house/3rd house cusp.I'm the more “serious” of the two of us,I tend to make him think about serious thing lol.I'd like to think it errs on the more positive side of what you said 🙂 Our Moons are conjunct , with mine [and his]being Cnj his MC,Chiron and his Mercury,so hopefully that mitigates the tension a little bit ^^

  • To some extent- yes.

  • firetiger

    yeaa okay i understand… interesting way of lookin at it.. thanks!

  • Does that mean that your boyfriend encourages you to be more “Virgoan” and mine encourages me to be more “Libran”?

  • Sure!

    With your guy, for example, your Saturn acts like a permanent transit to his 3rd house. As long as you're together he feels like he's having a 3rd house Saturn transit. Wherever your planets fall in someone's chart (or vice versa) there's a transit-like effect.

    Does that make any more sense?

  • firetiger

    michelle~ i'm missing something.. can u please elaborate on what you mean by “permanent transits”?

  • firetiger

    LOL maybe he should reply to this important message i sent him first cuz he is pulling his aqua-distance crap on me and it's been 4 days since i heard from his little behind

    ya ur post was actually scary how on time it is w/ what i am going thru atm boo

  • Those are some amazing connections. Maybe you should get married :O lol 😀

  • Ah! Thank you Yuliana 😀
    Thinking of house overlays as permanent transits is such a great way to look at them. For me it puts the whole idea into perspective.

    I'm going to add that link 🙂

  • Yuliana Angelova

    Hi Michelle,

    Great article, as usual! I think the first time I heard someone call the house overlay “a permanent transit” was on Cafe Astrology. They have an article where they call it that way. Here is the link (look at the “pink” paragraph under the second chart in the article):



  • firetiger

    haha shoot i keep 'liking' these .. anyway there are a lot of good aspects in our charts… his moon trine my sun, my moon exactly trine his asc, actually his asc, my moon, and my mars form a grand trine… my venus conj his mars, his venus conj my mars.. my nn in his 7th house.. his nn in my 7th house.. my sun in his 1st… his sun,venus, jupiter in my 4th….. there's a lot of mutual and unspoken understanding between us.. both our south nodes r in each others' first houses… since the time we were 17/18 we keep coming back to each other.. never had a real relatioship w/ each other tho.. impossible to be 'just friends'.. too much attraction <<thats kind of a killer tho

  • What are the positive connections?

  • firetiger

    yes.. whole signs

    and totally u know i feel like this is a huuuge lesson for both of us.. we have some unfavorable mercury-synastry aspects.. his merc exactly square my sun.. my merc conj his mars, his merc conj my mars.. but challenge = opportunity to me so i know he and i can both each take something away from this and HOPEFULLY do that together

  • With so many of his planets in your 8th house I would expect him to stir up deep feelings within you- complex, passionate, but perhaps not entirely pleasant feelings.

    I don't know anyone who specializes in chart rectifications- I wish I did.

  • r u using whole signs? whole signs for synastry?
    I'm edging toward whole signs all the time. The evidence is compelling. I'm edging toward whole signs in synastry too.

    That's so interesting that you have the Saturn/3rd overlay. When I wrote this, for some reason, that position came to mind. I was thinking no one would be interested because it's not a Venus/Mars overlay. Lack of communication definitely can be another meaning for Saturn/3rd house. It's not a sexy position, and sometimes those non-sexy placements make or break relationships.

  • JChristine

    I love overlays, they're are always so very telling. The guy I'm currently talking to packs my 8th house with his early Leo-Virgo Stellium (Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, North Node & Saturn!) with his Cancer Mars in my 7th. There is definitely something under the surface thats dying to break free, a lot of familiarity and passion. Unfortunately I don't have a proper birth time for him! Do you or anyone you know specialize in chart rectification? He's been through a few intense events that I think would help in finding his ascendant!

  • firetiger

    hey great and i am v interested in house overlays
    btw r u using whole signs? whole signs for synastry?

    anyway this is relevant to me (personally) because this current guy and i have comm things we need to work out.. he has saturn in his 3rd house natally and we have saturn conj saturn (exactly) so there goes my saturn in his 3rd as well… most things u have described ring true and it is hard.. i am trying to encourage more communication on his end and he seems intimidated by me and personally hindered so that is kind of depressing the relationship a bit… trying to turn this more into a learning lesson rather than something to be feared 🙁

  • Thanks Grace 😀

  • Grace

    Those coffee cups side by side are a great visual tool for an overlay…

  • I'm glad you liked it 😀

    My boyfriend's Virgo stellium falls entirely in my 1st house, with his Venus conjunct my ascendant.

  • Great article! I'd love to hear more. I'm so interested in house overlays, but there is hardly any good information on the Web, imo. Anyway — all of my boyfriend's Libra planets (Saturn, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto) are in my first house, with the exception of Saturn. And if I remember correctly, all of them are conjunct my Ascendant. We have some interesting house overlays, I think. His Venus in Scorpio is… in my second house. He buys me lots of stuff. My Venus & Mars in Pisces are in his 12th, with my Venus conjunct his Rising. Anyway, keep up the good work! 😀

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